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This is my presentation for the WhyMCA - Hack Reality 2 - The Rise of Information hackathon, held in Milan on May 25, 2013


  • 1. milano, june 25, 2013riccardo marchesidigital fabrics

2. sources: CISCO, Jim Cicconi, AT&T, Steve Leibson, Computer History Museum, CNN, University of Michigan, Fraunhofer 3. These things are notjust smart phones andtablets 4. internet of things... ...internetof fabrics 5. textilesensor interface ADC physicalquantity IPmoduleWANavailable 2013-2015 2013-2015 2015-2018 2016-2020internet of fabrics 6. why fabrics?they cover about 75% ofour bodyfabrics are everywhere in ourhomes (bed sheets, carpets, walls,sofas and chairs..they represent the perfect placeto embed sensors and electronics 7. how can fabrics help us?sensing elements for rehabilitationsensing elements for increased comfortmapping floors for emergenciesposture controlsensing wetnessrobotics? (just use your imagination) 8. how can I do that? 9. electronicswww.arduino.cc 10. textile buttonswww.plugandwear.com 11. Touch sensitive fabric Knitted three-layeredfabric, two conductivelayers with a non-conductive layer inbetween If pressed, the conductivelayers touch allowingcurrent flow Materials: acrylic yarn,stainless steel 12. Pressure sensitivefabricCharacteristicsActivation force 3.6 Kg per50 mm diameter More then 1.000.000 cycles For a 15 cm x 20 cm switchresistance when pressed:around 200 Ohm, opencircuit when non pressed 13. textile push button electricalbehaviourtheoretical behaviourreal behaviour 14. textile push buttondigitalanalogRtot= Ru+ Rc+ Rl CRtot= Ru+ Rc+ Rl C 15. water sensorswww.plugandwear.com 16. digital signalsHIGH and LOW levels 17. textile potentiometerpotentiometer = variable resistorcan be used for controlling sound or lightlevel, changing the frequency of a flashingLED 18. textile potentiometer electricalbehaviourtheoretical behaviour real behaviour 19. analog pressure sensorswww.plugandwear.com 20. analog press buttonsensitive layerconductive sideconductive side 21. stretch sensorswww.plugandwear.com 22. reading an analog input 23. matrix pressure sensorwww.plugandwear.com 24. matrix pressure sensor 25. matrix pressure sensor 26. matrix pressure sensor 27. matrix pressure sensor 28. IROMEC light emitting fabric 29. IROMEC sensitive top cover 30. posture monitoring 31. rehabilitation 32. riccardo marchesi@plugandwearwww.plugandwear.comthank you!