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Women’s Advocacy

Katherine AllenbachCaroline Cassard

Kelly MarshMae Huber

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Lisa MadiganThe first female Attorney General of Illinois.

Advocates for women being domestically abused

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Although Nikki Haley is pro-life, she supports abortion in the cases where it is necessary to protect a young mother’s life.

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Bobbi Brown Dress for Success

• Provides women searching for careers with modern, professional apparel/makeup

• Bobbi Brown artists teach tutorials and supply makeup packages

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“Since 1997, Dress for Success has served more than 550,000 women

around the world.”

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Jane Addams High School for Academic Careers

Bobbi Brown and employees give career advice; they teach seminars about the business of cosmetology.

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Advocating for ChangeDiversity and Inclusion

Global Women’s Leadership Council

Supported a Nike Women’s MarathonTo support women athletes

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Lizzie Miller the girl on page 194

"Who says supermodels have to be superthin? There’s a new definition of gorgeous—and you’re about to

write it."

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Look Good…Feel Better Helps cancer patients cope with their appearance-related side effects

National Breast Cancer Coalition

Lobby at national, state, and local levels regarding breast cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment

Rex HealthcareThey raise money to support Rex’s Mobile Mammography Unit

They have screened more than 22,000 women in 10 counties in NC

Raised thousands of dollars in the Revlon Charity Gold Tournament in NC every October

Revlon Run/Walk for Women

Raised over $50 million in the NY and LA race for cancer research, counseling, and outreach programs

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AvonBreast cancer Crusade & Walk for Breast Cancer

Launched in 1992 and they have raised and donated over $740 million to breast cancer programs

Speak out against Domestic violence

Launched in 2004 to educate and build awareness of domestic violence

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A Non-profit organization

Organization to help girls become “strong, smart, and bold”

Has programs to help girls learn about basic life information

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Girls Inc. Bill of Rights

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Girls Inc. Tips on how to overcome Stereotypes.1. Tell a girl she's great because of what she

does and not because of how she looks. 2. Tell a girl it's okay to brag about something

she's good at. 3. Tell a girl it isn't "yucky" to play in the mud,

hold a snake, or get sweaty. 4. Tell a girl it's okay to get angry and to

express it in a healthy way.

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Girls on the RunProgram in 176 cities in N. AmericaCombines training for a 5K with confidence +

self-awareness lessons

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Empowerment Responsibility

Intentionality Diversity

Connectedness Joy Optimism

Gratitude NurturingHealthyOpen-hearted


GotR Key Words for Core Values

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Molly Baker, Founder

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Girl Scouts

In Government Their advocacy efforts help show lawmakers that they want to work on issues affecting girls

Leadership and Self-esteemThey teach girls creative decisions making skills and team work

Healthy Media CommissionThey have a “Watch What You Watch”. They believe that with the increase in media, it would be beneficial to have positive messages about girls and women.

It’s Your Story, Tell ItPromotes self esteem, creative expression, healthy living, and media literacy in girls.

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Do you think that organizations like this are powerful enough to change women’s view of women? What can you contribute to improve

women’s self-esteem?