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  • 8/9/2019 Winged Ox June 2010


    The Memorial Churchof St. Luke,the Beloved Physician1946 Welsh RoadPhiladelphia, PA 19115215.969.3645 (office)stlukesbu[email protected]

    SERVICESSundays:10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharistwith musicFollowed immediately byrefreshments and fellowship inthe parish hall.

    Wednesdays:7:30 p.m. Healing Eucharist

    ACTIVITIESContemplative PrayerWednesdays 6:45 p.m.

    in the church office

    Inside this issue:

    Birthdays............................... 4Calendar................................9History at St. Lukes...............7Love Them Anyway...............8News...................................3,4Pentecost...............................6Photo Gallery.........................5Prayer Requests......................4

    Rectors Message................1,2Reminders.............................3Those Who Serve..................3Welcome Visitors.................. 2Word Puzzle..........................8

    The Winged OxThe Winged Ox is the Ancient Symbol ofSt. Luke, the Beloved Physician

    A Newsletter for the People of The Memorial

    Church of St. Luke, the Beloved Physician June 2010, Issue 118

    The Season of Pentecost

    As most of you know, the season of Pentecost is the longest in

    the church year. The season extends from the feast of

    Pentecost, which we just observed, until Advent, the season

    of preparation in advance of the feast of the Incarnation (Christmas).

    Thats a long season indeed, and because Easter is a movable feast,

    some years are longer than others. Is it the case that nothing

    happened in Christs life during this stretch of time? Is this just

    downtime for the church? On the contrary, I believe this can be therichest time in the church calendar if seen in the proper light.

    Most of us know that the feast of Pentecost marks the descent of the

    Holy Spirit upon Christs followers. Pentecost occurs ten days after

    the feast of the Ascension, the date upon which Christ is said to have

    ascended to heaven to take his place at the right hand of the Father.

    However one may conceive of this event, the point is that the

    resurrected Jesus is no longer physically present with his followers.

    So what are they to do without his physical presence to guide them?

    And what are subsequent generations of his followers, like us, to do

    without his physical presence? Gods solution was to send the third

    person of the Trinitythe Holy Spiritto serve as our guide and, as

    Jesus says in Johns gospel, as our Advocate. So the Spirit is, if you

    will, a surrogate or proxy for Jesus. But how are we to understandthe working of the Spirit? That is, how, exactly, does the Spirit

    guide us?

    The answers to that question differ depending on who you ask.

    According to tradition, the Spirit operates through the Church. Thus,

    on this understanding the Church becomes the voice of the Spirit

    and hence the voice of God in the world. But of course within the

    Church there are different voices and different conceptions of the

    working of the Spirit. Sometimes the differences are designated as

    denominational differences, e.g., the Episcopal Church and the

    Roman Catholic Church have quite different understandings of the

    role of the Spirit and the extent of their authority to speak on behalf

    of the Spirit. Even within denominations there may be significant

    differences. Just consider the infighting that is occurring in our own

    Anglican Communion; differences that might be characterized as

    differences in interpreting how the Spirit is speaking to the Church.

    (Continued on Page 2)

  • 8/9/2019 Winged Ox June 2010


    WELCOME VISITORS!Areyou a new reader? Come visit us! Were so glad thatyou picked up this publication; we hope you will findit interesting and worth your time and we hope you

    will take the next step and worship with us sometime.If you are worshiping with us, we welcome you!Whatever your religious background, and howeveryou have come to be here, we welcome you to St.Lukes. Please let us know who you are by signingour guest book (by the door) or filling out a cardfound in the pews. You can hand your card to anusher, or put it in the collection plate when it comeslater.


    So where does that leave those of us who are seeking to be faithful followers of Christ? After all most of us are nottheologians and while we may be interested in the controversies occurring within the Church, we are more interested

    in following a way of life that leads to union and communion with God through Christ in the Holy Spirit than in the

    institutional issues that so often dominate the Church. In short, how should we live?

    Christs promise of the Spirit is not confined or limited to the Church. The Spirit guides each of us, so long as we

    truly desire a relationship with God and truly strive to lead the kind of life that Christ calls us to. That life is one ofloveloving God and loving ones neighbor. And we know that love in this casethe Greek term for this kind oflove is Agapeis not a feeling but a way of doing and being. We love God when we understand that we arecreatures and that God is the creator and the source of our life and our values. We fall short of loving God when giveanything a greater place in our life than God, whether it be ourselves (thats the big one), our family, our country, oreven the Church or the Bible. We love our neighbor when we treat him or her with the dignity and respect that s/he isowed as a creature and child of God. We should always remember that it is God who willed us all into existence. SoGod has chosen us all; what we do with Gods gift of life is up to us, but one thing we should not do is abuse another

    whom God has chosen.

    This brings me to the significance of the long season of Pentecost. I think we can conceive of this season as a timewhen we write our scripture; our individual gospel, if you will. During the other seasons we are instructed in how tolive by reflecting on the events of Jesus life and how he responded to those events. In contrast, Pentecost is theseason when we reflect on the book of our lifehow we are manifesting Gods presence in our lives. So this can be a

    great season of reflecting and correcting. Reflecting on whether we are using this great gift that God has given us toGods glory and correcting our stories if we are not using the gift rightly.

    Each of our lives is different and each of our stories is unique. We have all experienced weddings at Cana and mealswith friends (good times) like Jesus did, and we have all experienced our setbacks, we have all been betrayed and we

    have all had our times of trial in the desert, just as Jesus did. How have you responded? How do you feel about yourstory at this point in your life? And if you are not completely happy with your storyand who of us cannot makeimprovementswhat are you willing to do to change your story? Remember, for followers of Jesus it is moreimportant how you finish than how you begin. So I hope you will use this long season of Pentecost to work on yourstory, and I will work on mine as well. In the end, with all the work we have to do it is probably a good thing that

    Pentecost is such a long season, isnt it?

    God bless,

    Father Tim

  • 8/9/2019 Winged Ox June 2010


    REMIDERS:The WIGED OXwill be

    taking a summer break.

    Publishing will resume

    September 2010.

    Flea Market is June 12,

    8am to 2pm. (Rain date

    June 19) See Stacey if

    you want a space, want

    to donate baked goods

    or want to help out.

    Care Bags: We will be

    collecting small hand or

    body lotions for June for

    the Covenant House

    bags . GFS will deliver

    the bags to the House in

    June. You may drop you

    bags off in the hall.

    Thank you to all who

    participated in thisoutreach project!

    Harvesting Hope: Please

    help the Womens

    Outreach Wing (WOW)

    by donating a pepper

    plant, tomato plant or

    seeds for the St. Lukes

    WOW garden. Last

    years successful crops

    inspired us to donatevegetables to the

    Somerton Food Bank. A

    donation box is in the

    hall. Thank you and God


    Those Who Serve

    Sunday, June 6Chalice Bearer: J. LitzkeReaders: B. Kaufold, J. BrambillaUshers: J. Oxenford, J. ShaheneAltar Guild: S. & C. CarmodyCoffee Hour: B. Kaufold, R.Dalton, C. Rodriguez, G. Shahene

    Counters: J & J Litzke

    Sunday, June 13Chalice Bearer: J. Oxenford,

    Readers: C. Martino, S. CarmodyUshers : T. Truesdale, K. GibsonAltar Guild: R. Dalton, B & G HairCoffee Hour: H. Rolland, S.Remick, R. Whaley, J. Glenn,

    N. Hurley

    Counters: B. & D. Shifflett

    Sunday, June 20Chalice Bearer: C. Rodriguez,Readers: S. Carmody, J. Brambilla

    Ushers: J. Oxenford, L. CarterAltar Guild: L. CarterCoffee Hour: L. Woods-Kriss,

    G. Hair, K. KennyCounters: R. Dalton & R. Whaley

    Sunday, June 27

    Chalice Bearer: J. BrambillaReaders: B. Kaufold, S. Carmody,Ushers: J. Shahene, T. Truesdale,Altar Guild: K. Kenny, S. NesbittCoffee Hour: J & J Litzke, J.Oxenford, J. Gardner

    Counters: J. Brambilla, A. Thorpe



    Church School / Nursery

    The church school will be

    ending classes for this

    season on June 20. We willbe having an outdoor

    service, weather permitting,

    on that date, followed by a

    picnic. Those attending are

    asked to help by bringing

    items for the picnic. There

    will be a sign-up list in the

    hall. The children maybring toys or games. Come

    and join the fun!

    Bishop's Visit

    Bishop Lee will visit St.

    Luke's on June 6 for the

    confirmation of two of our

    young people, Miah

    Shahene and Sara Nesbitt.

    Also, Andrew Nesbitt will

    be received. We will be

    celebrating this event with

    a reception in the hall,

    following the service.

    Hall Curtains

    You may have noticed thatour hall window valancesand panels have been

    cleaned and rehung. Thanks

    to Carlos Rodriguez, all the

    windows were cleaned as

    well. The Vestry has

    decided not to replace the

    stage curtain at this time,

    due to the expense. Instead,

    we will be cleaning up the

    stage, painting the walls,

    and tying back thecurtain. All of these

    repairs are being paid out

    of the proceeds of theFish Fry.

  • 8/9/2019 Winged Ox June 2010



    Elaine, Ruth B., Nancy H.,

    Edna, Alan, Mabel, Joshua,

    Ruth L., Virginia, Len,

    Louise,William, Don, Karen,

    Betty S., Bob, Cheri, Jean,

    Frank, Betty K., Ruth F.

    Friends and Family: Marcie,

    Burt, Kathy, Alice, Tina,

    Michael, Robert, Jeanine,

    Brooklynn, Ugo, Carolynne,

    Elizabeth, Regina, Mary S.Rosemary.

    Those Serving in the

    Armed Forces: William

    B., Billy S., Chris G.,

    Kevin M., Alex G.,

    Andrew R., Chris K.,

    John R., Chris R., Eric

    B., Rob D., Jerry F.,

    Thomas H., Tom B.,

    Casey R., Jermaine, Bradley,

    Michael, Matthew.


    JUE1- Gail H..

    12- Don S., Julia G.

    18-Edna W.

    25-Fr. Tim Griffin

    27-Frank B, Nicole M.

    JULY2- Jennifer L.

    4- Ruth V.

    10-Sara Elizabeth E.

    13-Walley N.

    25-Joshua W.26-Stephanie R.

    AUGUST5- Laure P.

    8- Clara K.

    9-Ruth D.

    15-Jean G.

    27-Herb R.

    EWS (continued)


    Laura Kriss was

    recently selected as thePennsylvania Junior

    Delegate to the Girls

    Friendly Society

    National Assembly

    2010 to be held in the

    Diocese of Los Angeles

    this June! This makes

    Laura one of three

    voting members from the Diocese ofPennsylvania, along with GFS/PA president,

    Angie Myshko and the designated representative

    from GFS/PA Sponsors. During NationalAssembly, Laura will be competing with Junior

    Delegates from other Dioceses for the coveted

    position of GFS/USA Junior Delegate. The

    GFS/USA Junior Delegate is a three year term on

    the executive board of GFS/USA. The Junior

    Delegate is sent to World Council to represent the

    GFS youth in the USA.


    Sara esbitt and Miah Shahene Confirmed June 6, 2010

    Andrew esbitt

    Received June 6, 2010

    Sara esbitt

    Accepted to Science Leadership Academy

    High School

    Brittany Hair

    Accepted to Community College of


    Laura Kriss

    Accepted to Penn State Abington Film



  • 8/9/2019 Winged Ox June 2010



    PHOTO GALLERY-Fr. Tims 5th anniversary of ordination celebration-April2010

  • 8/9/2019 Winged Ox June 2010



    Pentecost comes after Jesus has

    lived his earthly life and planted

    the seeds of the Church, leaving

    the care and feeding of the faith tothe Apostles so that they could

    grow it strong and fruitful ,enabling it to benefit others.

    So fitting, at least in the Northern

    Hemisphere, that the start of the

    Pentecost season coincides with a

    time of year that most crops areplanted and tended to with hopes

    of fruition. Our small garden at

    St. Luke's comes to mind, as westart this labor of love of tilling,

    planting and nurturing. This year

    we will use part of the garden togrow vegetables for Somerton

    Food Bank, and hopefully this

    work of faith will grow strong andbe very fruitful and benefit many.

    I wish you the best with whatever

    you chose to grow- whether it be

    in a physical sense or spiritualsense (or both!). Have a very

    blessed Pentecost!

    -submitted by Stacey Carmody

    Pentecost : Burn, Plant, Grow!

    The color for the Day of Pentecost is red, to

    represent the Holy Spirit in "tongues offire" (Acts 2:1-21). To make things more

    confusing, this day is also called"Whitsunday"- pronounced "White Sunday"

    so called after the tradition of wearing

    white (a symbol of purity) for baptism.Then after this day, the rest of the Pentecost

    season is green. Think this is confusing?

    Try being on the Altar Guild and figuring

    which color to hang! I am lost without theliturgical calendar and I am thankful for it!

    As confusing as it sounds, all of this makessense when you meditate on it, as it is all

    interconnected. The Holy Spirit is oftensymbolized by fire. Like fire, the Holy

    Spirit can "burn": make you warm, give you

    light, and can sometimes be unpredictable.The Holy Spirit is important in baptism, as

    one is baptized "in the name of the Father,

    Son and the Holy Spirit.", as this personbegins a new life as a Christian.

    Confirmations often happen during Easter

    or Pentecost. In the Anglican/Episcopaltradition, the participant makes a publiccommitment and affirmation of his or her

    faith and presents him/herself before the

    bishop for the laying on of hands. Thebishop prays for a strengthening and

    empowering of the person by action of the

    Holy Spirit. With the support of thecongregation, the person is encouraged to

    grow in his or her faith.

    This leads me to Pentecost green. Greenrepresents growth, an obvious reference to

    plant life.

  • 8/9/2019 Winged Ox June 2010


    History at St. Lukes: Bvt. Brig. Gen. Pennock Huey

    Pennock Huey was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1828. Hewas the son of Jacob Huey and Sarah (Davis) Huey of Kennett Square,

    Pennsylvania. Jacob was a Quaker farmer, known as The Squire of Kennett

    Square by virtue of his ownership of quite a bit of land in the area. The Hueys

    were affluent, and Pennock worked as a commission merchant. Huey was

    appointed captain of Company D of the 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry when the

    regiment mustered in in September 1861. He was excommunicated from the

    Kennett Square Meeting when he went off to war. the regiments first colonelwas David M. Gregg, a member of the West Point class of 1856, who was a

    career cavalry officer.

    Huey received a promotion major on January 1, 1862. When Gregg received a promotion to

    brigadier general of volunteers during the fall of 1862 and assumed command of a brigade, Huey,

    although still a major, ended up in command of the regiment, as there was no lieutenant colonel.Although still a major, Huey led the ill-fated charge of the 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry at

    Chancellorsville on May 2, 1863. On June 25, 1863, with a major battle looming, Huey was

    promoted to colonel and ended up commanding the brigade Huey led the brigade for the entire

    Gettysburg Campaign. Hueys brigade spent the three days of the Battle of Gettysburg in

    Manchester, Maryland, guarding lines of supply and communication..On June 24, 1864, at theBattle of Samaria (St. Marys) Church, at the end Huey and a number of his men were surrounded

    and captured. After a difficult march south, he was held prisoner at Roper Hospital, during the war a

    military prison, in Charleston, South Carolina. Huey was eventually exchanged and returned to the

    8th Pennsylvania Cavalry. He received a brevet to brigadier general of volunteers for gallant and

    meritorious services during the war on March 13, 1865, and mustered out with his regiment. After

    the war he married for the second time (his first wife having

    died). His wife was Elizabeth Waln Wistar, Bustleton was

    the name of their place near Kennett Square.The Wistars

    were an extremely prominent and wealthy Philadelphia


    General Huey spent his post-war years as a merchant and an

    agent for the Pennsylvania Canal Company. Angered that he

    did not receive the credit for his efforts in leading the charge

    at Chancellorsville and that Alfred Pleasonton attacked him

    for allegedly not being present during the charge, Huey spentyears accumulating evidence to support his contentions, and

    then published a small book titledA True History of the

    Charge of the Eighth Pennsylvania Cavalry at

    Chancellorsville in 1885 that strongly defended himself andlaid claim to credit for leading the ill-fated charge, and not

    his subordinate, Maj. Peter Keenan, who was killed.

    Huey died at the age of 75 on September 28, 1903 on the

    family farm in Bustleton. He is buried in the St. Lukes along

    with his wife, Elizabeth.-submitted by Stacey Carmody

  • 8/9/2019 Winged Ox June 2010



    A N D S L A V E G

    L O N G E R F O R

    Y J R A Z C F F E

    O E S L T H E R E

    U W V L B R M O K

    G A L A T I A N SF R E E F S L E X

    J E S U S T E I N

    (Galatians 3:28) There is no longer Jew

    or Greek, there is no longer slave orfree, there is no longer male and

    female; for all of you are one in Christ

    Jesus. (NRSV)

    Word List






    It is reported that Mother Teresa

    had this on her wall:

    People are unreasonable, illogical,

    and self-centered.

    Love them anyway.

    If you are kind, people may accuse

    you of selfish ulterior motives.

    Be kind anyway.

    If you are successful, you will win

    some false friends and true enemies.Succeed anyway.

    The good you do today will be

    forgotten tomorrow.

    Be good anyway.

    Honesty and frankness will make

    you vulnerable.

    Be honest and frank anyway.

    What you spend years building may

    be destroyed overnight.

    Build anyway.

    People need help, but may attack

    you if you try to help them.

    Help them anyway.

    In the final analysis, it is between

    you and God.

    It was never between you and them



  • 8/9/2019 Winged Ox June 2010


    JUE 2010Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat


    Meeting in Hall


    Prayer in

    Church Office

    7:30P -Holy

    Eucharist with

    Healing in


    3 47:00P-AASpirituality

    Meeting in Hall

    5- 10a-Yogain Hall


    Anon Mtg in


    6-2ndSundayafter Pentecost



    Bishops Visit

    11:45a: CoffeeHr. In Hal1

    7- 7:00p DogClub Meeting in



    Meeting in Hall


    Prayer in

    Church Office

    7:30P -Holy

    Eucharist with

    Healing inChurch

    10 117:00P-AA


    Meeting in Hall

    12- 8a-2pFleaMarket

    10a- Yoga in



    Anon Mtg inHall

    13-3rd Sundayafter Pentecost



    11:45: Coffee

    Hr. In Hall

    14-7:00p-Vestry Meeting

    in Church



    Meeting in Hall


    Prayer in

    Church Office

    7:30P -Holy

    Eucharist with

    Healing in


    17 187:00P-AA


    Meeting in Hall

    1910a-Yogain Hall


    Anon Mtg in

    Hall -Flea

    Market Rain


    20-4thSundayafter Pentecost

    10:30a: Holy



    Hr in Hall

    217:00p-AdultForum in

    Church Office


    Meeting in Hall

    23 6:45P-Contemplative

    Prayer in

    Church Office

    7:30P -Holy

    Eucharist with

    Healing in


    24 257:00P-AASpirituality

    Meeting in Hall

    2610a-Yogain Hall


    Anon Mtg in


    27- 5thSundayafter Pentecost

    10:30a: Holy


    11:45: CoffeeHr

    287:00p-AdultForum in

    Church Office

    298:00P-AAMeeting in Hall


    Prayer in

    Church Office

    7:30P -Holy

    Eucharist with

    Healing in


  • 8/9/2019 Winged Ox June 2010


    Have a nice summer!

    The Memorial Church of St. Luke

    1946 Welsh RoadPhiladelphia, PA 19115


    [email protected]


    Address Correction Requested

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  • 8/9/2019 Winged Ox June 2010