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WWI to WWII. Review. Nazis’ mass murder of European Jews. the Holocaust. [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]. U.S. president during World War II. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]. Texas women helped the war effort during World War I by. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



WWI to WWIIReviewNazis mass murder of European Jewsthe Holocaust[Default][MC Any][MC All]U.S. president during World War IIPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt[Default][MC Any][MC All]Texas women helped the war effort during World War I bybecoming factory workers.[Default][MC Any][MC All]President Wilsons response to the raid on Columbus, New Mexico, was toorder General Pershing to pursue Pancho Villa into Mexico.[Default][MC Any][MC All]German submarines sinking ships carrying American passengers causedPresident Wilson to bring the U.S. into the Great War.[Default][MC Any][MC All]The largest flight training school in the world was located atCamp Kelley.[Default][MC Any][MC All]most decorated soldier of World War IIAudie Murphy[Default][MC Any][MC All]Mexican American leaders in Texas urged their people during World War I tosupport the war effort.[Default][MC Any][MC All]The alphabet agencies were created by theNew Deal.[Default][MC Any][MC All]The memorial erected on the battlefield to the east of Houston as part of the Texas Centennial was _____________The San Jacinto Monument[Default][MC Any][MC All]Petroleum produced in violation of the Railroad Commissions orders was ___________________.Hot Oil[Default][MC Any][MC All]Axis powersGermany, Japan, and Italy[Default][MC Any][MC All]Another name for World War I was ____________________.The Great War[Default][MC Any][MC All]The influence of African American jazz was so great in the 1920s that some historians refer to that decade as the _________________.Jazz Age[Default][MC Any][MC All]After World War II, the United States was committed to stopping the spread ofCommunism.[Default][MC Any][MC All]A date which will live in infamy was the daythe Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.[Default][MC Any][MC All]Program in which the U.S. lent military equipment to the AlliesLend-Lease Act[Default][MC Any][MC All]During WWII, parts of Texas experienced population growth because ofwartime employment opportunities.[Default][MC Any][MC All]Texan who commanded the Pacific fleetAdmiral Chester W. Nimitz[Default][MC Any][MC All]The U.S. needed to make synthetic rubber for use in World War II becausethe Japanese had cut off the supply from Southeast Asia.[Default][MC Any][MC All]A political theory that includes eliminating private property iscommunism.[Default][MC Any][MC All]The Axis powers agreed by treatynot to attack each other.[Default][MC Any][MC All]In the 1940s, the number of people of Mexican ancestry living in Texas wasmore than 800,000, less than 1 million.[Default][MC Any][MC All]nations fighting the Axis powersAllies[Default][MC Any][MC All]commanded the Allied forces in Europe during World War IIGeneral Dwight Eisenhower[Default][MC Any][MC All]The United States declared war against Japan in 1941 because ofthe attack on Pearl Harbor.[Default][MC Any][MC All]Overproduction of oil was finally controlled in 1935 whenstate and federal laws were passed.[Default][MC Any][MC All]President Herbert Hooverunderestimated the Depression.[Default][MC Any][MC All]The Works Progress Administration (WPA)created mostly construction jobs.[Default][MC Any][MC All]The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)provided outdoor employment.[Default][MC Any][MC All]Dallas was chosen as the site for the Texas Centennial becauseDallas contributed almost $8 million to build facilities.[Default][MC Any][MC All]During the 1920s and 30s, cotton prices were driven down byOverproduction.[Default][MC Any][MC All]


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