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The issue of july 2012 of Business Manager -HR magazine carries cover feature on Women HR leaders of the country. It talks about Aparna Sharma,Tanvi Gautam,Smita Dash sahoo,Tanaya Sharma,Sujaya Banerjee,Shalini sarin,Mandeep Maitra,Padma singh and sushmita basu.


  • Finally Women in HR have made India Inc. to believe that this function isno more a male domain and it is done through their sensibilities,commitment and leadership acumen. The changing attitude oforganizations also ratify the perspective that women in HR can very wellclimb to the top of the corporate ladder.

    No doubt that the journey of women from home manager (HM) to humanresource manager (HRM) has not been very easy in the back drop of culturalcontext but social change coupled with determination and believing in self hasopened the doors for women to attain senior roles in Corporate India.

    The visibility of HR women at higher levels has been slow but not disappointingas compared to last two decades. In fact whatever changes in the perception ofIndia Inc.have occurred, it was only in these two decades when MNCs entered thecountry and encouraged gender diversity.

    Many research studies on women mangers in India have repeatedly revealed thatthe strengths making them successful at work are their ability to perceivesituations, multitasking, empathy, crisis management skills, collaborative workstyle and sensitivity in relationship. But it has not been so easy for women toachieve respect and social /workplace acceptability. The journey towardscorporate higher up is not devoid of any hurdles still there are many mental, socialand behavioral challenges lie ahead of women in the career world.Few are due tosocial and cultural taboos, whereas others are due to self behavior. Social andcultural taboos include the mindset of families where daughter is still treated no.2in comparison to son in the family.Many qualified women do not reach to the topprimarily due to the work environment essentially developed over decades infavor of men. Long unpredictable work hours, discriminatory practices, machoculture and gender stereotyping are deeply embedded at many workplaces.

    Self behavior related challenges are about attempt to pleasing everyone atworkplace taking more and more responsibilities and not fully leveraging theirteam. It also becomes challenge when women interpret leadership as quality thatrequires harsh / strong action against their values and beliefs trying to copy malecounterparts' behavior. It is also seen that women do not speak out and hold backwhen they are confronted in many situations.Women HR leaders need to chooseappropriate situations to speak up and make their presence meaningful.

    But our Women HR leaders of this anniversary issue have proved that glassceiling stands shattered and is no longer a barrier as they stepped in with moreknowledge strategic function across the globe as they believe in self with highconfidence and "why not" attitude.They successfully strike a fine work life balanceand handle social pressures with the support of their husbands, family membersand excellent home environment. BM salutes to women power and recognizestheir contribution towards the growth of organizations and nurturing humanpower.

    Now the time has come where providing opportunities to women in organisationis not a 'Nice to have' any more, it is 'must have'.

    If you like it let us know. If not, well, let us know that too.

    Happy Reading!

    Women Power

    Anil Kaushik

    Editors Note

  • Comprehensive ViewYour cover feature on Hiring practices,attrition and retention presents good insightand Compel the readers to analyse thepractices they have which directly impactthe attrition and retention. It is right thathiring practices are Considered lessimportant than other HR interventions. I amof the opinion that all employee relatedproblems are some how and some whererelated to the hiring practices of theorganization. Other surveys also indicateand ratify your survey findings. Man Powersurvey also indicated that hiring in Indiawill remain robust in coming three months.Employers across four regions and sevensectors reported positive hiring plans . Mostopportunities are expected in service,finance, real estate and Insurance sectorswhereas weakest hiring plans are reportedin wholesale and retail trade sector.

    Sumitra, Noida

    Hiring ImpactMostly the top management is very muchinclined to go in for the cream among freshgraduates and tradesmen. The same is thecase with experienced candidates ascompanies tend to prefer candidates whohave worked with good companies. Due tocultural mismatch between the previous andcurrent company, the candidate feelsuncomfortable and also demotivates hiscolleagues all the time. Such a person is verymuch unlikely to remain with the companyfor a long time.An employee who is not technically soundor is a poor team player but has somehowmanaged to enter the organization due tofaulty screening process, is also likely toquit within the first 6 months.

    Jaspreet Singh Janeja, e-mail

    State of ConfusionI have read the cover feature with surveyfindings on hiring, pay hikes and attrition.After that many other surveys have alsocomeup with their findings. I can say thatthese findings have only added to confusionbecause some say that hiring is up whereother say that employers may starttrimming employees as slow down begins tobite. Dont know what is the real picture.Main power survey including yours &others indicate positive hiring. Contrary toit, ETIG study of companies indicate thatindian companies are focusing on trimmingstaff costs to wheather the impact of an

    economic slowdown and to maintain theircompetitiveness in the face of a slide ininvestments. According to study the share ofemployee cost to sales ratio of BSE 500companies has remained to 7.8% which isthe lowest since 2008.

    Gunjan Mehta, Bangalore

    ConcernIt is a matter of concern that IT companies havedeferred campus hiring by three months. If it isa clue that industry has started facingslowdown, campus recruitment may effectbadly. Number of companies have also delayedon-boarding process for 2010 recruits. It shouldhave started by now. These signals are not goodfor campus recruitments.

    P.S. Gupta, Meerut

    Violence and IRThe article by Dr. G.P. Naik & Dr. K.Janardhanam has come up with goodinsights for employers and employees whoare always confused to assess the resaons ofviolence in industrial relations.Authors havevery clearly put the possible reasons ofworkers resorting to violence and also a pieceof advice to employers not to createsituations where workers are pushed to walls. The article is an eye-opener. If employersand managers show sensitivity and empathyin handling employee grievances, therebecome negligible chances of employeesresorting to violence.

    B. Murari, Ahemdabad

    Strategic IRCase study by anil malik is enough to learntricks of handiling greedy union president.Sometimes you need to make such peopleunderstand in their language theyunderstand.Greed has no limits and if unionleader becomes greedy, and not handledstrongly, it will be a perennial problem.

    Rabindra Singh, Hardwar

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    Readers Response

    2 Business Manager July 2012

    Indranil Banerjee- BM HonyResearch LeadIndranil Banerjee has always been very

    instrumental and supportive for quality contents of BusinessManager. BM acknowledges Mr.Banerjees contribution. NowIndranil would be HonyResearch Lead to multiplycontents diversity.

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    July2012Vol. 15No. 1



    Smita Dash Sahoo

    Mandeep Maitra

    Dr. Shalini Sarin

    Dr. Sujaya Banerjee Padma Singh Sushmita Basu

    Aparna Sharma

    Dr. Tanvi Gautam

    Dr. Tanaya Mishra





    The HR Women-Celebrating Success -Smita Dash Sahoo In the galaxy of stars through difficulties - Aparna SharmaBreaking the moulds all through - Mandeep MaitraPower of believing in self - Dr. Tanvi GautamWinning Isn't Everything, but Wanting to Win is - Dr. Shalini SarinBeing Professional handling tough situations... - Dr. Tanaya MishraBe Woman & Write your destiny - Dr. Sujaya BanerjeeTransforming from Home Manager to HR Manager - Padma SinghChallenging journey of establishing business HR - Sushmita BasuWomen- The Natural Leaders

    - A.S. Sharma

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