wwi through wwii (1914-1945) - .wwi through wwii (1914-1945) ... besides dealing with the two world

WWI through WWII (1914-1945) - .WWI through WWII (1914-1945) ... Besides dealing with the two World
WWI through WWII (1914-1945) - .WWI through WWII (1914-1945) ... Besides dealing with the two World
Download WWI through WWII (1914-1945) - .WWI through WWII (1914-1945) ... Besides dealing with the two World

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  • American History:

    WWI through WWII (1914-1945)


    60% - Tests and Quizzes 35% - Homework/Assignments/Projects 5% - Class Participation *20% of the Final Grade will be based on the Semester Exam.

    Mr. Shawn M. Meals

    School Phone(610) 987-4100 ext. 6104 E-mailsmeals@ovsdpa.org

    This course encompasses the study of American History starting with WWI and continuing through the conclusion of WWII. Besides dealing with the two World Wars, the course will also examine the time period between the wars to promote a more meaningful understanding of how WWI im-pacted American society at its conclusion and how subse-quent events of the Interwar years contributed to the dawn of WWII. Likewise, students will also be challenged to un-cover and identify connections between current events and issues and those discussed in class.

  • All rules apply as set forth in the Student Handbook (Unless otherwise changed).

    Additionally, Students are expected to...:

    Come to class prepared.

    Be respectful of others and to take respon-sibility for their own actions.

    Give their best effort and ask questions and seek help if it is needed.

    World War I Era (1914-1920) (12)

    Postwar Social Change (1920s) (13)

    Politics & Prosperity (1920s) (14)

    Crash & Depression (1929-1933) (15)

    The New Deal (1933-1941) (16)

    World War II: Road to War (17) (1931-1941()

    World War II: US at War (18) (1941-1945)

    All students are responsible for making up all work when absent. Students are responsible for checking on what they missed, or will be missing.

    Assignments/Projects are due on the date which is assigned. If absent on this day, the Assignment/Project will be due on the next day the student is in school. *There will be two Late Work deadlines each quarter when students will be able to turn in any late assignments/projects. However, students will only receive half credit for these late assignments/projects.

    If absent on the day of an exam/quiz, the student will be responsible for scheduling a time to make-up the exam/quiz. *All students missing exams/quizzes will have until the next scheduled Late Work deadline to make these up. Unless approved by the teacher, any exams/quizzes not taken after this time will be recorded as a 0%.

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