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  1. 1. 7-day Visit of EU delegates to Peace Project Area. Part-11 Visits to the women empowerment component Under EU-Peace Project SRSP under component 4 in EU PEACE program established Adult Literacy Center at village Umar Khel, UC Charbagh. The ALC Umar Khel was established in the month of Aug 2013 and there are 22 students in this ALC and till date three books have been taught to them. During visit, the teachers practically demonstrated the students how to find out due date, month and expenses detail in electricity bill. Some of the learners also demonstrated where to find out expiry date written on medicines, how to read and use mobile no, how to read guidelines to prepare Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) and its benefits. The members of monitoring committee told EU Mission that they regularly visit ALC on weekly basis and ensure the presence of teachers as well as learners.
  2. 2. The EU Mission appreciated the efforts of learners and teachers. She was quite impressed of the literacy and numeracy skills of enrolled learners. She advised that such ALCs may be established in other villages where literacy rate is low among women
  3. 3. Sylvia Beamish paid a visit to ongoing community management skill training. She met with the participants. It was shared with her regarding this training that this is a 3 days basic training arranged for CO members. The purpose of this training is to impart basic knowledge of running community organizations on a hamlet level. Visit to Community Management Skill Training (Women) at village Saeed Abad
  4. 4. Visit to Business Interest Group (BIG) women at Chekrai village Sylvia also met the women BG group at Chikrai village where the female BIGs informed her about their training and professional skills they learnt

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