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  • Why VELUX blinds?

  • The original VELUX sun screening products are the perfect match for VELUX roof windows. Every blind is tailor-made for the window and VELUX guarantees a perfect match and easy installation with the Pick&Click! ® system – the blinds just clicks on the pre-fitted mounting brackets. Hassel-free for the end-user – no fitting, no adjustments, no measuring and room for mistakes – just perfect match – every time!

    Always original VELUX blinds for VELUX windows. Easy installation and perfect match - every time!

    Why should your customer choose VELUX

    Function VELUX blinds are built to last. We submit our products to rigorous tests to ensure high quality and flawless operation.

    • 100% blackout • Energy efficient • Superior quality • Wide range to suite every need – fast delivery • Value for money

    Design VELUX offers a blind for every customer need, and we also offer a wide range of colours and designs to personalize the products.

    • Slim line design • Designer collection • Quality in every details • Oekotex certificate

    • 140 colours – fast delivery

    User experience With VELUX blinds your customer is guaranteed a perfect match and an easy installation. We have thought of every detail.

    • Perfect match – no fitting • Pick&Click!® - easy installation • Pre-fitted brackets on windows • Perfect match guarantee • Direct and fast delivery Pick&Click!®


  • VELUX quality www.velux.xx/veluxquality

    Innovation and technology VELUX blackout blinds have the slimmest top case available. This slim design is made possible by our patented double roll mechanism.

    The perfect fit VELUX blinds have tiny balls welded along the sides of the fabric to ensure that the blind stays flat to the side rails.

    Black side rails and total blackout When we say total blackout, we mean it. So we even paint the inside of the side rails on our blinds black to prevent any reflection.

    Superior product quality VELUX blinds are built to last - just like our VELUX roof windows - so you get the highest quality and longest lasting blinds available.

    Clean and slim lines VELUX blinds have a patented fitting that ensures a perfect result every time. The joint corners will come together nice and seamlessly.

  • 1. After sales service VELUX provide an after sales service and a 3 years guarantee on all blinds. Any concerns, VELUX after sales service is there to help you or your customer.

    2. Perfect match guarantee VELUX blinds come with a guarantee of perfect match with the VELUX window. For every window there is a blind – if an end user by accident picks a blind that does not fit, VELUX will exchange it for one that does.

    3. Direct delivery VELUX offers direct delivery of non-stocked products to your customers. This will enhance accessibility of VELUX blinds and help increase sales of higher value product for your benefit.

    4. Category management VELUX will help to plan the perfect balance of blinds to stock to maximize stock rotation and your earnings.

    5. Satisfied customers Superior product quality guarantees the best user experience. VELUX blinds are built to last providing excellent functionality in a stylish design.

    5 advantages with VELUX