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<ul><li><p>**********</p><p>**********</p><p>*********</p><p>*********</p><p>**********</p><p>**********</p><p>**********</p><p>**SHIFT*GROUPSWhy we are building a community for change agents (v1.0)</p></li><li><p>The most challenging issues facing organisations today require digital skills, knowledge of new ways of working and the ability to rethink how organisations are structured and managed. </p><p>But only a few senior leaders are genuinely committed to updating their organisations management approach and methods </p><p>Can leaders deal with todays challenges?</p><p>knowledge companies</p><p>industrial companies</p></li><li><p>Fortunately, digitally savvy and forward-thinking people in organisations around the globe are spreading innovative business practices - people just like you. </p></li><li><p>We consider these individuals change agents because they are actively driving change inside their organisations </p></li><li><p>whether it is a part of their formal role or a personal ambition, being a change agent is an attitude. </p></li><li><p>Shift*Groups mission is:to support you &amp; your fellow internal change agents with what you need to transform your ways of working, so we all can build better organisations.</p></li><li><p>Our guiding objectives are:</p><p>Individuals with a change agent attitude exist in all companies. But too often these individuals and their ideas do not get enough visibility internally or externally. We want to give change agents an outlet for their ideas. </p><p>Change is difficult and daily life for change agents can be tough. Our team &amp; fellow change agents provide a network of support for reflection and working through challenges, plus a sounding board for difficult issues. </p><p>Create visibility Be supportive Nurture innovation Stay agnostic</p><p>Todays dynamic business environment requires approaches that are fundamentally different from traditional business operations. We provide inspiration &amp; stories that can inform your own work and that of your colleagues. </p><p>Most players in this area advocate for one method or technology. Shift*Groups provides inspiration &amp; examples for you to choose what works best for your organisation. In that sense, we are agnostic but purposeful. </p></li><li><p>Where we are now </p></li><li><p>The factsWe are a community of 200+ internal change agents from around the globe with a range of different levels of experience. </p><p>Some members are community managers, others are VPs or CEOs, and we span across many industries: manufacturing, telecommunications, engineering, apparel and beverages to name a few. </p><p>But we share the belief that organisations must change how they operate, and we are working together on finding new approaches. </p></li><li><p>How it works</p><p>Join the community</p><p>Explore groups &amp; resources</p><p>Discuss with peers</p></li><li><p>**********</p><p>**********</p><p>*********</p><p>*********</p><p>**********</p><p>**********</p><p>**********</p><p>**Join Shift*Groups today </p><p>website: www.shiftgroups.com twitter: @shift_groups </p><p>or contact us ea@postshift.com</p><p>http://www.shiftgroups.commailto:ea@postshift.com</p></li></ul>