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The village directory Delivered by Delivered by Delivered by 75 April 2013 for Wye and surrounding villages and surrounding villages Delivered FREE to 4,000 homes in TN25 Do you own a property and would like someone to manage it on your behalf? Why not give Abby Waters Property Management a call. We offer management of one-off rentals for individual landlords, to complete management services for larger companies. Or, if your property is just in need of a little ‘TLC’, we can also help. We have trusted contractors that can take care of all your property maintenance; including gas certified engineers, qualified plumbers and electricians, kitchen fitters and many more – no job is too small! Trust the company that other landlords & house owners trust! For more information, call 01303 812001, email: [email protected] or visit www.abbywaters.co.uk Looking for a property to rent? Ask about our rental properties too! We’ll look after your property, properly!

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The Village Directory, a community and advertising magazine delivered monthly to every rural home and village in the borough of Ashford Kent


  • The village directoryDelivered byDelivered byDelivered by


    April 2013

    for Wye and surrounding villagesand surrounding villagesDelivered FREE to 4,000 homes in TN25

    Do you own a property and would like someone to manage it onyour behalf? Why not give Abby Waters Property Management a call.We offer management of one-off rentals for individual landlords, to complete management servicesfor larger companies.

    Or, if your property is just in need of a little TLC, we can also help.

    We have trusted contractors that can take care of all your property maintenance; including gas certifiedengineers, qualified plumbers and electricians, kitchen fitters and many more no job is too small!

    Trust the company that other landlords & house owners trust!

    For more information, call 01303 812001, email: [email protected] or visitwww.abbywaters.co.uk

    Looking for a property to rent? Ask about our rental properties too!

    Well look afteryour property,


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    CINNAMON Sunday - ThursdayChefs Platt er








    Unit 4 Eureka Place, Trinity Road,Ashford,

    Kent TN25 4BY

    May Issue Deadline 1st April

    Welcome tothe village directory

    Hi everyone,

    Its Chocolate time! Just as Ive managed to knock off a few of the pounds I gained at Christmas, Easter arrives with all the temptation of chocolate. When I was young I was fussy about the fl avours and types I enjoyed but these days, in my more mature years, my taste has broadened to the point where any chocolate is a delight, whether its milk or plain, with almost anything in the centre (not Turkish Delight!) I will put my feet up and enjoy a moment or two in that world where the Cadburys Flake girl used to stroll (now Im showing my age!).

    Anyway enough of that, theres far more to Easter than chocolate, its the begining of spring and hopefully the weather will refl ect

    that. Its time to clear out those cupboards, spring clean, decorate or, weather permitting, begin to tackle the garden. Im sure we will all be busy bees in one way or another, whether your focus is on social or domestic activities youll fi nd ideas and help within these page. Why not check out some of our new advertisers.

    Have a great Easter ~ DebbieT: 01233 720488 e: [email protected]: www.thevillagedirectory.co.uke: [email protected]

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  • the garden


    AshwoodsTree Work & Fencing Services


    Stephen Hulbert NPTCT: 01227 732253 M: 07867 557998

    Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts

    A Multi-trade Company

    Tree Surgery - Landscaping - Garden WorkDriveways & Patios

    Tel: 07979 003 291 / 01303 87524630 years Experience - fully insured - www.fabbuilders.com

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    y p yy p y

    All Seasons Garden ServicesOver 20 years experience

    All aspects of garden care undertakenFully insured

    T: 01233 665322 M: 07941 205 374Email: [email protected]

    LAWN MOWING AND GRASS CAREFor Large Gardens & Paddocks ( to 5 acres)

    Large professional machinery provided by small local business Est. 7 years. Competitive prices.

    Call Nick Horton for free estimate on07787 411685 or 01233 66204107787 411685 or 01233 662041

    Wilson Landscapes Grass Cutting Hedge Cutting Tree Work Fencing Landscaping of New Build Gardens

    Domestic or Commercial Overgrown Garden Restoration Patios Turfi ng

    For a Free Quote Please Call Richard Wilson on 07792216613 or 01233 720891

    Over 20 years experience

    Landscaping & Garden Maintenance




    FREE QUOTE & ADVICETel: 01797 344266 Mob: 07836 298020

    Email [email protected] p g


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    Fast eff ective service forthe removal of all pests.

    Family Run - Fully Insured.Authority Approved.


    Tel: 01303 221008Mobile: 07857 344770www.benskoservices.co.uk

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    l iBENSKO

    Chimney Sweeping ServicesBrush and VacBrush and Vac

    Friendly, Clean, Reliable ServiceServiceEvery Type of Flue Swept

    Pots, Cowls & Bird Guards FittedStove Installations

    NACs Certifi cates IssuedFully Insured

    Best Possible Prices on all FiresBest Possible Prices on all Fires

    Local Family Run BusinessWeddings Attended

    All Areas Covered

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    STONE GREEN NURSERIES Our completeOpen Weekend dates for 2013

    Fri 10am-5pm Sat, Sun & BHM 9am-5pm


    Please remember we are only open on these dates We accept most major credit cards For detailed Directions Please use web-site Follow day-glow signs from A20 at Charing and A28 at Bethersden

    Truly a gardeners paradise

    *Shrubs* Trees* Herbaceous perennials* Climbers* *large plants for instant impact*

    Wholesale Nursery Open to the public We grow our vast range of plants with passion and pride

    for garden designers, landscapers, local nurseries, farm shops and other horticulture outlets.

    We have a truly exquisite range to offer you from the

    tried and tested to the more unusual. You will be making your selection

    nowledgeable staff to help answer your questions

    On the 29th, 30th, 31st March and 1st April Easter

    On our open weekends (please see our complete list.) We invite you.

    direct from our growing beds! You cant buy fresher. Fantastic range and fair prices.

    Should you need help with your selection we also have k

    Pluckley Road Bethersden TN26 3ET

    March29th, 30th, 31st March & 1st April

    26th, 27th & 28th

    3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th17th, 18th & 19th

    31st May, 1st & 2nd June

    5th, 6th & 7th

    23rd, 24th, 25th & 26th

    6th, 7th & 8th 27th, 28th & 29th







  • 8Hello Everyone, Mowgli here. I hope you are all well and pleased that winter seems to be over. Things continue to be as chaotic as ever here. We are all quite used to the new house now and Josh is growing apace (that is the polite way of saying he is quite fat. He even weighs more than Ebony now and that takes some doing!)

    Last month I wrote that Ebony and I were quite pleased with Joshua. This has now changed a bit as he has been quite unkind to me. Quite a few weeks ago Jane was feeding him in the rocking chair and I was obediently sitting at her feet waiting for her to fi nish when the baby suddenly vomited all over me! I was soaked and very unhappy. Clive washed and dried me but I was miserable all night and decided to sleep with Louis the tortoise rather than on their bed. However, by the next morning I was feeling very much better and decided to forgive Josh so I went and found him and Jane and purred and snuggled up to them. And do you know what that baby did? He did the same again, but even more this time. He hasnt been sick again since but I think he knew exactly what he was doing! I am a little bit wary of him now but I still queue up for the 3 hourly hug on the sofa when Josh gets fed. I just make sure I move quickly if he looks like he might be sick. We had another baby come to visit the other day but he was older and able to crawl and do you know what he did? He ate our cat biscuits! The cheek of it! But quite good in the end as we got extra as compensation........

    I havent written much about the goats recently. That is because they have been unusually good. However, it seems they were just plotting. One afternoon last week Jane put the kettle on to make a cup of tea. Just before it boiled the house fused and the trip


    switch fl icked off . After that every time she tried to do anything in the house the trip switch went. Andy called in on his way home from the Clinic to have a look and by the time he arrived everything was normal. It was a bit odd but then things are always a bit odd around here and we are all used to it! However, when Clive came home and went to feed the goats all became clear. The silly goats had used their horns to pull the electric cable powering their light from the wall of their shed and it seems that Dennis had got the cable stuck on his horn and had twisted it around and around and around until the wire snapped. There was an amazing mess and a lot of ruined cable plaited with brown goat hair! He must have been doing this when Jane was boiling the kettle, causing it all to trip. By the time Andy arrived he must have broken the cable so that everything was relatively normal. Dennis is very lucky he wasnt burnt to a crisp. I tell you, goats are so stupid! The wire has been put back but even higher on the wall so the silly creatures wont reach it again. Im not as confi dent as Clive though- there is no end to their stupidity and I bet they try again!

    ~ Mowgli ~ Mowgli Montgomery VetsMontgomery Vets


    We treat your pet as if it was our own

    Specialising in all pet animals including exotics& avian. Calm and friendly family run clinic.

    Open 7 days a weekFull emergency service

    Ample Free Parking

    CALL 01303 813756

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    Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts

    Paul Smith Plumbing ServicesFOR ALL YOUR PLUMBING NEEDS

    FREE ESTIMATESCall Paul on 01303 812965



    Challock Based PlumberRadiators, pumps, power fl ushing,

    bathrooms, mobility, sanitary and drainage and more...

    Tel: 07958 252 [email protected]


    T INR TINFor An Appointment

    01233 502719 Closed on Wednesdays



    4HRLWVZP[P]LlifeJOHUNLZ*[email protected]]VUUL-LYUHUKV




    01233 632329


    01233 732505 www.smartdogs-kent.co.uk Marsh Rd Hamstreet,TN26 2JE

    Now Selling: Coats, jumpers, collars, leads, toys fragance sprays, brushes and combs for

    dogs. URBANPUP Stockists

    Collection ServiceCollection Service HandstrippingHandstripping ClippingClipping DemattingDematting Doggy Day NurseryDoggy Day Nursery Cat GroomingCat Grooming MicrochippingMicrochipping Dog Walking LocallyDog Walking Locally

    R J Twwwwwwwigg AccountantsEstablished 1990

    CIS, VAT, TAX RETURNS etcwww.rjtwigg.co.uk

    01303 243093 0789 416 8252

    Interior & Exterior15 years experience Fully insured

    Tel: 01233 668345Mobile: 07807 294527Please call for a free quote

    C S Painting & Decorating ServicesC S Pa

    Chimney Sweeping &Woodburning Stove InstallationsA friendly & professional service off ering:

    Sweeping of all Fires and Stoves Flue Liners and Twinwall Chimney

    Installations Top Brand Stoves Supplied and Fitted Hearths and Fireplaces Repairs, servicing & solutions to problem

    chimneysVery Competitive Prices

    Call: 01233 812566 / 07749 258 871

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    Do you have clutter in your cupboards, or fur balls all over your fl oor? Does your fridge need defrosting, do your windows need washing and your sink require a good scrub? Are you closer to being the goddess of grime than the queen of clean? Spring sunshine is notorious for pointing out the fl aws whether they be major or minor in your housework routine, and now could be the ideal time to don your apron, snap on your Marigolds and refresh your home from top to bottom.

    They call it spring cleaning, but in fact theres no reason why you shouldnt have a good clear-out, shake-down and wash-up at any time of the year. Or, if you really cant bear the thought of tackling every room at once (and lets face it, were not all so domestically inclined), you could divide it into manageable tasks, and spend perhaps an hour a week or

    else tackle one room at a time until your home feels truly transformed.

    Having decided to make a fresh start, where should you begin? The obvious place is with a good, old-fashioned tidy up, paying attention to all your tables, shelves, fl oors and other surfaces, inside kitchen and bathroom cupboards, bedroom wardrobes and chests of drawers, and anywhere else that mess has gradually accumulated.

    Once you have cleared the space, you are almost ready to begin. But not quite. Good preparation will, in the long run, really pay off . Make a list of what needs doing (this may be rather time-consuming, but will be worth it in the end) and allocate some time for each chore. Then dig out appropriate clothing. What to wear will depend on the task at hand, and the types of tools and cleaners youll be using, but should include an old shirt

    and trousers, and could also mean rubber gloves, sturdy shoes, a headscarf, overall or apron and a dust mask or safety goggles.

    Next, assemble your equipment from brooms and scrubbing brushes to buckets and cloths. Having it all ready beforehand will save time and eff ort later. And the last piece of preparation is to fi nd the cleaning products youll require, including an all-purpose household cleaner, washing-up liquid, furniture polish, non-chlorine bleach, anti-mildew tile and bath cleaner and window cleaner. Store them in a heavy-duty caddy with a handle.

    At last, youre ready to begin. Refer back to your list of what needs doing youll see it divides into fi ve main areas: vacuuming, dusting, mopping/scrubbing, washing and wiping, and polishing. There will also be specifi c tasks which vary from room

    Clean and FreshClear the clutter, sort your stuff and make everything in your home spick and span your home will feel bright and revitalised, and so will you, says Katherine Sorrell


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    [email protected]

    Busy Brooms HousekeepingBusy Brooms HousekeepingSpring Cleaning Time AgainSpring Cleaning Time Again!

    For all your cleaning, laundry, gardening and

    maintenance needs Call Suzanne on

    07984 07984 862 503862 503


    Zips & Trouser / Skirt Shortening from 4.50HAND SEWN CURTAINS

    FREE COLLECTION / DELIVERY SERVICECall Christina 01303 864280

    MARY HEMSLEY INTERIORSHandmade Curtains Tracks & Poles

    Blinds Wallpapers UpholsteryDesigner Fabrics

    01233 813717150 Bridge Street, Wye, TN25 5DP

    Clooneys CleaningTraditional Cleaning& Window Cleaning

    For all your cleaning needs, windows, doors, conservatories, facias, shops, offi ces etc Fully Insured CRB Checked Reliable

    Over 30 yrs Experience

    Contact Gary: 07888 687 635

    Done & Dusted Lifestyle Services

    Also Off eringPet Sitting/Walking/Feeding Ironing

    Gardening Catering Floristry Shopping

    Tel: 07852 193 404

    Professional Domestic Cleaning Services Regular Cleans Moving and Tenancy Cleans

    One off Cleans Holiday Lets

    to room, such as turning mattresses, spot-cleaning upholstery, cleaning the oven, defrosting the fridge, descaling the shower head and beating rugs. Now is also a good time to sort out those less frequently required jobs such as steam-cleaning the carpets or having the chimney swept.

    Before you embark, bear in mind the basic principles of cleaning: work from top to bottom (dust the light fi tting before polishing the table beneath) and tackle dry before wet (vacuum before mopping, obviously). As you work, try to be organised, whether you work one room at a time, or one task at a time. Put some music on and really throw yourself into

    it. Once you start, you may well fi nd that you enjoy the entire process far more than you ever thought you would. With a little forethought, preparation and organisation, spring cleaning can be a rewarding activity that will restore your home to its rightful place as a peaceful haven that is well-kept, tidy and gleamingly, squeaky clean.

    By Katherine Sorrell


    Polish chrome taps with vinegar, a little baking soda on a damp cloth or a gentle rub of white toothpaste

    To dust carved wooden furniture, put a dab of furniture cream on a damp cloth, and hold it over the bristles of a soft toothbrush you will be able to work your way into all the cracks and crevices

    De-grease a vinyl fl oor (under the oven, for example) by rubbing with a halved lemon, then mop with an all-purpose cleaner

    Spot-clean upholstery by gently rubbing in a little foamy shaving cream and removing with a clean, damp cloth

    Beat a rug by hanging it over a washing line and using a tennis racket

    IMAGES: Personalised enamel bucket, 37.75, Jonnys Sister (01935 873186; jonnyssister.co.uk). Retro pink rose washing up gloves, 4.95, Dotcomgiftshop (0780 1976146; dotcomgiftshop.com)

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    Seasonal DelightsSpiced Rack of Lamb

    with Fragrant RiceServes 4 Ready in 1 hour

    Perfect for a spring Sunday

    lunch or stylish supper this

    quick and easy lamb dish is

    full of avor. Choose a couple

    of meaty racks of lamb from

    a good butcher and score the

    layers of fat before spreading

    with the harissa paste. Serve

    with a cooling garlic and mint

    yoghurt sauce.

    Ingredients: 1 tbsp harissa paste (see Tip) 2 trimmed racks of lamb, each

    with 6 bones 2 red onions, peeled and cut into

    slim wedges 50g butter 225g basmati rice, rinsed and

    drained 1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed 750ml vegetable stock Generous pinch saff ron strands 50g sultanas 40g fl aked almonds, lightly

    toasted 2 tbsp pomegranate seeds

    Tip:Harissa paste is a fi ery hot North African blend of red chilli peppers and spices just a little goes a long way so use sparingly. Youll fi nd it in small jars near the dried herb and spice sections in most large supermarkets.

    Preheat the oven to 200C, 400F, Gas 6. Spread the harissa paste over the lamb racks. Place the racks in an oiled roasting tin and add the onion wedges.

    Roast in the preheated oven for 25-35 minutes depending on how pink you like your lamb. Remove from the oven. Cover with foil and leave to rest for 10 minutes the lamb will be juicier and easier to carve.

    Meanwhile, heat the butter in a heavy-based pan until melted and foaming. Add the rice and garlic. Fry gently for 1-2 minutes, stirring until the rice is translucent. Pour in the stock. Add the saff ron and bring to the boil, stirring.

    Cover the pan with a tight fi tting lid. Reduce the heat to the lowest setting and cook for 15-20 minutes without removing the lid until the rice is tender and all the liquid is absorbed. Remove from the heat. Fork through to separate the grains. Add the sultanas, fl aked almonds and pomegranate seeds.

    Carve the lamb racks into individual cutlets and serve immediately with the fragrant rice and roast onion wedges.

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    We offer a choice of 250 tasty dishes, including desserts and mini meals. All meals are delivered frozen, ready to be stored in your freezer and cooked in minutes. What could be easier?

    Wiltshire Farm Foods make mealtimes easy as pie. If youll pardon the pun!

    Cottage Pie with vegetables 2.95


    of great service

    For a FREE brochure call

    01227 774 999 wiltshirefarmfoods.com

    Real bread, bunsand pastries

    Open 8.30 to 5 on Tues, Thurs & Fri 9 to 1 on Saturdays

    22 Church Street, Wye TN25 5BJ01233 812218 [email protected]


    Challock Memorial Hall, Blind Lane.1st & 3rd Friday of each month 1pm to 4pm

    Contact Pauline Hickson 01233 740979

    THE BARN SHOP TRADITIONAL MARKETChallock - 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month

    10am 2pm Contact 01233 740237


    9 -11.30 every Thurs morningContact 01233 740176

    EGERTONEvery Friday 2 - 4.30pm Millennium Hall

    WYE - 07804 652156First and third Saturday of every month

    on the Village Green in Wye. Tel: 07804 652156www.wyefarmersmarket.co.uk



    Broccoli (Purple)CabbageCaulifl owerGreensKaleOnionsRocket

    Spring OnionsSpring GreensSwedeSaladSorrelLettuce

    FishCocklesCodCrabHalibutJohn DorySalmon

    Sea BassSea Trout

    Meat & GameBeefGuinea fowlHareLambMuttonPorkRabbitVealVenisonWood Pigeon

    In Season:

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    Professional unique intensive valet process Range & AGA specialist All ovens, hobs, extractor fans & microwaves Environmentally friendly, no toxic chemicals, no fumes See ovenu.co.uk for a video of the valet process Ovenu Ashford is approved by Trading Standards Contact Richard at Ovenu Ashford 01233 380023 or 0800 1409800


    Challock Memorial Hall, Blind Lane.1st & 3rd Friday of each month 1pm to 4pm

    Contact Pauline Hickson 01233 740979

    THE BARN SHOP TRADITIONAL MARKETChallock - 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month

    10am 2pm Contact 01233 740237


    9 -11.30 every Thurs morningContact 01233 740176

    EGERTONEvery Friday 2 - 4.30pm Millennium Hall

    ROLVENDEN - 01580 240763Every Thursday 10am -12 noon

    St Marys Church and the Village Hall

    RYE FARMERS MARKETEvery Wednesday at Strand Quay 10am - 1 pm

    (12pm Oct - April)

    RYE MARKETEvery Thursday at the Cattle Market Car Park. Early till around 3pm (depending on the weather)

    RYE COUNTRY MARKETFormerly WI Market

    Rye Community Centre, Conduit Hill.Every Friday 10am -11.30am

    TENTERDEN COUNTRY MARKETEvery Friday 9.30am -11.30am

    St Mildreds Church Hall, Church road.

    WITTERSHAM MARKETEvery Tuesday Village Hall 9am. - 11am

    Tel: 01797 270757

    WYE - 07804 652156First and third Saturday of every month

    on the Village Green in Wye. Tel: 07804 652156www.wyefarmersmarket.co.uk

  • the home


    Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts

    Open Tues - Fri 10am - 4pmSat 10am - 1pmCall Now For a Free Consultation

    Images courtesy of Voyage Decoration

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    For kids, April means the Easter holidays. Time for enforced fun, ill-fated camping trips and long drives squished in the back of the car, with your siblings breathing in your face. Weve picked some of the best books about family life and how to survive. Two weeks off are we there yet?

    My Family and Other Animals: Gerald DurrellEccentric but enchanting, Durrell recalls his blissful childhood growing up on a Greek Island. Scorpions and snakes abound, as well as colourful characters and the all-round air of plain bonkers-madness that we associate with family life. Chaotic and hypnotic, this book is hugely funny and hasnt lost any of its appeal over the years.

    Little Women: Louisa May AlcottNever were there such devoted sistersuntil you add domestic turmoil, death and boys into the mix. Amy, Beth, Jo and Meg are the March sisters growing up during the Civil War era. Jo doesnt want to cut her hair off and Meg doesnt want to be a governess, but you have to admit that Beth comes off worst! Its an all-American classic and is a defi nite must-read for any teenage girl, whether you have sisters or not.

    The Awakening: Kate ChopinThis is the hopeless tale of New Orleans housewife Edna Pontellier who struggles like a caged bird, batting against the bars and confi nes of domesticity. There was little empathy for the character when the book was fi rst published and certainly she can be read as a very selfi sh protagonist, but subsequent

    generations have come to recognise Ednas plight, her need for a sensuous relationship and ultimately, her freedom.

    Everybody Jam: Ali LewisThe Dawson family is used to harsh climates and tough situations: they run a cattle station in Australias Northern Territory. Plagued by drought, this years muster will be another battle with the elements. But theres more to contend with than the outdoors this year. Eldest son Jonny has been killed but no one talks about it, 14 year old Sissy is pregnant after rooting with an Aboriginal lad and theres a new Pommie house girl who cant even make toast. Told through the eyes of 13 year old Danny, its a story of a strong clan who overcome adversity and survive, way out in the outback.

    The Red House: Mark HaddonHow do siblings become total strangers? Brought together by the death of their mother, Angela and her brother Richard have only really communicated through phone calls for the last decade or so. Now Richard has invited Angela and her growing brood to spend a week with them in deepest darkest Wales. The book fl its between characters but once youre into the rhythm of how these two families tick, its a great read thats full of sibling-

    rivalry, trips and falls down memory lane and getting to know each other all over again.

    We Need to Talk About Kevin: Lionel ShriverThis is the shocking and disturbing story of a family torn apart when the eldest son carries out a massacre at his school. Its powerfully told through a series of letters written by his mother, Eva to her husband Franklin as she tries to come to terms with the atrocities carried out by Kevin. It brings up all kinds of questions about nature versus nurture and how siblings and parents impact on each others lives. Throughout the book we can begin to piece together exactly what took place in the high school gym, but it still wont prepare you for the startling conclusion. Quite simply, a brilliant thriller.

    The Red House by Mark Haddon, published by Jonathan Cape. Used

    by permission of The Random House Group Limited

    We Are Family

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    for good honest advice,information

    and a solution to mostmobility problems

    New ,Used & Hire Equipmentfrom Aids for Daily Living

    to Wheelchairs.

    www.forrmobi l i ty .co.uk

    Parking by the door. Indoor & outdoor test areas. Repairs / Servicing. Modifications. Adaptations.Easy terms available. Free home assessments

    come and try the largestselection of mobilityequipment in ashford

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    Across1. Jewels (4)3. Allowed in (8)9. Worried (7)10. Annoy (5)11. Fading away (12)13. Deny (6)15. Interfere (6)17. Directions (12)20. Ships load (5)21. Vital part of healthy diet (7)22. Enjoyed (8)23. Repair (4)

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    lf you have any queries or you wish to discuss in more detail any individual requirements, please dont hesitate to call get in touch, details as above.

    The Ashford (Kent) Art Society Spring Exhibition runs from April 24th - May 6th incl. Ashford (Kent) Art Society is holding their Spring Exhibition and sale of work at St Marys Parish Church, Ashford. Until May 6th incl. 10 - 4.30 daily except Sunday. Free admission. All welcome.

    The Brabourne & Smeeth Gardeners Society next meeting is on Friday 26 April 7.15 for 7.30pm in the Village Hall when there will be a talk on Garden Pests, Diseases & Friends by Martin Newcombe. Visitors are always welcome. For further info contact Wendy Sanders on [email protected] or 01303 813 451.

    Saturday 27th April 10.00 a.m 1.00 p.m Lympne Village Hall Table Top Sale pre booked tables 6.00 or 8.00 on the day to book a table please phone 07975584608. Refreshments provided by the Village Hall Committee. Ample Free Parking. Come early to avoid disappointment.

    A New Quilting Group is starting in the Oak Room, Smeeth TN25 6SA. If you are interested in quilting or patchwork why not come along and learn new skills and share your expertise with like minded people. Beginners and advanced levels are welcome. We are having an informal meet and greet on Saturday 27th April from 10 a.m. until 12 noon as a prelude to our bi-monthly meetings commencing on Thursday evening 2nd May 2013. For further information contact Marion on 01233 750319

    Aldington & Bonnington Gardening Society next meeting is on Thursday the 11th April when we will have a talk on Lookers Huts of Romney Marsh an illustrated talk by Steven Humphreys. We meet at Aldington Village Hall 7.45pm for 8.00pm. Visitors welcome. For further information contact Colin Evans 01233720618.

    Saturday April 20 at 1pm. Jumble Sale, Victory Hall, Hamstreet - jumble sought now. Anybody with items to donate should contact Angela on 01233 732833, Wendy on 732903 or Eileen/Colin on 732568.

    Appledore Wedding Fayre 2013

    The event will be held within the Parish Church and grounds of St Peter and St Paul, Appledore on Saturday 20th April 2013.

    The Fayre will be open from 11am to 4pm with a bridal fashion show in the church in the afternoon - see the brides & grooms walk down the aisle!

    There will also be exhibitor stands and wedding cars at the Village Hall.

    A complimentary goody bag will be available for the fi rst 50 brides to register with a celebratory glass of bucks fi zz on arrival.

    Refreshments will be available throughout the day.

    For further details, please contact:

    The Revd Tricia Fogden on 01233 758250 or email [email protected]

    Do you provide a fi rst class wedding service within The Romney Marsh, Tenterden and Ashford area?

    Would you like to exhibit at our Wedding Fayre alongside the cream of local businesses?

    If so we need to hear from you! We have a limited number of stands available in each wedding supplier category.

    Events April

    SMEETH W.I present their


    At the Brabourne and Smeeth

    Village Hall ON

    27TH April 2013 from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm

    GRAND RAFFLE Jewellery, Bags, Plants, Wood Craft,

    Handmade items Cakes and Preserves, Refreshments.. and more!

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    Dont Miss It WILDLIFE! The new musical comedy Dont Miss It

    May 2, 3 & 4th at the Norton Knatchbull School, Ashford, (free parking)Presented by the Ashford New British Musical Am-Dram Society & FLY THE FLAG PRODUCTIONS

    How many times have you longed for something really funny, fresh & original to enjoy with the bonus of great new songs youll want to sing, hear or play again & again?! Heres your

    opportunity! WILDLIFE a new musical comedy; a story of modern life mixing family & business is what you want! The cast. Age 8 to older than they like to admit. The scenario shows the Speed family & colourful employees thrown together making Television adverts, using music,

    song & dance. Add bees, faxes, a lovable dog & 4 kids you have the ingredients for situational comedy fun. Life is a struggle for all.

    Everything against them, mistakes & incredible incidents will happen!Characters include Jean- Paul, a quirky French Composer, a Polish assistant, a cheeky old

    Cockney, plus the speeds 4 kids who are at war! Watch them and fi nd out how team SCRAMP try to sell the un-sellable, using their wit, creative energy & not quite enough wisdom Its win lifesaving contract or curtains for everyone! Prepare for a roller coaster ride of bathos, pathos

    and chaos.FOR GOODNESS SAKE get off the sofa & support live and original entertainment.

    Songs include 6 UK Song writing contest semi-fi nalistsSuitable for a family audience. Make the run up to the May bank holiday one youll never forget!

    Visit www.wildlifethemusical.com for news, views and booking info.Box Offi ce: 01303 814 341

    By Kent playwrite, lyricist, composer Lizzie Freeborn with choreography by Margaret Jones (MMADS).

    Visit www.myspace.co.uk and search people, Lizzie Freeborn for many demo songsORIGINAL!.NEW!....HILARIOUS!....PACKED with great

    Support local talent! Youll come alive toWILDLIFE! The new musical comedy

    Characters and songs youll want to hear and sing again and againSupport newcomers to British Musicals

    Also! Coming shortly .CHIME TRAVEL a local history performance including stories, songs and poems based around an original new 14 verse poem & new anthem about the history of

    Brabourne, as seen by the bells! JUNE 22 Sat. pm involving many villagers & children.If you have an interesting activity, craft or story to tell contact 077 483 38 998 NOW!

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    Pengelly& Rylands

    FAMILY SOLICITORS For friendly advice in times of need

    Family, Children & Divorce(Fixed Fee appointments available)

    Elderly Client Care House Sales & Purchases Equity Release Wills & Probate Commercial

    Please call us on 01580 76224839/41 High Street, Tenterden, Kent TN30 6BJ


    Buying a property with someone else? Make sure you protect your interests!In the latest in our regular series of articles regarding legal matters, Katrina Kemp, Trainee Solicitor at Pengelly & Rylands, gives some advice on buying a property with another party.

    If you are looking to buy a property jointly with someone else, you can hold the ownership as either Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common.

    Joint tenants both own the whole of a property and are entitled to an equal and undivided share in it. On the death of one of the joint owners, the property passes automatically to the survivor, whatever the Will of the deceased party might say. This method is most commonly used by married couples (however, in the event of divorce and a sale of the property, the presumption that the proceeds should be shared equally between the parties may be overturned by the court). Joint tenancy can be changed to tenants in common if your situation changes. This is called severing the joint tenancy.

    Tenants in common have an undivided share in the property. That share could be equal or unequal. Tenants in common is most suited if you are putting unequal amounts of money into the property and you want this to be refl ected in your shares of ownership. The following few examples may refl ect your situation:

    1. If you are contributing towards your off springs fi rst home you may want to hold a share in the property as tenants in common. Your solicitor could prepare a trust deed to refl ect the share you have contributed, how and when you will be repaid and who will be responsible for the property. When the property is sold you will be entitled to the share of the sale proceeds as stated in the trust deed.

    2. When buying a house with your partner it is best to discuss how you want to hold the ownership of the property. It may be unromantic but it can prevent any legal battles in the future. Where partners are not married it is more common to hold as tenants in common and to have a trust deed. If you have contributed in unequal shares it is important a trust deed is drafted stating what shares are agreed.

    Katrina Kemp, Trainee Solicitor3. If you want to invest in a property for business or with family you might consider holding the property as tenants in common. A trust deed should refl ect the respective shares and mention how the property will be maintained and/or mortgage payments are to be met.

    On the death of a tenant in common, the share of the deceased joint owner will not pass automatically to the survivor, but in accordance with the terms of their Will or under the rules of intestacy rules. It is therefore imperative your Will is kept up-to-date.

    If you would like us to act in your sale or purchase, draft a trust deed, change your ownership from joint tenants to tenants in common (or vice versa), update your Will or off er further legal advice please call us on 01580 762248.

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    Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts

    Have you noticed that all the top business leaders have a business coach? Why is this? As someone who is already doing well why would a business performance coach add value to you and your business?

    Managers face daily pressure to perform at their very best. A business performance coach works with you to enhance that performance. One to one coaching, with Karen Warden, off ers a confi dential business focussed relationship providing challenge, clarity, encouragement and objectivity. Coaching is a tailor made personal and professional development to:

    work with you to focus on your business and its future growth

    help you decide on your priorities establish an actionable strategy.

    As a business performance coach Karen helps you and your business success in a variety of ways by:

    Planning, discussing and problem solving Challenging your thinking Clarifying your goals and objectives Improving your delegation skills Identifying any skills you need to improve Defeating procrastination Achieving a balance between your

    business and private life!

    Karen has over 25 years senior management experience, is business focussed with strong interpersonal skills. Karen is an Associate Member of the Association for Coaching and a Member of the Chartered Management Institute.

    Karen has been a wonderful support for me and through me my organisation around planning marketing, publicity and organisation structure and she has worked with our management team and staff to help us translate the organisations vision into a coherent and meaningful strategy. Alexis Keir, Director, Elfrida Rathbone Camden

    Why not arrange an appointment and fi nd out what business performance coaching can do for you and your business? For your initial complimentary session to assess your needs call now on07825 885 661 or [email protected]

    Why would I need a business coach?

    Karen Warden

    BUSINESS PERFORMANCE COACHINGImprove your focus, overcome obstacles and

    achieve your business goals.Karen Warden can help you transform yourself and your business to be the best you can be!

    Call now to arrange your FREE introductory session: 07825 885 661www.learning4action.co.uk

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    Kids Corner

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    Wallace & Gromits Big Breakfast raises funds for Wallace and Gromits Childrens Foundation, which supports childrens healthcare throughout the UK.Registered charity 1096483. Company number 04659630. and Aardman/Wallace & Gromit Limited 2013.

    HOT LINE 0845 600 1924www.wallaceandgromitsbigbreakfast.org

    Supported by

    Invite your friends, family or school tobreakfast to help sickchildren in hospitals andhospices across the UK





    Babes In Th e WoodA professional, fi rst class agency born in 2001,

    off ering a caring, personal, understanding service which you can rely on. All your childcare needs

    under one roof.T: 01233 621213 M: 07957 684352

    www.babesinthewood-ashfo[email protected]

    Bramble Bookkeeping Servicesoff er a friendly and professional

    bookkeeping service to

    Sole Traders Partnerships

    Family concerns Small Limited Companies

    Call or e-mail Pam to discuss your requirementsTel: 01233 813102 or 07540 114015

    E-mail: [email protected]

    How to Play: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 through 9, with no repetition! Thats all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic - theres no maths involved and no adding up. Its fun. Its challenging. Its addictive!


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    Skype | www.skype.com | FreeThese days, Skype is practically a household name but many overlook the mobile version of this brilliant Internet telephony software as a supremely useful money-saving tool. Encourage everybody you know to download Skype on their mobile device and you have suddenly signifi cantly reduced the chances of ever using up all of your free minutes. For those of you who fi nd yourselves with 10-50 (or more) in excess fees, this simple app could save you hundreds in the long run.

    Voucher Cloud | http://www.vouchercloud.com | FreeMost people are familiar with the idea that were now in a digital era of cutting coupons. Voucher Cloud is an app for all of the best digital off ers. Firing it up will fi nd you everything from free fi ve-day passes to your local gym to discounts on driving lessons and reduced prices in restaurants. Its worth taking the time to sit down and check the T&Cs so you know exactly what it is youre signing up for. Spending a little time being thorough on the small print however will save you hundreds of pounds per year.

    RedLaser Barcode Scanner | http://redlaser.com | FreeEver found yourself in a shop whereby the little voice in your head is asking you whether you might fi nd the item cheaper on the Internet or just round the corner? All thats needed to answer the question is your smartphone device and a Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection. Photograph the barcode using the on-board camera and it will recognise the item and then cross reference prices with department stores, a vast array of websites, including Ebay, and even local stores. Its worth noting that the latter feature

    works best in larger towns and cities. Its practically impossible to scan a barcode which is not recognised by this incredible app so scout for bargains and save money.

    Direct Debit Control Centre | http://www.directdebit.co.uk | FreeTheres nothing worse than trying to stay on top of your fi nances, thinking youre almost there and subsequently getting stung with excess overdraft fees for an unexpected direct debit. The Direct Debit Control Centre helps you keep on top of when your direct debits are leaving your account via its early warning system. It will save you money and give you peace of mind.

    iXpenseIt | http://www.fyimobileware.com | 2.99So, what will you do with all this money saved? One small but wise investment would be to buy an app that helps you stay on top of your expenditure and few are better than iXpenseIt. Theres a lite version which can be downloaded for free so you can try before you buy. This is as good as mobile money management software gets and the app has won several awards including one from CNN Money Magazine. Youll receive pocket-sized help with managing all the diff erent budgets in your life whether business or personal and all thats required is a little patience adding incomes and expenditures as they occur.

    Your Top 5 Money Saving AppsThe mobile application market represents a cultural shift for the human race. Smartphones are now the ultimate universal digital Swiss Army Knife for every possible facet of our lives and a broad cross section of money-saving utility is now in your pocket. Were going to take a look at some of the best money-saving apps available for both Apple and Android devices.

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    Welcome, to Babes In The Wood. My name is Julie and I would like to introduce to you my Nanny Agency and Childcare Consultancy in KENT. Babes In The Wood was born in 2001 in St. Johns Wood, LONDON, when I had my fi rst child. I had worked previously as a childrens nanny for 10 years. So I believed that I was highly skilled in the knowhow and knowledge to off er a successful service to others. I not only know what a nanny has to do, to deliver a fantastic and professional service but I can also relate to the worries and traumas that one can feel when seeking their ideal long term child carer. Children are precious and deserve the

    Nr. Ashford, Kent

    For confidential, non-judgmental relationship counsellingcontact us now:


    01233 714059 - 07919 108021 Charing - [email protected]

    Are you struggling to resolve issues in your relationship and need some help?

    Initial Consultation


    Unit 2, Brenchley Mews,School Road,

    Charing TN27 0JW.


    10% Off Your First Visit

    TVD April 2013

    OpenTuesday to Friday9-30 to 5-30pm

    Saturday 9-00 to 5-00pm

    Late Night Appointments Available

    01233 714030

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    Advertise HereJust 46 per month plus vat

    10% Discount on 6 Issue Bookings Free Editorial (Min 3 month booking)

    Entry in our online version and Business Directory.

    Call 01233 720488Email [email protected]








    A Rated

    WEATHERMAN WINDOWS LIMITED13 & 15 Bank Street, Ashford, Kent TN23 1DE

    ARCHITECTURAL + INTERIOR DESIGN CONSULTANTSDesigning the future Building our Heritage

    t: 01233 639822f: 01233 639825e: [email protected]: www.jpdarchitectureuk.com

    The Studio, Tower Farm House, Faversham Road, Boughton Aluph, Ashford, Kent TN25 4HT

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    Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts

    Tel: 01233 637279 Mob: 07879 842124

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    d So





    On July 20, 1969, as commander of the Apollo 11 lunar module, Neil Armstrong was the fi rst person to set foot on the moon. His fi rst words after stepping on the moon were, Thats one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind, It was televised to earth and heard by millions.*But just before he re-entered the lander to come back to earth he made the enigmatic remark Good luck, Mr. Gorsky.

    Many people at NASA thought it was a casual remark concerning some rival Soviet cosmonaut, however, upon checking, there was no Gorsky in either the Russian or American space programs.

    Over the years, many people questioned Armstrong as to what the - Good luck, Mr. Gorsky statement meant, but Armstrong always just smiled. On July 5, 1995, in Tampa Bay, Florida, while answering questions following a speech, a reporter brought up the 26-year-old question about Mr Gorsky to Armstrong. This time he fi nally responded

    because Mr. Gorsky had died, so Neil Armstrong felt he could now answer the question. Here is the answer to who was Mr Gorsky:

    In 1938, when Armstrong was a kid in a small mid-western town, he was playing baseball with a friend in their backyard. His friend hit the ball, which landed in his neighbours yard by their bedroom window. His neighbours were Mr. and Mrs.Gorsky.

    As he leaned down to pick up the ball, young Armstrong heard Mrs Gorsky shouting at Mr Gorsky, Sex! You want sex?! Youll get sex when that kid next door walks on the moon!

    It broke the place up. Neil Armstrongs family confi rmed this is a true story.

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    Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts

    General building - New builds - Extensions Plastering-vaulted ceilings Painting & decorating Roofi ng - small repairs to strip and re-tile

    Tel: 07979 003 291 / 01303 87524630 years experience / Fully Insured


    AMulti-trade CompanyFast Aff ordable Builders


    Oil Heating & Oil CookersR-OAK Services

    M. Oakley & O.Stanley - Oil-fi red SpecialistsBreakdowns & Servicing Boiler Installation Power Flushing

    AGA, Rayburn, Alpha, Stanley, Worcester, Grant, Boulter, Potterton, Trianco and more...

    Tel: 01233 770138www.ohoc.co.uk

    Peg tiles, Slates, LeadworkFelt and GRP Roofing

    Over 25 years experienceCity & Guilds qualified, Fully insured

    Free estimates

    TEL 01303 814936 . MOB 07708 471869www.atlas-roofing.co.uk

    Plumbing HeatingPlumbing & Heating ServicesDial a Plumber


    Tel: 01233 642233

    Bathroom SuitesBlockages & Burst PipesBall ValvesHot & Cold TanksTaps

    InstallationsRepairsPumps & RadiatorsSpecialist Power fl ushing and De-scaling Service



    NO JOB TOO SMALL www.dialaplumber.com

    07905 700 142Mersham, Ashford, TN25 7HP

    Derek HalesM A S T E R T I L E R

    Specialist in all Forms of Wall and Floor Tiling

    Clean, friendly and reliable

    For your free quotation call Derek on

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    Doctors SurgeryWillesborough 01233 621626Wye 0844 387 8419

    Veterinary SurgeonsBarrow Hill Vets 01233 624687Montgomery Vets 01303 813756

    Parish Councils:Brabourne & Smeeth 01233 623902Boughton Aluph & Eastwell 01233 720392Brook 01233 750415Challock 01233 740351Hastingleigh 01233 750415Wye & Hinxhill 01233 812459Westwell 01233 623902 Ashford Borough Council 01233 637311www.ashford.gov.uk Ashford Gateway 0845 8 247 247info:ashfordgateway.co.ukwww.ashfordgateway.co.ukCitizens Advice Bureau 01233 626185

    CPRE Kent 01233 714540Volunteer Centre 01233 647 422Age Concern 01233 620 635www.ageconcern.org.ukCARM E: [email protected]

    Disclaimer: Every care is taken to ensure this directory is as accurate as possible but the publishers do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from errors or omissions.

    Village Halls:

    Boughton Lees 01233 623639Brook 01233 812803Challock 01233 740504Westwell 01233 712107Wye 07504 839 858

    Macmillan Cancer Support www.forget-me-nots.co.ukParkinsons UK, Ashford BranchContact Robert Gurney 01233 666577Royal British Legion 01233 620 167St. John Ambulance Brigade 01233 611 414SE Kent Multiple Sclerosis Soc. 07767326138 email: [email protected]: Tenterden & DistrictMrs J Coombs 01580 763733Pregnancy Sickness SupportKent and Sussexwww.pregnancysicknesssupport.org.uk/Contact: Denise Cliff ord denisecliff [email protected]

    Bus EnquiriesArriva Bus Enquiries 0844 800 44 11Stage Coach East Kent: 0871 200 22 33 (Timetable) or 08456 00 22 99 (Customer Services)National Train Enquiries: www.nationalrail.co.ukWealden Wheels: 01233 840000

    Emergency 999Police Neighbhd TeamAshford & Tenterden 01622 690690Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

    Out of Hours Doctor 0845 4349655William Harvey Hospital 01233 633331

    Samaritans 08457 90 90 90www.samaritans.org

    Electricity: Southern Electric 0845 770 8090 EDF Energy 0800 783 8866Gas: Natural 0800 111 999 LPG Details on tank

    Sucklifts Cesspool

    Emptying Service~ Est 1986 ~

    High Pressure JettingService and Repair to Sewage

    Treatment Plants

    01233 840624

    Accredited Engineer British Water

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    BrooklandNew Romney



    Boughton Aluph










    High Halden


    Hothfi eld



    St Michaels






    Little Chart


    RolvendenDrop-off s Only

    Small Hythe



    TN26 - 5,000

    Aldington Area - 3,000

    Wye Area - 4,000TN27 - 6,000

    Tenterden & Rye Area 9,000

    The Marsh - 10,300


    St Marys BayIvychurch

    Headcorn Bodsham




    PlaydenEast Guldeford


    LyddCall: 01233 720488or email [email protected]


    the village directory

    TN24 Magazine11,000

    For Sale2004 Vauxhall Signum 2.2

    Direct Auto.Bargain at 1795 ono.

    Large boot, lots of leg room, the rear seats fold fl at for larger items. Half leather interior, Aircon, CD player, electric windows, Cruise Control, Privacy

    Glass, etc etc.

    89k on the clock but had a replacement engine so the current engine has only done around 50k. In the last few weeks fi tted a new Catalytic Converter and new front disks and pads. There are no lights on the dash, it starts and stops perfectly and the gearbox is all working correctly, tires are all good as well.

    The only niggle is a bit of wear on the drivers seat bolster which I have covered with tape to stop it getting any worse, other than that it is in good condition. This is a practical and comfortable car and as you can see from the pictures the body work is in good condition with just a couple of minor age related marks here and there.

    Call Peter 07836 741414

  • Danube Weathered Oak

    DinningBest pricesin the UK

    Vancouver OakBest pricesin the UK

    Canterbury OakAll in stock

    GenuineLeather Tub chairs from 149.99

    Fabric & Leather Tub chairs

    Just arrived - the Ripon painted oak range



    &2%%0!2+).'s/0%.$!93!7%%+01634 880699


    (next to Tesco on the ring road)

    01233 633928!3(&/2$

    "EAVER2D!SHFORD4.22(next to Ashford International)

    Barcelona Solid Oak - Immediate delivery

    New, rough sawn solid oak

    Solid Oak, all in stock