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Program involves a pragmatic approach to decentralization of energy and food production, social welfare, environmental protection and development. Through the Vital Village approach with encompasses variety of concepts and technologies. For further more in depth description please feel free to review of presentation document


Vital Village a new paradigm in development

Vital Village A p l ace for people to live and create

Vit al Vi l l a ge Ru l e # 1In ve st i n Pe o p l e s Deve lopmentStart change through your own investment, work, life and consciousness! 60% of the worlds people are poor. Their potentials lay unused, being a loss for the world. The states national borders are not the true divisions. Deep social ruptures separate us. Climate change, fossil raw material depletion, social insecurity and the nancial crisis are most pressing issues. However, before they will ever de solved we must integrate the poor, work with them to make the world a place we all like it to be. Vital Village opens a door for the MAYA to newly thrive. The poor of Yucatn are the same Mayan people who once managed a sustainable civilization of grand richness. Integrating the profound European technical and organizational knowledge with their re-empowerment a strong impulse for sustainable living will be created in the Vital Villages. Vital Villages are places for people to lead meaningful productive lives, to be focussed, decide and act in their real own ways - whatever their background may be.

Vit al Vi l l a ge Ru l e # 2S u st a i n he a lthy energ y and food suppliesBe the love for people and for the earth, act responsibly without further assumptions. Vital Villagers produce healthy energy and food for themselves and for their clients. They secure their own regional independence and combine it with responsibility for quality food and energy supplies to the city markets. In a balanced economy the rural areas will always have to produce what the cities most need. Their production must, however, provide fair and secure rural incomes. To re-create this balance Vital Villages take the initiative to show the potentials of integral rural production providing sustained and healthy ows of food, water and energy. The main production factor in a healthy economy is integral consciousness. Its through our own consciousness that we enable peoples brains to develop healthily with good nutrition. Presence, awareness, perspective, attention and discernment lead to loving care extended by Vital Villagers.

Vit al Vi l l a ge Ru l e # 3Create an i nt e l l i ge n t resource managementMake intelligent raw material and energy production the basis of our future economies. Be impeccable integrating all future technologies into the natural bio-cycles. Create no environmental poison and no waste. Soil and water management are key to this strategy. The past Maya civilization managed to do so, why not we? Bio-cycle integration becomes possible when we start considering the natural resources and nature itself as a common world heritage. We must develop our respect for everybodys dignity, learning and reframing our exploitation habits. Intelligent resource management starts at the bottom line, where the resource is. It starts where people touch the water and the soil, learn and live together, in the worlds villages. For the Vital Villages, achieving an intelligent and sustainable resource management around the world is a prerequisite to bringing our planets carbon use into balance. Intelligent bio-cycle technologies are the key to shaping this strategy.

Vit al Vi l l a ge Ru l e # 4Devel o p S o c i a l B u s i n e ss StrategiesOvercome the separation of social concerns and economic, technological design. There is a big social job to be done on earth. National state policy makers have failed, and there is no reason to assume they could be more effective in the future. Social conicts and divisions happen as a consequence to the established structures. Those structures were once created to support exploitation and the concentration of power. They were never profoundly changed. Todays effects have specic causes. Social Business Development structures focus on social integration, productivity and the distribution of wealth permitting a self-sustained process of continuous learning and personal growth. They so increase the overall potential for production and for productivity. The sustainable worlds measure of success will be based upon the fulllment of ones individual pursuits and happiness, rather than the acquisition of wealth, property, and power. Vital Villages implement human scale solutions for global change, for all to grasp, feel and understand what the change is about.

Vi t al Vi l l a ge fo r y o u !Vital Villages are designed to learn and practice these rules in a humane context, in a sound natural environment. 1. 2. 3. 4. Investing in peoples development Sustaining healthy energy and food supplies Creating an intelligent resource management Developing Social Business Strategies

Vital Villages are designed to become flourishing economies based on these 4 rules, run by Vital Villagers. You may become one of them!

Vi t al Vi l l a ge fo r y o u!1. You can join us buying beautiful Vital Village forest land in Yucatn, Mxico at a total cost of 5500 per hectare. This will be your land, to construct your future living space, invite others to live with you, to farm your own food, Being a Vital Villager you will participate in the decision making about the economy and the resource management of the Vital Village community of craftspeople, teachers, farmers and workers sharing sustainable options for life, work and design. Every hectare nanced or bought by a Vital Village investor will create permanent work opportunities for at least 2 local families

Vit al Vi l l a ge fo r y o u !2. you may ask Trees for People S.A., the Vital Village operator, to manage the land for you and receive 10% of your investment as a yearly revenue. Trees for People S.A. develops additional 9 hectares along the sustainable Agro-SilviCulture guidelines established in the Vital Village concept. The investment in 240 hectares thus enables the Vital Village to manage a total area of 2400 hectares with beautiful forests, integrated energy plantings, organic food production, lakes and and tree gardens.

Vit al Vi l l a ge fo r y o u !3. Trees for People S.A. builds you a basic Mayan House and simple eco-bathroom at 3000 total cost. More elaborate houses are available in either the traditional Mayan or modern style at a cost between 200 and 400 per square meter. A modern 100 square meter flat in the forest or in the village area may thus total 30 to 40000 according to the details you wish to install. All architecture will be ecologically sound including local and renewable energy supplies, natural air conditioning and waste disposal systems.

Vi t a l Vi l l a ge for Clie nts

1. 2400 hectares are placed under management to produce from the 1st year onwards. 2. 40% of this land will be permanent forest, 60% agroforestry with 8 main products. 3. All production follows the guidelines for sustainability established in the Vital Village concept. Within 10 years the yearly quantities produced will stabilize.year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Totals hectares 200 ha 200 ha 250 ha 250 ha 250 ha 250 ha 250 ha 250 ha 250 ha 250 ha 2.400 ha Wood-chips 1.000 tons 2.000 tons 3.250 tons 4.500 tons 5.750 tons 7.000 tons 8.250 tons 9.500 tons 10.750 tons 12.000 tons 64.000 tons Wood-pellets 4.000 tons 5.000 tons 7.400 tons 9.050 tons 10.800 tons 12.550 tons 14.300 tons 16.050 tons 16.400 tons 16.750 tons 112.300 tons BioCBokashi 3.000 tons 5.000 tons 7.750 tons 10.250 tons 12.750 tons 15.250 tons 17.750 tons 20.250 tons 20.750 tons 21.250 tons 134.000 tons Jatropha 0 tons 400 tons 1.100 tons 1.900 tons 2.775 tons 3.650 tons 4.525 tons 5.400 tons 5.575 tons 5.750 tons 31.075 tons Timber 2.000 tons 3.000 tons 4.500 tons 5.750 tons 7.000 tons 8.250 tons 9.500 tons 10.750 tons 11.000 tons 11.250 tons 73.000 tons Bamboo 0 tons 400 tons 2.000 tons 3.700 tons 5.700 tons 7.700 tons 9.700 tons 11.700 tons 12.100 tons 12.500 tons 65.500 tons Honey 2 tons 5 tons 8 tons 11 tons 15 tons 18 tons 22 tons 25 tons 26 tons 27 tons 159 tons Fruit 200 tons 1.400 tons 3.450 tons 5.750 tons 8.250 tons 10.750 tons 13.250 tons 15.750 tons 16.250 tons 16.750 tons 91.800 tons

Vita l Vi l l a ge i s for Policy Make rs

Vital Village approaches several major issues in global development. 1. The North-South deadlock in Economic Development The rich will never share their wealth as long as they dont get what they need. 2. The Global deadlock in Climate Change Instead of good intentions we need pragmatic approaches to change. 3. The Conti n u i n g Th r e ats o f Fo res t Des tr uctio n Only the forests productivity avoids their destruction. 4. The Eff ects of the Ec on o mi c Cr isis in R ur a l Ar ea s Its the moment for rural areas to re-consider partial autonomy. 5. The Nee d f or a tr u l y S u sta i nable Agr i- a nd S ilviCultur e which needs to become self-reliant and truly productive.

The Pro j e c t B a c k g ro u n d Tree s fo r Pe o p l e

Th e S tor y1. 30 year s a g o M ay an v i l l ages w ere still a live Bernd Neugebauer learnt and practiced tropical agriculture and forestry in the Mayan village of Oxkutzcab. 2. 10 year s a g o C h an K V e rgel w as cr ea ted following the example of his master teachers Bernd created the last and latest Mayan Tree Garden farms called the Little Village in Paradise using the original natural ressources only. 3. No w t h e Vi tal V i l l ag e i s c rea ted to make the experience accessible to of 1000 families.

Key - Expe riencesTraining activities for organizational development in agri-culture. First production scheme for organic Aloe vera world-wide. Organizations and marketing for Mayan Orange Juice with a movement of 1000 farming families in Yucatn [3000 tons per year]. Introduction of organic bee-keeping in Yucatn, producing up to 80 tons of honey per year. Establishment of a practical tropical silviculture approach to create opportunities for tho