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2. Table Of Contents Sarahs Intense, No Equip, Workout My Modified 100 Inner Thigh Barre Workout Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Video Legs and Abs Ab Challenge Seventeens Thigh Slimming Workouts Seventeens Beyonce Butt Workout 1000 Calorie Burn (according to pinterest) 6 Move, No Equip, Cross Fit 10 Min Hips Hips Away Jillian Michaels Yoga Shred Video 3. Sarahs IntenseNo Equipment Workout **Do Each Workout 8. Tricep Dips 16. Ab Leg Lift withfor 30 Seconds Twist9. Sumo Squat1. Jumping Jacks 17. Squat w/ Leg Lift10. Sit-Up GroundCrunch2. Push-Ups Touches 18. Repeat 14,15,163. Split Jump Lunges 11. High Knees 19. Burpees4. Bicycle Crunches 12. Repeat 8,9,105. Mountain Climbers 13. Jump Rope6. Repeat 2,3,4 14. Squats7. Burpees 4. My Modified 100 100 Jumping Jacks 40 Reverse V-ups 90 Crunches 40 Squats 80 Squats 20 Push Ups 30 Push Ups 30 Side Kicks (each leg) 70 Side Kicks (each leg) 20 Jumping Jacks 50 Reverse V-ups 50 Sit up Ground Touches 60 Jumping Jacks 5. Inner Thigh Barre Workout Use a Chair, Table, or Bar for Balance (Shoulder Height) 10 Plies 5 Plies: 3 count down, 3 count up 5 Plies: 3 count down, 3 count pulse, 3 count up Repeat 3 Times 6. Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred:Videohttp://ww .com/watc h?v=ve- WiQKi_W8 &feature=r elated 7. Legs and Abs 1 Set of Inner Thigh Barre (pg 5) 50 Frog Scissors 40, lay on side, oblique leg lifts 80 Hip Lifts for Lower Abs (each leg) 1 Set Inner Thigh 80 Crunches 12 Burpees 40 Side Kicks (each leg) Add Weights When Possible! 80 Bicycles 1 Set of Inner Thigh Barre 50 Squats 50 Reverse V-ups 8. Ab Challenge 25 Reps of Each Lower Ab Hip Lifts In n Outs V-upsBicycles Sit up Ground Touches Reverse Bicycles Crunchy Frog Wide Leg Sit Up 9. Thigh Slimming Seventeen Magazine 10. Beyonces Butt Workout Seventeen Magazine 11. 1000 Calorie Burn1 2345 67 Jumping Jacks: 60 60 60 50 60 60 50Crunches: 50 40 50 40 40 50 40Squats: 20 30 30 30 30 35 35Push-Ups: 15 15 10 15 20 15 10 12. 6 Move, No Equip, Cross Fit.Pick OneTotal TimeDo 10 reps of each exercise, moving from one to thenext without resting. Complete as many rounds as possible in 15minutes.EXERCISE ORDER: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6Total CountdownComplete 60 reps of the first move, 50 of thesecond, 40 of the third, and so on, until youve worked down to 10reps of the last exercise.EXERCISE ORDER: 2, 1, 6, 5, 4, 3Total RepsComplete as many reps as you can of each move in oneminute each, moving from one exercise to the next withoutstopping. Rest one minute, then repeat the entire sequence twomore times. Keep track of your total rep count (e.g., if you finish 20lunge hops, start counting pushups at 21). Try to beat your grandtotal next time.EXERCISE ORDER: 5, 6, 2, 3, 1, 4 13. 10 Minute Hips, HipsStanding Side Kick Away! Side Jump Standing with hands on hips, hop 3 feet to your left,With feet hip-width apart and hands on hips,slowly extend right leg to the side at hip height in 3 landing on your left foot with left knee slightly bent.full counts. Bring your right foot down to the floor. Repeat to the right and continue alternating for a totalBe sure to keep inner thigh parallel to the floor. of 15 on each sideHold for 1 count, then take 3 counts to lower tofloor. Traveling Squat-Kick Stand with hands on hips and kick your right leg in anDo 15 times, then switch sides.arc across the front of your body before bringing your foot to the floor in a squat.Hip RaiseStep your left foot next to the right and come to aLie faceup with knees bent and feet flat on thestand.floor. Do 15 times, then switch sides.Slowly lift hips and extend left leg, pointing toestoward the wall in front of you.Leg RaiseHold for 1 count, then move your left leg out toGet on all fours, weight evenly balanced between your handsyour left side at 90 degrees. and knees.Hold for 1 count and return to center beforeLift your left leg out to the side, keeping knee bent 90 degreesand inner thigh facing the floor.lowering.Quickly kick your leg diagonally behind you, bringing your heelDo 10 times; switch sides.toward the ceiling.Return your left knee to the floor and do 10 times; switch sides. 14. Jillian Michaels YogaShred Video 15. Yoga Sequences Poses for back pain Good Morning Yoga Sequence Hip Work for a Balanced Back Yoga for Abs Full Yoga Class 80 Min Core/Hip Yoga/Pilates Class 20 min Yoga Pilates Fusion Lvl 2 50 min