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  • 8/9/2019 Woodleigh Weekly 18th June Finished


    Local History Week!!

    By Fred Austin, year 8

    Issue 12 Friday 18th June 2010 Next issue: 25/06/10

    The final activity was drawing a scale

    diagram of objects scattered under a grid.

    Here at Woodleigh, we are very con-

    scious about our history, we have a history

    society and explore the history at any other


    Years 7 and 8 helped towards this

    goal by doing a dig, near the underground

    dens, with York Archaeological trust.The 24 Archaeologists were split into

    four groups, one for each activity.

    The activities were Pot washing,

    where the groups washed bones and pots,

    an essential part of archaeology, unfortu-

    nately all of the pots to be washed were not

    found at Woodleigh, but in York.

    Another activity was digging, were

    great pains were taken to keep the ground

    level. Then there was the scanning. The

    scanning was mainly done by walking up a

    strip of land and jabbing the machine into

    the ground every 50 centimetres. The sec-

    ond part of the activity was running up and

    down trying to step on the beeps while

    holding a very expensive machine.

    Pupils At the dig.

  • 8/9/2019 Woodleigh Weekly 18th June Finished


  • 8/9/2019 Woodleigh Weekly 18th June Finished


    Years 2-6s visit to Malton Museum.

    Year 1 and 2 are History detectives


    In the courtyard you will see a part of

    the building that was knocked down.

    Near the science room we think thereis a horse hook.

    Near the science room there was

    some old bricks and some new bricks.

    The old doorway was filled in with

    bricks. you can still see the shape of the

    building that was knocked down.

    When we first got to the museum, we

    were split up into groups.

    Each group did a different activity.

    The first activity my group did was making


    Then we played a game called RoundMerrills, which is basically a game where

    you have six discs and make up a game

    BY YEAR 1 AND 2

    Kayaking returns to Woodleigh.

    Last Friday, Woodleighs pupils went

    in the water for their kayaking and canoe-

    ing club.

    The week before half-term the group

    had their safety talk.

    The lessons started in open boats and

    the other kayaking and canoeing classescommence on later Fridays.

    with them..

    Then we dressed as Roman soldiers

    and we ground flour.

    Afterwards we sorted things found

    buried in different layers.

    At the end of the visit there was aquiz.


  • 8/9/2019 Woodleigh Weekly 18th June Finished


    Huntington Stadium

    By Patrick Litten, Cameron Castleton and Zac


    With the help of Fred Austin.

    Photos by Mr. Tolkien.

    Special thanks to everybody else who wasinvolved.

    Under 9s Championship

    On Tuesday Woodleighs Under 9

    team left a lot earlier than the older teams.We had teams of boys and girls who com-

    peted well in various events including:

    Foam Javelin, ball throw , long jump and

    races of 4x100m, 50m, 150m and 600m.


    In the afternoons events, the

    Woodleigh teams performed very well in a

    wide range of sports.

    Among the many events were Javelin

    and Shot-put, in which we came first, Ball

    throw, Discus and races in 100m, 200m,

    400m, 600m, 800m and 1500m.

    The relays were appreciated with tre-

    mendous applause with 4x100m and4x400m.

    The whole event ended with a tug of

    war which was won by Pocklington boys.

    Woodleigh put three teams,

    Woodleigh Boys, Italian Boys and Italian

    girls. The teams went through with varying

    degrees of success

    The Under 11 and 13

    ChampionshipBY PATRICK LITTEN, YEAR 8