writing with proficiency: strategies for scaffolding and inspiring english language learners

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Writing with Proficiency: Strategies for Scaffolding and Inspiring English Language Learners. Angela Johnson anjohnson@psd1.org. Shannon Lockard slockard@psd1.org. Here and Now: Stephen Krashen says, “Writing is thinking”. What do you think about writing?. Objectives. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Writing with Proficiency: Strategies for Scaffolding and Inspiring English Language LearnersAngela Johnsonanjohnson@psd1.orgShannon Lockardslockard@psd1.org

  • Here and Now:Stephen Krashen says, Writing is thinking.

    What do you think about writing?

  • ObjectivesUnderstand ELD levelsFamiliarization with ELD standardsUtilize Sentence Patterning Chart (SPC) to create sentencesUtilize Cooperative Strip Paragraph to create paragraphsExperience Writers WorkshopShare writing ideasWrite

  • CCSS W.5.2b,d

    ELD Writing2.2.1 Writes to learn using simple sentences (intermediate), descriptive sentences (advanced), specialized vocabulary (transitional)

  • Poetry Resourceshttp://www.poetry4kids.com/http://ettcweb.lr.k12.nj.us/forms/newpoem.htmhttp://www.pitara.com/talespin/poems.asphttp://www.gigglepoetry.com/http://www.psd1.org/Page/244

  • Compare and Contrast G.O.ELD Writing1.1.1 Gathers and paraphrases information from teacher-selected resources and uses an organizer to analyze and evaluate information to plan writing (intermediate). Synthesize is added for advanced and transitional.CCSS W.5.2c

  • ELD Standardshttp://k12.wa.us/Offices & ProgramsMigrant Bilingual (pull down tab)English Language Development Standards


  • Learning Log

    What have you learned about the ELD levels and/or poetry frames?How can you apply this to your own teaching?

  • Sentence Patterning ChartWriting 3.2.1 (advanced) Builds a rich vocabulary through language activities using descriptive sentences.

  • Cooperative Strip ParagraphCCSS W.5.2a-eELD Writing1.2.1 Reread text and continues drafting over time (intermediate and advanced); rereads text and/or feedback to decide if additional drafts are necessary.

  • Learning Log

    What are some key elements of the SPC or Cooperative Strip Paragraph?How can you apply this to your own teaching?

  • What is your level of expertise?


  • Welcome BackEither write something worth reading or do something worth writing. -Benjamin Franklin

  • What do we know?Mini-lessonsNotebook ideasConferringIndependent WritingShared WritingGroup SharingPublishingQuestions

  • Writers WorkshopPurpose:Authentically engage students as writersDifferentiate instruction to meet the needs of each studentCreate a love of writing

  • Writers WorkshopEssential Characteristics (Katie Wood Ray):Choices about contentTime for writingTeachingTalkingFocused study (the writers notebook, text structures, conventions, point of view)Publication RitualsHigh Expectations and SafetyStructured Management

  • Writers WorkshopMini-LessonIndependent WritingGuided WritingConferringGroup Share and Evaluation

  • Mini-lessonsManagement Students learn the procedures and routines writing workshop.Strategy and Skill Students learn how to use the conventional rules for written language accurately and effectively.Craft Students learn how writers work.

  • Gathering IdeasHeart ThoughtsListsWriting Idea BoxPizza Graphic OrganizerTeacher Ideas ELD Standard: Writing 1.1.1 (Transitional 6-8) Uses a variety of prewriting strategies (e.g., story mapping, listing, webbing, jotting, outlining, free writing, brainstorming) to determine purpose and audience, and/or organize text.

  • Heart Thoughts

  • Listslikes/hatestypical/unusualregrets/proud offun/have toworst/bestexpert

  • Writing Idea Box

  • Pizza Graphic Organizer

  • Teacher IdeasCognitive Content DictionaryPinterest (look for charts, writing ideas)Detective show me the evidenceneed to show 3 pieces of evidence whether in reading or writing.BAM! Words on paint can, the paintbrush has the boring/common word.Practice a variety of prewriting strategies.Different genres throughout the year

  • Teacher Ideas cont4 Square WritingRewrite endings to favorite storiesywp.nanowrimo.org

  • Building Writing StaminaWriting time should be predictableQuickwritesPrompted WritingChoice topicsProjects

  • Sensory Detail Mini-LessonELD Writing 3.2.2 Uses precise words (e.g., vivid verbs, specific nouns, sensory words) in descriptive writing (Advanced); uses precise language (e.g., powerful verbs, specific descriptors) (Transitional)CCSS W.4.3d Uses concrete words and phrases and sensory details to convey experiences and events precisely.

  • Independent WritingLets write:Choose one of your ideas and write about itWe will share

  • Group SharingWriters need to talkPair ShareSmall Group ShareWhole group Share

    Ways to shareFavorite line, great word choice(tie into mini-lesson)Authors chair

  • Whole Group Sharing

  • Learning Log

    What did you learn about writers workshop?How can you apply this to your own teaching?

  • What about the test?NarrativeExpositoryPersuasiveConventionsFountas and Pinnell refer to test-taking as its own genre.

  • Write three specific strategies and skills you teach students in order to prepare them for the state assessment.(Write each strategy or skill in a different box.)

    Mix and Mingle to give one idea and get one idea from your colleagues. Try to fill up your whole grid with ideas.

  • Focus and Organization MatterTeach students to narrow ideasUtilize graphic organizersStructure and scaffold

  • http://www.ttms.org/

  • Learning Log

    What did you learn about test taking?How can you apply this to your own teaching?

  • Exit Ticket

  • *Provide teachers with five minutes to quickwrite about writing.*Pass out bookmarks and share that participants should write down resources as they go.*Discuss the importance of understanding the student levels in order to scaffold for instruction (This may include doing more shared writing and creating sentence frames.)This slide with the scores allows teachers to understand which levels and how close students are to the next level.We are not going to spend a lot of time on this because the teachers probably wont have their student scores.*Make copies of the ELD level descriptors.Pass out to

    *Share I Am Poem about a student at the beginning level.Have teachers work as teams to create I Am poem for each of the other levels.Share I Am PoemsWrite on large chart paper and post around the room*Poetry frames scaffold poetry for studentsShare websites that are helpful*Do on chart paper for beginning and advanced beginning*Have teachers touch each page of the standards*These are the standards we will be addressing.Post WALT chartgo over with participants and complete SPC.SPC noun is learners

    *Post CCSS and ELD standard next to the Co-op chartCreate Co-op using comparative chartRevise using SPCHave teams create cooperative strip paragraph using mini pocket charts

    *Teachers will place a sticky note where they feel their area of expertise is**Share and create Heart Thoughts*Use the lists and ideas to begin building writing staminaStart with ten minutes and increase a little each day.

    **Use Stir the ClassThink and star best word choice, share best words. 1s move, re-read and underline best sentence, share. 2s move, re-read and put a next to figurative language example. Share. Move back to original place.*Elements of each type of writing can be embedded into the writers workshop. Good writing is good writing. However, students need specific skills in order to pass the state test. **This is a simple format to remind students of an essay format. ELL students will need more scaffolding. Utilize sentence frames and starters or transitions. *Angela will explain

    *Angela will explain

    *Angela will explain*Shannon will model on chart paper if time allows.*Shannon will model on chart paper if time allows.**I am not sure where this slide fits*


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