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Widgets Overview. INTRODUCTION. The Poken Digital Event platform includes a fully customizable web portal packed with features that aim to help you engage your visitors pre-event, in-event, and post-event. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Widgets OverviewINTRODUCTION

The Poken Digital Event platform includes a fully customizable web portal packed with features that aim to help you engage your visitors pre-event, in-event, and post-event. A catalogue of drag-and-drop widgets allows you to control the experience you want for your event visitors. In addition to defining all branding elements, you control the content, placement, and feature set that you think is most appropriate for your event.

Display the agenda, speaker and exhibitor lists, maps, etc.Create a one-stop-shop with all your events social media feeds displaying in one place: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS, etc. Make a set of documents available to event attendees pre-event, or upload a selection of your events best photos into the Flickr widget.Provide links to various resources such as travel information, sponsored links, and moreEmbed a video widget with a live click to play video player


NameDescriptionImageMy ProfileVisitor sees their social business card, can edit the content and add social networks.LibraryShows all documents the visitor collected from Touchpoints at event


NameDescriptionImageTimelinePrimary widget interface for viewing your Poken contacts. It is a flash-based widget with a timeline that scrolls right and left to display everything youve collected, in time. A quick preview of whats up in your network, as you see your peers latest tweet or Flickr upload, and their face!Contact ListYour full contact library. From here sync all your contacts with Outlook, Apple Mail or SalesForce, as Vcards or in CSV format.



Shows live updates from your contacts, if theyve chosen to publish their activity.MapA dynamic map of all your contacts, and the exhibitors and companies youve interacted with at the event.


NameDescriptionImagePoken PointsShows the running total of the visitors Poken Points. Points, which are based on New Contacts, Logins, and connecting content at the event.CommunitySupport site links


NameDescriptionImageFiles & LinksThe organizer can make any type of file available to the visitor (PDF, doc, etc), for pre-event engagement or post-event follow up.Maps/Floor planThe organizer can upload maps/floor plans of the event which the visitor can download from the webportal.


NameDescriptionImageTwitter AccountVisitor who has added their Twitter account to his social business card is able to tweet from the event portal and see tweets directed to the herTwitter FeedShows all the live tweets of the event hashtags the organizer has defined.


NameDescriptionImageYour LinkedIn Contacts Attending This EventThe visitor who has added his LinkedIn account to his social business-card will see a list of all his LinkedIn contacts who are also attending this event (matched with the event visitor list). Very useful to plan to meet up with LinkedIn contacts you've never met in person!RSS FeedPull in your events RSS Feed, so you create a one-stop-shop social media hub for your visitors.


NameDescriptionImageSimple iFrameUse for: Any HTML content Facebook Page LinkedIn Page ImageExample: embed your events LinkedIn profile into the portalMulti-Tab iFrameWorks like the iFrame but you can display multiple tabs in one widget


NameDescriptionImageVideoDisplay a selection of Youtube or Vimeo videosFlickr & Picassa Image GalleryShare event pictures by uploading them to a Flickr or Picassa account, then embed the image library into the event portal. Everyone wants to see event pictures post event. Keep your visitors engaged in one central location!


NameDescriptionImageLive Chat: Run a discussion panel with live Q&A!Allows visitors to chat between each other before, during and after the event. Add a moderator, and use this widget to run a live Q&A during a panel discussion!

ForumCreate discussion forum topics, engage your visitors.Allow visitors to create topics as well, or not.


NameDescriptionImageExhibitor/SponsorsSearchable exhibitor/sponsor list. Help promote your benefactors!

Visitor ListSearchable visitor list. Include only in events where you are ok sharing the full visitor list.


NameDescriptionImageChallengeIf youve included games such as a scavenger hunt to help drive behavior and draw attention to your sponsors, this is the widget that displays the visitors progress and achievements. - When this widget is added to the event portal, it also appears in the mobile appLeaderboardShows the ranking of visitors who have collected the most points through networking or collecting touchpoints. Use this in events where you want to boost networking!


NameDescriptionImageEvent InfoAdd the some general event information and include practical information for attendeesAgendaShows event agenda/program organized by date or categories


NameDescriptionImageConference SessionsShows all the conference sessions occurring at the eventAnnouncementsShows all the announcements for the event can be scheduled


NameDescriptionImageExhibitor Matchmaker Shows which exhibitors are matched best to the visitors interestsVisitor MatchmakerShows which visitors are matched best to the exhibitors interests