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  • www.sharon-it.com1 The Seven Deadly Nyms Taly Sharon [email protected] [email protected]
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  • www.sharon-it.com2 The Seven Deadly Nyms 1.Contronyms 2.Heteronyms 3.Polyonyms 4.Homonyms 5.Capitonym 6.Caconyms 7.Exonym
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  • www.sharon-it.com3 Nyms (1) 1.Contronyms is a single word that has multiple meanings that contradict the others Examples: Fast - moving quickly vs. firmly stuck in place Hysterical - overwhelmed with fear vs. outrageously funny 2.Heteronyms are words that are spelled identically but have different meanings when pronounced differently: Examples: bow, desert, object 3.Polyonyms are different words have the same meaning Examples: Jupiter, Zeus, Oden
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  • www.sharon-it.com4 Nyms (2) 4.Homonyms are words that have the same sound but a completely different meaning Examples: to, too, two Comment: Some homonyms are also contronyms 5.Capitonym is a word that changes pronunciation and meaning when it is capitalized. Examples: You polish silver with ammonia and silicon, though you'd never dream of applying the same to a Polish sausage.
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  • www.sharon-it.com5 An Ode to the Spelling Chequer
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  • www.sharon-it.com6 Nyms (3) 6.Caconym is an erroneous name, especially in taxonomic classification. Caconyms might be useful for tracking down archaic or outdated usage but misleading otherwise. 7.Exonym is a place name that foreigners use instead of the name that natives use. Examples: Cologne:Koln; Morocco:Maroc. Using exonyms as search terms will likely net results biased toward foreign information
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  • www.sharon-it.com7 How to learn more about Nyms? Dictionary Thesaurus Examples: WordNet Synonym Webster online (pay) Google define: Google ~
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  • www.sharon-it.com8 Thesaurus Semantic network (graph) of related terms. Can be created manually or generated automatically using statistics. Relations in the thesaurus can be weighted. Can be used to enhance and refine queries. Love Like Similar Adore 3 2 2 3
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  • www.sharon-it.com9 Water pipe Synonyms: conduit, hookah, hubble- bubble, kalian, main, nargileh, plumbing, sluice, steam pipe, water conduit, waterconduithookahhubble- bubblekalianmainnargilehplumbing sluicesteam pipewater conduitwater MainSource:MainSource: Roget's New Millennium Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.3.1)
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  • www.sharon-it.com10 Webster
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  • www.sharon-it.com11 Thesaurus - example Query: can rch?q=can rch?q=can able container toilet and many more
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  • www.sharon-it.com12
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  • www.sharon-it.com13 Visual Thesaurus
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  • www.sharon-it.com14 Visual Thesaurus
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  • www.sharon-it.com15 I-Tools Language Tools Shortcuts to many dictionaries, thesauri, and other tools.
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  • www.sharon-it.com16 Thesauri @ I-Tools
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  • www.sharon-it.com17 ( )
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  • www.sharon-it.com18 Learning Synonyms from Google Using ~ and - to find all synonyms example process: ~car returns keywords in bold (car, cars, auto, BMW, etc.) ~car -car returns all except car (cars, auto, BMW, etc.) ~car -car -cars -auto -BMW (motor, van, etc.) repeat the process to discover different synonyms (up to 31)
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  • www.sharon-it.com19 Coping with Nyms Learn the different meanings (using tools) Disambiguate: add words to query remove (-) words from query
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  • www.sharon-it.com20 Thesaurus Historical AltaVista Query Refinement
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  • www.sharon-it.com21 Historical AltaVista Query Refinement (cont.)
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  • www.sharon-it.com22 Using Synonyms with Google Using ~ and - to select synonyms Example: ~Aluminum retrieves: aluminum Alumina Al Metals New Query: ~aluminum -ElAl -al-qaida When looking for children related but not family oriented websites use: ~child family
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  • www.sharon-it.com23
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  • www.sharon-it.com24 : ': , . ': ( ) ': .
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  • www.sharon-it.com25 Exercises 1.What is the problem that can be associated with each of the following terms? Which category of Nym does it belong to? a.Content b.Root c.Convict d.Florence e.Week f.Record
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  • www.sharon-it.com26 Exercises 2.What are the different terms describing the word cheap according to Google? 3.You are looking for stores for cheap buys of goods, which terms would be right to use? (hint try ~ -) 4.What terms does Google find related to fly? 5.Try searching for fly in the thesaurus and visual thesaurus. 6.If you are interested in the recreation related to fly, which are the correct terms to use or remove?
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  • www.sharon-it.com27 References The Seven Deadly Nyms List of Heteronyms http://www-