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of 28 /28 Price $1 Since 1977 Your Weekly Community Newspaper Tuesday September 30, 2014 Vol 37 Ed 37 Hesse and CFA partner for emergency response. (Story page 3) Pictured: Firefighter Chris Hurren laying hose in full breathing apparatus (BA)

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Price $1

Since 1977Your Weekly Community Newspaper

Tuesday September 30, 2014Vol 37 Ed 37

Hesse and CFA partner for

emergency response. (Story page 3)

Pictured: Firefighter Chris Hurren laying hose in full breathing apparatus (BA)

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Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star2

Specialising in all aspects of soft and hard landscaping

Garden ThemeS: ConTemporary, ruSTiC, TropiCal, CoaSTal, naTive, JapaneSe, orGaniC

SpeCialiSinG in ouTdoor roomS, deCkinG, pavinG ing your lifestyle outdoors

Phone Christian 0405 220 184

award Winning Gardens, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 miFGS. member of the australian institute of landscape designers and managers.

Multi AwArd winning landscape design & Construction

Member for Polwarth Hon Terry Mulder MP

115a Bromfield Street COLAC 3250 Ph: (03) 5231 5046 Fax: (03) 5231 5209 Email: [email protected]

Please contact my office if there is anything we can assist you


56-60 Bromfield Street, Colac Tel: (03) 52 315 400 Fax: (03) 52 313 160


Surf Coast Shire Council is pleased to present the Alan Hopgood and Tania Nahum play My Dog Has Stripes at the Torquay Senior Citizen’s Centre on Wednesday 8 October as part of the Victorian Seniors Festival.

My Dog Has Stripes is a touching and memorable show that shines a light on depression and mental health with a liberal dose of humour as a way of breaking down social stigma around these issues.

Supported by Beyondblue, the play stars Margot Knight, Marcella Russo, Brett Swain, Paul English and Alan Hopgood and will be performed at the Torquay Senior Citizens Centre on Wednesday 8 October from 1:30pm.

Mayor, Cr Rose Hodge, said Council was proud to be presenting a play that dealt with complex and difficult issues in a way that was easy to access.

“Often, telling stories like this with an element of humour is a great way to educate people as well providing an enjoyable day out with some great theatre,” Cr Hodge said.

Bookings for My Dog Has Stripes are filling fast, so make yours quickly by contacting 5261 0674. Assistance with transport can be arranged upon request from Winchelsea, Lorne, Anglesea and Moriac.

Price of admission is a gold coin donation to Beyondblue, collected at the door.

My Dog Has Stripes’ performance at the Torquay Senior Citizen’s Centre is part of the Victorian Seniors Festival, a state-wide Victorian Government initiative. For more information about the Victorian Seniors Festival including an online calendar of events, visit”

Seniors Festival theatre tickets selling quickly

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Tuesday September 30, 2014 The Winchelsea Star 3

Winchelsea Community HouseDiploma of Early Childhood Education & Care This qualification covers the role of early childhood educators who are responsible for designing and implementing curriculum in early childhood education and care services. In doing so they work to implement an approved learning framework within the requirement of the Education and Care Services National Regulations and the National Quality Standard. They may have responsibility for supervision of volunteer or other staff. A Victorian Police check and a Working with Children check are required within this industry.

Course Duration: 36 weeks (2 days/ week Mondays & Tuesdays) Cost: $1050 (payment plan can be arranged) Venue: Winchelsea Community House Starts: Monday October 20th.

This course is being held at Winchelsea Community House but Ocean Grove Neighbourhood Centre are taking all bookings. Please call them on 52554294 for your payment options.

On Monday evening 15th September the CFA and Hesse participated in a mock fire emergency and evacuation. Fire scenarios were staged in the cleaner’s room and laundry of the hospital with a phone response to the CFA. The incident was responded to by three local fire trucks and smaller response units with CFA members only learning the incident was a mock event when they arrived. Approximately 17 CFA Members responded to the incident.

The exercise involved an evacuation of two patients within Urgent Care and also the relocation of one patient in the hospital for the CFA to gain access to the fire source. The members responded with breathing apparatus and ran fire hoses through the facility. CFA members practised patient evacuation through the use of locally produced Albac Rescue Mats.

The exercise, under the control of the Winchelsea Brigade’s Incident Controller tested the veracity of Hesse’s fire emergency response procedures. Hesse Nurse In Charge, Veronica Van Galen undertook the role of Chief Fire Warden with coordination of the fire panel responsibilities and delegation of duties to staff on duty. A full debrief completed the exercise.

The exercise was an opportunity to rehearse roles and tasks required in the event of a real fire emergency, and was well handled in terms of staff and CFA response and communications. A small number of areas for improvement were identified which will assist the hospital should there ever be a real one. Thanks to all involved.

Photographs taken at recent Winchelsea Fire Brigade exercise at Hesse Rural Health.

Opposite top: Hesse Rural Health Chief Fire Warden Veronica Van Galen. Opposite bottom: Firefighter Chris Hurren with charged line at seat of fire

Above left: Veronica Van Galen Hesse Rural Health Chief Fire Warden with Incident Controller 2nd Lieutenant Phil Lindsay. Above right: Firefighter Kathy Taylor laying a hose line into main entrance of HRH

Hesse and CFA partner for emergency response

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Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star4

The Winchelsea Star is a voluntary service to the town.Articles are most welcome from any group

or organisation and must carry the name and address of the sender. The editorial team

reserve the right to edit or not to publish any article. The views expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of the editors.

Copy / adverts can be emailed to [email protected] or left

at IGA Supermarket.

Copies printed total 450 each week.

© Winchelsea Star Org. Inc. All rights reserved.

Weekly deadline is 4pm Sunday.Winchelsea Star Organisation Inc.

Reg. No. A1479 ABN: 57 207 411 958

Po Box 5, Winchelsea, Vic, 3241

Acting Editor: Stewart Mathison

Email: [email protected]

Advertising: Neil McInnes

Email: [email protected]

Sub Editors/Production: Tony Phelps and Stuart Fountain

Email: [email protected]

President: Stewart Mathison

Email: [email protected]

Treasurer: Cathy Cheadle

Email: [email protected]

Secretary: Tony Phelps

Email: [email protected]

Committee: Linda Carter, Don Smith,

Mick O’Mara, Lesley Mathison

Proud Member

Support Small Business Day Boost for Winchelsea RetailersHon. Terry Mulder MP

Support Small Business Day, on Saturday 4 October 2014, is a Victorian Government initiative that celebrates the big difference that small businesses make to local communities. It’s a day dedicated to encouraging Victorians to explore their local community and spend in-store at local small businesses.

The Winchelsea Antique Roadshow at the Globe Theatre will highlight the importance of spending with local small business operators.

According to the Minister for Small Business, Russell Northe, Support Small Business Day is a great reason for Victorians to rediscover the benefits of spending locally.“The Victorian Government is committed to assisting small businesses to prosper. A significant strength of the Victorian economy lies in the diversity of the products and services that are provided by small businesses throughout the State.

“Small businesses make up 96 per cent of all Victorian businesses and provide 1.2 million jobs. They generate 30 per cent of the state’s output and sales. Such a significant contribution deserves our continued support.By shopping at local small businesses, you support local community, local jobs, and reinvest back into your community.

Art & Photography ShowThe show now in it’s 15th year, is only weeks away on the weekend of Oct.30th to Nov. 3rd.

With the weather on the improve, it is time to take your camera out and think about taking some photos of interest to enter.

Why not take a walk along the Barwon River, around town, or maybe a drive into the countryside looking for scenic shots.

Categories available in photography are - Scenery, Nature, Animals, birds, own choice.

The Guest Judge this year is Stu Fountain from the Star production team.

Stu is looking forward to seeing what the budding photographers around Winchelsea can enter in the show.

If you are looking for an entry form, contact Jeanette on 52672488 / 0409418766 / [email protected]

Entries close on Friday,October 17th.

Thank you Jeanette McConachy

Gluten Free Recipe of the Week Patricia Schroeter

RAISIN LOAF1 tablespoon Nuttelex 1 cup caster sugar 1 cup raisins 1/2 cups gluten free self raising flour

Preheat oven to 180 degrees c Line a loaf tin with baking powder

In a saucepan combine Nuttelex, sugar, raisins and one cup of water. Bring to a gentle boil.

Simmer for 5 minutes. Cool.

Add the flour and mix well. Put in prepared tin. Bake 45 minutes.

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Tuesday September 30, 2014 The Winchelsea Star 5

Letters to the EditorWonders of The World Wide WebThis submission appeared last week on the Winchelsea Star website. Obviously the computers think we are in England.

“We wondered if you would be interested to hear that fifty years ago we spent our honeymoon at the queens head, Micklesham. These later years every 26september we have tried to come for lunch at the queens head and always request the same table. We also have a photo of tony the owner and me standing underneath the original pub sign during our stay. We live near brands hatch so you can see we come quite a distance to celebrate. This weekend i have booked us into westview bb for two nights so that we can go for dinner both nights as it is our golden anniversary. We are experiencing some probs with email but if you are interested we can be contacted on 01474 853124 until 26th but then on07821877727. Having trouble with this message too so hope you receive it all. Have tried to ring the paper but number kept coming up unobtainable. Looking forward to coming to visit your lovely area again. Many thanks

There and always request the same table. This year we have booked in for bb at the Westview so that we can go for dinner at the queens head as it is our golden anniversary. There will only be the two of us and i have asked for our usual table. We love winchelsea and the beach so we are going to spend two nights there this time. I have tried to contact you by phone and we are experiencing some problems with our email address. So should you be interested in our story and love for the village, we look forward to your response.”

Dear Sir. To let everyone know what is happening with the Business and Tourism Association group it was decided at a previous meeting to merge the Working With Winchelsea group and Business And Tourism - under the banner of the BTA - to provide a strong and united voice for the community.

As the BTA committee were retiring from their positions a new committee was formed at our Annual Meeting. This committee will amend their constitution at the next meeting and be in future known as GROWING WINCHELSEA INC if agreed to by the Shire and all concerned.

I wish the new committee all the best in the future and thank all the past members and committees of the BTA for freely giving their time and energy to our community.

Meanwhile I am looking forward to enjoying my garden and artistic pursuits at Riverlee and the history of our very important heritage with a great group of people at the Historical Society.

Thanks folks!

Sandra Jones PS don’t forget to ‘like us’ at Riverlee Art Studio and Winchelsea Historical Society on Facebook.

Dear Sir. I was left feeling underwhelmed at the article on page 5 of the Star last week ‘A vision for a thriving Winchelsea’.

The article highlighted the newly developed vision for Winchelsea.

The vision that has been developed was: ‘Winchelsea is a welcoming and thriving township with a rich cultural heritage and country village feel. The residents of Winchelsea have the best of both worlds, benefiting from a full range of activities and access to learning, employment, civic and cultural experiences, whilst living in a place that has a strong connection to the beautiful Barwon River and rural hinterland.’

Doesn’t a vision need to talk about our aspirations ? To think about or plan the future ?

This is a statement of who we are. It’s not a vision.

The consultants and Surf Coast Shire have missed the mark.

How about: ‘Winchelsea will be a thriving community, valued for its rich cultural

heritage and country village feel on the banks of the beautiful Barwon River.’ ?

It would be great to see if some of the Star readers could send in their suggestions on a ‘vision’ for Winchelsea.

Name and address supplied

From the Editor Discovered whilst cleaning out the Star office behind the Tearooms last week, was this front page story from June 7th, 1979:

A WatchDog crying out for Food.

At the Deakin University Graduation ceremony last week, the managing director of David Syme and Co., Mr. C.R. McDonald, said the media was a watchdog which needs to be fed by the public. The media watchdog is fed when the public follows through and debates issues raised.

“It is your responsibility to feed the watchdog. If you do not it will become a poor starved thing which merely whines and snaps at shadows.” he said.

The Star is not suggesting it is in the same league as the Age but we do believe we need to be fed by our readers. We do not have reporters who can go and seek out all the issues which need to be debated at a local level so we depend on residents of the town to both reply to matters occasionally raised by the editors and also write to the paper raising issues which concern them.

If this debate is not maintained the Star will eventually become “a poor starved thing” which merely reports the functions of this towns many organisations.

Star Editor: H.A Wainewright - (1979)

In 2014, the current editor agrees with the sentiments above.

Page 6: Winchelsea star vol37 ed37 web

Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star6

Your ad here!For more


Covering Meredith, Bannockburn, Anakie, Lethbridge, Inverleigh,

Teesdale, Shelford, Elaine and Winchelsea

A caring Catholic organisation offering

“a hand up” to all people in need.


Monday - Friday 9am to 2 pm

Services Available

Acute Hospital

Residential Aged Care

Dementia Specific Care

Urgent Care



District Nursing

Diabetes Education

Occupational Therapy

Planned Activity Groups

Community Health Groups

Palliative & Continence Care


Maternal Child Health Nurse

5267 1200 8—12 Gosney Street, Winchelsea

AquaFire Healing Naturopathic Medicine

Remedial Massage Therapy Transform Your Health!

Ph: 0415 530 276 Helen Watt

[email protected]

serving Winchelsea and surrounds

* Lawn mowing and edging * Yard tidying * Minor house painting * Minor carpentry work * Free scrap metal removal


Phone Paul on 0447 199 154

for a free quote. Special offer for the months of

September and October get your lawn mowed (only) for

the first time for only $20


Your ad here!For more


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Tuesday September 30, 2014 The Winchelsea Star 7

Fine weather helping road contractorsFollowing the negative reports in the Geelong Advertiser last week, the Star asked VicRoads for a reply and we have received the following media release.

Waurn Ponds to Winchelsea BMD Constructions began construction of the $171 million Princes Highway duplication from Waurn Ponds to Winchelsea in March 2011.

This section was initially scheduled for completion in December 2014. BMD is taking advantage of improved weather conditions and making every effort to complete all work by the end of the summer season. Works within Winchelsea, by Winslow Constructors and Cut & Fill, were initially scheduled to be delivered as part of the Winchelsea to Colac duplication.

These works have been accelerated, to minimise inconvenience to the Winchelsea community, and are due to be completed in 2016.

After moving traffic onto the new carriageway of the 23 kilometre section between Waurn Ponds and the eastern side of Winchelsea, it was intended to upgrade the old section of highway with a reseal. Once the contractor began to work on the old section however, it was determined that significant sections of the road would have to be rebuilt from scratch.

Contractors are now gearing up to take advantage of improved conditions. Road sealing work is highly weather dependent, as the road surface needs to be dry with warmer temperatures for the final seal to be applied and trafficked.

Since March 2011, there have been more than 250 recorded rain days, which equates to almost a year lost to wet weather. While some works can continue during wet periods, earth and road construction materials need to dry out to allow major works to progress.

Recent activities VicRoads’ contractor BMD Constructions has recently shifted traffic to a newly constructed carriageway between Waltons Road and east of Mt Pollock Road, and between east of Andersons Road and west of Hendy Main Road. This shift has occurred so that BMD could upgrade the old carriageway.

New sections of road are expected to be opened to the public during November and December including the northern carriageway between Pettavel Road and Andersons Road and the southern carriageway between Worland Street and the rail bridge.

Stabilisation of the exiting carriageway is continuing at various locations. Placement of the last two layers of rock is expected to occur soon between Waltons Road and west of Hendy Main Road.

Lennox Street to Austin Street Recent activities Over the last month crushed rock layers have been placed along the west bound carriageway and the majority of concreting works has been completed including kerbing, footpaths and driveways.

More crushed rock will be placed along the rest of the job with the final seal and asphalt layers to follow. This will be followed by landscaping (including mulch) and line-marking which will see this section complete before the end of 2014.

Austin Street - Deans Marsh Road Recent activities Bridge foundation work on the Geelong side of the Barwon River is recommencing with the onset of dryer and warmer weather and will continue throughout the next few months.

Murrell Street has been re-opened to traffic, following the installation of traffic lights. Eastbound pavement construction from Deans Marsh Road to Hesse Street is progressing.

Work on the Westbound service road will include new kerbing between Hesse Street and Deans Marsh Road and is expected to be completed by the end of October.

Re-building works to connect the new carriage way at the intersections of the Princes Highway with Harding Street, Hesse Street and Deans Marsh Road will begin over the next few weeks.

The new toilet block is expected to be complete and ready by the end of the year for summer tourists.

Winchelsea to ColacPlanning for the $373 million Princes Highway duplication from Winchelsea to Colac is underway. This project is independent from other sections of highway duplication and will not be impacted by other works on the highway.

Subject to planning approvals, construction for the proposed Princes Highway duplication from Winchelsea to Colac is expected to begin in 2015 and take about four years to complete.

An information session has recently been held in Colac as an information gathering exercise for proposals within the township from Baillie Street to Corangamite Street. This session was well attended by about 100 interested local residents, business owners and key stakeholders. The information received will be considered as part of the planning and design process.

VicRoads welcomes and relies on the local community to provide us with feedback and alert us of any specific traffic management or hazard issues. Please call VicRoads on 13 11 70 or email [email protected]

Above: Installation of foundations for the new bridge pictured from the Geelong side of the Princes Highway.

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Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star8



Service and repairs to all late model Cars, Trucks and

Motorcycles LPG Installations

RWC on cars and trucks

Trailer Hire PH: 5267 3001

Industrial Estate, 6 Alsop Drive, Winchelsea

Mob: 0417 137 457 Fax: 5267 3002


Scrap metal bought Old cars removed Bobcat hire with post borer 6—13 Tonne excavator hire 16—25 metre bin hire Cleanups and rubbish

removed Demolition and asbestos



Ph 5267 2353 0408 522 043

WINCHELSEA SKIPS 2m2<3m24m2 And LARGER by request

Locally owned and operated







SUPPLIERS OF GRAVEL, SAND, SCORIA & LOAM 1st & 2nd grade crushed rock, 1” - 1.5”

Metal 2” Minus, Scalpings, Screenings and Crusher Run

Ph: 5267 2094 (Depot) or 5267 2436 (Quarry) After hours: Raymond 5267 2401

or Max 5267 2281

ALSO OPERATING ARMYTAGE QUARRY Princes Highway, West of Armytage Road

Schroeter Bros Garage

7 Willis Street, Winchelsea Ph: 5267 2098

For all Mechanical Repairs and Service to Cars, 4 Wheel Drives and Commercial Vehicles Heavy tilt tray service for tractors, machinery, trucks and containers 24 hour accident towing and salvage

All About

Mowers & Chainsaws Sales & service to all brands

Ride on & domestic mowers Chainsaws Brush Cutters Pumps Small Engines

Free No Obligation Demos Trade Ins Welcome

5 Lennox St. Winchelsea Dale Cunnington

Ph. or Fax: 5267 2266

Matthew Partridge p 0418 672 334

e [email protected]

Welding Service - Onsite welding - Farm maintenance - Farm machinery & equipment repairs - Cattle & sheep yards - Custom built trailers - Supply & install gates

Knuckey’s have in stock a complete range of batteries to suit tractor,

heavy machinery, cars, utes

The largest range of the best oil for your vehicles—CASTROL— ‘when only the best will do’

The largest range of V belts.

A, B, C, D M Sections Bolts and nuts for all occasions

Steel cut to size

Knuckey’s Winchelsea Ph: 5267 2011

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Tuesday September 30, 2014 The Winchelsea Star 9


Celebrating all things spooky



buy a ticket and all you need to pay for is what you eat & drink. All the fun is included in the price.

Family $60 (2 adults, 3 children) Single $15limited tickets, get yours quick! Check out the website

Children’s rides, Activities, Live entertainment for kids ALL DAY, Arts & Crafts, Market stalls, Fresh Food.Come along and join in! It’s a great day out.

Events of the WeekInter-church Prayer Meeting – Wednesday October 1st at 1.00pm in the Uniting Church hall.

Elders Meeting – Wednesday, October 1st at 2.15pm in the hall.

Uniting Care – Thursday October 2nd – 10.00-12.30

Music Group practise – Thursday October 2nd at 5.00pm in the hall

Bible Study – Friday October 3rd at 2.00pm in the hall.

Worship on Sunday October 5th at 9.30am – Peter & Lyn Redding

Church Council meeting – Sunday October 5th at 11.00am.

The Evening Fellowship is accepting donations for the Samaritan’s Purse shoe boxes to be packed in October – contact Jeanette McConachy on 5267 2488

John Bumford

Winchelsea Uniting ChurchNotice of Special General MeetingWinchelsea and District Tourism & Traders Association Inc.Notice is given to all members of Winchelsea and District Tourism Association Inc. (“Association”) that a Special General Meeting of the Association will be held at 7.30pm on October 15 at the Members Room, Eastern Reserve, Winchelsea. The business of the meeting will be as follows: 1. Welcome 2. Present 3. Apologies 4. Special business – adoption of rules:

The following resolution will be proposed as a special resolution: The Association resolves, as a Special Resolution, to adopt the annexed rules as the rules of the Association, being the model rules incorporating the following:

• the new name of the Association will be “Growing Winchelsea Incorporated”;

• the Association’s existing statement of purpose will be replaced with the statement of purpose included in clause 2; and

• the financial year for the Association will be each period of 12 months ending 30 June.

5. Close of meeting

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Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star10



Domestic and Rural Plumbing


Sewerage & Septic

LPG & Natural Gas Connections

Motorised Drain Cleaning

Backhoe Hire

Phone Mark 5288 7244 PO BOX 98 WINCHELSEA 3241

Mobile 0428 520 142

ELECTRICIAN Scott Thompson Electrical

Domestic Industrial


New Homes / Extensions Poultry Farm Installation &

Maintenance Garages / Sheds

Renovations / Rewires Underground Power Supplies

General Wiring / Repairs / Additions 127 Eagle Dr REC11212 Teesdale

0438 815 133

License No: 47995


Specializing in:

Roofing Spouting and Downpipes Hot and Cold water services Stormwater Drainage Motorized Drain Cleaning 1.5t Excavator hire Solar hot water installations

Mobile: 0417 342 531


WATER TANKS 1,000L to 45,000L




Ross Matthews 0417 561 558 Murray Ellis 0434 600 139



Lic No: 23498


LICENSED PLUMBER No. 10700 55 Stephenson Rd. Winchelsea 3241

Ph: 5267 2467—Mob: 0411 610 678 A.B.N. 25 787 329 884

Green Plumber

Plumbing, Drainage, Gasfitting Spouting & Downpipes, Hot & Cold

Water Services, Water Tanks & Pumps

Small Jobs a Speciallity!!!! Email: [email protected]

Carbon Monoxide Testing

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Tuesday September 30, 2014 The Winchelsea Star 11

Friday night next (October 10th) sees the advent of a new initiative in Winchelsea, with live music at the Tea Rooms. Local musician John Bumford will team up with his son, Tek Bluesome to provide an interesting mix of hard edged guitar playing, some gentle piano and an array of modern material written and performed by the father-son combination.

A set menu of 2 courses will be provided by Philomena, with BYO option for drinks. Those who know of John’s classical repertoire will see the other side of his playing with a spectrum of popular piano pieces not in the classical mode.

Tek as a guitarist has been trained in his art at Ballarat & Wangaratta before moving to Sydney to ply his skill in the music scene there for 5 years, releasing a successful album “Streetways” on the

way. Upon a move to Geelong 6 years ago, Tek has played at Batesford hotel, Beav’s Bar, several venues in Brunswick and Fitzroy, a number of music festivals in the area – Anglesea, Ocean Grove, and is a regular at a number of markets busking – Port Arlington, Point Lonsdale, and Bannockburn and others.

Tek has been prolific in his music writing, just preparing for the release of his second album. Although a distinct style, Tek shows influences of Oasis, Seal and bands of that era often focusing on the under dog in society, and corruption evident in our time, and similar social issues calling for justice.

The plan of the night is John will start the night off at 7.30 with solo piano in the popular and light jazz genres, followed by Tek playing and singing songs that we all know. The climax of the evening will be

the 2 coming together to present a one off performance of songs written by the two and played together – piano and guitar.

To allay problems with catering, patrons should book on 0419 535490.

The cost of the night out is an all inclusive $30.00.

Don’t miss out!!

Friday Night Live

1. A shrimps heart is in its head

2. It is a physical impossibility for pigs to look up into the sky

3. Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months two rats could have over a million descendents.

4. Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.

5. There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.

6. The shark is the only known fish that can blink with both eyes

7. Dreamt is the only English word that ends in “mt”.

8. Almonds are a member of the peach family.

9. A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.

10. The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar in his pocket melted.

Did you know Words that sound rude but actually aren’tNESTLE-COCK A nestle-cock is the last bird to hatch from a clutch of eggs. It dates from the early 1600’s when it was also used as a nickname for an overly spoilt or pampered child.

NODGECOCK Nodgecock is a Tudor word for a fool or simpleton. It likely derives from an even earlier word noddypol for someone who senselessly nods their head in agreement with any idea no matter how good or bad it is.

PENIAPHOBIA Definitely not what it sounds like. Peniaphobia is actually the fear of poverty.

PERSHITTE The Scots word pershitte means prim or overly meticulous It’s one of a family of late 18th early 19th century Scots words all of a similar meaning, including perjinkity, perskeety and most familiar of all pernickety.

PISSASPHALT Pissasphalt is a thick semi liquid form of bitumen similar to tar. The first part of the name is the Greek word for pitch, pissa.

Blasts from the Past12/1/1979 - Who, What, When, Where

Local well known identities Nance and “Johnnie” Taylor celebrated their forty first wedding anniversary recently with a group of friends who came from Healsville, Balmoral, Cobden and Winchelsea . Their grandson Wayne who

is staying with them attended too. Vida Bath celebrated her birthday with them. This is a yearly custom because Vida was born on their wedding day

The C.U.B reported hearing about a local chemist who got caught out at the “Oldy” (bottom pub) . On arriving home he found his tea in the oven, so being the friendly neighbour that he is, went visiting with a bottle under one arm and his tea under the other. I know he loves to dine out “BUT”

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Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star12

Sean’s Surf Coast Massage

I will relax and promote healing of your tired and overworked muscles.

My service includes Therapeutic Massage I am currently studying Remedial Massage at VFA in Geelong which means that any

remedial techniques I have learned will be used at no extra cost to you.

Accredited AAAMT member with Certificate 4 in Massage Therapy.

Phone 0425 852 374

Email: [email protected] Web:

Introductory price is $40 per hour then $30

per half hour for further bookings (Winchelsea locals only, a travel fee will be charged for clients outside of Winchelsea)

Scrap Metal Bought

Call Peter on 0448 343 105

FirewoodFirewoodFirewood Timber SlabsTimber SlabsTimber Slabs

for salefor salefor sale

Fun, Interactive music sessions for pre-school children (0-4 y.o.) and


When: Mondays from 10 to 11 am (Starts 3rd Feb. runs during school terms)

Where: St Thomas’ Hall, 25 Barwon Tce. To

Enquire ring: 0407838256

Hours: Mondays 9.00 am – 12 noonduring school terms

Costs: $2 for 2 toys for 2 weeksWhere: Winchelsea Community House

28 Hesse Street, Winchelsea


quality educational toys

save money and space

promote learning through play with variety

meet other parents and socialiseEnquiries Ph: 5267 2028 Mon-Fri 9-2

or email [email protected]


Toy Library

OPEN at Winchelsea

Community House


Monday to Friday, 8-5pmSaturday, by appointment only2990 Princes Hwy, Winchelsea

Ph: 5267 2703 or 0417 054 [email protected]





Family owned & operated for more than 20 years.

Specialising in:• Clip Brokering

• On Farm Pricing• Shed Clean Ups

• Pick Ups (subject to availability)

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Tuesday September 30, 2014 The Winchelsea Star 13

Winchelsea Primary School Skate Night When: Friday 3rd October Time: 6-30pm to 9pm At: LTC building $2 entry $5 skate hire * Please note LIMITED skates available to hire. Where possible please bring your own Drinks, lollies, hotdogs available See You There

AGM - Barwon Park Promoters The Barwon Park Promoters Inc Annual General meeting to be held at Barwon Park Mansion,105 Inverleigh Road, Winchelsea on Sunday the 12th of October,at 5.00pm. Everyone is welcome and a light supper will be provided. The Barwon Park Promoters are a not for profit group that helps to raises funds for and assist with activities at the Barwon Park Mansion. It is free to join, meetings are held every second month at Barwon Park Mansion at 5pm, so if you’re interested in historical homes and wish to help preserve this iconic mansion then come along to our AGM. Elva Cawood, President Barwon Park Promoters Inc

NHW AGM The Annual General Meeting of the Winchelsea NHW Group (SFC01) will be held at 7:30pm, October 22nd, 2014 in the Bowls Club, Hesse St., Winchelsea. The regular October meeting will follow. A light supper will be served. Members of the community are cordially invited to attend. Helen Verity - Co-ord.

The Woman in White Theatre of the Winged Unicorn presents ‘The Woman in White’, from the novel by Wilkie Collins, at Barwon Park Mansion this weekend, Saturday 4th October at 8pm and Sunday 5th October at 2pm. Tickets from or by calling Heather on 52411900. The production also appears at the historic Ceres Temperance Hall on October 3rd at 8pm, and from 10-18 October. See the website for specific dates and times.

Performed both inside and outside of the stunning Barwon Park Mansion. Ticket includes entry to view the house before the show begins.

Notice of AGM Winchelsea Community House Inc. No. A6247K Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 16th October, 2014 at 10am in the Community House main meeting room, 28 Hesse St, Winchelsea. A cordial invitation is given to all interested people to attend. Membership, which allows attendees to vote, is 20 cents. Agenda Items Include: 1. Annual Reports from co-ordinators & Committee of Management including annual statement of income & expenditure. 2. Nominations called from the floor for Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary/Public Officer as well as five (5) Ordinary Members for the Committee. The Chairperson will allow any business that is relevant to the Annual General Meeting to be brought forward. Helen Verity, Chairperson

Free Writing Workshops The writers workshop by the STAR will be held on Thursday evenings commencing at 7pm and finishing at 9pm on the first 4 Thursdays in October - the 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd. The workshop is still open and more people are welcome to attend these free sessions.

Art & Photography Show Oct 31st - Nov. 3rd. The Uniting Church will hold their 15th Art show in the Globe Theatre. Entry forms are available from Jeanette 0409 418766 / 52 672488 or email [email protected]

Winchelsea Uniting Church Warehouse Shopping Tour Saturday, October 18 - departs Winchelsea 7am from Uniting Church car park (Hesse St). Cost $30.00. Contact: Norma 52 672 243 or Jeanette 52 672 488 Pick up points: 7 .30am Kmart Belmont 7 .45am Corio Village Shopping Centre This is a fundraising event contributing to a World Vision sponsored Child

Annual St John’s Church Street Stall Friday 3rd October, commencing at 11 am. There will be cakes, slices, pickles, plants etc. Also the usual competition.

Who, What, When, WhereAdvertise your event in the Winchelsea Star who, what, where and when for FREE. Please be brief.

The Editor’s decision whether to publish a who, what, where and when notice request is final.

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Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star14

Dr Haidee Benning, Dr Kerryn Phillips & Miss Rahna Turnbull offering:

Total Body Health and Wellness Centre

23 HESSE ST WINCHELSEA 3241. PH: 52 672 948 Mob: (clinic) 0438 554 008 Mob2: (Haidee): 0428 177 964

All musculoskeletal injuries • Sports and overuse related injuries • Chronic pain problems • Arthritis • Back pain • Neck pain and headaches / migraines • Digestive disorders & functional health problems • Dietary and lifestyle counselling • Womens health issues • Adolescent & paediatric musculoskeletal & functional disorders

A space where some of the finest therapists in natural and complimentary medicine in this region will join together and offer treatment & management for:

Osteopathy • Ayurvedic medicine & wellness education• Massage: Remedial, Relaxation, Bowen, Sports, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Oriental & Indian therapies, Shiatsu, Thai • Exercise Physiology, Education & Rehabilitation • Yoga, Pilates & other natural therapies • Beauty therapy & Waxing • Naturopathy & Chinese medicine

Your ad here!For more


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Tuesday September 30, 2014 The Winchelsea Star 15

Antique Valuation Roadshow

Bring your antique and collectors items along for appraisal by one of three of Australia’s best specialists. Other attractions include:Vintage and Antique Stalls, Q&A Sessions , Restoration Advice, Devonshire Teas & More

The Globe Theatre Winchelsea Saturday 4th October10am-2pm

FREE Admission3 items max

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Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star16

55 Stephenson Road Winchelsea 3241 Ph: 5267 2467 Mobile: 0411 610 678

Caravan Annexes, Trailer Covers, Shade Sails, Alterations and

Repairs to Camping and Tents.

Clear PVC Blinds Repairs to CLEAN Horse Rugs

No Job Too Small Email: [email protected]

B & H Modifications Bob Verity

Industrial Sewing Machine Work

Offers 1st class agistment. Agistment can be short / long term spelling of horses

28 security cameras operat-ing 24 hrs—7 days per week

Accommodation Indoor Arena Hire is now—

Adults $15 / hr and Children $5 / hr

580 Deans Marsh Road, Winchelsea Contact Charlotte

0438 318 870

Burong Equestrian Centre

5234 6585 0417 385 984 For all your domestic & stock water.

Also available for road and civil construction Local owned and operated.


256Call Wazza Mob: 0428 877 260Email: [email protected] Web:

Water Delivery


Stainless Tanker Up to 22,000 ltr loadsBarwon Water Registered

Domestic & Rural Water Supplies

Winchelsea Trading—agents for:


For all your sharpening needs Rural—Domestic– Industrial

Hand tools TCT Blades Chainsaws Kitchen tools

Chipper & planer blades Drill and router bits Dog & horse clipping blades

Garden tools Brobos Firewood saws Bandsaws

‘We give you the edge you need’

5248 2061


Supplied & Erected 7 days

Geelong—Bellarine—Colac Phone Rick Dodd

0417 310 800

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Tuesday September 30, 2014 The Winchelsea Star 17

Please Write For The StarThe Winchelsea Star welcomes YOUR news, information, articles and items for publication. This newspaper aims to reflect its own community.

Naturally, any article submitted for printing must comply with legal requirements such as for libel, discrimination, racism etc. Ideally, submissions fit within one page (allowing for adverts) and at most two pages. With a photo or two, this is around 700-800 words per page. Photos make for a much better article - please do not edit, crop or retouch photos, the Star team will do this as required. If you are able to ‘resize’ the photo(s), aim for around 1000 pixels (px) for the longest side. Many phones and computers can automatically resize photos when being emailed, be sure NOT to choose the small (or “email”) size as this is too small to use in a printed page. Note also that there is no need to submit carefully formatted and laid out

documents, as all formatting is stripped out when the article is imported into The Star. Please also note that any submissions in hard copy (ie. printed or hand-written) or ‘locked’ formats will incur delays as they have to be typed and/or scanned - the Sunday deadline applies to material that can be readily copied-and-pasted. Please send the article wordage separately from the article photos and images. In other words, when submitting an article, attach a document of words only and then also attach the associated images. Include image captions at the end of the article.

Send to [email protected]

Bus to the HubFree Bus Pick up from your home and Drop off (Winchelsea) if you are:

• over 65

• have a disability

• find yourself socially isolated

Free Complimentary Main Meal for “Bus to the Hub” Users (1st Time Users)

To book your seat phone 5267 1200 After hours; Annie Ph: 0427 840 280 or Michelle: Ph: 0437 783 551

Get The Star by Email !

Every week that the Star is published we email it to paid up subscribers. The

emailed version has the advantage of earlier delivery and full colour, and can be read

online OR downloaded as a PDF. To subscribe, go to and follow the directions.

A yearly subscription is just $25 for 12 months

We prefer Direct Deposit but Paypal is available. If you need help contact

Mick on 52672295 or [email protected]

Postal subscriptions are available at $125. For postal subscriptions contact

Don on 52887231.

Trains to Geelong/MelbourneMon-Fri 07:22 13:18 19:03 Sat 08:19 13:28 19:12 Sun 08:57 14:35(bus) 19:12 Sunday bus service departs from Winchelsea Post Office

Trains from Geelong/MelbourneMon-Fri 08:55 14:27 20:15 Sat 09:30 14:32 20:32 Sun 10:30 20:32

Old Shire Hall (tea rooms), Hesse St, Fridays, 2pm-5pm

Bus From Geelong to ColacMon-Fri Geelong Rail Station 17.35 Deakin Uni 17.57 Winchelsea Station 18.24 Terminates Colac Rail Station 19.05

Sunday Geelong Rail Station 17.10 Winchelsea PO 17.40 Winchelsea PO 14.35 Geelong Rail Station 15.20

Phone 0429 672 888 or 5267 2888 Wheelchair access 10 seater bus avail.

Monday 6-11am & 5-8pm Tuesday 9am-Midday & 5-8pm Wednesday 6-11am & 5-8pm Thursday 9am-Midday & 5-8pm Friday 6-11am & 5-7pm

Train Services

Surf Coast Mobile Library

Bus Services

Winchelsea Taxi

Winchelsea Gym Hours 5267 2336

Wednesday September 1 Volunteer Required - Call 5261 0508

Friday September 3 Volunteer Required - Call 5261 0508

Monday September 6 Robert Armstrong and Ken Dunn



est. 2012




Est. 1858

Winchelsea & District

Op ShopOpen every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 10am to 4pm.

All proceeds to Hesse Hospital.

Items for donation very welcome - clean and in suitable condition for resale. Please do NOT leave items outside the door.

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Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star18

TAMINGA EQUESTRIAN CENTRE Breaking in ponies Training horses and riders School pony available for

children’s lessons Julie Middleton 0421 645 940








By Doug Burns est. 1976 All Furniture French polishing Carving Veneering Wood Turning Porcelain

Unusual Requests Welcome

180 Barwon Tce Winchelsea

Ph: 5267 2704 0428 672 704

Where Quality Counts

Antique Repairs

Lunch & Dinner 7 days Kids Play Area

Coffee & Deserts Free Kids Entertainment

(monthly) Like us on Facebook for

regular updates Or call 5267 2046

Take Away meals now available

Civil Celebrant Elizabeth Bennett

A personalized ceremony that makes your special day unique.

Weddings, Renewal of Vows. Naming Ceremonies, Funerals.

Phone: 5267 2181 Mobile: 0407 040 471

[email protected]

Winchelsea Transfer Station

Opening Hours

Monday Closed Tuesday 2pm-4pm Wednesday Closed Thursday 2pm - 4pm Friday Closed Saturday 1.30pm - 3.30pm Sunday 9.30am - 12.30pm

55 Cressy Road, Winchelsea. Accepts household garbage, mixed

commercial & industrial waste, mixed construction & demolition waste.

Accepts recyclable materials. Accepts one recycle bin two waste bins.

Does NOT accept clean fill.

Phone: 5267 2444 13 Main St, Winchelsea, 3241.

The salon wishes to offer high quality and personalised service to all our clients. We use Australian owned and made

De Lorenzo products. Hours:

Sun & Mon: Closed Tues: 9-5

Wed: 9-8 (6-8 by appointment) Thurs: 10-6

Fri: 9-5 Sat: 9-2

Appointments preferred. Hours may vary depending on demand.

For updates and price list

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Tuesday September 30, 2014 The Winchelsea Star 19


Leather Lounge suite Scandinavian bentwood style 2 chairs plus a 2 seater Chairs fairly good 2 seater needs attention Phone Neil 0408 102 802

Free to good home 2 Black kittens, aged 4 and a half mths. 1 Ginger kitten, aged 9 mths. Phone: 0447199154

For sale Rheem solar water tank 315 litre 5 years old good condition $200 ONO Brand new steel capped boots size 12 $20 Ph 52672319 after 6 pm

For sale 1 rabbit/ guinea pig cage with hatch size 9ft by 3ft $80 1 single bunk with desk $50 1 black student desk and chair $40 Ph 52673014 mobile 0438319520

For sale Red Punching Bag “Ariel” and Red Boxing Gloves - Adult size. Used only once! $80 0488 121 355

Star ClassifiedsWinchelsea Star classified ads are FREE for personal entries. Please be

brief, and be sure to include a contact name and phone number. One photo may be included if appropriate.

The Editor’s decision whether to publish a classified ad request is final.

There have been changes to Uniting Care operation in Winchelsea over the past months, with fewer visits from the Geelong based welfare agency.

Due to the urgency expressed by some organisations and individuals in Winchelsea over the reduction in service over much of 2014, this pressure has had an impact with the Uniting Care returning to its traditional day, Thursday, and returning to the more frequent weekly presence here in town. It is good to know that when people band together, and request the need for such a place in Winchelsea, we are being heard.

Uniting Care currently runs its Geelong operation from Baliyang St. South Geelong in the grounds of the old South Geelong Uniting Church. The church has recently been sold to Blood’s Toyota, which has meant a move for the Uniting Care early next year into the grounds of Grovedale Uniting Church.

Uniting Care, an arm of the Uniting Church in Australia is funded by the church from such activities as the Share appeal, with top ups from some charitable bequests and a small amount from the federal government. It is a little known or advertised fact that the Uniting Church is the greatest contributor to those in need of welfare in Australia. The Uniting Care runs from the meeting room at the back of the local Uniting Church hall, and the staff have exclusive use of an office for administration and confidential counselling. This facility is provided by the local church free of charge for this use.

The main functions of Uniting Care are to assist with those who have need of food, clothing, financial advice, and assistance with budgeting, and helping with applying for low interest or no-interest loans for those with special circumstances. For those who would like to check out what happens and how it works here, pop in this Thursday after 10.00am to see what possibilities are available. It certainly beats having to traipse into Geelong or Colac when the need arises.

VicRoads advises that road works at various locations along the Great Ocean Road begin next week for approximately six weeks excluding weekends, weather permitting.

From Monday 29 September, VicRoads’ contractors will be trimming vegetation behind guard rails, mulching and cleaning debris off the road. Work will start at Peterborough and will continue towards Anglesea at the following locations:

• Dynons Road – Old Peterborough Road

• Princetown – Old Ocean Road

• Melba Gully – Lavers Hill

• Evans Road – Glenaire

• Horden Vale Road – Cape Horn

• Marengo – Apollo Bay

• Wongarra – Cape Patton

• Cape Patton – Grey River

• Wye River – Lorne

• Reedy Creek – Big Hill

• Big Hill – Cinema Point

• Cinema Point – Fairhaven

• Anglesea – Bellbrae

Speed will be reduced during the works and traffic will be reduced to a single lane in each direction. These reduced speed limits are aimed at ensuring the safety of both road workers and road users.

Motorists are encouraged to plan their journey and allow for extra travel time, as minor delays are expected.

VicRoads reminds motorists to obey all roadwork signs and speed limits, and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Works are expected to be completed by mid November 2014.

Uniting Care

Changed traffic conditions along Great Ocean Rd

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Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star20

5234 6585 0417 385 984 For all your septic tank, grease traps

and interceptor pits servicing. Locally owned and operated

Plasterer & Painter

Daryl Hecker

Domestic & Commercial Renovations & Repairs Suspended Ceilings Dustless Sanding New Homes Extensions

Ph 0419 194 799

SEWING MACHINES Repairs & Service

Pat McKay 0419 356 064

2014 FixtureRound 18

Winchelsea vs Inverleigh 2:10 PM / Sat 16 Aug

Last game of the regular season.. bring on the finals !!


Carpet—Steam & Dry Cleaning

Upholstery Tile & Grout Flood Restoration

Winchelsea Bannockburn Taxis

Stan Smith

0429 672 888 or 5267 2888 Wheelchair access 10 seater bus available

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Tuesday September 30, 2014 The Winchelsea Star 21

Hi Folks, Let’s hope this wind isn’t blowing all the fruit blossoms off the trees. We certainly need rain now, after this warm blast.

Wednesday results were Bowls Vida Bath and Haydn Shinners

Cards Helen Bath, Ron Ives and Roma Schroeter

Competition Vida Bath

Friday results were Bowls Isabel Walker, Leila Forster and David Loone

Skip - bo Jean Shinners

Cards This game was a draw

Competition Lella Forster

Happy Birthday wishes are sent to Julie Loone for her special day.

Get well wishes are sent to any of our members who are not feeling well at the moment. We hope to see you all back at the clubrooms very soon.

Annual trip to Tallangatta All travellers on our trip to Tallangatta please note, your $50.00 deposit is required by Friday the 31st of October

The money can be paid to either Jean Shinners or Leila Forster at the clubrooms. Thank you.

Limerick of the week There once was a ghost called Paul, Who went to a fancy-dress ball. To shock all the guests He went quite undressed But the rest couldn’t see him at all.

Recipe of the weekGreek meatballs with lemon dip

2 Tablespoons Long Grain Rice 400g Lean lamb mince 1 small Onion finely chopped 1 clove Garlic crushed 1 Tablespoon chopped fresh Thyme 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated Nutmeg finely grated zest of 1 Lemon salt freshly ground Black Pepper 1 large red Capsicum 2 small red Onions extra virgin Olive Oil for brushing

Lemon dip 1 1/2 teaspoons Arrowroot juice of 2 small Lemons 100ml Lamb or Chicken stock 1 small Egg 2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme salt freshly ground black pepper

1 Place the rice in a saucepan, cover with cold water and bring to a boil. Cook for 10 minutes, or according to the packet instructions. Drain and set aside.

2. Soak 24 long bamboo skewers in warm water for about 10 minutes, then drain. Preheat the grill to medium.

3. Combine the lamb, finely chopped onion, cooked rice, garlic, thyme, nutmeg and lemon zest in a bowl, and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Combine well using your hands. Shape the meat mixture into 24 balls.

4. Cut the capsicum into 24 squares. Cut each red onion into 12 thin wedges, leaving them attached at the root end. Thread a piece of capsicum, an onion wedge and a meatball onto each cocktail stick. Arrange in a single layer on a rack

in the grill pan. Lightly brush with olive oil and grill, turning occasionally for 15 - 18 minutes, or until golden and cooked.

5. Meanwhile, to make the lemon dip, mix the arrowroot with about half of the lemon juice, then stir in the remainder. Bring the stock to the boil in a small saucepan, then stir in the arrowroot mixture. Return to a boil, stirring constantly, then remove from the heat.

6. Lightly whisk the egg in a bowl. Slowly pour in the hot stock mixture in a thin, steady stream, whisking constantly. Return to the pan and whisk over a low heat for 4 minutes, or until the sauce is smooth and thick. Do not boil or the egg may curdle. Stir in the thyme and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

7. Serve the meatball kebabs with the hot lemon dip.

Makes 24.

Senior Citizens News Jean Shinners

p h : 0 4 3 9 9 8 8 8 6 5 i n f o @ m o d e r n p o w e r. c o m . a u

m o d e r n p o w e r. c o m . a u R E C : 1 8 0 2 6


• Grid Connect Solar Systems• Off Grid Power Systems• Grid Backup / Blackout protection • Upgrades & Repairs• Remote Power Monitoring & Auditing• Electricity Connections & Undergrounds


Join us at BHA Geelong

Support Group

Monday 11:15am—12:15pm 89 Autumn Street

Geelong West

Enquiries 5278 8300 Monday 9 am—12 pm

or Tuesday 12 pm—5 pm

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Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star22

fast@showers Splashbacks and Mirrors

10mm Frameless from $350 Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

from $199 m2 All available in 48 hours

Winchelsea & Geelong West

Sue 0417 011 952 Dave 0400 200 073

The Winchelsea

Men’s Shed

Open Hours: Tues & wed from 9:30am Thurs from 12:30pm Every 2nd Sat from 9:3am

at 51 Hesse Street New members welcome

For more details ring: John Bader (co-ordinator)

5267 3030 Colin Mayman (Treasurer)

5267 2164 David Kellas (Secretary)

5266 1549

TheBooks Pty Ltd Registered Tax Agent


Tax Returns: Individual, Business, & SMSF

Financial Statements GST & BAS Returns MYOB & Quickbooks

Bookkeeping Services


Ph: 0481 324 802 E: [email protected]

Winchelsea Supermarket

Trading Hours Monday to Saturday— 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Sunday— 10 am to 7:00 pm

Ph: 5267 2676 29 Main Street, Winchelsea


Phone OzTrees for professional advice,

569 Warrowie Rd. Colac P: 5233 6280 F: 5233 6393 E: [email protected] W: Open Monday—Friday 9am—4:30pm

Affordable seedlings—over 200 species Complete plantation service—farm forestry,

shelter, aesthetics Deep ripping & mound ploughing. Rotary

bed forming Our experienced staff will help you select

species for your site conditions and needs Also available—tree planting tools, milk cartons, plastic tree guards & bamboo stakes

SB D A GW OR K S (DPI Licence 9297)


broad acre - small acre spraying - spot spraying vegetable spraying

commercial green houses - orchards


Application of UAN other products

SPREADING Pasture top up

urea – super

LABOUR All farm work Truck driving

Machinery operation Maintenance


Slug baiting Rabbit bait laying

Phone Sandon 0400 169 623


Paper depot rear of elderly citizens rooms Harding Street, Winchelsea



Remember: It’s nearly a sin to put paper in a bin. More fun to give it to the local Lions of Winchelsea— then we can all have a grin

5267 2011 0408 520 606


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Tuesday September 30, 2014 The Winchelsea Star 23

The Star PuzzlesSudokuFill the grid so that every column, every row and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1-9. Solution page 25

Horsing AroundHow much do you know about horses?

CLUESA very young pony ...

F _ _ _

The way a horse moves ...

G _ _ _

The bridle part that is placed in the mouth ...

B _ _

All the gear needed for riding ...

T _ _ _

Shelter/home for horses ...

S _ _ _ _ _

Doctor who looks after horses ...

V _ _

Straps that help a rider control their horse ...

R _ _ _ _

An adult male horse ...

S _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A horses height is measured in ...

H _ _ _ _

A horse with light chestnut colouring ...

S _ _ _ _ _

The nose and lips of a horse ...

M _ _ _ _ _

A group of horses with the same traits ...

B _ _ _ _

A fast gait ...

C _ _ _ _ _

Jumping high in the air, off the ground ...

B _ _ _ _ _ _

Refusing to move ...

B _ _ _ _ _ _

Solution page 25

lic. 49546


0419 360 [email protected]

plumbing & gas

ABN: 27 508 084 779

Water Tanks New HomesRenovations ExcavationHot Water Service ChangeoversMotorised Sewer CleaningSolar Hot WaterGeneral Plumbing

Call for reliable, experienced & punctual service

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Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star24

Nunsense!It’s habit forming!The Colac Players are reviving the popular musical comedy Nunsense in October.

Nunsense tells the story of five nuns who desperately need to raise money for funerals after their cook accidentally poisoned most residents of the convent.

They decide to host a benefit concert, but first they need to take over a hall from a school production of Grease.

Will the nuns make enough money before the health department swoops in and finds what they’re hiding in the convent freezer? Will Sister Mary Amnesia remember her real name? Can the Reverend Mother keep control of her overly enthusiastic Sisters?

Full of catchy songs and hilarious jokes, Nunsense shows there’s more to nuns than habits and rosary beads - these feisty sisters have dreams of stardom!

Nunsense, written by Dan Goggin, stars Emily Beale, Kathrine Bryan, Paula Doran, Georgina Wheeler and Kay Widdicombe, and is directed by David Robinson, with Johanna Latham as musical director.

The Players will perform six shows of Nunsense, on October 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18 at 8pm, with a 2pm matinee on October 18.

Tickets are $28/$25 concession, and are available from John Simmonds Florist, the Cororooke Store or on line at

Nunsense is one of history’s longest-running Off Broadway shows, and it’s so popular it sparked six sequels.

The show even has a little puppetry, a Western style film, tap dancing, ballet and more!

By Kitty ‘n Jack

On Friday evening 26th September a small gathering of members enjoyed the pre Grand Final pie night, sweeps and jokes. Sunday 28th was the practice match for Divisions 3&4 against Birregurra. It was a very competitive match with Winchelsea winning in a tight contest in extremely trying windy conditions.

Coming up Tuesday 30th September, Tuesday Pennant teams practice match against Colac Central at Winchelsea 10.00 a.m.

Thursday 2nd October, Ladies Consistency Singles 9-30 a.m.

4th October Saturday Pennant commences.

7th October Tuesday Pennant commences.

Pre Pennant Season Launch Thursday 2nd October Coach Denis Delaney has organised a motivational speaker for this evening and would greatly appreciate your attendance to make this event a success. The proposed program is PRACTICE 5-00 p.m. BBQ TEA 6-00 p.m. SPEAKER 6-30 to 7-30 p.m. All welcome, wives, husbands, partners. Let’s make this a great night looking forward to a wonderful season ahead. May the bowls be with you!

Winchelsea Tea Rooms Wednesday Oct 22nd Geelong Cup day Ladies Luncheon 11 to 2 pm Tickets on sale now at Winchelsea Community House 52672028

or email [email protected] $30 per head BYO (alcohol or non alcoholic beverages)

Races streamed live Guest speaker Fashion parade Lucky tickets , door prices and lots of free give aways Sweeps and raffles

So come on girls grab your friends, dust off the fascinators and have a great day out this year

Winch House would gratefully like to thank the

following sponsors

Pastoral Pork

Barwon Lamb

Sarah & Hayden Stocks

Winchelsea IGA

Winchelsea Tavern

Winchelsea Pharmacy

Winchelsea post office

The Black pearl take away

Winchelsea Tea Rooms

La hoot Café

Dinny Goonan Winery

The Vault

Bunnings Torquay

Beach Club clothing

City of Greater Geelong

The body shop

Winchelsea Trading

Winchelsea Bowls Club

Page 25: Winchelsea star vol37 ed37 web

Tuesday September 30, 2014 The Winchelsea Star 25

Solutions from page 23

Winchelsea Golf ClubLadies GolfWednesday and the girls played 18 Hole Stableford with NTP 2/11

Winner : Sue Cuthbert 36 PTS

R/Up: Ivy Stephenson 34 PTS

NTP: Deb Drayton.

The Girls are getting ready for the Memorial Bowl 10/10/14 and the course is looking a treat so our visitors will be in for a great day.

Mens GolfSat 27/9/14 - Stableford

1st - W Stephenson (7) 39 pts 2nd - S Reyland (9) 38 pts 3rd - D Lewis (20) 35 pts 4th - N Boddington (35) 35 pts

NTP - S Desaram (B/Valley) Golden Hole - S Cole

Midweek - Stroke 1st - N Hickman 42-9-33 2nd - B Perry 39-5-34 3rd - C Currington 49-13-36

NTP - N Hickman

Next week Par - ProAdvice Trophy

Horsing around answersFoal Gait Bit Tack Stable

Vet Reins Stallion Hands Sorrel

Muzzle Breed Canter Bucking Balking

The Napthine family and the O’Mara family have had quite a close relationship since Roger, Len and Theresa’s oldest son, boarded with my parents in the late 1960s. I then taught first Simon and then Fiona and my wife, Prue, also taught Fiona. Alan Davis and I came up with the idea of appointing Theresa as possibly the first School-Community Liaison Officer appointed in Australia. She did a brilliant job for both our Winchelsea school and our community.

Len and I then came together in a deputation to our local MP, Ces Burgin, that resulted in the formation of the Winchelsea Star and Winchhouse. Another part of the relationship between our families was when Denis and Peggy leased a flat from my father at Torquay. Some years later Denis made a speech to Parliament thanking the O’Mara family for purchasing the area around Sabine Falls, that Midway had scheduled for wood chipping, and presenting it to Parks Victoria so that it could remain public property for ever more.

A few years back Denis and I worked together to stymie John Brumby’s attempt to hand Werribee Zoo, free of charge, over to Village Roadshow so the they could turn the zoo into a theme park. I will always remember Denis’s comment that Brumby was so insecure about his reelection chances he would do any thing to big note himself and have an appearance of making things happen.

Also having had a good relationship with Terry Mulder many years ago I decide

recently that it was time for me to break the habit of a lifetime and preference Liberal ahead of Labor in the rapidly approaching Victorian election. However the old cliche that “a week is a long time in politics” is completely true! At this stage if 100 candidates stand for Polwarth, Terry Mulder would get my 100th preference and possibly, (I have great confidence in Libby Coker), Labor my 99th.

What has come about to bring such a transformation in my opinion? First, the shameless pandering of both the Liberal and Labor leadership to James Packer!

One of the more anguishing moments in my life occurred some years ago when I was running Winch Cars. A battered Toyota Corona came up the drive and the woman who was driving wanted to sell me the car. Her kids were in the back seat. The story behind her plight was that she had had a “bust-up” with her husband and had received her share of the house in cash. The cash had completely gone. Pokies! The wreck of a Toyota was the family bedroom but she needed the money for food! In answer to your question, “Did I buy it?” No. It wasn’t even worth the money it would have cost for train fares back to Colac and I guessed it would have been easier to get food than accommodation. My understanding of the “deal” reached between Packer and Liberals, with the support of Labor, is that if the Government of the time brings in a program, in the next 50 years, to help people with a gambling problem such as the lady who tried to sell me her car, us, the tax-payer, will have to forfeit $200 million to the Crown company. What an astonishing agreement!

The second reason is the East-West Tunnel. Why does any agreement have to be signed prior to the election? Whoever wins the election the only way a start will be made on the tunnel before Christmas is if Denis Napthine starts digging up Royal Park with his shovel. Denis, do you remember your comment to me about John Brumby’s electoral insecurity and the need to big note himself?

I am sorry. I have completely lost faith in our political system

Mick O’Mara

I have lost my faith!

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Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star26

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Tuesday September 30, 2014 The Winchelsea Star 27

Terms, conditions, fees, charges and lending criteria apply. Full details available on application. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879. S49375-5 (225511_v1) (10/09/2014)

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Winchelsea & District Community Bank® Branch

Winchelsea Lions Club presented a donation to the Lions Club of Albany WA who are travelling around Australia in 80 days, a distance of 22,000 plus km, towing a boat with a motor cycle in order to raise money for Diabetes Research WA .

The “Hope in a Boat” entourage consisting of two motor cycles a boat and trailer one car and four people passed through Torquay on Wednesday and Winchelsea Lions Members travelled down in order to present them with the cheque.

Presently there are more than 385 million people living with diabetes and it is expected that in less than 25 years this will reach 592 million people. That is 25 times the current population of Australia. Every six seconds a person dies from diabetes.

Donations can be made by direct deposit to Hope in a Boat at NAB BSB: 086518 ACC: 84 385 1400. Donations over $2 are tax deductable.

Right: Lion Joe(Pop) Buhrmann presents cheque to “Hope in a Boat” project.

Winchelsea Lions Donate to

“Hope In A Boat”

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Tuesday September 30, 2014The Winchelsea Star28

Cricket Season is almost upon us with the first Round due to take place on the 4th October, 2014. Our Firsts will be playing Bannockburn at Home with play commencing at 11.30 a.m.

2nds will travel over to Bannockburn and the 3rds will play at Hesse Street against Bannockburn. All games are a one day format. Firsts need to wear the all blue as per last years ruling. Training has commenced so if you would like to join up there will be training and selection on Thursday 2nd October, 2014 at Eastern Reserve from 5.00 p.m. onwards. New players more than welcome. Thursday night teas will commence from the 2nd of October, 2014 from 6.30 p.m. onwards. Looking forward to a successful season, Go Blues!!! Find us on facebook “Winchelsea Blues Cricket Club”.

Lisa Clifton Winchelsea Cricket Club Secretary

Winchelsea Cricket Club Season 2014/15

Winchelsea Leisure Time Centre Gosney Street, Winchelsea

5-10 Year olds Wednesdays 3:15pm-4pm (October 15 - December 10th) Costs: $85 for new participants (includes singlet, bag and basketball)

$65 for returning Participants

Additional information, email developme[email protected] or call Stuart Fountain 0417 160 559

Enrol now for Term 4