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  2. 2. With over 6 years of experience in Communication and Event Management, I am able to efficiently manage and provide unique, creative solutions for managing high-level events and communication campaigns. I have a vast experience in organizing and promoting events leading up to 500 participants and I have led several multi-channels communications campaigns in different areas. I have a Master Degree in International Politics and a BA in Social Sciences acquired at the University of Maryland European Division. I am a blogger, lover of art and web design. ''It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.'' Charles Darwin
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  4. 4. Responsible of the promotion of the event through websites, social media, national press Acquired sponsors, media partners and supporters Managed the acquiring of live auction items Results: Raised 130,000 at the annual Edelweiss Ball through live auctions; Received national media visibility; Hospice of Hope Foundation (Romania, 2008) Edelweiss Charity Ball
  5. 5. Responsible of coordinating Kerry Kennedys visit to Romania, founder of the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation Organized the Speak Truth to Power Symposium where 500 participants attended Organized the Speak Truth to Power Book Launch, Photo Exhibition and the Education Package pilot project, supported by the Romanian Ministry of Education Results: One of the most mediatized events in Romania and outside; Integration of a new concept in the Romanian educational system; Aspen Institute Romania (Romania, 2009) Speak Truth to Power Campaign
  6. 6. AEBIOM- European Biomass Association(Brussels, 2014) Organized Events AEBIOM Annual Bioenergy Conference Organized 5 editions of this annual event Maximum number of participants: 300 In-house creation of all promotional materials Sustainable Biomass Backs European Economy Number of participants: 100 Acquired speakers such as Volvo, LOral, Fortum Event promotion through social media and media partnerships
  7. 7. Initiated and developed the concept of the Biomass Counts Communication Campaign Acquired supporters, media partners and ambassadors for the campaign Involved in the corporate image development (logo, website development, etc) Handled the social media communication and relationship with the press Developed in-house videos for the campaign AEBIOM- European Biomass Association(Brussels, 2014) Communication Campaign In-house created video
  8. 8. AEBIOM- European Biomass Association(Brussels, 2014) Produced Publications Sponsorship Infograph and Package Drafted all content and design for the AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference AEBIOM Annual Reports Drafted all content and design of the AEBIOM annual reports