wildlife photography – how to live and enjoy it to the fullest

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Wildlife Photography

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When it comes to photography, different people suggest different set of rules. But again, rules were meant to be broken.


  • When it comes to photography, different people suggest different set of rules. But again, rules were meant to be broken. Hence, forget all those stereotyped strategies, rule out your subject, relish clutter and unleash the world of darkness. By ignoring the etiquettes of photography, you can actually create the masterpiece of your lifetime.
  • The Wildness Of Wildlife Photography
  • The improvement in cameras, particularly film, lenses and mega pixel counts have been incredibly brilliant; however, theres no such guarantee for complete success. There are many things that you must consider before taking the camera in your hands.
  • Habit Of Well, this sounds very obvious, but you cant expect success unless you inculcate this habit. Nature appears best in the early rays of the sun. http://www.squidoo.com/incredible-photography-tricks-to-sweep-you-offyour-feet
  • Sweat and Get into Shape Wildlife photography demands a lot of activities and busy schedule. So, you need to be fit and active. Climb up the trees, run the streets do everything required to lose calories and burn out the excess fat from your body.
  • Avoid Imitation Most of the people have a pre-planned idea of how their snaps would look like. A running cheetah, a blood smeared lion or a tree-climbing leopard are too clich. Instead, try being original and look for opportunities as they come. Stay attentive and keep your eyes and ears open.
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