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The Egyptian Revolution


  • 1. Egypts main national newspaper AlAhram- That we need to preserve the past to tell a truthfull storyand protect it from being altered.-Al Ahram before the revolution was glorifying ex-presidentMubarak and after the revolution they cursed him andrequested his trial for corruption.Faulty news are marked with a big X
  • 2. 26th January 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45341/index.html Disturbance in Lebanon! Small limited peaceful protests in Egypt X
  • 3. 27th January 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45342/index.html 4 Dead, 162 policemen injured and 118 civilian injured, arresting 100
  • 4. 28th January 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45343/index.html (Friday of Anger and Revolt) The president is making sure civilians are ok and peace is getting into Alexandria X Mubarak asks the government to be concerned more with unemployment and poverty
  • 5. 29th January 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45344/index.html Curfew declared in big cities The army and X police try to maintain safety
  • 6. 30th January 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45345/index.html New vice-president declared and Police are absent Thugs escaping from prisons
  • 7. 31st January 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45346/index.html The President meets with the Army The Police are back in the streets X
  • 8. 1st February 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45347/index.html New government with no businessmen* X *The regime was composed of businessmen who became richer by influencing the government to their benefit.
  • 9. 2nd February 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45348/index.html A million-member revolution asks for change.
  • 10. 3rd February 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45349/index.html Millions in the streets supporting Mubarak. X A million-member march in the love of the president in Cairo X A day of loyalty to the president in all Egyptian cities X
  • 11. 4th February 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45350/index.html Protesters are still in the Tahrir square and neither Mubarak nor his son will run for next presidency
  • 12. 5th February 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45351/index.html Hundreds of thousands in Al Tahrir Square asking for change and the Army protects them Vice-president: Mubarak cant leave now as chaos will spread if he did.
  • 13. 6th February 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45352/index.html Obama: Mubarak is a patriot and he needs to make the right decision
  • 14. 7th February 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45353/index.html Washington changes its stand and insists the difficulty of Mubaraks departure prior to the elections
  • 15. 8th February 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45353/index.html Notes in general talking about corrupts and people asking for their prosecution.
  • 16. 9th February 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45354/index.html Protests exceed Al Tahrir Square and surround the parliament.
  • 17. 10th February 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/45355/index.html Settling on modifying 6 parts in the constitution.
  • 18. 11th February 2011 http://www.ahram.org.eg/pdf/Zoom_1500/