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Workflow for Creative and Digital Jobs sent to University of Wolverhampton's External Relations team.


<ul><li><p>Page 1</p><p>June 27, 2016 Creative Print Job Workflow</p><p>Client contacts AM</p><p>AM discusses job with client - with </p><p>Design and/or Copy if a major job</p><p>Advises on job requirements</p><p>Helps define brief</p><p>AM creates Mac Number and Job </p><p>Bag</p><p>AM sends Client Creative Brief form, Mac Number, and </p><p>link to Creative Team Job Request</p><p>Client completes </p><p>Creative Team Job Request </p><p>Form -including </p><p>Creative Brief Form, Mac </p><p>Number</p><p>Client Completes Creative Brief </p><p>form</p><p>Client sends any supporting </p><p>assets, e.g. images, previous </p><p>materials, PDFs, </p><p>documents, etc. to AM </p><p>directly (e.g. via email)</p><p>AM puts supporting assets with Creative </p><p>Brief Form in Job Bag</p><p>Print quote needed?</p><p>AM requests 3 print quotes by email, if </p><p>job cannot be produced internally</p><p>Printers supply quotes AM selects printer </p><p>Job automatically goes into Creative </p><p>Team Job Management Trello board New Jobs list</p><p>Copy adds AM to Trello card</p><p>Does it need copy?</p><p>Copy allocate job between Copy Team</p><p>Copy team member </p><p>added to Trello card</p><p>Copy produce content to briefSend to Design Is it a big job?</p><p>AM sends content to </p><p>Client</p><p>Client approves content</p><p>AM notify Copy</p><p>Copy send content to Design</p><p>Copy move Trello card to </p><p>Design</p><p>Design allocate job between design team</p><p>Design team member </p><p>added to Trello card</p><p>Design team produce material to </p><p>brief</p><p>Design send to AM for Approval with </p><p>Client</p><p>AM sends to Client for approval</p><p>Design move Trello card to </p><p>With Client for Approval list</p><p>Changes needed?</p><p>Client requests changes to AM</p><p>Yes</p><p>AM briefs Design</p><p>Design make amends to meet brief</p><p>Design supply updated </p><p>version to AM</p><p>AM requests work Order number from </p><p>ClientNo</p><p>AM sends to chosen print supplier Big job?</p><p>Printers supply proofs to </p><p>copy/design</p><p>Yes</p><p>Cop/Design make amendments</p><p>Printers produce materialsNo</p><p>Printers send final printed materials direct </p><p>to Client's preferred destination</p><p>Yes</p><p>No</p><p>No</p><p>AM sends Work Order Number and </p><p>Quotation from Printer to </p><p>Lisa Nicklin</p><p>Lisa Nicklin raises order</p></li></ul>