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  • 1. Focused Idea MOBILE MARKETING CONSULTING Focused Idea is a web development and mobile consulting firm that offers a full range of services to engineer a successful revenue-enhancing mobile marketing campaign for your business. We guarantee an increase in revenues from our services providing you with the mobile marketing campaign free of charge if it does not add value.Revenues Technology PersonalityRevenues are guaranteed and we provideAs experts in the field, we bring cutting- We are real people working with realservices on an incentive scheme to ensure edge mobile technology deliveringclients who have real customers. We valuethat the value you receive is maximized.campaigns that wow customers ensuringeach client and create customizedtop notch conversion rates.products to fit your business. Focused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344

2. WHY THE URGENCY There are 6.8 billion people on the planet. 5.1 billion ofthem own a cell phone, but only 4.2 billion own atoothbrush.Source: Mobile Marketing Association Asia 91% of people keep their phone within 3 feet ofthemselves, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.Source: Morgan Stanley 3 out of 5 searches are done using a mobile phone. 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour.Source: Mobile MarketerFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com210-568-9344 3. START SEEING GREEN If your business is nottaking advantage of theMobile ad space, youremissing out on thehottest trend thatsgetting small businessesseeing Green again.Focused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 4. INTRODUCTIONFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 5. WHO WE AREwww.focusedidea.comWe are a web development andmobile marketing campaigns to fitmobile marketing consulting firmtheir needs. We are a full-servicethat creates campaigns forfirm offering SMS text campaigns,businesses via various channels tomobile websites, landing pages andensure effectiveness and revenuemobile apps to allow your businessgeneration. to reach customers throughOur clients include Helotes Humanemultiple channels.Society, MyTexasPI.com, andAthleticsCubed.com. We have builtour company around our clients bytaking the time to personalize theirFocused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com 6. A SAMPLE OF OUR CLIENTS We have a wide range of expertise from mom and pop shops to large corporationsFocused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 7. THE TRIPLE THREATFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 8. HIT CUSTOMERS FROM 3ANGLES1 Mobile Website orLanding PageSMS Coupon2 Campaign3 Mobile AppsFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 9. DOMINATE THE COMPETITION Most businesses do not have any of the above Some use a maximum of 1 or 2 of thechannels to reach customers Rarely do businesses use apps but the markethas exploded Beat your competitors and dominate themarket by reaching your customers via 3channelsFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 10. MOBILE WEBSITEFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 11. WHY MOBILE? FACT: Customers are using mobile to find yourcompetitionSource: Google "Understanding Smartphone Users," 2011Focused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com210-568-9344 12. WHERES YOUR PHONE?It takes 26 hours for theaverage person toreport a lost wallet. It takes 68 minutes forthem to report a lostphone.Source: UnisysFocused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 13. TV There areMORE mobilephones on theplanet thanthere are TVsSource: JupiterFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 14. MOBILE SEARCH 70% of all mobile searchesresult in action within 1 hourSource: Mobile Marketer Mobile coupons get 10 timesthe redemption rate oftraditional couponsSource: Borrell Associates Infographic courtesy of InfographicIgnitionFocused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com210-568-9344 15. WHERES YOUR PHONE? 91% of all U.S. citizens have theirmobile device within reach 24/7 Source: Morgan Stanley 9% 91%Focused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 16. WHERE SHALL WE GO?? Searching for local businesses isthe #1 way people use smartphonessource: google unfortunately normalwebsites look sloppy and arehard to use on small mobilescreensFocused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 17. BE HONEST, YOUR SITE SUFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 18. HOW CUSTOMERS BENEFIT Non Mobile Website Mobile Website User friendly Loads fast Easy to see Easy to read Easy to take action Easy to find your location Special offers and coupons Drives targeted traffic that wantsto buy Online retailers - a mobile sitecan increase consumerengagement by 85% Website visitors are 51% morelikely to do business with anonline retailer with a mobile siteFocused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 19. MOBILELANDING PAGEFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 20. LANDING PAGESDont want afull-blown website?Focused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 21. LANDING PAGE BENEFITS1. To the point2. Effective conversions3. Testing ground prior to full-blown sites4. Less expensive5. Integrated with tap-to-call, SMS, & e-mail technology6. New options to integrate with Facebook, Twitter & YouTubeFocused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com210-568-9344 22. TAP2CALL INTEGRATIONClick once and customers can ring you automatically!Focused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 23. SMS INTEGRATIONCustomers click to be added to your promotional list!Focused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com210-568-9344 24. E-MAIL INTEGRATIONCustomers enter their e-mail to be added to your list!Focused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 25. SOCIAL MEDIA LANDING PAGE1. New technology to integrate mobile landing pages with Facebook, Twitter & YouTube2. Fuses the two hottest markets together3. Enables maximal exposure & marketing with the best targeted reachFocused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com210-568-9344 26. FACEBOOK INTEGRATIONCustomers become fans or like a page with one click!Focused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 27. TWITTER INTEGRATIONCustomers Tweet about your business with one click!Focused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com210-568-9344 28. YOUTUBE INTEGRATIONCustomers see a video about your business!Focused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 29. SMS COUPON CAMPAIGN Infographic courtesy of Infographic IgnitionFocused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com 30. SMS MARKETING HOW ARE YOU STAYING INTOUCH WITH YOURCUSTOMERS? Text messaging has beenestimated to be 5 times moreeffective than direct mail and10 times more effective thannewspaper advertisingFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 31. SMS MARKETINGUnique Features:SMS Marketing Benefits: It has 97% open rates Gain new clients Its immediate Increase Customer Retention Its personal Increase brand awareness Its targeted Increase loyalty Its permission based (opt-in) Engage your customers Its time sensitive Increase sales Its cost effective Build a mobile database Its environmentally friendly You can get more traffic to your business It reaches your audience no matterin one hour, from a single TEXTwhere they areMESSAGE; than in one year from asearch engine listing... if you know whatyoure doingFocused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 32. THE AMERICAN LOVE AFFAIRWITH TEXTING 89% of the population has amobile phone! 90% use mobile phones forTEXTING 95% of SMS texts are read inthe first 10 minutes! Read in 10 MinNot Read in 10 MinFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com210-568-9344 33. YOUR CLIENTS LOVE TO TEXT It takes 90 minutes for theaverage person to respond toan email It takes 90 seconds for theaverage person to respond toa text message Source: CTIA.orgFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 34. GOTTA READ THAT TEXT Text messaging is 5X more effective thandirect mail and 10X more effective thannewspaper advertising Mobile coupons get 10X the redemptionrate of traditional couponsSource: Borrell AssociatesFocused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 35. AND MORE TEXTSFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 36. BUILDING A SUBSCRIBER LIST Offer the customer an SMS coupon or freebie Give customer a special code to text to a number to receive the offer Example: Text 50PercentPizza to 54390 You now have their number in your database This will be used to send offers that will get them back in your storeFocused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 37. #1 CREATE OFFER Give customers a small card or flyer with their purchase Have flyers or a big offer sign in front of the store or on the wall in your store Give customers an immediate reward relevant to their current purchase to have them act immediately Example: Receive 10% on your currentpurchase! Just text 10percent to 87692 Use other channels to build a larger list: Newspaper, directmail, radio, print, outdoor, billboards, magazines, on the internet, Facebook, twitter, emailFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 210-568-9344 38. #2 CUSTOMER SENDS TEXTThis automaticallyTo: 72727 Pizza Hut: $2 OFF anyputs them in your Pizza Delivered right toMSG: 2offpizzadatabase so you can your door all weekendnow text them through Thurs 3/21.1(555)555-5555 Replyoffers to enticeSTOP 2endthem back to yourstore!Focused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com210-568-9344 39. #3 AUTOMATED SMS OFFERS Automated but customized sms servicesends coupons to customers to bringthem back to spend more money Limit it to 2-3 promotions per month Each mobile customer in your databasewill bring you an average of 2 moretransactions!Focused Idea, LLCFocusedIdea.com210-568-9344 40. CUSTOMIZED SMS MARKETINGSelection of services offered: Appointment reminders Automated text campaigns Coupons and special offers Customer surveys Product voting SMS broadcastingFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com210-568-9344 41. MOBILE APPSFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com 42. WHY MOBILE APPS? FACT: Mobile app downloads will reach76.9 billion in2014 And will generate $35 billion in salesSource: IDC Mobile apps provide the best mobile experiencepossible to consumersFocused Idea, LLC FocusedIdea.com210-568-9344 43. WHY MOBILE APPS? FACT: Your customers prefer apps over mobile websitesSources: com