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  • 1. The Evolution of Libraries The Womans Club of Cranbury General Meeting October 3, 2012

2. Scholars concept of the Alexandria Library 3. Papyrus scrolls 4. Books were so valuable that they were chained to the shelves. 5. .Womens clubs were crucial to librarydevelopment in this country. Watson, Paula D. Founding Mothers: The Contribution of WomensOrganizations to Public Library Development in the United States, LibraryQuarterly, Vol. 64, Issue 3, 1994.) 6. Lodi Womans Club Public Library Lodi WisconsinEstablished 1900 - Proudly serving Lodi for 112 years 7. Womens Clubs recognized for role American Library Association credited theWomens Clubs of America with having foundedover 75 percent of Americas public libraries. New Jersey Library Association granted itsLibrary Champions Award to the NJSFWC in2004 for their role in the establishment ofpublic libraries in the state, as well as continuedsupport of libraries. 8. Libraries for the 21st Century Public Libraries are translators ofnew technologies. Public Libraries are communitycenters. Public Libraries are sustainable. Public Libraries are good forcommunities. 9. Robert Darnton, Director, Harvard University Library And the library? It can look like the mostarchaic institution of all. Yet its past bodeswell for its future, because libraries werenever warehouses of books. They have alwaysbeen and always will be centers of learning.Their central position in the world of learningmakes them ideally suited to mediatebetween the printed and digital modes ofcommunication. 10. Doug Baldwin Systems Administrator receives an award for his excellent service to library patrons. 11. Public libraries are resource rich communitycenters freely available tochildren, teens, adults and seniors. Nolan Lushington, architect and author,Libraries Designed for Users: A 21st CenturyGuide 12. Plainsboro PublicLibrary families Princeton Publicenjoying childens Library teens sortingfloorbooks and Adults attending Program Plainsboro Public Library Cranbury Public Library Meeting RoomLiteracy Stations 13. Quiet space to read is still importantCarnegie Library of Pittsburgh 14. Sustainability is the capacity toendure.three pillars of sustainability: 1. Environmental 2. Economic 3. Social 15. Public Libraries are about helpingpeople get information, full access to this information, no matter whatformat, expanding minds, life longlearning and supporting the interests of the community.