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  • www.hertsdirect.org Hertfordshire County Council Health and Community Services Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning Service Kristy Thakur
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  • www.hertsdirect.org Living & Learning Together
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  • www.hertsdirect.org Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning Service Launched in May 2005 Funded through Community Learning and First Steps Budgets from the SFA 2.7 million annually
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  • www.hertsdirect.org Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning Service Direct delivery of Family Learning (11% of all learners) Subcontracted delivery with 20 providers (4 Colleges, Voluntary and Community providers, Libraries, Herts Music Service)
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  • www.hertsdirect.org Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning Service Mission To encourage and develop enjoyable learning, achievement and progression for adults in Hertfordshire and in particular those who are most in need and/or have the least opportunity to achieve formal and informal qualifications, access to a wide range of affordable learning opportunities which will enhance their chances throughout life.
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  • www.hertsdirect.org Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning Service Free/ low cost targeted community provision delivered in local venues offer access to learning for disadvantaged groups Delivered across the county, targeting areas of deprivation Good partnerships impacting positively on access, recruitment and progression Leisure learning offering open access with an expectation of learner contribution to costs
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  • www.hertsdirect.org Magic Memories Project Partnership between HAFLS, HCPA, HRC, VCBEH and Training and Development team Life story work in 5 care homes (3 sessions delivered by HRC supported by activity organisers Activity organisers are mentored by HRC to deliver more life story sessions Volunteers recruited by VCBEH to support project
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  • www.hertsdirect.org Outcomes of the project Volunteers offer not taken up Life story course needs to be more interactive and less tutor led Positive feedback has been given on the usefulness of the project to giving the staff a greater understanding of the use of memory aids to assist clients with dementia. Family members have become actively involved
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  • www.hertsdirect.org Quick activity On the pink post it notes what learning are you already doing On the yellow post it notes what learning you would like to be doing On the Blue post it notes what help you need to do this with.
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  • www.hertsdirect.org Thanks for listening. Any questions For more information please contact Kristy Thakur Inclusion and Participation Manager Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning Service M: 07747 020373 E: kristy.thakur@hertscc.gov.uk
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  • www.hertsdirect.org
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  • Who are we? What do we do?
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  • Registered Charity Work in partnership with all the Volunteer Centres in Hertfordshire
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  • Top 4 Reasons* 1. To learn new skills 2. To diversify employability 3. To have fun 4. To help others * UK Volunteers Survey
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  • Capacity to provide more help to the people in your care Support to put on more activities like Memory Box projects
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  • Help with activities Organise events Help with office administration Sit and have a chat Gardening Help out in the kitchen * Volunteers are not to replace paid staff but to offer additional support that would not otherwise be available
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  • Why do you want volunteers? What roles will they perform? Are you able to support them? Will your residents benefit from extra help with activities?
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  • We can come and visit you to discuss your needs We will register your organisation and any volunteering roles We will provide you with a Handbook of Policies you might find useful for supporting volunteers Volunteers interested in the roles you offer will be interviewed by our guidance officers and if suitable their contact details will be forwarded Then... its up to you
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  • What else do we do?
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  • For Information, Advice & Guidance We provide careers and training advice, as well as opportunities to gain work experience through volunteering for people who are 18+ : employed or unemployed wanting a career change learn new skills do something new
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  • Our Personal Development course: Team Work Confidence Building Stress Awareness Communication Skills Employability CVs Completing Job Applications Interview Skills
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  • Phone: 01992 638633 Email: loretta@vcbroxbourne.org.uk loretta@vcbroxbourne.org.uk


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