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  • 1. Why You Need Search Engine Optimization?

2. 91%of Internet users useSearch Enginesto navigate the web(American Internet User Survey)85% of Internet users useSearch Enginesto find suppliers and products (Georgia Institute of Technology) 3. 75% ofallclicks are made on organicSearch Enginelistings (Enquiro, Did-it, Eye Tracking Research) 4. 85% ofallcommercially-natured search referrals are generated by organic rankings (Jupiter Research) 5. The majority ofSearch Engineusers believe that companies whose websites are returned at the top of the search results are the top companies in that field. (iProspect /Jupiter Research) 6.

  • The only two ways to target the 75% ofSearch Engineusers who prefer and click on Organic / Natural listings compared with sponsored or pay-per-click:
    • Luck(and some are indeed lucky)
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


  • If you want to rely onSearch Engine Optimizationand not luck, there are only two options :
    • Do it yourself
    • Outsource to a specialist company with
    • expertise in SEO

8. Companies who outsourced their organicSearch Engine Optimizationto an SEM firm, received a higher ROI from natural SEO than from paid search advertising. (iProspect / Jupiter Research) 9.

  • You could be missing a large section of your target audience because your web site is not ranking highly
    • SEO is the only way to reach the large percentage (75%) of these users
    • Outsourcing to a specialist SEM company saves time, resources and generates higher returns compared with in-house SEO or PPC

10. www.vertical-leap.co.uk [email_address] 0845 123 2753