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Presented as a pre-conference workshop at HighEdWeb 2010.


<ul><li> 1. a HighEdWeb 2010 workshop<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. For fun and profit<br />For fun and profit<br />the sake of your sanity<br /> 3. Today<br />Me, my project, andWordPress<br />Features, installation, and setting up the network<br />Plugins and customization<br />BuddyPress<br /> 4. Borking sites since 1994.<br />Since 2005 only Web staff on campus of ~3500 students &amp; 400 faculty/staff. <br />Fourth year on the HighEdWeb conference program committee; just chaired regional HEWEB event.<br />HigherEdExperts presenter OpenSource CMS Fair: WordPressMU, April 2010.<br />Technical reviewer for Apress book Beginning WordPress 3.0 by Stephanie Leary released in June.<br />Launched WPMU in May 2009. Alone.<br />ME, a name I call myself<br /> 5. The Project Circa 2005<br />Zero dedicated web staff<br />No budget<br />16,000 html files<br />Rampant duplication<br />Headers and navigation files (template)<br />Images<br />4700 broken links<br />No search<br />No site map<br />No process<br />No hope<br />MS FrontPage<br /> 6. Welcome to the Jungle Baby<br /> 7. Weve always done it that way<br /> 8. The project circa 2010<br />WordPress 3.0.1<br />402 Users<br />~ 55 Sites<br />5500+ Pages<br />Site search<br />Analytics<br /> 9. Getting here<br /> 10. Getting here<br />2005 - .asp template files. Cleaned up navigation, duplication, and revoked access for all content editors. <br />2007 - Individual WP installs on external server. Started giving access back to departments.<br />2009 WPMU matures with 2.7, install in January, launch with 10 sites in May.<br /> 11. Major weaknesses<br />Lacks native reusable content &amp; site-wide internal linking system<br />Requires plugins to optimize speed<br />Critical plugins can conflict or become unsupported as WP versions advance<br />Disjointed and incomplete advanced documentation<br />Heavy use of pages can be problematic<br />Lacks native workflow<br /> 12. Major strengths<br />Easy setup &amp; theming<br />Shallow end-user learning curve<br />Highly flexible<br />Huge user community<br />Theres a plugin for that<br />Standard server requirements<br />Extreme RSS capabilities<br />Low cost startup<br /> 13. Costs Year 1<br />Premium Themes (supported) - $150<br />MUSupport.net (paid support forum) - $100<br />WPMUDev.org - $420/yr or $79/1 month access to supported premium plugins<br />GravityForms - $39<br />Custom plugins - $300<br />VPS - $45/month<br />Total ~ $1879<br /> 14. Big picture<br />Supports all basic requirements of our campus<br />Able to heavily customize each department independently (themes &amp; plugins)<br />Rapid deployment<br />Significant improvements at every major release. <br />Possible to implement and admin in single person office with no internal support and within limited budget<br /> 15. Core features<br />Posts, pages, links<br />File uploads<br />Widgets<br />1-click upgrades<br />Flexible theming<br />Custom header &amp; background support<br />Accessibility support*<br />Custom menus<br />User management<br />Unlimited users<br />Comments<br />Trackbacks/Pingbacks<br />RSS feeds<br />http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_3.0<br /> 16. Technical Info<br />Requirements:<br />PHP version 4.3 or greater<br />MySQL version 4.1.2 or greater<br />Suggestions:<br />PHP 5.2+<br />MySQL 5.0.15<br />Apache or Nginx<br /> 17. Intermission<br /> 18. The famous 5-minute install<br />No, really. Its that easy.<br />Upload the files<br />Create the db<br />Run wp-admin/install.php<br /> 19. Install<br />Initial configuration screen.<br /> 20. Install<br />Voila!<br /> 21. Settings<br />General Settings<br /> 22. Security<br />Dont use admin username<br />Dont use wp- db table prefix<br />Move wp-config.php<br />Keep WP and plugins current*<br />Security plugins<br />WP Security Scan<br />WordPress Exploit Scanner<br />WordPress File Monitor<br />Zombie homepage<br />Source: WordPress Security by Brad Williams<br /> 23. Speed<br />Speed Test<br />Cache<br />WP Super Cache<br />W3 Total Cache<br />CDN<br />CDN Tools<br />Compression<br />WP HTTP Compression<br />WP HTML Compression<br /> 24. The Network<br />Subdirectory vs. subdomain<br />www.site.edu/subdirectory<br />subdomain.site.edu<br />Users<br />.htaccess<br />Permalinks (mod_rewrite)<br />Security<br />Cache (mod_rewrite, file expiration)<br />wp-config.php<br />Pimp your wp-config.php<br />/wp-content/blogs.dir<br /> 25. Handynetwork plugins<br />Login As<br />Editor Log<br />New Blog Defaults<br />Global Header <br />Google Analytics*<br />Login Image <br />Domain Mapping<br />Multi-Site Site List Shortcode<br />Content Monitor<br />*Premium, Unsupported<br /> 26. Handy site plugins<br />Enable Media Replace<br />List child pages<br />List child attachments<br />Exclude Pages<br />Gravity Forms<br />KB Advanced RSS Widget<br />TinyMCE Advanced<br />WP Subtitle<br />Widget Logic<br />Content Audit<br />Edit Flow<br />Editorial Calendar<br />Custom Post Type UI<br /> 27. Custom post types &amp; taxonomies<br />Default post types:<br />Posts, Pages<br />Attachments<br />Revisions<br />Menu Items<br />Potential uses<br />Course descriptions<br />Media database<br />Seminar series<br />Employee Directory<br />Default Taxonomies<br />Categories<br />Post Tags<br />Menus<br />Link Categories<br />Potential Uses<br />Video<br />People<br /> 28. Pro Tips<br />DO BACKUPS! A lotfor realnot kidding.<br />Check your error logs regularly.<br />Plan your plugins, consider expected future features and your timeline. Sometimes the cleanup isnt worth it.<br />Theme frameworks. Youre welcome.<br /> 29. not too distant future<br />Multi-DB<br />CDN<br />Multi-domain<br />Custom post-types/taxonomies<br />Plugin audit<br />Custom menus<br />Content audit, editorial calendar<br /> 30. Wordpress Questions?<br />Confused?<br /> 31. Buddypress<br />Instant social network for WordPress<br /> 32. Buddypress?<br />Plugin that adds a social network layer over WordPress.<br />Groups<br />Public<br />Private<br />Blogs<br />Group<br />Individual<br />Forums<br />Profiles<br />Friends<br />Status updates<br />Activity streams<br />Private messaging<br />BuddyPress specific plugins<br /> 33. Install &amp; Setup<br />Plugins &gt; Add New &gt; Search BuddyPress &gt; Install<br />Choose theme<br />Activate components<br />Establish profile fields<br /> 34. Component setup<br /> 35. Profile fields<br /> 36. m/ Awesome Resources<br />Sites &amp; Books<br />The WordPress Bible<br />Beginning WP 3.0<br />WPMUDev.org<br />BuddyPress For Dummies<br />MUSupport.net<br />WordPress on LinkedIn<br />People on Twitter<br />@andrea_r<br />@wpmuguru<br />@sleary<br />@jimgroom<br />@donncha<br />@lisasabinwilson<br />@ohz<br />@yoast<br /></p>