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Tragedy Bed best when viewed on desktop better viewed landscape when on mobile cothurnus, tragedy Conthurnus - The World 14 kingdoms exist. Adýnatos Aferenzai Atlas Estival Gracidel Laevis Lyristis Nimiety Paraesthesia Paragon Syncera Thera Thuban Yarrow Each kingdom has a patron god. Monsters have taken over territories, leaving neutral ground. Uncharted territories exist. Monsters live in this area. The world is not flat. It is spherical. s e c t i o n s 1 Conthurnus - World 1. Adýnatos 2. Aferenzai 3. Atlas 4. Estival 5. Gracidel 6. Laevis 7. Lyristis 8. Nimiety 9. Paraesthesia 10. Paragon 11. Syncera 12. Thera 13. Thuban 14. Yarrow Divinity Hierarchy Magic Economy Military Species Humans Fae Merians Dreigons Ferals Elves Dwarves Deimons Gyants Sproutlings Lore 1 Clicking on the titles in ‘Sections’ will bring you to said section in view mode

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Tragedy Bed

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cothurnus, tragedy 

Conthurnus - The World 

○ 14 kingdoms exist. ✘ Adýnatos ✘ Aferenzai ✘ Atlas ✘ Estival ✘ Gracidel ✘ Laevis ✘ Lyristis ✘ Nimiety ✘ Paraesthesia ✘ Paragon ✘ Syncera ✘ Thera ✘ Thuban ✘ Yarrow

○ Each kingdom has a patron god. ○ Monsters have taken over territories, leaving neutral

ground. ○ Uncharted territories exist. Monsters live in this area. ○ The world is not flat. It is spherical.

sections 1

○ Conthurnus - World 1. Adýnatos 2. Aferenzai 3. Atlas 4. Estival 5. Gracidel 6. Laevis 7.  Lyristis 8. Nimiety 9. Paraesthesia 10. Paragon 11. Syncera 12. Thera 13. Thuban  14. Yarrow

○ Divinity ○ Hierarchy ○ Magic ○ Economy ○ Military ○ Species

⚝ Humans ⚝ Fae ⚝ Merians ⚝ Dreigons ⚝ Ferals ⚝ Elves ⚝ Dwarves ⚝ Deimons ⚝ Gyants ⚝ Sproutlings

○ Lore

1 Clicking on the titles in ‘Sections’ will bring you to said section in view mode


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○ The royal families have a contract with the patron god.

○ Rule is not legitimate without the god’s approval. ○ Without approval, the god can destroy or abandon

the kingdom as they please. ○ Should a kingdom be conquered, the former patron

god ceases to exist. ○ Reviving the fallen deity is possible, requiring you

to: Travel to their sacred grounds Perform the Approval Ritual


○ People with magic are usually higher in the social pyramid, but for those who have an affinity for 1 or none are usually lower.

○ The only way for a magicless people to be not looked down upon is to be an established warrior in reputation or army or to simply hide that fact, but prejudice isn’t easily washed away.

○ The social hierarchy for each kingdom is different regarding species (ex. Humans on top of the social pyramid in Aferenzai.).


○ There are 11 basic elements in the world ✘ Fire: - Any magic that utilizes fire. ✘ Water: - Any magic that utilizes water including ice. ✘ Wind: - Any magic that utilizes wind. ✘ Earth: - Any magic that utilizes earth including metals and

minerals. ✘ Lightning: - Any magic that utilizes lightning. ✘ Light: - Any magic that utilizes light. ( Protection against others

with barriers, benevolence, reflection. ) ✘ Darkness: - Any magic that utilizes darkness including curses

and illusions. ( Manipulating someone against their own will also counts. )

✘ Life: - Any magic that utilizes life such as augmentation, healing, shapeshifting, the use of nature ( plants and animals), and allowing inanimate objects to move.

✘ Sound: - Any magic that utilizes sound. ✘ Summoning: - Any magic that summons an entity. ✘ Special: - Any magic that doesn’t fall any of the elements

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above. This also includes magic that is over physics and laws of the world such as gravity, time, and space.

○ The average person has an affinity for at least 2 elements.

○ A person can have affinity for a maximum of 6 elements.

○ It becomes increasingly rarer to have more than 2 affinities.

○ Having six affinities is exceedingly rare, even more rare than having a Special element. It’s nearly impossible to have six affinities.

○ Affinity only dictates an individual’s mastery and efficiency over an element. It is harder for an individual to perform an element they do not have an affinity for.

○ Some magic can be a combination of 2 or more elements.

○ Special is a very rare element, not very many have an affinity for it.

○ Affinity is something everyone is usually born with. It is possible for someone to be born with an affinity for 1 or none affinity or to have 2 or more affinity.

○ Affinity doesn’t affect an individual’s genetics and there’s a slim chance for affinity to be passed down from the parents.

○ The environment you live in can factor the type of affinity you’ll have, but it’s not always the case. (ie: some people can have a water affinity in a volcanic kingdom.)

○ Yarrow has developed a drug that can grant temporary affinities. Duration of the effect depends on the amount taken, but it usually comes with the side-effect of intense pain and could possibly lead to death.


⚙ Currency ✘ 200 bronze = 1 silver ✘ 100 silver = 1 gold ✘ 50 gold = 1 sacred gold

1. Gracidel ○ Known to be the richest country purely from trading.

They trade worldwide with a majority of the countries and could easily lead a country to bankruptcy if they cut off ties from Gracidel. They are a power to be

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feared when it comes to money. 2. Aferenzai

○ Being the largest Kingdom in Conthurnus you can expect that they needed quite the amount of funds. With their numerous connections for trading and their high taxes ( though somewhat differs with each city ) the country has steadily grown in wealth.

3. Atlas ○ Though only trading with Gracidel they have still

grown quite rich. The two Kingdoms have frequently traded with each other and with the frequency of their trading it’s no surprise how much profits they have made.

4. Lyristis ○ Lyristis, known as Mother of Literature, is what we

would call a Renaissance country. The country where paper was discovered, the birthplace of new music, literature, and arts, and the place where the printing press was invented. This enabled their new ideas to spread throughout the world quicker than before. With traders wishing to purchase their books, paper, art, and etc. it’s no surprise how quickly their economy grew.

5. Thera ○ It’s more or less known as the Blacksmith Country.

It’s the Kingdom where a majority of the other Kingdoms know the strength of the weapons they’ve created. With a majority of the kingdoms wishing to have a strong army with equally strong weapons, Thera is the place they will go to.

6. Syncera ○ Though only being on Conthurnus for 100 years, they

are quickly growing in their economy. For trading they are known for oils, natural resources, spices, and their main export, aquatic animals. Though not wealthy as some other kingdoms they are still able to make an admirable profit.

7. Paragon ○ The land where the jewels glow and the coins of their

trading patterns roll in. The ores and minerals that are produced are used in different ways, depending on which country they trade it off to. For example, Estival would use the ores for making things such as jewelry, while countries such as Gracidel could be using it to trade the minerals & ores to other countries.

8. Adýnatos ○ Adýnatos is a new country that recently gained its

independence from Aferenzai. With it being the newest country it’s no surprise that it isn’t known world wide yet. Only Gracidel are aware of the potential of the products the Kingdom is singing.

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Magic infused weapons is a product to behold, and Gracidel is willing to pay for it.

9. Thuban ○ Nicknamed to be, “The Land of Milk & Honey” this

land is known for their phenomenal food and as well as their textile products. With the stylish, functional, and comfy clothes plus the food that will make you feel like you’re back in the Garden of Eden it’s no surprise how many countries would want a piece of their amazing products.

10. Estival ○ Known to have the best parties in the land and also

known to be slackers, this still doesn’t mean they aren’t making a profit. With their people mindlessly buying things in the city and the recent development of gunpowder powering their fireworks, they still do make quite the profit. Unfortunately, it isn’t as high as it once was.

11. Yarrow ○ Ah, Yarrow, the Kingdom that has 2 sides of the

same coin. One side shows the development of drugs and the other shows the development of medicine. Both sell quite well, but with the civil war occurring in the Kingdom, both products aren’t made as well as they could be.

12. Nimiety ○ Though they have bountiful land to trade, they seem

to have a horrible government that seems to constantly create horrible economic decisions. At least they have strong warriors I suppose?

13. Paraesthesia ○ To be blunt, this country focuses more on military

strength to conquer other lands than their economic strength.

14. Laevis ○ Laevis land is barren and can barely maintain any life.

Unfortunately the patron god didn’t seem to take their side, leaving them with close to nothing to trade.

Military Rankings

1. Aferenzai ○ I mean, is this really a surprise? They have the largest

Kingdom in the World, of course they would have a powerful military. Of course this isn’t saying they didn’t use any underhanded tactics to gain that land.

2. Atlas ○ With the amount of research they do, they need

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something powerful to protect their precious information. Hence why they built their powerful underwater armada to defend against enemies. It’s unwise to fight them underwater.

3. Paraesthesia ○ The country that basically hates everyone and wants

to conquer everyone. It only makes sense they majorly focus on their military strength. That’s most likely why their children are sent to a school where all they learn are battle tactics and just being part of the army in general.

4. Gracidel ○ You don’t expect them to do all that trading and not

having an army to make sure none of their trading deals go awry do you? Gracidel takes precautions to make sure none of their precious cargo is damaged. If you happen to damage it… Be careful. They have more than their army on their side.

5. Thera ○ They’re a country that specializes in creating

weapons, did you think their military forces would be weak? Though they don’t show off their army all that much, they are still a formidable force. After all, many of the blacksmiths in that country are also warriors.

6. Lyristis ○ They aren’t the type to do fighting but if pushed, they

will cut someone up. Though the Kingdom’s army isn’t known for their brute strength like other Kingdoms. Their army dons the talent of magic and uses it to the full extent. Many fear the magic that is used in the army, as it can be used to the limit of the caster’s imagination.

7. Syncera ○ The port Kingdom that has one of the strongest navy

fleets ( except for Atlas ), but unfortunately with it being a new country it isn’t as strong as some of the other countries. Keep an eye on it, because it might attack you when you least expect it.

8. Adýnatos ○ Like Syncera, they are strong, but unfortunately, their

army isn’t what you would call large. Though they have powerful weapons they don’t quite have their military organized quite yet.

9. Paragon ○ Though they have strong workers, nobody was really

trained to be in the military, but with the strength gained from working it would be no surprise if they could beat an army just by brute force.

10. Nimiety ○ Though their Economy is more or less horrible, the

Kingdom’s warriors are quite strong. Unfortunately their numbers aren’t the largest and the army itself

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isn’t what one would call united. 11. Yarrow

○ It’s a place filled with either doctors, or druggies. What were you expecting? Though I won’t say they’re completely defenseless. The Kingdom could easily create a gas to poison their enemies and render them to a writhing pathetic piece of meat.

12. Thuban ○ This is the land where they could probably poison

their food to get rid of their enemies, but then again, who would accept food from the enemy? Then again, it’s Thuban’s food.

13. Estival

○ This is the country that never fights wars. They’re strictly a party country, but then again; this is the case when the the new ruler was appointed. Before the new ruler was appointed, Estival actually had quite the strong army. Unfortunately, since the new King was appointed the army slowly started to fall apart.

14. Laevis ○ The people living in these lands are barely hanging

on. They live in a barren land and many of the citizens in Laevis are malnourished and are near to dying. It is really no surprise that they are one of the weakest.


❏ Government: Democracy ❏ Demonym: Adyn /ă∙dĭn/ ❏ Notable Laws:

○ Strict to no immigration of people from Paraesthesia ○ Strict punishment and laws for trade of weapons

❏ Main Exports: magic infused weapons ( ❝ Synergy ❞ ) ❏ Internal Conflicts: security issues, goods are smuggled out of

the kingdom ❏ Relations:

○ Gracidel, Nimiety - trade ○ Aferenzai - mother kingdom, broke off, prejudice against

❏ Adýnatos is a small nation, having gained independence from Aferenzai. It is mostly known for its magic infused weapons, which are seen as taboo. The main reason it hasn’t been destroyed is due to it’s new technology. It allows those without a certain affinity to perform the magic much easier. When Adýnatos rebelled, Aferenzai did not put much of a fight and simply allowed them to gain their independence as Adýnatos is located next to a monster region and acts as the buffer zone between Paraesthesia and Aferenzai. Aferenzai believes Adýnatos will be shortly

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conquered by Paraesthesia.


❏ Government: [Weak] Feudal Monarchy ❏ Demonym: Aferenzian /ă∙fәr∙ĕn∙zē∙әn/ ❏ Notable Laws:

○ Restriction of trade and immigration with Paraesthesia and Laevis

○ Slaves cannot gain freedom ○ Humans are not allowed to intermix with other species

❏ Main Exports: variety ❏ Internal Conflicts: monsters invading the northern coastline,

nobles becoming power-hungry, famine, unrest within people, Syncera and Paraesthesia invading, Adýnatos gaining their independence, conquered tribes rebelling, royal authority is weakening, human bigotry

❏ Relations: ○ Adýnatos - child kingdom, disowned ○ Estival, Gracidel, Lyristis, Paragon, Thera, Yarrow- trade ○ Paraesthesia - enemies at war ○ Syncera - somewhat at war ○ Thuban - attempting to conquer

❏ Aferenzai is a strictly human ruled empire and the largest nation out there. It’s not very friendly with other species, but a slight percentage of the population tolerates them. Aferenzai has the strongest military, but has a weakening monarchy. Multiple parties are vying for the throne, but only the ruler’s twelve children are the actual candidates. But of course, those of the king’s court also want the position. Has been at war with Paraesthesia for a long time. Aferenzai’s government consist of a king in power with five high-ranking nobles in court that helps him rule along with lower nobles that holds lower political positions to help the king’s rule over such a huge land (Aferenzai).


❏ Government: Oligarchy ❏ Demonym: Atlish /ăt∙lĭsh/ ❏ Notable Laws:

○ Restrictions on trade outside of Gracidel ○ Restrictions on exchange of informations ○ All citizens must be employed ( ages five to ninety )

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❏ Main Exports: advanced technology ❏ Internal Conflicts: water pollution, overworked population ❏ Relations:

○ Gracidel - exclusively trades ❏ Atlas is a secretive underwater kingdom, blocked off to everyone

except Gracidel. The secret to entering the kingdom is only known to the ruling court of Gracidel. It is the most advanced civilization, even having a calendar. Although underwater, the water is polluted from technology. They are also known to have one of the most excellent schooling systems in the regions and have brought up child prodigies. It is unknown to why Atlas only trades with Gracidel but there is a legend that a tragedy occurred causing them only to trust Gracidel in trading.


❏ Government: Monarchy ❏ Demonym: Estiv /ĕs∙tĭv/ ❏ Notable Laws:

○ Anything against the monarchy is considered treason ○ Prostitution is legal ○ Alcohol is legal for all ages

❏ Main Exports: gunpowder, alcoholic beverages, fruit, jewelries

❏ Internal Conflicts: believes child ruler is unfit, prostitution, kidnapped for slavery

❏ Relations: ○ Aferenzai, Lyristis, Syncera, Thuban, Yarrow - trade

❏ Estival is the carefree nation, having most of the calendar filled with festivals. The weather is nice year round, as the patron god has control over such. Despite all this, Estival is not an agricultural country. It is well known for its beverages and pyrotechnic displays. The ruler happens to be a child, of all things. Most of the population is drunk or high all the time making them vulnerable to trafficking.


❏ Government: Plutocracy ❏ Demonym: Gracidelien /grā∙sĭ∙dĕl∙ē∙әn/ ❏ Notable Laws:

○ Restriction of trade with Laevis and Paraesthesia ○ Exclusive trade with Atlas ○ Slaves cannot gain their freedom

❏ Main Exports: nearly everything ❏ Internal Conflicts: slave riots, huge gap between the rich and

the poor

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❏ Relations: ○ Almost Everyone - trades, economic support ○ Laevis, Paraesthesia - no trade

❏ Gracidel is the richest kingdom there is, and is important to almost the rest of Conthurnus. With its position, it can easily win any bargain over. Such an incident happened when the Atlish calendar was made, as Gracidel pressured the kingdom to release it to the world. Since Gracidel introduced the calendar, it is instead called the Gracidelien Calendar. Gracidel isn’t necessarily an ally with other kingdoms, but more of a trading partner; however, it will be unwise to cross swords with Gracidel as Gracidel can easily destroy a kingdom’s economy. Known as the Kingdom of Trade it’s quite easy to grow in wealth in the kingdom as long as one can sell their products. Their motto is “Everybody is equal as long as you have money!” Unfortunately this is the hard cold truth. Despite the paradise-like image they’ve crafted themselves to appear as underneath the mask you see what happens to those who bear no money of any kind. There’s a reason slave riots are a problem in their city, yet nobody from the outside truly knows.


❏ Government: Absolute Monarchy ❏ Demonym: Laevin /lā∙vәn/ ❏ Notable Laws:

○ No consorting with Lyristis ○ No exiting the country ○ Restricted trade and immigration with Lyristis

❏ Main Exports: nothing sadly ❏ Internal Conflicts: unable to grow anything, poor economy,

terrible conditions, anti-immigration, some wants to reunite with Lyristis,

❏ Relations: ○ Aferenzai - somewhat at war ○ Lyristis - country at war/fighting with divorced wife ○ Paraesthesia - funding with weapons

❏ Known as the Father of Burdens, Laevis is faced with the worst luck. Barren land, poor economy, unsustainable resources, and malnourished population plagues the whole kingdom. Laevis struggles to live, relying mainly on the little portion of the lake and their water boundaries to thrive, but it’s not enough to sustain the kingdom as even the royal family experiences starvation. Death rates are high, not to mention the countless failed campaigns to conquer a river (for agriculture) from Lyristis which they have been waging war against for a long time. Their only source of help is from Paraesthesia whom provides them Theran weapons, but even Paraesthesia cannot be trusted. Laevis also has strict

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laws regarding immigration as no one is allowed to leave the kingdom ever and is punishable by death to those who breaks the law.


❏ Government: Monarchy ❏ Demonym: Lyrs /lәrs/ ❏ Notable Laws:

○ No consorting with Laevis ○ Restricted trade and immigration with Laevis ○ Only women can hold a seat of political power

❏ Main Exports: paper, literature, art, agriculture, meat ❏ Internal Conflicts: movement for men to be in same social

standing as women, some wants to reunite with Laevis, shortage of trees

❏ Relations: ○ Laevis - at war/divorced husband problems ○ Aferenzai, Estival, Gracidel, Syncera, Yarrow - trade ○ Thuban - competing for natural resources

❏ Lyristis is the Mother of Literature, being the source of paper and writing with the nearby trees. Having split from Laevis, it received the better end of the stick, and prospers with development. Its influence has spread to Yarrow, Estival, and Thuban, bringing writing and language to the area. It is a very matriarchal society, having been founded by the former queen of Laevis. As such men have been struggling for a better social standing here.


❏ Government: Corrupted Democracy ❏ Demonym: Nimish /nĭ∙mĭsh/ ❏ Notable Laws:

○ No trade with Paraesthesia ○ Restricted trade, immigration and traffic from Paraesthesia

❏ Main Exports: spices, exotic fruits, dye ❏ Internal Conflicts: weak and corrupt government, poor

economic decisions ❏ Relations:

○ Adýnatos, Gracidel - trade ○ Paraesthesia - unfriendly

❏ Nimiety is the smallest kingdom there is with only four main islands. They are quite well-known for their exotic goods, but it is extremely difficult to trade with Nimiety due to their geographical location. Paraesthesia blocks their western coast and Gracidel and Atlas blocks their eastern coast, leaving Nimiety to only be able to trade with Gracidel and Adýnatos. Although they could make a huge amount of profits with trade from those two kingdom, Nimiety’s government is

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corrupt, unstable, and makes poor economic decisions. Despite the corrupt government and poor economy, plenty of strong warriors are born from this kingdom.


❏ Government: Dictatorship ❏ Demonym: Paraesthesian /pĕrәs∙thē∙sē∙әn/ ❏ Notable Laws:

○ No trade, traffic, soliciting or immigration from Aferenzai. ○ Restricted trading and immigration with anyone but

Laevis. ( secretly Thera ) ○ Slaves cannot gain freedom ○ Conquered people must integrate into Paraesthesia and

swear allegiance on the threat of death. ❏ Main Exports: no trade ❏ Internal Conflicts: genocide, isolated, very aggressive, don’t

want to be friends, they want to be your leader (mean girls 3), persecute other species

❏ Relations: ○ Aferenzai - w a r . ○ Laevis - funding them weapons, plans to conquer after

they conquer for them ○ Thera - weapons source (secretly) ○ Everyone Else - war.

❏ Paraesthesia, the kingdom that hates the world and wants to conquer the whole world. The kingdom has been waging a war against Aferenzai for a long time, invading often past the mountain ranges, but Aferenzai has been able to defend their borders. Paraesthesia is currently ruled by a female dictator, ushering a harsher military rule and promoting their species as superior than everyone else and began to perform genocides (killing off other cultures in Paraesthesia). Paraesthesia is known for having one of the strongest military as children are immediately sent to military school from the age of five. Aggressive, ruthless, and unruly type of society, hundreds of creatures are dying each day in Paraesthesia. Paraesthesia is closed off from the rest of the world and does not participate in any form of trade (however, Thera secretly sells them weapons) and has a harsh, strict rule over matters of immigration. They fund Laevis some Theran weapons for Laevis to conquer land for them and then conquer Laevis after Laevis has conquered their continent.


❏ Government: Oligarchy ❏ Demonym: Aragonese /әrĕ∙gŭ∙nēz/ 

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❏ Notable Laws: ○ No mining without authorization and license ○ Slaves cannot gain freedom.

❏ Main Exports: ores, gems, minerals, gold, silver, slaves ❏ Internal Conflicts: part of slave trade, running out of minerals,

harsh conditions for labor, huge social gap between rich and poor

❏ Relations: ○ Aferenzai, Estival, Gracidel, Thera, Thuban - trade

❏ Paragon, the kingdom of sparkling ores and minerals. Thanks to Paragon’s rich natural resources of stones, Paragon was able to quickly rise in the economy even though the northern area of Paragon is covered in ice. The majority of Paragon’s population are mining these minerals and although Paragon isn’t known for their military strength, the bodies of these people are sturdy and accustomed to harsh labor and could easily overwhelm with brute strength alone.


❏ Government: Republic ❏ Demonym: Synceran /sĭn∙cĕrәn/ ❏ Notable Laws:

○ No unauthorized fishing (for danger of overfishing) ○ Prostitution and slavery are illegal ○ Recreational drug using is illegal.

❏ Main Exports: fish, oil, natural resources, aquatic food, spices ❏ Internal Conflicts: corrupt politicians, prostitution, slavery,

black market, smuggled drugs. ❏ Relations:

○ Aferenzai - invading parts of it ○ Estival, Gracidel, Lyristis, Thera, Thuban, Yarrow - trade

❏ Syncera is a relatively new kingdom with 100 years on it’s back, starting as an island that gained its independence from Aferenzai. Syncera then began to immerse in trade, becoming a Port Kingdom known for their fish, spices, and aquatic goods and began to invest in their military, developing one of the strongest navy fleet thanks to Theran technology. As Syncera grows, they begin to expand west into Aferenzai’s coastline, proving to be a major ordeal for Aferenzai since Syncera blocks off most of Aferenzai’s viable trade network for the western half hemisphere. Syncera believes in a social equality for all species, not only offering rights to humans, but to all species as well. Syncera is said to be the next Kingdom of Trade after Gracidel.


❏ Government: Stratocracy

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❏ Demonym: Theran /thәrәn/ ❏ Notable Laws:

○ Volcanoes are not used for any religious purposes or a tool to commit homicide.

○ It is illegal to dispose of waste in the volcanoes ○ Slaves can gain freedom by being recognized by the

government or their owners through working a certain amount of years.

❏ Main Exports: best weapons, obsidian, architecture, tools, slaves

❏ Internal Conflicts: decreasing population, rich and poor gap, volcanic fumes affecting them, part of slave trade

❏ Relations: ○ Aferenzai, Estival, Gracidel, Paragon, Thuban

Yarrow - trade ○ Paraesthesia - secretly selling them weapons

❏ Thera, the Blacksmith Kingdom, heavily known for their volcanic land, obsidians, and the creation of weapons and architecture. It is without a doubt that the best weapons are created in Thera as other kingdoms were able to strengthen their military strength immensely from these weapons alone. Volcanoes are an important aspect of Thera’s land and are revered by its people. Thera isn’t known to be aggressive, but not a good idea to give them an incentive to call their army as Thera is known for their formidable warriors.


❏ Government: Oligarchy ❏ Demonym: Thuban /thoo̅∙̅bǝn/ ❏ Notable Laws:

○ Restricted trade with Aferenzai ○ Restricted trade and immigration with Laevis ○ Slaves cannot gain freedom, but it is illegal to abuse or kill slaves.

It is mandatory to provide a healthy and safe workspace. ❏ Main Exports: food products, textiles, clothing, cotton, dyes,

agriculture, ❏ Internal Conflicts: gradually being invaded by Aferenzai, weakening

government, slowly falling behind in competition with Lyristis, Aferenzai, Gracidel, and Syncera, part of slave trade

❏ Relations: ○ Aferenzai - unfriendly ○ Estival, Gracidel, Thera, Yarrow - trade ○ Lyristis - Competing for natural resources

❏ Thuban, a kingdom known for their delicious food and beautiful textile products. However, Thuban’s government is growing weaker and competition for trade increases especially with Lyristis new inventions that outcompetes Thuban’s agriculture. Aferenzai is also attempting to conquer Thuban for resources and trade which Thuban attempts to restrict trade with Aferenzai, but the majority of merchants still trades

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with Aferenzai as the trade easily brings profit. Not only that, not trading with an Aferenzian can be considered a declaration of war.


❏ Government: Aristocracy ❏ Demonym: Yarran /yǝrǝn/ ❏ Notable Laws:

○ Recreational drug use is illegal. ○ Ill talk of the government is prohibited.

❏ Main Exports: medicine, drugs ❏ Internal Conflicts: civil war between Northern Yarrow and

Southern Yarrow, victim of the slave trade, druggie population

❏ Relations: ○ Aferenzai, Estival, Lyristis, Syncera, Thera,

Thuban - trade ❏ Yarrow, a kingdom currently undergoing through its bloodiest event

with the Yarrow Civil War. Yarrow is a kingdom known for their drugs especially in Northern Yarrow, an area influenced by Estival and Thera while Southern Yarrow, that used to be known for exceptional medicine and amazing healthcare that has downgraded due to the war, is more so influenced by Thuban and Lyristis. Due to the differing influences, Southern Yarrow became more wealthy while Northern Yarrow is overrun by drugs causing Southern Yarrow to want to break away. This begins the bloodiest civil war in Yarrow’s history as people are being killed left and right. This leaves Yarrow in a vulnerable position for trafficking and prostitution.


❥ Humans ○ The most populous species of them all. Humans

can master magic and their affinity, but it’s much more rare compared to the rest of the species. Humans are mostly found in Aferenzai, but being the most populous, humans are found almost anywhere but Paraesthesia, where they are persecuted and slaughtered, and Laevis, where the harsh conditions disable any hope of human survival. Although mortal, humans match up to the other species, making up with their determination and ingenuity.

❥ Fae ○ Fae are known to be mischievous creatures, no

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matter what side they fall. They can be noted by their pointed ears and markings on their bodies. Fae are much more colorful, having many, many different colors of skin and hair. The Fae are usually split into two groups: the Seelie and the Unseelie. Both have a similar hierarchy with one court in an area, complete with a king and queen. The Seelie Court is generally benevolent, pulling harmless pranks, and are much more willing to help than their counterpart. The Seelie Faes are known to be unable to lie, but are masters of mind games and can twist the truth to be completely different. They generally are lighter skinned, and the most common affinity is for light and/or earth. Unseelie Faes are another story. The Unseelie Fae are wild and carefree, and much more darker in nature. They are more malicious in pranking, and find joy in destruction. Although Unseelie Fae are dangerous, they aren’t necessarily innately evil. The Unseelie Faes are much less likely to listen to their queen and king. When the Unseelie Fae are unhappy with their rulers, they are known to consume their rulers alive on the grounds that the rulers serve them, and thus, must give up every essence of themselves. The Unseelie Fae have a generally darker color palette and have different markings than Seelie Fae, with a more common affinity for darkness and earth. The Unseelie and Seelie Faes have a cautious truce at best, and a hostility at worst.

❥ Merians ○ Merians are underwater creatures that are half

human. Instead of legs, however, their bottom half are partially an aquatic creatures. There are many kinds of Merians. shrimp Merian, fish Merian, shark Merian, jellyfish Merian, and much, much more. Merians have gills to breathe underwater, as well as lungs to breathe in oxygen. Merians are by far the most adaptable race, with the ability to live underwater and breathe out of water. There are also many categories of Merians. There are Selkies, which are traditionally seals, but in more modern times, Selkies may be a variety, such as eels or octopi. Selkies are able to shed their tails and lay them aside to take on legs to walk on land. However, they cannot return to water without their tails, so to imprison a Selkie on land, you simply take their tails. Unlike other Merians, Selkies don’t

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necessarily need water to survive when they have legs, but they feel a need to return, as the ocean calls to them. There are also Sirens, which are Merians that have a hypnotizing voice. They are able to lure both men and women to their death, and drown them. Sirens tend to live longer than any other Merian, because they absorb the life of the ones they kill, adding years and youth to their own. There are more common Merians, who can shed their tails, and go on land, but they will die if they go three days without water, and a month without their tails. The water affinity is extraordinarily common with Merians, and even those unlucky enough not to have that affinity develop a comfort with water due to their lifestyles. Merians live almost exclusively in Atlas, making their species very mysterious and largely unknown due to their isolationist policy. Merians are often beautiful people with iridescent scales and stunning tails. Because of the beauty of their tails and scales, historically, Merians have been hunted and killed for their scales and tails, and are still hunted by other kingdoms but Gracidel. Merians also have a soul pearl, which holds their soul. If one comes in possession of a Merian’s pearl, the Merian will be enslaved to the owner until they release the Merian and return the pearl.

❥ Dreigons ○ Dreigons are one of the more rare species.

Powerful, and with a lengthened lifespan, they are found either in small groups or on their own. Dreigons are beasts of the air and land, with a hard armor made of scales. Their height ranges from a few inches, to many kilometers tall, and they often have varying colors and appearances. Some are winged, some are not. Some are spiked, some are not. Dreigons have a draconian, creature form and a human form. As humans, Dreigons tend to be around 6 feet tall, reaching heights similar to elves, but have strong features compared to the lithe and delicate beauty of elves. Dreigons are known to hoard things and protect their hoard with their lives. There have been many myths about a Dreigon’s hoard, but not many have been lucky enough to return from the mission of scouting out a Dreigon’s hoard. Dreigons are fiercely protective of their young, since it is hard to conceive and give birth to further their species. Dreigons are more likely to be fierce and controlling in personality, so there

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may be hostility between Dreigons. Dreigons have a very strong bond with their affinity and their magic is something truly to be feared. Dreigons can be killed through chinks in their armor, so they tend to try and fortify themselves. Their underbelly is commonly the weak point, but not always. Dreigons can also be felled by strong, strong magic spells, but often, Dreigons are near impossible to take down with only a few people. Dreigons can either be malicious or benevolent, but almost always are driven by their greed to expand their hoard. Dreigons can be found wherever their element is found. The affinity for Dreigons are more commonly darkness or fire, but other element affinities are completely within reason and are also common. According to myths that circulate among other species, Dreigons are the servants for gods.

❥ Ferals ○ Ferals are humanoid creatures with animalistic

features. Most naturally have the ability to shift into their animal form. Ferals are split into multiple tribes, which are named after the beast constellations. They are very spread out, having a tribe in almost every nation. It is not uncommon to see one tribe preying on another tribe. Physical traits and strength vary depending on the animal species, but they are slightly stronger than humans. The Phoenix Tribe seems to be at heads with Dreigons constantly, and the bats of the Apus Tribe don’t get along with the Lupus Tribe. Ferals are prone to an animalistic urge, and even when they look humanoid, Ferals tend to carry around some of their animal traits. The politics of the tribes are convoluted and nearly impossible for an outsider to understand. They have a more savage connotation, when in actuality, they have a very orderly system, and their life is quite freeing. The Ferals do not have one most common affinity, and each affinity can be found equally.

❥ Elves ○ Elves are the most beautiful and graceful of all

species. They are immediately known for their stunning looks and ethereal fluidity, as well as their pointed ears. Elves are noted as well for their intelligence and appreciation for beauty. Though most wouldn’t have guessed it, many

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elves have dedicated their lives to Blacksmithing. Weapons created by Elves have been said to look like art instead of an instrument of murder. Most believe elves to be immortal but in reality they just have a much longer lifespan, and it is speculated that the glow elves seem to emit is from the life they have an abundance for. However, elves are also the most bitter and arrogant of all species, often turning their noses at their fair folk counterpart, the fae. Elves are noted to be especially malicious and have little regard for life, thanks to their longevity. Elves are usually extraordinarily beautiful in nature, to the point where members of the other species are unappealing. They, like Fae, have skin colors that come in a variety of colors other than the human skin colors. Their height is always above six feet tall. It’s said that elves are one of the most tragic; they fall in love, only to outlive those they hold dear and grow jaded. However, elves can die in battle and violently. They make up the majority of Laevis & Thera, and are extremely bitter to the fae-dominated Lyristis. They can usually be found in other countries, but in a much sparse concentration. The affinity for elements are well divided amongst the elves. There is much prejudice of elves in Lyristis and even negative stereotypes which mock them as shallow and petty, when elves are much more than their looks and their grief.

❥ Dwarves ○ Dwarves are usually shorter than five feet tall. Traditionally,

Dwarves have full beards, with handmade beads and special carvings, but the species are getting progressively more modern, and some are even boasting of short, trimmed beards and nice facial hair. In place of full beards, Dwarves will usually have beards cut in fascinating designs. But this species is one of creativity and passion. They are short, but built like a wall, with strong features, and broad shoulders. The women are more strong and more handsome then they are beautiful and delicate. In comparison, Dwarves are one of the most resilient species, with a naturally thicker skin and protection against heat. Their values tend to be felt more strongly and passionately, and Dwarves are a species that takes pride in their rich history and their identity. Unlike other species, however, Dwarves tend to be less judgmental and exclusive, often trying not to judge their culture. But at the same time, Dwarves don’t like to mix culture, and may jealously guard the secrets to the species. Family means everything to

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Dwarves, blood or not, and the strongest ties can be found with Dwarves, who would go into battle and die with each other. The most common affinity is either fire or earth, but more affinities can be found, although most dwarves will at least have one affinity that is either fire or earth. They can be found in Paragon, where Dwarves are the ruling class, or in Thera, in a Gyant-ruled society. Dwarves are built for a variety of hard tasks, and can get the job done. Some may be blacksmiths, but surprisingly, that job is mostly dominated by Elves. Dwarves and Gyants are very friendly with each other, and often are able to live together for centuries in peace.

❥ Deimons ○ Deimons are creatures that are masters of lie and trickery.

Unlike Fae however, Deimons are usually genuinely malicious, even compared to Unseelie Fae. They appear human with a few discrepancies, such as another pair of eyes, a forked tail or dark wings, but they have a much more sinister true form. Their true form is something like an Eldritch horror with sharp teeth, glowing red eyes, and contorted bodies. While in their human form, Deimons may be from reasonably average in looks to blend in with the other species to stunning in order to draw in prey, but their true forms, while varying, is always enough to fuel one’s nightmares for lifetimes. Deimons never go by their real name, because a Deimon’s true name is the key to their twisted and mutilated soul. If you speak the true name of a Deimon, they will automatically be under your will. Deimons have varying lifespans, but they prey off other species, like Sirens, in order to keep on living. Deimons are very tricky, even to each other, so it is rare that there is a Deimon leader for very long, as Deimons are always trying to climb to power. The older one Deimon is, usually the stronger they are. Deimons are more vulnerable, but also more powerful in their true form. Forcing a Deimon into their true form can either be done by a strategic game of cat and mouse, since a Deimon will need to fill a need for more power in exchange for safety, or by using a Deimon’s real name to force them to their true forms. Deimons, obviously, more commonly have an affinity for darkness, but they also have an affinity for life. They are commonly found in Paraesthesia.

❥ Gyants ○ Gyants are the tallest of all species, even dwarfing Elves

and Dreigons. They are usually made of their respective elements, so seeing a blue Gyant who can dissolve into puddles, or a Gyant made of stone is very common. Gyants are a bit slow, but their physical strength is very formidable.

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Gyants have a negative connotation of being stupid and slow, but Gyants usually live longer, and are very wise. Gyants are a very proud species, and tend to be irritated at the very least and murderous at most when it comes to prejudice. Gyants are rumored to have walked Conthurnus since the beginning of time, and their species has lived on, and that Gyants have all the secrets, but it was lost to time. Gyants like to live a simple life, and are very peaceful creatures, unless you provoke one, which then, would not be so well for you. Gyants are just creatures, and friendly, seeing no need for needless violence. Although Gyants are peaceful creatures, they are also seasoned warriors, and are used to hard labor. They can make weapons with an expert eye. Gyants tend to be found with Dwarves in Paragon, where Dwarves rule, or Thera, where Gyants rule. Gyants and Dwarves have a very friendly relationship, and are able to live in peace for centuries. Gyants have no common affinity, as each element is pretty equally distributed.

❥ Sproutlings ○ Sproutlings are humanoid creatures that made of

plants. Quite simply, they are very varied and look very different, but they all are made of plants. They can go from very harmless to downright poisonous, depending on the Sproutling. Sproutlings, appearance wise, come in all shape, sizes and looks. All of them usually carry around some residue of their plants, whether it’s having a vine grow out and wrapped around your arm, or mushrooms growing from your head. Sproutlings can utilize their plants for warfare, such as spores or pollen, which again, depends on the plant. Sproutlings are usually very demure, but the environmental degradation that has been happening as industrialization happens have made them more aggressive and dangerous. Sproutlings call themselves “the Children of the Trees” and are the guardians of the land. All of the Sproutlings have one affinity for earth, with a few rare exceptions, that comes naturally due to the fact they are literally a plant. The next most common affinities are either water, life or light. Agriculture and plants tend to thrive with Sproutlings, but their refusal for chemical fertilizer and any other tool with plants other than rain and air have made them unpopular with agriculture export-oriented countries, who need to monetize agriculture, which Sproutlings are very against. Sproutlings see fertilizer and other means to help the plants grow as unnatural and an abomination.

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They have no need for physical food and their cells use photosynthesis to convert sunlight to glucose, which is their own food.


❥ In the beginning of time, there used to be one species, one magic, and one continent. However, there was one piece of land that had a strong affinity for all magic and was fought over a lot, but the goddess had enough. The goddess separated the land from the rest (the three islands above northern Aferenzai), creating a seemingly endless sea around it filled with monsters. As punishment, the goddess divided the lands, divided people into species, and everyone gets less affinity for the elements.

❥ It is said that past the water of Lorelei (the

unclaimed land of Lyristis), there lies a rogue god sleeping within the Ocean of Monsters. It is believed that the rogue god was a patron god of an ancient kingdom, but once it was conquered, the rogue god did not fade away but continued to exist. It is said to summon the rogue god, one must depart from the peak of Lorelei and travel into the Ocean of Monsters to perform the summoning ritual. This rogue god is said to be extremely powerful that it is the best choice to have as the patron god (but consequences may be included.)

❥ It is said in Aferenzai’s biggest desert, there is a

sacred treasure between the intersection of the mountains. They said the sacred treasure used to belong to an ancient tribe when the Aferenzai’s desert was under water and contains the secret to a new civilization. A secret that can propel a city to a whole new height.

❥ It is said that stars would always gather in the

center of Pyxis Auriga (the uncharted territory between Thera, Paragon, Thuban, and Aferenzai) and people reported seeing a strange light shining from here. Although the light cannot be seen any

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longer, it is said that people will occasionally catch a glimpse of what was once an ancient civilization. It is said that one can gain knowledge of the world after eating the sacred fruit.