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  1. 1. Kristy Sammis, Founder of Clever Girls BREAKING INTO VIDEO 4/13/16 @kristysf The Ul'mate Inuencer Marke'ng Pla5orm Author of Inuencer Marke,ng for Dummies
  2. 2. @kristysf ITS 2016: YOU NEED VIDEO IN YOUR LIFE
  3. 3. @kristysf 64% YOU NEED VIDEO IN YOUR LIFE 79% 4X 1200% Online video accounted for 64% of all consumer internet trac in 20151 By 2018 that number is expected to be 79%2 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it3 Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined4 1,2,3: eMarketer, 4: Brightcove
  4. 4. @kristysf THE STAGE IS SET The video market has matured Marketers cannot rely on long-form storytelling anymore No one has the aRenSon span Social media is increasingly visual Now we show our stories.
  6. 6. @kristysf INFLUENCER MARKETING IS READY CONVERGENCE Video isnt siloed from the rest of digital and inuencer planning TECHNOLOGY Especially mobile has caught up with consumer demand
  7. 7. @kristysf POPULAR PLATFORMS: Who's On Them, What They're Doing & When To Engage Them
  8. 8. @kristysf 6M Views (in 3 weeks)
  9. 9. @kristysf 82% of all internet users visit YouTube 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute YouTube Inuencers are becoming more predictable Use YouTube for product reviews or tutorials that need to be minutes (rather than seconds) long
  10. 10. @kristysf
  11. 11. @kristysf At least 28% of adults online use Instagram Majority of adults are aged 18-29 Strong African American and Hispanic presence Instagram spans ages, race, gender, income, educaSon, and other demographics more widely than other plaforms Instagrams short video format is about the aestheScs: use for showing o preRy things like beauty, fashion, visual products, or stories OR as teasers for longer-format video (YouTube)
  12. 12. @kristysf Amanda Cerny | 14M Loops | 311K Likes | 84K Revines
  13. 13. @kristysf 200M monthly viewers Over 70% are millennials or younger Teens and tweens LOVE vine videos, all 6 seconds of them Vine is less about the aestheScs, more about the fun and the funny
  14. 14. @kristysf Fajita Stued Chicken 35M Views 539K Likes 115K Comments DIY Cat Tent 57M Views 441K Likes 305K Comments
  15. 15. @kristysf 70% of Facebook video is uploaded directly to the plaform: its easy and everyday people (including micro-inuencers) take part Anything that happens in Facebook plaform has the built-in shareable edge Best new use is short instrucSonal videos, like BuzzFeeds Tasty and Nipy channels
  16. 16. @kristysf @frmheadtotoe @victoriassecret @Shonduras & @Emgarber
  17. 17. @kristysf THE GOOD: Over 100M daily acSve users. 60% of Snapchat users are in the 13-24 age range. THE BAD: SSll totally mysterious and ever-changing. Brands spending the $ on Discover have had successes (but sSll hard to track app-to-in-store conversions) THE UGLY: REALLY hard as an inuence tool The best use of Snapchat with Inuencers today is for brands to nd mini-celebs and use them for guest content creaSon + boosSng the brands followers
  18. 18. @kristysf Tune in March 26-29 between 1-9 p.m. ET for sets and words with Lil Wayne, George Clinton and more.
  19. 19. @kristysf 10M users, half are millennials 100M broadcasts SSll working on widespread adopSon Not totally brand-safe Tremendous potenSal for inuencer engagement around live events: Product launch Party Conference Behind-the-scenes A day in the life...
  20. 20. @kristysf ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? FACEBOOK LIVE/YOUTUBE CONNECT
  21. 21. @kristysf More live-streaming opSons means consumers and brands will adjust to live video being a new normal part of our social media lives Notable downside to YouTube Connect is that theres no built-in way to tell people youre live-streaming (but there is with Periscope and Facebook) Possible that Facebook or YouTube will allow users to save their live streams, whereas Periscope deletes streams aper 24 hours LIVE CONNECT
  22. 22. @kristysf BEST PRACTICES: Product Reviews Tutorials Hauls Day in the Life/Just for Fun Facebook Short Videos, a la Buzzfeed Tasty Nipy What Works? Broma Bakery
  24. 24. @kristysf WAS IT AWESOME? Video is not a magic bullet! You can only measure success if you know what you are measuring against Set realisSc goals and put #s to them: Grow our audience = by how much? Bigger isnt always beRer even viral videos are useless if its not viral among your target demographic
  25. 25. @kristysf LETS NOT: CONTROL THE VOICE You can control the message, but not how the inuencer is conveying it FIRE/AIM/READY We need video isnt a strategy! Video is expensive and disasters are more costly than ever APPLY ARBITRARY ROI Unless youre tying your programs to sales data, youre not truly measuring ROI Measuring acSvity is important, but remember that inuencer markeSng is about building brand awareness, and video sSll isnt direct-response EXPECT MIRACLES Weve already made all the social media markeSng mistakes, so lets not repeat them!
  26. 26. @kristysf A QUICK WORD ABOUT KIDS, TEENS, TWEENS & COPPA-COMPLIANCE Powerful, growing segment In Feb. 16, most-watched YouTube channel was #1: JusSn Bieber (722M views) #2: Ryans Toys Review (644M views) As of last summer, 57% of kids prefer watching video on devices (v. tv) Lets be innovaSve leaders here as we reach out to this demographic, ensuring were abiding by the laws: Parents own the channels Parents make decisions No contest or personal info. collected from viewers The made-for-tweens sponsored video shown here has garnered over 30M views as of 4/16
  27. 27. GOOD LUCK SHOWING YOUR STORIES! Interested in working with us? info@clevergirlscollecSve.com