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UNEP CSPAW compliant Waste Water Treatment package system for the Sanctuary Belize Marina Village mixed use development in Belize, Central America. This captured effluent system RFP is located on the eco-sensitive Sapodilla Lagoon and open Caribbean and is the first of its kind in performance, compliance with national and international guidelines and technology transfers to a Belize non-profit conservation land trust for maintenance and management.


  • 1. June 23, 2014REQUEST FOR PROPOSALSanctuary Belize Marina VillageMixed-Use Commercial/ Residential ScalePackage-Waste-Water-Treatment-System with Class 1 EffluentIntroduction:The Marina Village represents the core of mixed-use development infrastructure andservices at Sanctuary Belize, Stann Creek, Belize. The Marina is being considered formanagement by IGY http://www.igymarinas.com and must therefore be internationalstandard and exhibit best of breed systems and practices. The Marina Village willrepresent a dense zone of population, situated adjacent to mangrove lagoons and theopen Caribbean and therefore requires special management of liquid waste streams andtreatment to Class 1 without odor. Marina Village will require development-sideinfrastructure via a centralized scalable processing system and effluent management. (seeExhibit 1 & 2)This RFP is for the installation of a well-designed package wastewater managementsystem that is modular, scalable, easily manageable and enjoys good economy of scale.The preferred system will be one that will stub from the planned sewage infrastructurebased on estimated gallon per day (gpd) inputs that will begin small and over the courseof five to ten years evolve to into a fully populated environment. (Exhibit 4)Therefore, the selected Waste Water Treatment (WWT) system must be a package-systemcapable of scaling in stages from relatively few initial influents, to the influentsforecasted for the fully populated Marina Village. This must be done withoutcompromising effluent quality due to the density of population and sensitivity of themarine ecosystem. The effluent criteria set forth in the Govt. of Belize Department ofEnvironment Sanctuary Marina ECP, UNEP Caribbean Special Protected Area andWildlife Best Practices Recommendations and Sittee River Wildlife Reserve WWT(Waste Water Treatment) Best Practice Guidelines are used as the performance metricreference.***Statement of Project:This Request for Proposal (Scope of Work) is for the design, installation andcommissioning of a scalable turn-key package WWT System to include the technicaltransfer of the systems operation and technology that would provide Sittee RiverWildlife Reserve the ability to manage, monitor and maintain the system into perpetuity.

2. Sizing Details and Assumptions Overview:The Marina Village is sited on 137 acres with a total of 218 residential units and a hotel.(Exhibit 2). The Developer is currently considering the scope of the first phase of this scopeand encompasses the fuel docks (land and marine), 76 multi-plexes, 13 townhomes,restaurant, public restrooms Development intends to equip the marina with 150 slips inaccord with the Master ECP. The capacity of the marina is expected to be up to 300 boatseach with an average wastewater storage capacity of 200-500 gallons. Offsite laundryservice will be provided in lieu of on-vessel discharge of grey water into the marina.(Exhibit 1). However residences can be expected to each have their own laundry grey wateroutputs that will be comingled with black waters and low pressure fed via lift stations to thesubject WWT facility.Projected Sewage Assumption: Using the precautionary principle as described in the EIA,400gpd discharge was used per unit.Effluent Metrics: In the Marina Village and Marina, the EIA recommends the use of atertiary resort-package modular treatment system. The SRWR community Best PracticesBenchmark is UNEP C-SPAW Class 1 effluent with the following profile:BOD 15-30mg/l;FOG 15mg/l;Coli. 126mpn/100ml;TSS 30mg/lNitrogen & Phosphate reduced by +50% via engineered bio-retention gardens/pondsWaste Source/Type Assumptions: See reference, Exhibit 1.Proposed System Design for Phase 1 Marina VillageScope of Work: Design, Install, Tech-Train and Commission the following:System Description:The required WWT system should be a modular-scalable Sequence Batch Reactor(SBR) tertiary resort package type system as recommended by Master EIA/ECP.The system will meet the above-referenced standards metrics and must bedisinfected prior to discharge into an irrigation pond /integrated public gardens(evapo-transpiration (ET) field) to create lush green space, landscaped with biota 3. selected to take up N/P. (see Exhibit 3) The pond will be a functional supply for thecommunity irrigation water demand. Note, the pond construction will be specifiedunder a separate RFP. The current RFP is for the SBR system design, purchase andinstallation.Delivered System Scalability:The system must be potentially scalable to 200% forecasted capacity and provideirrigation water for the Marina Village. (Exhibit 4). A principle assumption is thatthe marina will scale over 7-10 years to 100% occupancy, eg. 20,000gpd initially to100,000gpd at full scale based on a 200% precautionary principle. Preference is forbolt-on expandability: Each system phase should be plumbed so as to anticipateand easily add modules when additional capacity is required. The forecastedexpansion plan is as follows:Four (4) Stage Scale Up:Phase 1 (Year 0-2): 1000 10000 GPDPhase 2 (Year 3-5): 10000 40000 GPDPhase 3 (Year 6-10): 40000 80000 GPDPhase 4 (Year 11+): 80000 -120000 GPDOther considerations for the chosen system will include the requirements re:maintenance, service, warranty, monitoring, chemical inputs, tech-transfer,simplicity of design, parts replacement availability, levelized cost, use of similarsystems in Belize/ Caribbean/Central America.Footprint:The System that best fits within the master-plan dimensions for the MarinaVillage Organic Park design will be a major factor to awarding the contract.The system must be scalable and compact as it is anticipated that it will beeventually housed in an aesthetically designed structure at the gardens (designedand built by others.) The total footprint of the system (Phase 4) should be no morethan, and be able to be installed on a cement pad with a building faade (byothers) as a shell. (See concept drawing, Marina Village Organic Park andGardens.) The total gross footprint of the built-out system should not exceed40L x 20W x 18H and be able to be housed inside a ventilated structure.The building shell architecture will be designed by others, and will integrate withthe proposed system layout. It is assumed that some sort of WWT/Irrigationfacility management office will be incorporated into the building.Influent:Influent assumption is standard residential black and grey water, delivered via 4. grinder-pump as well as marine vessel black water pump out. Inflows (system tobe delivered by others) via a low pressure HDPE system. Developer will daylightthe stub four feet (4) from the proposed building foundation for the Contractorsconnection to the system intake.Effluent:The System that achieves the best quality effluent with the least amount offilters, chemical inputs, noxious outputs and monitoring requirements will be amajor factor to awarding the contract. Outflows to be stubbed into the irrigationpond adjacent to the proposed system site. Contractor will stub out effluent linewithin 4 of building foundation with a check valve for Developers connection tothe effluent pond.Connections:Plumbing and Electrical connections within the facility should be plug and playby the Contractor. The Developer will provide appropriate power and waterconnections to the Contractors stub outs within 4of the building footprint.The Developer will be responsible for obtaining the appropriate electrical permitsand permit fees for the system based on the Contractors load calculations andrequirements.The Contractor will be required to be present during the final electrical connectionand electrical system energizing by BEL.Maintenance:Preference will be given to systems and vendors with a history of use,installation, parts, service, running-cost, monitoring and maintenance of thespecified system in Belize. The scope of work includes the entire maintenance andmonitoring technical transfer and should include the expected training programspecifics with SRWR staff assigned to monitor, maintain and repair the system.Bids should include this aspect as a separate line item the technical and cost ofincluding telemetric monitoring for decentralized management of the system.Schedule:Bid should identify the estimated Phase 1 construction duration including materialprocurement. (itemized)Bid should be valid for one (1) year.System shall be selected within 120 days of Bid receipt.Additional Considerations:Verifiable Quality of Effluent; Preference for Bio-Enzyme/ bio-mimickingtreatment processes versus chemicals and filters; running cost; ease of tech 5. transfer and use of systems in Central America/ Caribbean or Tropics; potentialfor odor and mitigation; ease of installation; availability of parts; design to fitmaster planned dimensions; telemetry (decentralized online monitoringcapability); manufacturer warranty/maintenance warranty, and availability followup training/monitoring are all part of the evaluation for bid award.Proposal Format:Bid should be on company letterhead in BELIZE DOLLARS and include theExcel spreadsheet template quote breakdown (Exhibit 5) specifying landed cost ofgoods, i.e. inclusive of shipping, brokerage, customs/duties, delivery to site,customs, and GST, etc., as outlined in the attached Bid Schedule of Values. THEBID SCHEDULE OF VALUES (SOV) MUST BE USED FOR YOUR BID.Your own back up may be submitted in conjunction with the SOV as needed.ALL system information you provide us must include the following at aminimum; 1) Product Description (AutoCAD)/ Verified Performance Data sheets;2) Maintenance Schedule/Tech Transfer Description, Training Costs, HumanResource Requirement to Maintain and Monitor, availability of OEM parts,supplies and service in-country (BZ); 3) Complete Quote of turn key cost,itemized by cost goods, installation, services, replacement parts, supplies, trainingwarranty, etc., as identified in the Bid Spreadsh