wrapped looped necklace with mixed beads

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This is a tutorial on how to create a floating crystal necklace. The process Materials: Colored beading wire, 19 strands or higher 15 6mm Swarovski crystal bicone beads, Indian Pink 30 crimp covers 36 2mm crimps 2 bead cones 2 3-inch pieces 22 gauge craft wire 4-inch piece chunky chain 2 jump rings lobster clasp Tools: chain nose pliers round nose pliers wire cutters bead design board Cut three lengths of colored beading wire (28",25"&23.5") Design before start beading to get an idea for spacing. Add a crimp and put it in the middle of the longest wire (28") Take the long nose pliers and flatten out the crimp. Use a plier to cover the crimp using the crimp cover to look like a bead. Slide a crystal Add a crimp and the crimp cover Add another crimp and put your necklace on the design board. Slide the crimp till the next bead, hold in place, flatten the crimp. Repeat the process all around to the other strands. After finishing up, hold all three pieces in front of a mirror to determine the length of the necklace. Tape all the pieces altogether at the end. Make sure to leave at least 2" tail Slide on a crimp, slide the wire back to the crimp, slide the crimp up along the wire until you have a small loop. Use chain nose pliers to flatten the crimp. Trim off the excess piece. Repeat to all six wire ends. Make sure each of them are the same lengths! Using a craft wire, cut a 3" piece. Bend the wire about 90 degrees in the middle using a chain nose pliers. Tuck in the round nose pliers and make a loop. Twist the loop open, slide one of the ends to all three ends of the necklace. Close the loop and hold chain nose pliers, use another chain nose pliers to wrap the wire around. Cut the excess, slide on a bead cone. Add a crimp and a crimp cover on top of the bead cone to fill the space. Make a wrap loop above the bead. Wrap the loop, slide to open. Slide a piece of chain. Do the same process of adding the bead cone on the other side of the necklace. Add a lobster clasp on the other side of the necklace.


  • 1. i '1-11 How to make:QWrapped Looped Necklace with Mixed Beads

2. MoteriolszA strand of assorted beads of your choice A strand of seed beodsCroft wire,(bross)Chain of your choice4 jump rings 3. Tools: 2 pairs of chain nose,Wire cutter pliersRound nose pliers 4. z A 1 I 1,} H-xv, 5I ' no 0 ._, ,0 r_..."