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In todays working environment we are expected to constantly be creative, innovative and original in everything we do, especially when it comes to branding and marketing. But thats easier said than done Yeah of course it is, but thats what we are all striving to achieve, and thats what we will keep striving to achieve for as long as the earth still spins because it works. What does this have to do with Illustration? Illustration is already being used as a powerful marketing tool. Look at the recent explosion of infographics taking the content marketing scene by storm. And hey, we get it; Illustration isn't always the easiest option. But thats the point. Anyone can get a hold of a stock image, add their brands logo and some copy and have something that looks okay. But is that really going to get you noticed? Is it memorable? Most people make a judgement about your website in less than 50 milliseconds. Oh, and a stock image can be smelt a mile away.