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Xerte Xerte Standard Setting Standard Setting in in Psychiatry Undergraduate Psychiatry Undergraduate OSCE OSCE Dr Ben di Mambro Dr Ben di Mambro Clinical Lecturer in Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry Psychiatry

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  • XerteStandard SettinginPsychiatry Undergraduate OSCE

    Dr Ben di Mambro

    Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry

  • Psychiatry Examination

    80 EMIs1 hour 15 minutesStandard set2 OSCE stationsEach station 10 minutes3 tasks based on competencies% given for each task

  • May OSCE

    StationMaxMinAllA60.1(14.3)46.4(5.6)54.5(10.3)B60.8 (6.6)48.2(4.4)55.5(9.0)C66.1(8.5)49.0(9.7)56.2(9.8)D67.7(12.8)47.2(4.1)54.3(10.8)

  • Psychiatry OSCE

    Changes to the OSCECriterion marking schemeGlobal clinical assessmentHonoursPassBorderlineFail2 examiners were placed in each roomStandard set pass mark for each task

  • Task

    Develop CAL package:

    Train the examiners in the new marking schemeStandardise marking schemeTo allow for multiple sites to accommodate increasing numbers of studentsImprove inter-rater reliability

  • Development of Package

    Scripted 10x 2-3 minute OSCE scenariosBorderline/PassPass/Honours2 hours filming in my office2 lecturers1 bullied student

  • Creation of Media

    wmv files converted to flv using Flash MacromediaImages created utilising Flash MacromediaMP3 creation using Audacity

  • Xerte

    Template ratings created by Julian TenneyMedia was imported into Xerte through the Wizard

  • The Package

    An introduction to the new marking schemeExample mark sheetsVideo of example studentsRated on criteriaGlobal impression givenUser then offered feedback

  • Using the Wizard

    Once Wizard create efficient method of presenting contentDefine scenarioDefine marking sheet, including number of criteriaDefine fail/borderline/pass/honoursImport media

  • Sample of Package

  • Distribution of Package

    Letters and emails were sent to all examining consultants with following link


    Package ran for ~20 minutes

  • Result of Package Introduction

    30% examiners accessed the package prior to the OSCERemainder underwent abridged version before the OSCE

  • Analysis

    ANOVAs undertaken on awarded scores by the different examiners on the same station

  • December OSCE


  • **p

  • Variation


  • Limitations

    Flash Player 7 not installed as standard on healthcare trusts computersMinor problems with Xerte - since resolvedDelay on slow broadband connections?Representative videosAny improvement likely to be due to the new marking scheme

  • Xerte

    Once familiar:

    Easy to useMultimedia packages can be create in minutesEasily distributedMuch more complicated to create bespoke packages

  • Future

    Improve IT access in the healthcare trustsReduce bitrateProduce improved examples of borderline studentsExtend the package to attempt to standardise the Formative assessments?Make available to students