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  • 1.Customization andPluginsJon BrownjBrownStudios.com | 9seeds.com@jb510Tuesday, February 19, 13

2. PrerequisitesPart 1 (geekery) Some familiarity with HTML/CSS No need for PHP todayPart 2 (non-geekery) Some familiarity with a self-hosted WordPress installationTuesday, February 19, 13 3. Developer Tools FTP Code Editor Browser Tools - FireBug / WebKit Dev Tools Local AMP Stack Version Control (git/svn)Tuesday, February 19, 13 4. FTPMacWinTransmit WinSCPFileZillaFileZillaCyberDuck FireFTP for FireFox FireFTP for FireFoxTuesday, February 19, 13 5. Code Editor Mac WinCoda 2NotePad++ Sublime Text 2 TextWrangler TextMateTuesday, February 19, 13 6. Wait Wait What AboutDreamWeaver... Yes... you CAN use DreamWeaver, for both FTP and as a code editor, but not many do.Tuesday, February 19, 13 7. Browser Tools FireBug or WebKit Dev Tools (quick demo)Tuesday, February 19, 13 8. WordPress Tools The Codexhttp://codex.wordpress.org/ Developer Documentationhttp://codex.wordpress.org/Developer_DocumentationTuesday, February 19, 13 9. Getting Started Creating a theme 1. Understand the WP Core le structure 2. Understand the WP theme template hierarchyhttp://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Hierarchy 3. Hooks (Actions and Filtershttp://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API#Hooks.2C_Actions_and_FiltersTuesday, February 19, 13 10. WP Core File Structure http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Files root wp-admin wp-includes wp-contentTuesday, February 19, 13 11. WP Template Hierarchy http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_HierarchyTuesday, February 19, 13 12. Templates http://codex.wordpress.org/Stepping_Into_TemplatesBasic template page Header / Content / Footer (quick demo)Tuesday, February 19, 13 13. Hooks Actions: Actions are the hooks that the WP corelaunches at specic points during execution, or whenspecic events occur.Your plugin can specify that oneor more of its PHP functions are executed atthese points, using the Action API. Filters: Filters are the hooks that WordPress launchesto modify text of various types before adding it tothe database or sending it to the browser screen.Yourplugin can specify that one or more of its PHPfunctions is executed to modify specic types of textat these times, using the Filter API.Tuesday, February 19, 13 14. More Practical Things How to modify a theme... with a CHILD THEME!Tuesday, February 19, 13 15. One Click Child Theme Plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/one-click-child-theme/Tuesday, February 19, 13 16. Lets demo some code (css / php)customizationsTuesday, February 19, 13