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Productivity: WordPress Plugins

Productivity: WordPress PluginsCollection BY: Akshay hallur (GoBloggingtips.com)

OnePress Image ElevatorThis awesome plugin lets you paste the image directly to the WordPress post from your clipboard.When you combine this plugin withDitto the best clipboard managerfor Windows, you can save lots of time uploading your images.With this plugin, for me, uploading of images is now as easy as copy and paste.

Better Internal Link SearchThis plugin enhances the default internal link feature of WordPress. Whenever you select a text and click on the link button, it automatically searches for the posts, pages, categories, tags matching the selected anchor text. You can also add additional data sourcesif you are a developer. By this, internal link search also returns results from Wikipedia, and other sites you include.

MentionableThis plugin helps you mention your previous posts, by simply typing the search query prefixed by the symbol @. I discovered this plugin recently. It eases the process of including the manual related posts within the article.

Drag & Drop Featured Image

If you are fond of drag and drop image upload feature on WordPress, this is a must have plugin. This plugin adds the drag and drop functionality to the featured image section of your post editor. You just need to drag and drop your featured image, to upload it.

Admin BookmarksThis is one of the simple and highly essential plugin developed by Brad Vincent.

It allows you to bookmark your favorite posts and pages. These bookmarks are added to the admin menu and widget in the dashboard for quick viewing and editing.

You just need to install and activate the plugin. There are no settings to configure.

Bulk MoveThis plugin helps you to quickly move posts from one category or tag to another.

It can also be used to quickly remove categories or tags from multiple posts and pages.

If you accidentally have messed up with categories and tags in your blog, this plugin comes as a time saver.

Shortcodes in Sidebar WidgetsBy default, WordPress allows shortcodes only to be executed inside the content. This is a super-simple plugin that enables the shortcode functionality in widgets.

You can include the shortcodes in sidebar widgets, without any worry.

This plugin hasnt been updated over 3 years, as it is a very simple filter plugin.

Revive Old PostThis plugin helps you share your old blog posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others.

It does this automatically, by randomly selecting your old posts and sharing it.

You can set the frequency of social shares, posts to exclude, the minimum time between the shares, and also exclude certain categories.

Rel Nofollow Checkbox

With this plugin, youll be quickly able to nofollow the links while writing your blog post.

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