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The first show of Warhammer Wrestling Inc's second branded show, Penance!


  • Penance #1We go to the Apex Aquadome for the final leg of the Round Robin Tournament for the World title. Who will be the final four to go on to the ppv? Who will get the chance for the other titles on the line? The judgement comes here at Penance with the iron fist of Druscilla in charge. The Apex Aquadome is at the bottom of the Irish Sea near Dublin, Ireland. So all accomidations are either in Dublin or in the civilian area of the Aquadome itself (depending on your fear of staying underwater). All transports provided by the Warhammer Corporation for civilian submarine transports to and from the arena itself from Dublin.

    Heart of the AquadomeGideon Rogers sits in a circular room with three people in Warhammer security uniforms with him. The walls are covered in video screens. Many locations within the Apex Aquadome are covered as well as cameras placed on the sea floor to cover the region for a mile around. Buoys on the sea's surface watch out for ships. Cameras are also mounted on all Warhammer submarines and ships. Several different sonar receptacles are also in play.

  • A dark screen in front of Gideon flickers to life to reveal Allen Anderson. Anderson: "How are we doing? Any sign of Rasvelg or the ilk of Johnathan Mills?" Gideon doubles checks a few screens and then looks to his fellows, who do the same. Once they give him the heads up, he turns back to Anderson. Rogers: "Everything is clear, sir. We have this place locked down tight! No Swedish scum will be getting in here tonight." Anderson glares at Gideon and loudly clears his throat. Gideon chuckles. Rogers: "Except for you, sir. Though you hardly count as Swedish anyways. You'd be more...American." Anderson: "Of course. Just make sure that nothing goes wrong tonight. We have to make sure that people trust us enough to buy tickets and we will have over a hundred thousand lives on the line tonight." Rogers: "Yes, sir." The screen with Anderson on it goes blank and Gideon fires up a cigarette with a sigh. Security is air tight, but he knows what Rasvelg is capable of. Rogers: "Keep an eye out for things. It seems that Rasvelg is working with Dr. Claw, and we don't know the full assets that he can bring to bear yet." Gideon gets a chorus of "Yes, sirs" as there is a knock at the door. When it opens, Druscilla makes her way inside. She gives the others in the room a cold, haughty stare that softens a little when she sees Gideon. Druscilla: "I just wanted to check on things myself...and thank you again for what you did at Belgareth Tower. When I get my hands on Rasvelg...he will wish that he could do things such as dying." Gideon smiles. Rasvelg has that effect on many people. Rogers: "I will be keeping a keen eye out for him. Where the last arena we were at was really old school? This one is state of the art. He won't make his way in here on my watch!" Druscilla: "Good. I just wanted to check." When Druscilla turns to leave, she stops when Gideon motions with his hand. Druscilla: "Yes?" Rogers: "You are welcome about the save. Warhammer would be hard pressed to replace someone with a combination of your talents, beauty, and influence." Druscilla's eyes go wide for a moment at the compliments and she turns away, leaving to hide the

  • sudden blush. Once the door closes, Gideon turns back to his duties with a light smile. Rogers: "Show yourself, Rasvelg. You think what I'm going to do to you will be bad? Wait until you experience what she does..."

    What a View

    Kronin and Lilly walk along the railing for the Observation Deck. Kronin leans against the railing and looks out into the Irish Sea while Lilly stands next to him and holds onto his arm.

    Lilly: "The view is amazing from down here."

    Kronin: "Yeah. Hopefully that amazing view doesn't come inside to drown us all."

    Lilly playfully smacks Kronin on the arm with a chuckle.

    Lilly: "Always so dour. They have enough security here that an entire army could be defeated."

    Kronin shrugs and pulls Lilly away from the railing to head to the locker room area.

  • Kronin: "I know, but they are not dealing with an army. They are dealing with Rasvelg and that lunatic, Dr. Claw."


    The Islander by Nightwish plays over the PA as pyro goes off signaling the beginning of the show. The camera pans over the crowd and then moves to show the commentators. Jane Coughlin and Erica Kelly sitting near ringside.

    Jane Coughlin: Hello, fans! Jane Coughlin here welcoming you to our very first episode of Penance! Normally, I would be joined by Rose Johnston but, shes been kidnapped by Dr. Claw and is being held by him. Thus, until she can join us, Erica Kelly has been tapped to fill in for her!

    Erica Kelly: Umm.. Im here because Kronins here tonight!

    Jane Coughlin: Sheesh.. you are aware he has a girlfriend, right?

    Erica Kelly: I can share. I hear those Germans get kinky anyways.

    Jane Coughlin: Ugh...anyways... were coming to you live from the Aquadome underneath the Irish Sea! We have a packed show for you tonight and-

    Bloodline by Slayer plays and most of the crowd, being Irish boo heavily as Druscilla walks out and to the ring, ignoring the booing of the crowd and climbs into the ring, looking over the crowd.

    Erica Kelly: The GM of Penance! Druscilla! Lets see what she wants... funny, usually the crowd loves her..

    Jane Coughlin: Well, most of these fans are Irish as they came from Dublin. Lot of.. bad blood between the Irish and the British still.

    Druscilla: Well. Welcome to our first Penance show. Weve got a big show for you all as our tournament continues. Joeylights vs. Alexis.. Kronin vs. Devin Stone. Maxwell Soloke vs.Timothy. Eric Dillinger vs. J0ker. Jessica Tendonin vs. Tarrasque. And we might even see our first ever firing!

    Jane Coughlin: She takes way too much pleasure in firing people.

    Erica Kelly: Well.. everyone has their hobbies.. dont judge.

    Jane Coughlin: She gave you a raise, didnt she?

    Erica Kelly: ....Perhaps.

    Druscilla: The 1st round of the tournament is winding down and its really starting to heat up! Were

  • also see and hear from our first two winners of round 1: Valora and Apathy!! So enjoy the show and the view we have here in the aquadome.

    Druscilla heads to the back and the camera cuts back to the two intrepid announcers.

    Jane Coughlin: Well, like her or not, shes dead on.. we have an awesome show in store tonight and we should see the final four picture become a bit clearer as things roll on.

    Erica Kelly: And theres a secondary battle going on too! Those that dont make the cut or win the belt in this tournament will be jockeying for position to get a shot at it at a later date!

    Jane Coughlin: Indeed. Lets get the show going and see what the evening has in store for us!

    Group A Match One

    Theobald: "This next match is scheduled for one fall...featuring first the challenger, weighing in at two hundred and forty-eight pounds...Joeylights!"

    "Painkiller" begins as Joeylights makes his way to the ring to the boos of the fans. He rolls into the ring and glares with sinister intent as the crowd, silencing portions of them.

    Kelly: "He's ah. Hmm...I would say sexy, but I think the term I'm looking for is more-"

    Coughlin: "Creepy?"

    Kelly: "Bang on, Jane! Creepy he is! Like being drilled by a one eyed clown that's been burned by acid and tries to put the make up on that side, but it just looks so wrong!"

    Coughlin: "Umm...too much sharing going on here, Erica."

    Theobald: "And his opponent, weighing in at one hundred and fifty-five pounds...Alexis Blake!"

    "Hero" by Skillet plays as Alexis comes out to the cheering of the fans. She makes her way to the ring, slapping a few hands (and one or two faces when their hands hit the wrong spot). She dances from side to side in the ring while looking to Joeylights and shaking her head.

    Coughlin: "Alexis has not had the very best of luck here in Warhammer Wrestling. She has been ambushed and tricked into defeat at every turn. She's expecting the worst going into this match."

  • Kelly: "Well she does seem like just another pretty girl. I would just shove her down as well, and-"

    Coughlin: "Erica!"

    Kelly: "Oh right. Censors and all that rot. Well I would still do her...maybe I can bring her back to KD's locker room later..."

    As the bell rings, Joeylights rushes to Alexis and his wrists are grabbed by Alexis. She pulls something out of his hands, spins to catch the ref with an elbow, and sends a fireball into the face of Joeylights!

    Coughlin: "Alexis had it pegged right off the bat in how Joeylights was going to try to defeat her quickly in the ring!"

    Kelly: "Sexy and smart! I like it! Honey you're gonna ooze later like Niagra freaking Falls!"

    Alexis helps the ref up and apologizes for hitting him with an elbow. Joeylights is up quickly, his face paint singed by the fireball. He takes a wild swing, but misses. Alexis catches him around the middle and turns him for a side slam to the mat. She slides across his form and slams an elbow home just under his chin.

    Kelly: "And taking it right to Joeylights!"

    Coughlin: "Alexis is tired of losing and so she is lashing out a bit."

    Alexis stands and pulls Joeylights to his feet. She grabs at him to whip him into the ropes, but he reverses it and sends her off to the other side of the ring. He catches her on the rebound with a shoulder that plants her onto the mat. He jumps up into the air to drop a knee on him, but Alexis moves out of the way. She jumps to her feet and kicks Joeylights in the head.

    She pulls him up and feints a punch. Joeylights takes a swing, but Alexis ducks under the punch and slips behind Joeylights to hit him