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  • 1. WRITING EMAIL COPY Suzanne Kart, M.A., CeP Associate Vice President, LERN @suzannekart #lern13
  • 2. Why email? Its effective Its measurable Its cheap Its targetable @suzannekart #lern13
  • 3. eMail does not replace your print catalog! Your catalog is still the most important weapon in your arsenal. 75% of registrations still originate with the print catalog. @suzannekart #lern13
  • 4. Its not just our field A recent USPS study looked at the shopping habits of nearly 5,000 visitors after they left 135 retail Web sites, including traditional retailers and manufacturers. What they found was: 57% of online shoppers said that even though they buy online, they still like to have a catalog on hand 61% of online retail shoppers reported that when they have a catalog while shopping online, they may see additional items they would like to buy 84% of catalog recipients feel its easier to shop online with a catalog in hand. https://www.usps.com/business/pdf/comScore_Retail_WP.pdf @suzannekart #lern13
  • 5. Better yet The study also found: Catalog recipients purchased 28% more items and spent 28% more money than their non-catalog counterparts Sending catalogs more than doubled online sales Websites supported by print catalogs saw a revenue lift of 163% over those that were not supported by print catalogs @suzannekart #lern13
  • 6. But eMails are still VERY effective @suzannekart #lern13
  • 7. Email promotions that work Notices of new courses and events (1 email, several activities) Email newsletters Single event promotions @suzannekart #lern13
  • 8. Two kinds of email Text emails Like the kind you send from your computer. All text, no graphics, nothing fancy. HTML emails Involve graphic design. Can have color and graphics Can be developed in- house or done by an outside vendor (LERN recommends this). @suzannekart #lern13
  • 9. Text emails Good for small lists up to 200 names Get better results when they are coming from an actual person Cannot track open rates, click through rates Lack visual impression. @suzannekart #lern13
  • 10. @suzannekart #lern13
  • 11. But you can make an HTML email feel like a text email Doesnt feel like youre being sold to. LERN sees higher open rates (5% higher) & higher click through rates (7% higher) with this type of email. @suzannekart #lern13
  • 12. HTML emails Better visual impression: graphic design, color pictures Can track open rates, click through rates Professional vendor can do the work Good for newsletters @suzannekart #lern13
  • 13. @suzannekart #lern13
  • 14. Who should it come from? When your email comes from a person (i.e. Jane Smith versus Springfield Continuing Ed), its more likely to be opened. You dont have to have the reply address be a personal email. @suzannekart #lern13
  • 15. Having a target list is the most important component to success in email promotions @suzannekart #lern13
  • 16. A smaller, targeted list beats out a large untargeted list every time @suzannekart #lern13
  • 17. Who do I target? High-value segments Those who are the most recent customers Those who are the most frequent customers Those who spend the most @suzannekart #lern13
  • 18. Case Studie 2013 Institutes @suzannekart #lern13
  • 19. Each institute had a two-step drip campaign @suzannekart #lern13
  • 20. When someone did one of these things, they were put on a list then they received two follow up emails. @suzannekart #lern13
  • 21. They were pushed to one of those pages by a mass email Watch for the brochure Early bird discount to expired Etc. @suzannekart #lern13
  • 22. When someone converted, they got two special emails @suzannekart #lern13
  • 23. Second email personal email @suzannekart #lern13
  • 24. Results Institutes Inbound Marketing Campaign Registrations three weeks out 2012 - 60 2013 - 89 At the time I pulled the numbers, 650 people were in the lead nurturing campaign, and 85 registrations were inputted into Hubspot. Of the 85 registrations, 38 had converted from the lead nurturing campaign (45%). Of the 650 people in the campaign, 38 converted, making the conversion rate 6%. As of 3/15/13, registrations were up by 31 people, or 56% @suzannekart #lern13
  • 25. We had even better results with this conference @suzannekart #lern13
  • 26. Once youve decided on a list now what? Some parameters for sending out ePromotions @suzannekart #lern13
  • 27. Some tips Make them feel special Use the persons first name, if you have it Give an exclusive discount Tell the person that they are among a select few to receive this discount Add urgency to offer Give them a deadline @suzannekart #lern13
  • 28. Never put names in to: or cc: Rule: If you are sending out email promotions, never put the names in either To or CC This disrespects peoples privacy and spammers will get the email addresses Always put names in BCC if you are not using a third-party vendor @suzannekart #lern13
  • 29. Subject line Very important. Like the cover of your brochure. Determines whether people read on Generally keep the subject line the same Create familiarity with your program Tell them in the subject line the email is about upcoming courses @suzannekart #lern13
  • 30. Sample subject lines Upcoming classes from the Workforce Development Center New Dental CE courses Next CE class session starts soon! @suzannekart #lern13
  • 31. How many people should be opening your emails? Open rate 20% Click through rate of those who open the email, you want 10-20% to click through If youre not getting the open rate you hope for, look at Your list Your subject line The relevance of the information Your bounce rate @suzannekart #lern13
  • 32. Unsubscribe notice Rule: always have an unsubscribe notice in every email Anytime you get an email address, it means you can send the person email BUT anytime a person doesnt want email, you need to stop emailing that person @suzannekart #lern13
  • 33. Best format for email promotions Four paragraphs of copy is ideal. 3-5 is good Space between the paragraphs of copy Each item needs to be separate Have a theme upcoming courses, new event, etc. Graphic or picture with each item gets more attention Every item should have a click for more information Use the sidebar to promote/sell extra item @suzannekart #lern13
  • 34. Six keys to copy writing for great email promotions @suzannekart #lern13
  • 35. Key #1 The first sentence/paragraph is critical Get right to the point, to the meat, to the core of what the news item (course/event) is about No introduction No history No beating around the bush @suzannekart #lern13
  • 36. Example first paragraph LERN's Program Review Helps Boost Revenue, Increase Enrollments In the 21st Century, competition is greater than ever. If you want to make your program the most efficient and effective it can be, LERNs Progra