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  • 8/3/2019 Wildlife of South India Tour-Print


    Wildlife of SouthernIndia Tour

  • 8/3/2019 Wildlife of South India Tour-Print


    09-Jul Depart for Chennai

    10-Jul Arrive - Transfer to Madras Croc Bank - briefing followed by a

    day of hands on participation.

    Madras Crocodile Bank

    11-Jul Assisting researchers with their work Madras Crocodile Bank

    12-Jul Early morning Irula walk looking for snakes - transfer to RomsPlace, afternoon and evening treks in search of wildlife.

    Roms Place

    13-Jul Train to Mysore - lunch at Lalitha Mahal Palace - visitRanganthittu bird sanctuary home to mugger crocs. Transfer toOzzies Farm in Hunsur. Activities include fishing and wildlifewalks.

    Ossies Farm

    14-Jul Coracle fishing, birdwatching, herping around the farm. Ossies Farm

    15-Jul safaris in Nagarhole National Park Ossies Farm

    16-Jul Transfer to Jungle Retreat, Safaris, mountain trek - camping Jungle Retreat

    17-Jul Wildlife treks Jungle Retreat

    18-Jul Wildlife treks Jungle Retreat

    19-Jul Transfer to Bangalore - Laika

    20-Jul Transfer to airport for flight home.

    Tour Summary

    This is a ten-night group tour to three locations across

    Southern India that will bring you close to the incredible

    wildlife that is found here. Interact with people at theforefront of their fields in conservation. Learn the basics of

    working with wild animals in captivity and understand

    various field methods in Wildlife Biology.

    Since we will be traveling across the peninsular, we will getto experience very different kinds of wildlife. Our first stopwill be on the East coast, just South of the city of Chennai.The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust is the Centre forHerpetology in India and we will spend two nights here,working with the staff. The Croc Bank has over two

    thousand crocodilians from fourteen species along withvarious other reptiles.

    It is the ideal place to better understand reptile biology.While were here, we will get a chance to work directly withthe various animals alongside the staff and researchers.

    wildlife of southern India tour

  • 8/3/2019 Wildlife of South India Tour-Print


    Well get to work with the staff on the dailymaintenance and upkeep of the animals and theirenclosures. Well also get to assist with thevarious research and veterinary aspects of workwith reptiles in Indias premier reptile researchand conservation organisation. Well be stayingin a combination of rooms and dormitories with

    attached bathrooms.

    09 July. Depart for Chennai

    10 July. Arrive in Chennai - transfer toMadras Crocodile Bank

    We will have two full days here and on our first day here,we will meet all the staff and will watch a presentation on

    Crocodile Biology which will include information on theCrocodile Banks history and ongoing conservation work.We will then begin the fun work of assisting the staff intheir work.

    11th - 12th July. Madras Croc Bank Full Board.

    The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, founded in 1976 byRomulus Whitaker and few other like minded people is apublic Trust managed by a Board of Trustees.

    Starting with 30 mugger adults, the Bank has bred over

    5000 and now holds over 2400 crocodilians of 14 differentspecies. By 1987 the Croc Bank developed a much broaderfocus, and became the Centre for Herpetology, Indiaspremier institution for herpetofaunal conservation,research and education.

    Besides hundreds of crocodilians, the Bank currentlymaintains 12 endangered species of turtles and tortoises,five species of snakes, including the King Cobra,Ophiophagus hannah, two species of pythons and albinocobras.

    12th July. Transfer to RomulusWhitakers Place

    12th - 13th July. Roms Place. Full Board.

    We will spend one night camping out at RomulusWhitakers place. Rom is Indias leading reptileconservationist and his property is adjoining a

    reserve forest.Aside from the reptiles, Roms place isa haven for birds, smaller wildlife and even theoccasional leopard.

  • 8/3/2019 Wildlife of South India Tour-Print


    Under the leadership of Romulus Whittaker, theIrulas banded together in 1978 and formed theIrula Snake Catchers Industrial Cooperative Society.

    They now catch the snakes to extract the valuablevenom, rather than for their skins. This is one of thefew sustainable uses of a species in India, whichdoes not harm the snake population and activelyencourages their conservation and also helpspreserve the Irulas skills and culture which has

    spanned generations.We will head out into thesurrounding fields and forests, looking forvenomous snakes that they use for venomextraction.

    We will also head out with the legendary IrulaSnake Catchers on their snake hunts. They usedto hunt snakes for their skins until theintroduction of protective wildlife legislation in1972. Potentially bereft of their livelihoods theywere forced to change.

    While camping at Roms place, well get to speakwith him about the various conservation effortshe has begun and continues to run when werenot out in the field looking at the myriad of smallwildlife that inhabits the surrounding low-lyinghills. Well also set up camera traps for the moreelusive species.

    13th July. Train to Mysore...

    We will take the early morning train across theDeccan Plateau to Mysore. On arrival we willvisit Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary. Here we willtake a boat trip in search of mugger crocodiles

    While on our bush walk, we will also get toexperience numerous other animals fromscorpions and other arthropods to jackal,mongoose and various birds.

  • 8/3/2019 Wildlife of South India Tour-Print


    13th - 16th July. Ossies Farm. Full Board

    After lunch we will be transferred to OssiesFarm in Hunsur. Here we will be able to gofishing in coracles on the lake, as well as explorethe farm and immediate locale in search ofwildlife. As well as being a great place forreptiles and amphibians, various birds includingmany raptors can be seen around the farm.

    We will travel to Nagarhole to spend the day ongame safaris looking for wildlife. NagarholeNational Park is 650 km2 contains one of the finestdeciduous forests in India and is home to a widevariety of fauna and flora. It is one of the bestplaces to see wild elephants and tiger sightingshave been on the increase over the last couple ofseasons.

    Afterwards, we will drive to the Lalitha MahalPalace for lunch.

    15th July. Game Drives in NagarholeNational Park

    Well spend our time here looking at the manyspecies of wading birds, smaller wildlife likecivets, mongooses and jackals. There are alsosometime leopards and otters in the area. Wellalso learn various valuable skills like snakebitefirst aid, safety protocol while dealing withvenomous snakes.

    As well as being a haven for reptiles &amphibians, Ranganthittu sanctuary is also hometo a myriad of bird & mammal species such ascormorants, darters, white ibis, storks, egrets,herons, terns, swallows, streaked weavers, ducks,teals, sandpipers, kingfishers, fruit bats, bonnetmacaques, palm civets, common mongoose and

    While at Hunsur, we will get the chance to learnsafe protocol while dealing with venomoussnakes, take a boat ride to see nesting wading birds and wild marsh crocodiles. We will alsotrek through elephant country.

  • 8/3/2019 Wildlife of South India Tour-Print


    16th July. Transfer to Jungle Retreat

    Our next stop will be the foothills of the Nilgiris,a mountain range that is the meeting point ofthe Eastern and Western Ghats and arguably,one of the most bio-diverse regions in SouthIndia.

    We will stay at a wonderful family run wildliferesort, Jungle Retreat. This is a very quaint resortwith a wild campus. Leopards, wild dogs, deerand elephant are regular visitors. Some animalshave even adopted the resort as home.

    16th - 19th July. Jungle Retreat. FullBoard

    We will spend the three days here experiencinglarge game and spectacular wilderness. Acombination of safaris, camping on a mountainand a few treks will give us a fantastic sample of

    some of the most majestic of Indias wildlife.

    19th July. Transfer to Bangalore.

    19th - 20th July. Laika. B&B.

    Transfer to Bangalore airport for your flighthome.

  • 8/3/2019 Wildlife of South India Tour-Print



    The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, founded in 1976 byRomulus Whitaker and few other like minded people is apublic Trust managed by a Board of Trustees. Indiaspremier institution for herpetofaunal conservation,

    research and education. Accommodation is basic andcomfortable and is in shared rooms and dormitorys.


    Well be staying in twin sharing camping tents.Bathrooms are separate blocks.


    The farm is located on the banks of a gorgeous lake andwell be Staying in dormitories, shacks and rooms. Thereare some attached bathrooms and one large bathroomblock.

    JUNGLE RETREAT,NILGIRIS,3NIGHTS Jungle Retreat is a family run resort; a mixture ofwilderness, serenity and comfort. Located at the foothillsof the Nilgiris, skirting the Mudumalai WildlifeSanctuary & National Park in Tamil Nadu.

    Accommodation is in country style cottages withsprawling private verandahs that afford spectacularviews over the mountains and tropical jungles. This isquite simply a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. We willstay in cottages as well as camp out for a night.

    A C C O M M O D A T I O N

  • 8/3/2019 Wildlife of South India Tour-Print



    This homestay offers the perfect combination


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