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  • 1. Santa Clara SOA Solution Patterns Afkham Azeez, Architect & Product Manager WSO2 WSAS, WSO2, Inc.
  • 2. Santa Clara We will ...see how to implement an SOA solution using basic elements of an SOA infrastructure. ...demonstrate how to map enterprise SOA patterns, to a few real world and a few hypothetical business requirements. ...discuss SOA implementation details using products from the WSO2 SOA Platform.
  • 3. Santa Clara Overview Patterns SOA Infrastructure Solution building roadmap 3 usecases Scenario, pattern mapping & implementation Enhancements
  • 4. Santa Clara What is a pattern? A generic reusable solution for a common recurring problem. Tried & tested Robust (stood the test of time) Maintained in a catalog Feel comfortable using
  • 5. Santa Clara SOA Solution Patterns SA Patterns OO Patterns EAA Patterns EAI Patterns Other OO - Object-Oriented SA Software Architecture EAI Enterprise Application Integration EAA Enterprise Application Architecture
  • 6. SOA Infrastructure Santa Clara The Building Blocks
  • 7. Santa Clara Solution Building Roadmap Requirements Business Patterns Integration Patterns Application Patterns Runtime Patterns Product Mappings
  • 8. Santa Clara Usecase-1 (Business Scenario) Service client and service connected in P2P fashion in a production System. Backend service development team has decided to change the backend services. Secure the backend services. Change the service contracts. Introduce multiple services in place of a single service. Change Again ? Client/frontend developers PMs, Finance, HR etc.
  • 9. Santa Clara Usecase-1 (Pattern Mapping) Service Broker Pattern Pipes and Filters Transform Route Trusted Subsystems Functional Decomposition Service Encapsulation
  • 10. Santa Clara Usecase-1 (Implementation) Pipes and filters Route Trusted subsystems
  • 11. Santa Clara Usecase-1 (Implementation) cont.. Pipes and filters Mediation Route DBLookup Transform
  • 12. Santa Clara Usecase-1 (Implementation) cont.. Pipes and filters Route
  • 13. Santa Clara Usecase-1 (Implementation) cont.. Pipes and filters Route Functional decomposition Service encapsulation
  • 14. Santa Clara Usecase-2 (Business Scenario) A service that hosted in a local network required to accept requests from outside need to Need to virus scan & validate the content outside LAN before accepting. Incoming protocol may be different from the protocols allowed within the LAN Expose the service to the outside world? NO you can't!
  • 15. Santa Clara Usecase-2 (Pattern Mapping) Service Firewall Protocol Bridge
  • 16. Santa Clara Usecase-2 (Implementation) Service Firewall Protocol Bridge
  • 17. Santa Clara Usecase-3 (Business Scenario) SOA infrastructure to be implemented in an environment containing legacy systems and legacy databases. Existing systems are robust and the data is crucial for decision making. Throw away the old systems Data ? $$ ? NO SOA!
  • 18. Santa Clara Usecase-3 (Pattern Mapping) MDM (Master Data Management) EDA (Event Driven Architecture)
  • 19. Usecase-3 Santa Clara (Implementation) MDM
  • 20. Usecase-3 Santa Clara (Implementation) cont.. MDM
  • 21. Usecase-3 Santa Clara (Implementation) cont.. MDM EDA
  • 22. Santa Clara Enhancements Governance Shared registry/repository operational/runtime governance Monitoring Management Clustering Availability Load Create your own patterns for your needs
  • 23. Santa Clara Summary - Patterns Service broker Pipes & filters Route Trusted subsystems Transformation Functional decomposition Service encapsulation Service firewall Protocol bridge Master Data Management Event Driven Architecture
  • 24. Santa Clara Summary Identify the business requirements. Map them to patterns. Avoid P2P. Think about the ROI. Keep all stakeholders happy. Optimize the usage of the application. Apply SOA correctly, use it in a practical manner.
  • 25. Santa Clara Questions