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The View from Saturday. Written by : E.L. Konigsburg Genre: Humorous fiction Skill: Predict. WORDS TO KNOW: . accustomed decline former presence unaccompanied. More Words to Know:. corsages rabbi superstitious. accustomed. usual, customary. decline. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Old Yeller

Written by: E.L. Konigsburg Genre: Humorous fictionSkill: PredictThe View from Saturday

1WORDS TO KNOW: accustomed decline formerpresenceunaccompanied


More Words to Know:corsagesrabbisuperstitious


accustomed usual, customary


declineprocess of losing power, strength, beauty, health, etc; growing worse

5formerearlier; past

6presencecondition of being present in a place

7unaccompaniednot accompanied; alone


corsagessmall bouquets of flowers, worn on the shoulder of a woman's clothes or on her wrist

9rabbiteacher of the Jewish law and religion; leader of a Jewish congregation


having belief or practice based on ignorant fear or mistaken reverence

The plot of a story is the events that happen in it.

A plot includes (1) a problem or goal, (2) rising action, as a character tries to solve the problem or meet the goal, (3) a climax, when the character meets the problem or goal head-on, and (4) a resolution, or outcome. A writer may not tell the story in the order in which events occur. A writer may hint at the future through foreshadowing, or may go back in time through a flashback.

Plot12 To predict means to tell what you think might happen in a selection based on what has already happened. Knowing plot events and comparing them to plots in other stories you have read can help you make predictions about the resolution, or ending, of a story.


Conventions are the ruse to make their meaning clear to readers. For rules for written language. They are the signals that writers example, sentences begin with a capital letter and end with punctuation. Paragraphs are often indented to show where a new idea begins. Grammar and spelling follow patternsCONVENTIONS14