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o n b o a r d c o u r i e r n e t w o rk “It’s like putting WINGS on your priority delivery.”

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  • onboard courier network

    Its like putting WINGS on your priority delivery.

  • 14 August | 17:15 oclockCall from an AOG desk in Athens. An airplane requires a new part in Tenerife.

    What is Wings

    WINGS is the largest and only true global on-board courier network with unparalleled coverage anywhere in the world. WINGS is dedicated to hand delivery of high priority goods in the fastest and safest manner. Guaranteed.

    WINGS is a privately owned company with its headquarters in the Netherlands and part of Control Towers Holding Group.

  • Why OBC? Urgent Transportation services comparison

    Normal Cargo Courier Services (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS etc.)

    Priority/Express Cargo OBC

    Routing and total transit time

    4-5 days Fixed routing Delivery time not


    2-3 days Fixed routing in

    closed network Delivery time not


    Fast Fixed time based on

    carrier Delivery time not


    Fastest transit time available

    Flexible carrier choice Delivery time


    Acceptance time prior to departure

    8-12 hours Daily cut-off 4-5 hours prior departure

    1 hour prior to departure

    Time required at transit hub(s)

    8-12 hours Daily cut-off 4-5 hours after arrival Immediate transfer

    Destination handling time

    24 hours 24 hours 2-10 hours depending on the destination

    Immediate clearance at airport of destination

    Delay(s) Possible, due to low priority

    Possible No corrective action

    possible after booking (closed network)

    Priority cargo Possibility still present Chance of delay

    Minimal chance Immediate

    contingency options

    Damage/loss High risk Multiple transfer of

    hands 6-8 handling stations

    High risk Multiple transfer of

    hands 6-8 handling stations

    High risk Multiple transfer of

    hands 6-8 handling stations

    No damage or loss Shipment remains

    with a single person from door-to-door

    The right person with the right visa at the right place at the right time. Always.

    What does this mean for you?

    What is an On-Board Courier (OBC)?

    An OBC is a person who(m) transports goods on-board a commercial flight. These can be goods from any sort of industry. For example within the aviation sector, an OBC could be a perfect solution for an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situation. Or within the healthcare industry an OBC could be a safe and secure manner of transporting lifesaving medication.

    Why On-Board Couriers?

    The fastest transportation method available. Safety guaranteed as delivery stays in one pair of hands. No loss of shipment. Simplified procedures.

  • The fastest and safest way to deliver anything.

    Anywhere. Guaranteed.

    Why WINGS?

    The first true global network of on-board couriers. Within our dedicated network of couriers, which we call angels,

    WINGS is able to service 95% of the world. Angels carry the right visa in order to ensure the highest

    commitment, availability and service. WINGS angels are trained, screened, multilingual and experienced

    professionals. Passion for solutions Visibility at every milestone for WINGS customers via app or online

    tracking options. Unbeatable timeframe.

    The WINGS Global Operations Team features

    A 24 hour a day 365 days a year operations call center. Micromanagement of the entire logistics process from


    Our advanced IT infrastructure consists of:

    A state-of-the-art, online, owned IT-platform An angel portal and a client website. For more information please

    visit: The WINGS app includes tracking options and information about

    the angels whereabouts and milestones.

  • 14 August | 17:35 oclock A WINGS angel has collected the consignment and is on the way to the airport.

  • 14 August | 17:55 oclock The angel boarded the first arriving flight into the country of delivery.

  • WINGS Logistics Service means

    Customs clearance facilities around the world. The WINGS multi-model set-up allows us to combine different

    transportation methods to ensure the fastest transit time. Each angel inspects the contents of the consignment to ensure

    safety and accuracy of order. The first flight IN service, meaning that WINGS will ship your cargo

    on the first arriving flight using local angels.

    Tailor made industry solutions

    WINGS has a custom made solution for various industries. Whats more, WINGS is up for any challenge. For example, for the transportation of luxury items WINGS offers a secure method of transportation by sending our courier on board with a security escort. Or with the transportation of aircraft parts WINGS can deliver directly to the engineer waiting on the platform.

    14 August | 19:35 oclockThe first flight into Tenerife leaves from Atlanta at 19:35 oclock. Our WINGS angel has the package at hand and is ready to take off.

  • Its like putting WINGS on your priority delivery.

  • WINGS tracking options

    WINGS clients are able to monitor consignments in real time. Each WINGS delivery is allocated a tracking number which allows check-in on the WINGS website giving our customers a clear insight into the angels whereabouts and milestones. WINGS has invested in a state-of-the-art system in order to facilitate tracking and tracing options. Additionally, each angel takes pictures of the contents of the consignment and of the documents which are being transported in order to provide customers with full visibility. The associated documentation and images are available to our customers on a personal tracking page of the WINGS website.

  • The WINGS app

    WINGS has invested and developed a cutting edge application to ensure full transparency and control of shipments. Angels have the WINGS app installed on their smartphone allowing them to communicate with the Global Operations Team and clients. In other words, where the client is able to track and trace their angel online via the WINGS website, angels are able to share their location, milestones and any questions they have on the app. The app is linked to the website allowing important information to update automatically, giving our clients real-time information.

    The fastest and safest way to deliver anything.

  • WINGS commitments

    The 45 minute commitment within 45 minutes of your booking a local angel is on the way for collection.

    The first flight IN commitment WINGS always considers the first arriving flight into the right place. This limits the time spent on delivery and ensures that your priority consignment will be at the right place and time faster than any other cargo service.

    Money back guarantee* - if a delivery does not arrive on the agreed upon time, WINGS will reimburse the shipping charges. The insurance on the contents of your deliveries is included in the total shipping charges.

    * Subject to terms and conditions.

    Anywhere. Guaranteed.

    15 August | 23:45 oclockWINGS angel arrives in Tenerife and delivers the parts so the aircraft will be ready to fly again.

  • onboard courier network


    WINGS provides premium global on-board courier services worldwide. We are very proud of our global network and the opportunity to offer our clients a unique logistics solution. WINGS looks forward to working with you and offering you our impeccable service.

    Should you have any questions or for more information please call or email: Email: [email protected], Telephone: +31 (0) 235 543 400.

    You could also visit our website at: is a subsidiary of Control Towers Holding Group.