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WOW Project


  • 1. How to use Photobucket, Flickr, and Picnic By Sheldon Heil

2. Once you click upload you can add a description and add Public so that you can share the pictures. If you want to use private, then you have to invite people. 3. Now we upload some Pictures! 4. Now that Ive uploaded some photos, I can share the album by direct linking or HTML link. 5. You can use these tools to create your personal album. Here I changed my theme! 6. Here are some tools you can use to create your own personalized Photo bucket account based on your own preferences. 7. Here are the rest of the tools. 8. If you have a Yahoo account you can sign in to Flickr that way. If you dont you can create one for free easily! You can start to create your personalized account here. Just follow the steps! 9. Start by clicking this button. 10. First create you buddy icon. 11. Now create your own user URL. I used my name. 12. Now you personalize your profile and provide a little personal information if you want to. 13. Finally its time to upload some photos! 14. y Once they are uploaded you can add your own description. 15. ou Now you can create sets, galleries share organize and create using the buttons above! You now know all you need to know about Flickr! Get Started!! 16. The great part of this photo sharing editing program is you dont have to register ! 17. I chose this photo of my family to edit. I began with this and used the buttons above to edit the photo. 18. As you can see, I was able to enhance the color, crop the photo and create a better picture from the image. This screenshot distorts the image a bit; however, be assured the image is much improved. 19. This is what you see when you finish. You can save the photo to your computer or share it with friends. 20. I took this photo of a photo with my i-phone. I added the bear, sun and skull along with his name near the exhaust pipes. Use the create buttons for these features. 21. You can share your photos or slideshows by e-mail or embed it using this window. Enter an e-mail address and share the show or you can embed it using the top button. 22. The worst part of Picnik is that I can use it to create all kinds of devilish things in my spare time. Picnik is the reason they say Idle hands are the Devils workshop. 23. References