wine on vine - how twitter's new vine platform can be imaginatively used to market wine

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A brief presentation by Robert Joseph, demonstrating an innovative way to communicate the flavour of a wine...


  • 1.The Wine Thinker

2. The Wine Thinker 2013Wine on VineA brief presentation byRobert JosephJune 2013 3. The Wine Thinker 2013In January 2013, Twitterlaunched Vine as a platformfor sharing video-clips 4. The Wine Thinker 2013True to themselves, the peoplewho made us expressourselves in 140 characters orfewer, now want to us tomake videos of no longer than6 seconds. 5. The Wine Thinker 2013We are also supposed toproduce these clips with oursmartphones (or tablets) usingthe (free) Vine app 6. The Wine Thinker 2013People who dismissed Twitteras a crazy idea may pause toconsider that the Vine app hasgrown to be the most popularon the Apple app store.The Android version is aboutto be launched 7. The Wine Thinker 2013Movies such as Wolverinehave been promoted on Vine,as have major brands such asGeneral Electric, adidas,AT&T, Volvo, Pepsi-Co, GAPTropicana and Dove.Branded Vines are said to be4x more likely to be sharedthan branded videos. 8. The Wine Thinker 2013(Whether these clips were allmade using the Vine app isopen to question, but a rough-and-ready look is certainlypart of the Vine DNA) 9. The Wine Thinker 201310m Vines were posted inApril 2013. The #1 trackedVine over the month-longperiod (by Harry Styles ofOne Direction) had 47,000tweets; the 100th most-sharedVine in this period had 1,400tweets 10. The Wine Thinker 2013While working on my about-to-be-published Wine ThinkerSocial Media Handbook, Ithought that it would be onlyappropriate to explore howVine might work for wine. 11. The Wine Thinker 2013An obvious solution will bethe 6-second video tastingnote.I plan to produce some ofthese in the Le Grand NoirLanguedoc vineyards when Ivisit in June 2013, afterVinexpo. 12. The Wine Thinker 2013However, I think I may havefound a rather more originalalternative.And certainly one that is moreuseful internationally.(If it looks a little blurry, its intendedto be watched on a phone) 13. The Wine Thinker 2013Talk to meRobert Joseph(


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