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Presentation by Catarina Pereira, LC11N


  • 1. Latin America Argentina... Buenos AiresPuerto Madero..Dock 3River Plate PUENTE DE LA MUJER Womans Bridge

2. PUENTE DE LA MUJERDesigned by Santiago Calatrava Started in 1998 Completed on 20th December 2001 3. PUENTE DE LA MUJER Cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge (this design has been pioneered by Calatrava) Was built by the company URSSA, at its plant in Victoria, in Bilbao, Spain, and brought to Buenos Aires in several shipments. One stabilizing pylon, pointing skyward at a 45-degree angle Its design represents a couple dancing tango - unique asymmetrical arrangement White pylon represents the man with rope holding the central curvature of the bridge that symbolizes the woman a typical step of tango. Footbridge 4. PUENTE DE LA MUJERSwing bridge 5. PUENTE DE LA MUJER Has two fixed sections and one movable part The pylon has cables suspending the part of the bridge that rotates 90 degrees in order to allow water traffic to pass When it swings the far end comes to a resting point The rotary section relies on a central pile of white concrete that houses the rotating mechanism It has a unique rotation mechanism; its one of the biggest of the world, with 20 electric engines commanded by a computer 6. PUENTE DE LA MUJER Watching it closing 7. PUENTE DE LA MUJER The metal structure of the bridge has been entirely made of steel and the straps (suspendors) are made up of galvanized steel wires of high resistance of circular section The big inclinated pylon it is formed by sheets of steel of different thicknesses with rigid material interiors 8. PUENTE DE LA MUJER Numbers: Total length: 170 m Central rotating span: 102 m Width of deck: 6,20 m Height of pylon: 39 m Weight: 800 tons Time to open: less than 2 min Sustaining cables: 19 9. PUENTE DE LA MUJER is the only work of Calatrava in South America! 10. Thanks for your attention!Ana Catarina PereiraISEL, 28th November 2011