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Wonders of the Web - Teaching with Technology - A look a few collaborative sites for the 21st Century Learners and Teachers


  • 1.Teaching with Technology Wonders of the Web WOW Project Fall 2010
    Professor Dr. Smirnova
    Presentation By
    Frances Glickman

2. Learning in the 21st Century
Problem solving
Critical thinking
Integration Literacy
definition:A process through which individuals identify opportunities, allocate resources, and create value.
3. Learning in the 21st Century
What is Integration Literacy?
The 21st Century literacy is integration literacy.We will be integrating and incorporating technology in order to attain all the goals of the past and more.
4. LearningThroughCollaboration
The list goes on . . .
5. LearningThroughCollaboration
Frans Favorites:
6. Notice that Webspiration is part of the 21st Century skills push
7. 8. Assignments are always available
Students use Visual thinking and outlining techniques
to develop writing skills and analyze, synthesize, and comprehend information
9. LearningThroughCollaboration
Webspiration Classroom instantly transforms every diagram into an instant outline and then back again with one click
10. Hundreds of visuals to choose from
or just upload your
Tells you who is editing
11. When collaborating, each group member or the teacher can verify who has beencreating in regards to a particular project
Click on Document
Adrop downwill appear.
Click on Show History
12. LearningThroughCollaboration
A teacher or group members can track the revisions done be each group member email, date, time, and the Revision number
13. LearningThroughCollaboration
14. P
15. LearningThroughCollaboration
You could always have you class experiment with Webspiration using the Free Trials
16. LearningThroughCollaboration
Upload your files, edit anytime from anywhere, choose who can access your documents share and collaborate online.
17. LearningThroughCollaboration
Step 1
To get started, all you need is a Google email account, which is
Look at all you can do
I love when you can do things for free
18. LearningThroughCollaboration
Click on Documents
Privacy Shield
Privacy Shield
19. Click on Create new and a drop down will appear.
Here, you can choose:
From template If you click on this, Google provides a variety of templates for calendars, budgets, resumes and more.
20. LearningThroughCollaboration
Lets say I chose a presentation (power point).
Note that you see slide #1 and it is highlighted in yellow, which means that when I see or my partner sees a slide that is highlighted in yellow, I am looking at that slide or editing that slide.
Now, I have to work on an assignment with a partner.
Therefore, I need to share access to this presentation.
21. LearningThroughCollaboration
Click on Share
Bring your courser over and click on Sharing settings
22. LearningThroughCollaboration
Once you click on Sharing settings, you will see a screen that looks like this.
You now have to add the people who you want to have access to the presentation (your group members)
Click your courser into the box that is below the words, Add people.
Click in this box
23. LearningThroughCollaboration
Once you click in the box under the words, Add people, the box will enlarge and a small tab will appear.The tab will have the words, Can edit
24. LearningThroughCollaboration
You have a choice of allowing others to either edit or simply view your presentation
25. LearningThroughCollaboration
You can either type in the e-mail address of your invited guests, or you could simply type the first letter and a list of email address from your contact list will appear.You can highlight and choose the person you want to invite.
26. LearningThroughCollaboration
Now that you have chosen your group, you can click on Close and an e-mail should go out to those group members alerting them that you have invited them to participate in a presentation.
27. LearningThroughCollaboration
Notice that it appears to only have one person working on the presentation at the moment.Each person will be represented by a different color
My daughter created this pretty slide from a separate location.
Collaboration no longer requires that people have to be at the same place at the same time.
28. LearningThroughCollaboration
- Remember -
You can save this as a PDF file, a power point, or text.
With Google Docs, you can work on documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and drawings.
You can save your work online and access it from any computer or smart phone.
Youand your project partner can edit your project at the same time from separate locations.
The best part ITS FREE!!!!
29. LearningThroughCollaboration
30. LearningThroughCollaboration
31. LearningThroughCollaboration
32. LearningThroughCollaboration
The single greatest advantage of using the ed.Voicethread network is that it allows students to work autonomously, in school and out; learning to create their own voice
thread, maintaining their own portfolio of content, creating their own identities, adding a friend to a contact list, and sending out invitations to comment all within a simple and safe environment.
33. LearningThroughCollaboration

  • Note, this doesnt mean that the student cannot add friends and meet new people.It just means that anyone that they might meet is a known person to a verified educator within the community.

34. While the educator on Ed.VoiceThead are allowed to send invitations to individuals outside of the network like parents and other educators, students cannot. 35. Students can only add or invite others that are already within the system, where all users are known users and held accountable for their content and commentary.