www.communityschools.org1 community schools: the united way november 2010

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www.communityschools.org 1 Community Schools: The Community Schools: The United Way United Way November 2010

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  • www.communityschools.org1 Community Schools: The United Way November 2010
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  • The Coalition for Community Schools Vision: The Coalition for Community Schools believes that strong communities require strong schools and strong schools require strong communities. We envision a future in which schools are centers of thriving communities where everyone belongs, works together, and succeeds. Mission: The Coalition advances opportunities for the success of children, families and communities by promoting the development of more, and more effective, community schools. www.communityschools.org2
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  • Coalition Partners include. With over 150 local, state, and national partners, the Coalition is comprised of organizations representing: Nonprofit organizations: e.g. United Ways Youth development Health, mental health and social services K-12 and higher education Local government Community development organizations Local community school initiativesmore Our partners recognize the community school advantage in achieving their own goals. www.communityschools.org3
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  • What is a Community School? A community school is both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. It provides academics, health and social services, youth and community development, and community engagement, and brings together many partners to offer a range of support and opportunities for children, youth, families, and communities. The school is generally open for extended hours for everyone in the community. Community schools may operate in all or a subset of schools in an LEA. (Title I Guidelines, U.S. Department of Education, Sept. 2, 2009)
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  • www.communityschools.org5 Community School Results: Children, Families, & Communities Students attend regularly. Students achieve academically. Students are engaged and motivatedcivically and academically. Students are healthyphysically, emotionally, mentally. Families are involved and supportiveof children and their education. Schools, families and community work together. Schools are safefor students, parents, school staff. Communities are desirable places to live.
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  • www.communityschools.org6 Key Principles Foster strong partnerships Share accountability for results Align school and community assets and expertise Set high expectations for all Build on the community's strengths Embrace diversity
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  • Community Schools across America 30-35 United Ways School District Leadership: Oakland, Providence, Evansville Local Government Leadership: Portland, Grand Rapids Higher Education: Philadelphia, Tulsa National Models: Childrens Aid Society, Beacons, Communities in Schools, National Community Education Association www.communityschools.org7
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  • Community Schools: Collaborative Leadership Structure www.communityschools.org8
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  • United Way Roles in Community Schools www.communityschools.org9 Key player in community leadership group Intermediary organization Lead agency or contract with others to be leads Funder fund intermediaries and incentivize the integration of grantee work at individual schools through the community schools approach
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  • State Policy Landscape NGA focus on community schools Emerging networks in multiple states: New Mexico, California, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania www.communityschools.org10
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  • Federal Policy Landscape DIPLOMA Act (Developing Innovative Partnerships and Learning Opportunities that Motivate Achievement, S.3595, H.R. 6229) July 15, 2010 introduced by Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) September 28, 2010 introduced by Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA, 32 nd District) Full Service Community School (FSCS) Act 2009 re-introduction is still in committee Eleven 2010 FSCS Winners Promise Neighborhood Grants 8 of the winners have community schools at center Coalition is working to embed community school principles into the reauthorized ESEA. www.communityschools.org11
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  • Special Information for United Ways: Visit: http://www.communityschools.org/resources/r esources_for_local_united_ways.aspx http://www.communityschools.org/resources/r esources_for_local_united_ways.aspx Martin Blank President, Institute for Educational Leadership Director, Coalition for Community Schools 4455 Connecticut Ave, NW Suite 310 Washington, DC 20008 202-822-8405 x167 [email protected] www.communityschools.org12