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Wrestling is arguably one of the most physically exhausting sports in the world. Michael Rankin, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Drexel University, provides insight on how to prepare for wrestling at the college level, not only for the players, but the coaches as well. For coaches, he shares Dick Vermeil’s 7 Common Sense Principles of Leadership and some coaching tips. Then, he breaks down Drexel's specific goals for wrestling. Finally, he shows the specific workouts he uses to prepare his wrestlers for their matches. In order to wrestle at a high level, the athletes must train at a high level.


  • 1. Physical Preparation for Collegiate Wrestling
  • 2. Thank You! Doug Smith & Niki DeSantis John Sheffield, Renee Johnson-Allen, Anthony McCloskey & Steve Maze Drexel University Matt Azevedo & Zack Sheaffer Mike Boyle, Walter Norton Jr., Ed Lippie Leo Totten Juniata Presenters and Participants
  • 3. Dick Vermeils 7 Common Sense Principles of Leadership 1. Make sure people know you care about them 2. Be a good example 3. Create an atmosphere that people enjoy working in 4. Define, Delegate, then lead 5. Bring energy to the workplace 6. Build relationships as you implement your process, vision and value system 7. Establish credibility by being sincere, believable and trustworthy
  • 4. Principles Mirror Principle - the first person we must examine is ourselves Hammer Principle - never use a hammer to swat a fly off someones head Elevator Principle - we can lift people up or take people down in our relationships Gardening Principle - all relationships need cultivation Exchange Principle - instead of putting others in their place, we must put ourselves in their place
  • 5. Reading List Winning with People by John C. Maxwell Wooden on Leadership by John Wooden and Steve Jamison Dick Vermeil http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=mGgz-WO-0VE
  • 6. Drexel Wrestling It all Starts with Matt Azevedo ! ! ! Communication & Support (Anthony McCloskey) Plan Annual Goals - Discuss Incoming Freshman (Summer Program) Coaches Actively Involved Science & Hell
  • 7. Specific Goals Strength = Foundation Power Conditioning Mental Toughness Flexibility Nutrition Recovery Recruiting
  • 8. Video by: Robert Brooks
  • 9. People dont care how much you know until they know how much you care. -John C Maxwell
  • 10. Michael R. Rankin, CSCS ! Drexel University Director of Strength & Conditioning Department of Athletics 34th & Ludlow Streets Philadelphia, PA 19104 ! P: 215-895-2026 C: 610-637-4451 E: mrr36@drexel.edu