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The life of WILFORD WOODRUFF New York V

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Jennifer Mackley's 2012 discovery of 1832 Woodruff home site in Richland Township New York - with photographs by Richard Lambert


New York


Born in Avon, Connecticut on March 1, 1807

Baptized in Richland Township, New York on December 29, 1833

Home where Wilford Woodruff was born and raised. 1892 photo by Junius F. Wells

Farmington Mill of Cowles, Deming & Camp where Wilford worked in the 1820s.

Why did the Woodruff brothers leave Connecticut to buy a mill and farm in New York? 200 years of family roots in Connecticut where generations of Woodruffs had owned mills

Toronto, Canada Palmyra Mendon


Spafford Fayette

The spiritual answer is evident in the towns surrounding Richland and the events that took place in the area in the 1820s-1830s.

John Taylor Toronto Wilford Woodruff Richland Joseph Smith Palmyra Martin Harris Mendon Spafford Brigham Young Zerah Pulsipher Fayette Peter Whitmer

The physical evidence of their path begins with Ozem Thompson Woodruff leaving CT In 1819 to help build the Erie Canal (1817-1825). Then settling in the Daysville area in Richland Township, NY and inviting his brothers to join him. Daysville Station on the NY Central Railroad (photo taken 2009)

1829 Map of Oswego County showing townships, roads and mills!

Richland Township

May 3, 1832 Willford Woodruff paid $1,000 to Constant and Lucene Soul for 50 acres of Lot #57

Note: The words Azmon Woodruff and Ozem Woodruff erased on the 4th line.

June 15, 1832 Willford, Azmon, and Ozem T. Woodruff purchased 67 acres of Lot #70 from Rudolph and Elizabeth Bunner. Lot 70 included the mill shown on the 1829 map.

Purchase price $264. 57

67 and 34/100 acres

Dated June 15th, 1832

Enlarged portion of 1829 map showing Richland Township with lots 57 and 70 outlined in red. The Woodruffs purchased portions of lots 57 and 70, where the x marks the spot of their mill on Grindstone Creek.

In the 1832 deeds the Woodruffs bought: 50 acres of Lot 57 (a rectangle) covering 5/8 of the lot starting atthe SW corner 27 chains and 27 links x 18 chains and 31 links x 27 chains and 27 links to S edge x 18 chains and 31 links along S edge back to beginning at SW corner

and 67 1/3 acres of Lot 70 (an Idaho shaped piece) starting atthe NW corner 36 chains to the SW corner x 36 chains and 75 links to the SE corner x 2 chains and 88 links up the E edge x 4 chains and 52 links to the Hiway x 16 chains along the Hiway x 9 chains and 50 links N x 1 chain and 18 links W to center of Grindstone Creek x follow the windings and turnings of the Creek x ? chains 10 links to N edge x 1 chain 7 links to beginning at NW corner



The portions of Lots 57 and 70 which the Woodruffs purchased outlined on the 1829 map 2012 map

Current NY Dept of Ecology map of the same area along Grindstone Creek Outlining both Lot 57 and 70 and the junction of County Route 28 and Salisbury Road where their Home and the mill were Located.




Richard and Rons August 2012 route retracing the December 1833 path of missionaries Zerah Pulsipher and Elijah Cheney A Spafford (home of Zerah Pulsipher) B Fabius (home of Elijah Cheney C Daysville (home of Woodruff brothers)

Spafford Hollow Cemetery where Nelson Pulsiphers headstone is found

Nelson Pulsiper died May 7, 1824 age 4 years

Hill east of Spafford Corners where Zerah helped build the Freewill Baptist Church in 1828. John Gould served as pastor. He, along with the Pulsiphers, Roundys, and Cheneys, were among the hundreds converted to the restored gospel in the 1830s. They left the Spafford area to join the Saints in Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois, in what became known as the Mormon Exodus.

Mary Brown and Zerah Pulsipher Spafford, Onondaga County, New York

In December 1833, when Zerah announced God wanted him to preach the gospel, his wife Mary asked where he was going and when he would return. He answered, I dont know, only that I am going to preach the Gospel. The Lord will show me where to go. I am going where He guides me. Zerah and his friend Elijah walked over 60 miles before Zerah felt impressed to stop at the Woodruffs home.

Woodruffs home in Richland

Zerah Pulsiphers home in Spaffordhttp://www.old-maps.com/NY/ny-state/NY_1832_Burr_web.jpg

Elijah Cheneys home in Scott

Grindstone Creek/Richland area 2012 180 years later

Junction of County Rt 28 and Salisbury Road

Creasys portion of Lot 70

Looking East - Grindstone Creek is across the road behind the car

Municipality of Richland Property Records Legal Property Description: 9 acres of Lot 70 111-001-000 Deed Book: 2009 Page: 7754 New Owners: Troy and Shelley Creasy building their new house on the portion of Lot 70 once owned by Wilford, Thompson and Azmon Woodruff

Tom Creasy with Richard Lambert standing in front of pieces of the foundation of the building on Lot 70 discovered when the Creaseys began constructing their house.

Looking north on Grindstone Creek at the spot where Wilford and Azmon Woodruff were baptized December 31, 1833.

Looking south on Grindstone Creek at what might have been the millpond

Example of another mill on Grindstone Creek with the mill pond.

Baptism of Wilford Woodruff as pictured in the movie The Great Apostasy.

Of his baptism Wilford Woodruff wrote, "The snow was about three feet deep, the day was cold, and the water was mixed with ice and snow, yet I did not feel the cold."

Zerah Pulsipher Born June 24 1789 in Roddingham, VT Married Polly Randall in 1810 (d. 1812) Married Mary Brown 1815 (1799-1886) Baptized January 11, 1832 in Spafford, NY Baptized Wilford and Azmon Woodruff December 31, 1833 Moved to Kirtland, Ohio 1835 A President of 1st Quorum of 70 1838 Moved to Far West, Missouri 1838 Moved to Nauvoo, Illinois 1840 Endowed in Nauvoo Temple 1845 Captain of 100 in exodus to Utah 1848 Ordained a patriarch Died January 1, 1872 in Hebron, Utah Daughter Sarah Ann Pulsipher Alger helped complete temple work for Eminent Women in St. George Temple

Elijah Cheney Born September 14, 1785 in Barrington, MA Moved to New York in 1795 Married Achsa Thompson March 14, 1811 Served in the War of 1812 Moved to Scott, NY in 1821 Baptized February 1, 1832 by Jared Carter Ordained an Elder in 1833 Preached gospel to Wilford Woodruff in 1833 Moved to Kirtland in 1835 Moved to Far West in 1839 Moved to Mason, Illinois in 1840 Endowed in Nauvoo Temple February 1846 Reached Utah in June 1849 Died November 3, 1863 in Centerville, Utah From 1815-1819, Elijahs brother Zacheus Cheney, a cloth maker, was master to apprentice Millard Fillmore, future President of the United States.

Born in Avon, Connecticut March 1, 1807 Died in San Francisco, California September 2, 1898 Boston, Massachusetts 1839 Salt Lake City, Utah 1894