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Your health >> Check out seminars, a competition and a marathon to keep you fighting fit >> Head to Bumrungrad’s Big Heart event to get a free check-up and learn more about cardiac disease >PAGE 8 COURTESY OF THE THAI FILM FOUNDATION 10 million angels must have some answers! By Chompoonut Sa w aet w ong (VJ A le x) W hen kids in children’s model governments know better than the adults responsible for the nation’s well-being, and when common men preach back to monks on TV, point scoring just like politicians do, it’s sad. What is happening to our “land of smiles”? Have the powers above turned their back on us? Well, maybe we City of Angel citizens can at- tract their attention by asking how we can help get this country back on track? Send answers to MTV Thailand’s e-mail... it’s your cue. GOOD MORNING BANGKOK! COMIC relief X PRESS DAILY FREE COPY Thursday, May 21, 2009 VOL 2, NO 338 dailyxpress.net LOOKING FOR A JOB? SEE PAGES 14&15 What TO SEE, What TO DO, Where TO GO >PAGES 10&11 From romance to food, marriage, satire and classic slapstick, the World Comedy Film Festival is guaranteed to leave you tickled pink >PAGE 6 The World Comedy Film Festival will also screen classic Thai movies by comedian Lor Tok.

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LOOKING FOR 10 million angels must have some answers! From romance to food, marriage, satire and classic slapstick, the World Comedy Film Festival is guaranteed to leave you tickled pink >PAGE 6 >> Check out seminars, a competition and a marathon to keep you fighting fit >> Head to Bumrungrad’s Big Heart event to get a free check-up and learn more about cardiac disease W hen kids in children’s model GOOD MORNING BANGKOK! Thursday, May 21, 2009 VOL 2, NO 338 dailyxpress.net


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Your health >> Check out seminars,a competition and a marathon to keep you fighting fit>> Head to Bumrungrad’sBig Heart event to get a free check-up and learn more about cardiac disease >PAGE 8












10 million angels must have some answers!

By Chompoonut Sawaetwong (VJ Alex)

When kids in children’s modelgovernments know better

than the adults responsible for thenation’s well-being, and when common menpreach back to monks on TV, point scoring justlike politicians do, it’s sad. What is happening toour “land of smiles”? Have the powers aboveturned their back on us?

Well, maybe we City of Angel citizens can at-tract their attention by asking how we can helpget this country back on track? Send answers toMTV Thailand’s e-mail... it’s your cue.


COMIC relief



FREE COPYThursday, May 21, 2009 VOL 2, NO 338 dailyxpress.net



What TO SEE,What TO DO,Where TO GO>PAGES 10&11

From romance to food, marriage,satire and classic slapstick,the World Comedy Film Festival is guaranteed to leave you tickled pink >PAGE 6

The World Comedy Film Festivalwill also screen classic Thai movies by comedian Lor Tok.

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Thai teenhunts for dadA second youngstersearches for her Japanese father

By Kwandao JitpanaD A I L Y X P R E S SChiang Mai

A hearing-impaired Thaiteenager and her motheryesterday sought help from the media to locate her Japanese father, wholost touch with the familywhen she was three yearsold.

Sangwan Bamrung, a 44-year-old resident of Sansaidistrict, brought her voca-tional-student daughterNarumi Hamada, 18, to theThai News Office in ChiangMai yesterday morning to askfor help in locating RyuijiHamada, 45.

One happy endingSangwan said she wanted

nothing from the Japaneseman and affirmed that itwould be okay if Hamadahad remarried. She simplywants her daughter to meetthe father she keeps askingabout.

She admitted that therecent news of Phichit boyKeigo Sato’s success in find-ing his Japanese father hadencouraged her own renewedefforts to find Hamada.

Keigo to meet dadIn related news, Keigo will

travel to Bangkok today for aprivate chat with hisJapanese father tomorrow,Matichon’s website reports.Katsumi Sato will make aphone call to the Japaneseembassy to talk to his Thai son.

D A I L Y X P R E S S ,



The Phuket Court yesterdayimposed a Bt1,000 fine

on Australian holidaymakerAnnice Smoel for stealing abranded mat from the AussieBar in Patong earlier thismonth.

The bar mat, measuring145cm by 45cm, was worthBt4,000.

The court also handed Smoela one-year jail term, but agreedto suspend it on grounds thatthe tourist has no criminalrecord in Thailand.

Smoel’s case has made majorheadlines in her native coun-try, which is a prime source oftourists to Phuket at this timeof year. Smoel caught the me-dia spotlight partly becauseshe was detained for nearlytwo days.

“She was not granted a tem-porary release right away be-cause she had no assets to se-cure her Bt100,000 bail,” Pol-Major Jongserm Preecha of theKathu Police Station said yes-terday.

“We have done everything inline with proper procedure,”Jongserm said.

At thecourt, Smoelinsisted shewas just thevictim of ap r a c t i c a ljoke played

on her by friends who slippedone of the bar’s trademarkmats into her handbag as theyleft.

Aussie Bar manager UdomThongdaeng, who representsthe bar’s owner Steve Wood,said he noticed that the barmat had gone missing fromSmoel’s table.

‘She went ballistic’“When we found it in her

handbag, she went ballistic andthrew the mat at me. She alsotried to run away,” Udom said.

He said the decision to bringSmoel to court was Wood’s,who is also an Australian.

Kathu Police Station chiefColonel Grissak Songmoon-nark confirmed that the barowner had demanded that shebe brought to justice.

“The mat is worth Bt4,000. Ifa customer wants one, he orshe can buy it. But when itwent missing from the table,Smoel and her group didn’tshow any responsibility,”Grissak said.

Phuket Tourism Associationvice-chairman PhuritMaswongsa said news reportsabout Smoel’s case might havesome impact on local tourism.

“We hope the media cover-age will give both sides of thestory,” Phurit said.


2 TODAY Thursday, May 21, 2009 DAILY XPRESS

Australian holidaymaker accused ofstealing a beer mat from a Phuket pub spends 2 days behind bars

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4pm-5pmTHE TIME most Internet surfers

go online in Thailand – TrueHits








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Narumi Hamada, 18, a Thai-Japanese girl, asks media in Chiang Mai to help locate herfather. Ryuiji Hamada lost contact with her and her mother, Sangwan Bamrung, left,15 years ago.


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A F P , New York

Scientists in New York haveunveiled the skeleton of

what they said could be thecommon ancestor to humans,apes and other primates.

The tiny creature, officiallyknown as Darwinius masillae,but dubbed Ida, lived 47 mil-lion years ago and is unusuallywell preserved, missing onlypart of a leg, or five per cent ofthe skeleton.

The finding was displayed ata press conference at NewYork’s Natural HistoryMuseum, and is due to be thesubject of a documentary onthe History Channel, BBC andother broadcasters.

Organisers said that scientistsled by Norway’s fossil expert,professor Jorn Hurum, workedfor two years on Ida, first dis-covered in 1983 by private col-lectors who failed to under-stand her importance and splitthe bones into two lots.

The monkey-like creature

was preserved through theages in Germany’s Messel Pit, acrater rich in Eocene Epochfossils.

Human characteristicsAlthough bearing a long tail,

she had several human charac-teristics, including an oppos-able thumb, short arms andlegs, and forward facing eyes.

She also lacked two key ele-ments of modern lemurs: agrooming claw and a row oflower teeth known as thetoothcomb.

“This is the first link to allhumans – truly a fossil thatlinks world heritage,” Hurumsaid in a statement.

David Attenborough, the re-nowned British naturalist andbroadcaster, said the “littlecreature is going to show usour connection with all therest of the mammals. The linkthey said until now is missing...it is no longer missing”.

Ida gives a glimpse into a

time when the world was justtaking its present shape.Dinosaurs were extinct, theHimalayas were forming and ahuge range of mammalsthrived in vast jungles.

According to the interna-tional team, Ida had suffered abadly broken wrist and thatthis might have been her undo-

ing. The theory is that whiledrinking from the Messel lakeshe was overcome by carbondioxide fumes and fell in.

“Ida slipped into uncon-sciousness, was washed intothe lake, and sunk to the bot-tom, where the unique condi-tions preserved her for 47 mil-lion years,” a statement said.


Drill used tosave boy’s lifeA small-town Australian doc-tor used a household drill torelease a blood clot from thebrain of a boy following a bicy-cle accident.

Nick Rossi, 13, began bleed-ing on the brain after hittinghis head on concrete in a bicy-cle fall in Maryborough, north-west of Melbourne.

One of the doctors, DavidTynan, said it fast becameapparent that if they didn’tact to relieve the pressure onNick’s brain he would die.

But the small hospital sur-gery was not equipped with adrill powerful enough to piercethe boy’s skull, “so we sentdown to the maintenancedepartment”, Tynan said.

“Under [telephone] instruc-tions from ... a neurosurgeon inMelbourne, we made an inci-sion in his scalp down to thebone and then drilled through itwith a drill,” he said.

Nick’s neurosurgeon saidthe gutsy act had meant thedifference between life anddeath. – AFP

Spector faces long prison term A prosecutor asked a judge tosentence music producer PhilSpector to 19 years to life inprison for his second-degreemurder conviction in theshooting death of actressLana Clarkson.

Although the mandatorysentence is 15 years to life,Deputy District Attorney AlanJackson said that four yearsshould be added for personaluse of a gun – a circumstancethat can draw an extra three,four or 10 years.

Spector, 69, a legend in theworld of rock music, was foundguilty by the second jury tohear his case. His first trialended in a jury deadlock. – AP

4 GLOBETROT Thursday, May 21, 2009 DAILY XPRESS


Rumours of actor Swayze’s death denied

Top music companiesare suing SpaniardPablo Soto for

¤13 millionfor designing threepopular programsthat allow Internetusers to downloadmusic for freeTHE WORLD

Scientists claim skeleton of tiny creature is a common ancestor tohumans, apes and other primates

Known as Ida, the47-million-year-oldfossil primate is 20times older thanmost fossils that provide evidence of human evolution.

A spokesperson for Patrick Swayzecondemned “reckless” reports thatthe cancer-stricken star had died,saying the actor was alive andwell and responding to treatment.

The Internet was abuzz withrumours that “Dirty Dancing” and“Ghost” star Swayze – who hasbeen fighting a brave battleagainst pancreatic cancer since

being diagnosedlast year – hadpassed away.

Swayze’s pageon online encyclo-pedia Wikipediawas updated to

indicate the 56-year-old had died, before swiftly being changedas doubts about the accuracy

of the reports emerged.“This is to confirm that Patrick

Swayze did not pass away con-trary to severely reckless reportsstemming from a radio station inJacksonville, Florida,” saidSwayze’s publicist Annett Wolf.

“Patrick Swayze is alive, welland is enjoying his life and he con-tinues to respond to treatment.”

Swayze’s health has been thesubject of intense speculation inthe tabloid media, and the actorangrily condemned reporting ofhis illness earlier this year.

Swayze said he had tried tokeep his illness secret but wentpublic to protect family andfriends after tabloids reported hewas close to death. – A F P


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A P , Cape Canaveral, Florida

Atlantis’s astronauts ginger-ly dropped the Hubble

Space Telescope overboard onTuesday, sending the restoredobservatory off on a new voy-age of discovery and bidding itfarewell on behalf of the planet.

Hubble – considered betterthan new following five days ofrepairs and upgrades – willnever be seen up close by hu-mans again. This was Nasa’slast service call.

The shuttle and telescopehad just crossed the Atlantic,and were soaring 560 kilome-tres above the coast of north-western Africa, when astro-naut Megan McArthur used arobot arm to release the snaresgripping Hubble. Then theshuttle slowly backed away.

“Hubble has been released,”reported commander ScottAltman. “It’s safely back on itsjourney of exploration as webegin steps to conclude ours.Looking back on this mission,it’s been an incredible journeyfor us as well.”

Mission Control radioedcongratulations: “It’s wonder-ful to see Hubble, the most fa-mous scientific instrument ofall time, newly upgraded andready for action thanks to you.”

With Hubble flying on itsown again, the seven astronautslooked ahead to tomorrow’splanned landing. But first theyhad to inspect their ship onelast time to make sure it had notsuffered any serious damagefrom space junk. The wing andnose survey, similar to one per-

formed last week to check forlaunch damage, got under wayon Tuesday afternoon.

The telescope’s unusuallyhigh orbit had placed the shut-tle and its crew at increasedrisk and, because of the lack ofa refuge, prompted Nasa to

keep a rescue ship on standbyuntil the end of the 11-dayflight. To improve their safety,the astronauts droppedAtlantis into an egg-shaped or-bit that is, much of the time,lower than the telescope’sjunk-ridden orbit.

Upgraded space telescope, which has set off on a new voyage of discovery, will never be seen up close by humans again

Thursday, May 21, 2009 DAILY XPRESS GLOBETROT 5

Google addsautomatictranslationto GmailGoogle added automatictranslation technology toGmail on Tuesday, allowingusers of its e-mail service totranslate messages in anotherlanguage with a single mouseclick.

The Internet giant said ithad integrated its GoogleTranslate program into Gmail,allowing automatic translationof messages in several dozenlanguages.

“When you receive an e-mail in a language other thanyour own, Gmail will help youtranslate it into a language youcan understand,” Google said ina post on the company blog.

“If all parties are usingGmail, you can have entireconversations in multiple languages with each partici-pant reading the messages inwhatever language is mostcomfortable for them.”

Google has already madeGoogle Translate available toprovide automatic translationsof entire Web pages or blogs.A F P

Astronauts say goodbyeto Hubble for good

The Hubble Space Telescope just before being released by shuttleAtlantis on Tuesday.


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By Parinyaporn Pajee D A I L Y X P R E S S

It’s been fraught with delaysand dilemmas, but now at

long last there’s something tosmile about as the first WorldComedy Film Festival is set forJune 10 to 16 in Bangkok.

Even this scheduling has notbeen without its problems,partly due to an overlap withthe now-cancelled Phuket FilmFestival, which was to havebeen held from June 4 to 11.

“I don’t think it would havebeen harmful to overlap. Infact, it may even have benefited

both of us, with people travel-ling from Phuket up toBangkok for the comedy festi-val,” says programme directorChalida Uabumrungjit of theThai Film Foundation.

Supported by the TourismAuthority of Thailand and runby the Federation of NationalFilm Association of Thailand,the festival offers a variety ofcomedy styles very differentfrom those in Thai cinema.

“Foreign countries havemany concepts of comedywhile Thai films really haveonly one popular comedy

genre,” Chalida notes. From romantic comedy to

madcap, food, wedding, satiri-cal and classic slapstick, thefestival features films from allover the world and will bejoined by guests WilliamShatner of “Star Trek” fame, ac-tress Brittany Daniel and EricRoberts (“Heroes”).

Regional funnymenThe retrospective will focus

on talented Singaporean JackNeo, who’s done everythingfrom scriptwriting to actingand directing. Three of hismovies will be screened:“Money No Enough”, “MoneyNo Enough 2” and his latestwork “Love Matters”. Neo willalso attend the festival.

Ten Thai films have been se-lected for the Chronology ofSiamese Humour category fea-turing work by such comediansas Lor Tok, Chusree Mesommon,Thep Thianchai and TengTerdterng. Among them will bethe 1950s feature “Sao Dao Tiem”featuring Amara Assawanon,Chusree Mesommon andDokdin Kanyamarn.

Other classics will bescreened, among them the1970s comedy “Theppabutr TaTing Nong”, starring the comictrio of Den Dokpradu, DerDoksadao and Thep Pho-ngam.

“There are problems withthe film’s soundtrack but weare working on it so as to beable to show it at the festival,”says Chalida.


“Everybody was saying Iwas Spock.”



>> On the Web:www.ThailandWorldComedyFilm.com.

S P E E D Y D E L I V E R Y>> There will also be stand-up shows from foreign and localcomedian such as the host oflanguage programme “ChrisDelivery”, Christopher Wright.

>> The opening and closingfilms have been yet announced,though it’s understood that oneof these is likely to be a comedyfrom a neighbouring country di-rected by a Thai.

>> The festival venues will beCentralWorld and Siam Paragon.


After several delays, the WorldComedy Film Festival is set forBangkok from June 10 to 16


WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?Singaporean comedianand filmmaker Jack Neo,right, will come to Bangkokas part of a career retrospec-tive at the World ComedyFilm Festival, which will alsoscreen classic old Thaimovies like the 1950s fea-ture “Sao Dao Tiem” featur-ing Amara Assawanon,Chusree Mesommon andDokdin Kanyamarn.

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Thanks toHanks

Tom Hanks had a dual role asan angel while filming “Angelsand Demons” at Rome’sPantheon Church. A bride-to-be showed up for her weddingand wasn’t being allowed intothe church because it wastemporarily a movie set.

Self-appointed best manHanks not only offered her hisarm so she could get inside, heheld the train of her gown asshe walked down the aisle.

Man o’ Man UKrungthep Turakij columnistNantakwang Sirasoontorn hasa new book out called “100Sua Ball Tua Por” – the 100best football jerseys – butthat doesn’t mean he’s goingto stop collecting them.

The die-hard ManchesterUnited fan has just returnedfrom another footie pilgrimageto England, where he spent allof his savings, reportedlyBt40,000, on a single, usedjersey.

The shirt was worn byUnited winger Gordon Hill and,says Nantakwang, is extra spe-cial because it was made theyear David Beckham was born,1975.

Plus, the shirt saw action inUnited’s 1977 FA Cup victoryover Liverpool.

So Nantakwang’s broke,but he’s already packing forRome to see Man U in theChampions League finalagainst Barcelona.

“I borrowed the moneyfrom my mum,” he confesses.


ANGRY FRENCHelectricity and gasworkers briefly blackedout theatres at theCannes Film Festivalon Tuesday as part oftheir union’s labourprotest.


Contact Soopsip [email protected].

Eric Cantona,right, plays him-self in ‘Lookingfor Eric’, in whichthe footballerappears like avision to help atroubledManchesterpostman, playedby Steve Evets.

VIEWERS FAINTED at a screeningof Lars von Trier’s “Antichrist” inCannes, compared to 20 who feltunwell during the Monica Belluccirape scene in “Irreversible” at thefilm festival in 2002.4


Cantona scores at Cannes

A F P , Cannes

Temperamental football leg-end Eric Cantona has

scored a new triumph, this timeas star of a potential award-winner at the Cannes FilmFestival in British director KenLoach’s “Looking for Eric”.

Hilariously funny but with aquintessential Loach undertoneof social and human drama, themovie was warmly received,becoming one of the front-run-ners for the festival’s top award,the Palme d’Or.

The former ManchesterUnited star, who quit football 12years ago and has acted in ahandful of films, plays himself,appearing like a vision to help aManchester postman alsonamed Eric whose life is spi-ralling out of control.

“I am not a man. I amCantona!” the larger-than-lifeformer striker tells his namesake.

To help restore the postman’sconfidence, Loach and writerPaul Laverty have theFrenchman deliver a stream ofthe odd comic proverbs he isknown for – often in French –such as “he who sows thistlesshall reap prickles”.

Cantona’s best-known suchquote from 1995, after his infa-mous kung-fu kick at a fan,closes the film – “When theseagulls follow the trawler, it’s

because they think sardineswill be thrown into the sea.”

An ode to the gameThe two-hour comedy is also

a hymn to football, with a mes-sage about team play.

“These are wonderful peoplewith wonderful solidarity,”Loach says. “Matches bringpeople together. They’re one ofthe only moments when youcan be nationalistic, and they’re

also a time when people can lettheir feelings out. A lot of peo-ple, specially men, have troubleexpressing their feelings.”

The postman’s own difficul-ties in expressing his feelingsare at the root of the plot.

“A comedy after all is atragedy with a happy end,”Loach says.

Cantona says he has seenmost of Loach’s socially rele-vant movies and likes them.

“I’ll continue acting. The dayI no longer have the passion I’lldo something else, like playjazz,” says Cantona, who in thefilm plays the trumpet.

He compared Loach toManchester United managerSir Alex Ferguson, who wasleading the team back in the1990s when the French foot-baller was there.

“The way they work is 100per cent for the players Theyare both very humble. They gotme to give every bit of myself.Alex Ferguson is a great coachand Ken Loach is a great direc-tor.”

Former ManchesterUnited star Eric Cantonateams up with Ken Loachfor a touching comedy

Director Ken Loach and Cantona at the Cannes festival screening of‘Looking for Eric’ on Monday night.


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8 HEALTH & FITNESS Thursday, May 21, 2009 DAILY XPRESS

By Parinyaporn PajeeD A I L Y X P R E S S

It may have been a workday, butBumrungrad Hospital’s Big Heart event

at CentralWorld on Tuesday certainly drewthe crowds. Shoppers were fascinated bythe “Big Heart” installation, a model of ahuman heart on a massive scale that allowspeople to walk inside and explore theirmost vital organ.

The four interior rooms of this walk-inmuseum, which is on show until Sunday,offer a fascinating journey through theheart’s valves and show exactly how the or-gan works via a multimedia show, as wellas explaining heart disease.

Promsorn Dejakawincool spent ages ex-ploring the giant heart and also opted for afree check-up.

“I’m surprised it’s so crowded, especiallyas it’s the middle of a working day,” hecommented.

Promsorn was impressed by the activity

but felt that Bumrungrad should providemore staff. “A lot of people are interested inthe activities and the queues are too long,”he noted.

That was especially true for the freecheck-ups, which saw lines forming forblood-pressure checks as well as the newCarotid Intima Media Thickness machine.

Heart disease currently causes the deathof 236 Thai people every day. And treatingit is one of the two medical strengths thatearned Bumrungrad the international JCIcredit. They are also accredited for theircare of stroke patients.

Bumrungrad’s medical directorChamaree Chuapetcharasopon says Thaipeople have good knowledge about heartdisease.

“But unfortunately, they don’t put whatthey know into practice,” she says.

Risk factors for coronary artery diseaseinclude poor eating habits, stress and a sen-tient lifestyle.

Over the next three days, doctors andcardiac specialists will offer advice on howto avoid heart disease as well as talk abouttreatment and protection.

Take a deepbreath

The Thai Asthma Council isholding the Bangkok Asthma-Allergy Mini Marathon this Sundayat 5am at Suan Luang Rama IXPark. After the run, participants areinvited to have a free check-up andalso learn the correct ways ofbreathing as well as exercises suit-able for asthma sufferers.Exhibitions and games will also beavailable. Call (02) 278 3200,(02) 741 0633 or visit www.JogAndJoy.com.

Healthy bitesEveryone needs an energy

boost from time to time, and thoseliving with HIV need more energyto improve their immunity. Sadly,most store-bought snacks are fullof carbohydrates and fat and whilethey may taste great, they are nota healthy option. Now, the ThaiRed Cross Society’s Aids ResearchCentre and Mahidol University'sInstitute of Nutrition are launchinga healthy snack menu competition.The easy-to-make dish must uselocal ingredients. The winning ideanets its creator Bt30,000 and atrophy from HRH Somsawali.

Visit www.TRCARC.org or call(02) 253 0996. The deadline isJune 19.

Can cancer be cured?Thai Nakarin Hospital and

Roche Thailand host a free seminartitled “How To Cure Lung Cancer”at the hospital’s Holistic CancerCentre on Saturday at 8. Thespeaker is Dr Akhom Wichainsilp.Call (02) 361-2727 extensions3042 and 3056.

Easing rheumatoidarthritis

Learn to fight rheumatoidarthritis with the Rheumatoid Club,which is hosting a seminar on June7 at 8am on the 12th floor ofRajvithee Hospital's ChalermPhrakiat Building. Doctors from theThai Rheumatism Association willtalk about living with this painfulcondition and discuss the benefitsof aquatic therapy. A mobile clinicwith free check-ups will also beavailable. Call (085) 675 6472.

quickshotsA hospital

with a ‘Big Heart’Bumrungrad attempts to close the door on cardiac disease with an interactive event at CentralWorld











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Thursday, May 21, 2009 DAILY XPRESS HOBBY 9

By Margaret Webb PresslerT H E W A S H I N G T O N P O S T

Every year, the biggest andbest toy companies gather

in New York at the annual ToyFair to show off their new prod-ucts. It’s where stores get thefirst look at the cool toys andgames they’ll be selling later inthe year.

With the times hard for most,toy companies reckon familieswill be staying home a lot thisyear, so there were plenty offamily games on display at theToy Fair '09 held in MarchSome games came with greattechnology, such as the abilityto read your brain waves and atleast two companies introducedgames in which you move thegame piece by just thinkingabout moving it! It certainlyhelps you get in touch withyour inner wizard.

Puzzles and word games re-ceived a lot of attention, too, soexpect to see some cool newversions, including a 3-D puz-zle. Animal lovers will find anew way to bond with the fami-ly pet thanks to the collar cam-era, something the whole familycan enjoy.

Most of the items on this listwill not be available until thefall, but some are out now orcoming soon. Here’s a selec-tion.

Mindflex Game, MattelStrap on the headpiece and

start thinking — hard. If youconcentrate enough on makingthe ball float, eventually it will.But then you have to get it to gothrough a tiny obstacle course.

Tyco R/C Stunt PsychoVehicle, Mattel

There were lots of remote-control vehicles whirring andbuzzing around Toy Fair. Thisclearly was one of the coolest,with springlike wheels thatmake the vehicle capable ofamazing, bouncy, crash-prooftricks so the action never stops.

UCreate Music, RadicaLet out your inner DJ with

this simple machine that allowsyou to mix tracks, add riffs andbeats and create your ownunique sound from your musiclibrary.

Connect 4x4, HasbroConnect 4 is a old favourite,

but this is like a whole newgame. With disks and rings, youcan change the colour of youropponent's pieces as you play.It takes real strategic thinkingto win.

Likewise!, Buffalo GamesThis game rewards group

thinking. The cards give you aconcept or object, and eachplayer uses a marker and boardto write down the first thingthat comes to mind. Playerswith answers that match otherplayers' answers score points.

Pet’s Eye View Camera,Uncle Milton

Ever wondered how Fluffysees the world? Wonder nomore. This ingenious little cam-era hangs from your dog’s orcat's collar and takes a digitalpicture every few minutes (youset the time intervals).Download the pictures to get atrue pet's-eye view.

One coolplay list

New York’s annual Toy Fair showcases some of products that should be on sale later this year

The annual Toy Fair in New York is wherestores get the first look at the cool prod-ucts they'll be selling later in the year.

The biggest and best toycompanies gather in NewYork at the annual Toy Fairto show off their newproducts. Here, the Pet'sEye View Camera, theEyeClops Mini Projector)and UCreate Music.

Companies think that because ofthe hard economic times, families willbe staying home a lot this year.

At least two companies at Toy Fair'09 introduced games in which youmove the game piece by just thinkingabout moving it!

Great craft sets also arecoming out, including onefor personalising yourclothes like never before.

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WHAT’S UP10 EVENTS Thursday, May 21, 2009 DAILY XPRESS

do it!

Sibs on stageThe Sincharoen brothers – Boom, Bern and Boy – take to the stage of the

Scala Theatre in Siam Square on May 30 for two concerts-cum-comedy

shows, which they say will be their last if no one turns up. Their guests

include Udom “Nose” Taepanich, Vasu Saengsingkaew, Billy Ogan and

Patcharasri “Kalamare” Benjamas. Showtimes are at 2 and 7. Tickets are

from Bt1,000 to Bt1,800 at Thaiticketmajor.

Straight as an arrowThe Support Foundation under the royal patronage of Her Majesty the Queen and theCostume Design Committee present “Prommas” from June 19 to 21 at the Thailand CulturalCentre. The masked-dance production aims to preserve the integrity of khon as well as offeran opportunity to a new generation to appreciate this fine art. The performers and artistscome from the Office of Music and Drama, the Fine Arts Department,the Culture Ministry,Bunditpatanasilpa Institute and Bangkok College of Dramatic Art. Tickets cost Bt200 toBt800 (Bt100 for students) at Thaiticketmajor.

Getting tothe rootsLotus-based products, rice and other home-

grown dishes go on sale from Friday as the

Pathum Thani Red Cross Fair gets underway at

Future Park in Rangsit. The event, which fea-

tures Otop products, along with pies made

from lotus-root pies, lotus cake, brown-rice

jelly, spicy rolled rice waffle and lots of other

goodies, runs until May 31. Call (02) 958


ArtfullyexoticMore than 100 works by 53

artists are on show in

“Discovering MFA: Exotic Art,

Aesthetic Thailand” at the

Foreign Affairs Ministry’s

Vithes Samosorn Room on Sri

Ayutthaya Road until May

26. Among the artists are

Thawan Duchanee, Sawasdi

Tantisuk, Prayat Pongdam

and Nonthiwat

Chantanapalin. Several draw-

ings by former prime minister

Chuan Leekpai are also on

show. The exhibition is open

daily from 10 to 3.30pm. Call

(02) 643 5170.

The perfect matchBecome a savvy shopper anda discerning decorator byattending a workshop by JayAbai at the Neilson HaysLibrary on June 11 at 10am.Abai runs Hemisphere HomeFurnishings (formerly CasaPagoda), which specialises inthe fusion of modern and tra-ditional through the thought-ful and creative use of colourand texture. She’ll talk aboutmaking the right choice whenpurchasing housewares andhow to blend styles to stun-ning effect. The fee is Bt300inclusive of coffee and snack.Call (02) 233 7131.

Italian by designChef Maurizio Menconi of theSukhothai hotel’s La Scalarestaurant has unveiled a newmenu that highlights blackolive gnocchi with lobster fric-assee, green peas, rocket androasted tomato pachino; ravi-oli of braised chicken and duckfoie gras; and tenderloin ofwagyu beef on wilted endive,pine nuts and raisins andsauce of summer truffle. Hisweekday business lunch is alsonot to be missed. The two-course meal costs Bt780 andthe three-course goes forB850 including the antipastibuffet. Call (02) 344 8888extension 5736.

Could cut woodSilpakorn University’s Faculty ofPainting, Sculpture and GraphicArts will demonstrate woodcutand intaglio techniques at theBangkok Art and Culture Centreevery Saturday and Sundayfrom 2 to 5pm. The event ispart of the Bangkok TriennaleInternational Print and DrawingExhibition that’s on view untilJune 18. The centre is at thePathum Wan Intersection, fac-ing the MBK and SiamDiscovery. Call (02) 214 6630-8 or visit ww.BACC.or.th.

Fabulous fabricsJim Thompson will hold itsannual sale at Bitec in BangNa from June 5 to 7. Productsfrom the silk company rangingfrom clothes and fabrics tohome furnishings, with dis-counts of up to 70 per cent.The fair will be open from10am to 5pm. Call (02) 6328100 or visit www.Bitec.net.

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Righteous Kill Robert De Niro and Al Pacinoare veteran detectives trying topiece together old and newcases. At SFW CentralWorld.

Angels and DemonsHarvard symbologist RobertLangdon (Tom Hanks) searchesfor clues to keep the Vaticanfrom blowing up.

Let the Right One InA 12-year-old boy develops afriendship with a vampire in asmall Swedish town. WithEnglish and Thai subtitles atHouse.

Winged CreaturesSurvivors try to cope after a ran-dom shooting in a Los Angelesdiner. Stars Kate Beckinsale,Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce andForest Whitaker. At the Lido.

BangkokAdrenalineTough foreign backpackers areentangled in a kidnapping plotinvolving a Thai heiress. Thaidubbed.

Star TrekThe 1960s sci-fi TV series isrebooted with a focus on theearly careers of Captain Kirk andMr Spock.

Big StanA meek grifter hires a martial-arts master to teach him somemoves. Rob Schneider andDavid Carradine star. AtParagon Cineplex.

The Horsemen Dennis Quaid is a detective onthe trail of serial killings that areapparently rooted in biblicalprophecy. Zhang Ziyi also stars.

Mor 3 Pee 4Rao Rak NaiA Bangkok boy chats on theInternet with a Phuket girl. WithEnglish subtitles at some cin-emas.

Saranair Haao PengPranks are pulled on celebritiesincluding Mum Jokmok, AdCarabao, Kotee Aramboy andKorean girl group Baby Vox Rev.With English subtitles atsome cinemas.

Where in the WorldIs Osama bin Laden?“Super Size Me” documentarianMorgan Spurlock searches forthe al-Qaeda leader. At House.

X Men Origins:WolverineThe steel-clawed superhero’sepic life story is revealed. HughJackman stars.

TO SEEThursday, May 21, 2009 DAILY XPRESS THE SCREEN 11

on tv

Moulin RougeBaz Luhrmann’s lavishly out-landish musical stars EwanMcGregor as a poet who fallsfor a dancehall star (NicoleKidman).Star Movies (TrueVisions),8pm

Channel linkswww.NationChannel.comChannel 3 – www.ThaiTV3.comChannel 5 – www.TV5.co.thChannel 7 – www.CH7.comModernine – www.MCOT.netNBT – TV11.prd.go.thTV Thai – www.ThaiPBS.or.thTrue – www.TrueVisionsTV.com

Krasue Fad PopThe fearsome ghosts Krasue and Pop face off in rural villagejust as a group of students from Bangkok arrive on a fieldtrip. Stars Intira Jaroenpura and Prangwalai Thepsathorn.

Night at the Museum 2:

Battle of the Smithsonian

Embattled museum guard Ben Stiller finds more historical

figures coming to life, including Amelia Earhart (Amy

Adams), Al Capone and Napoleon.

ApexLido: (02) 252 6498Siam: (02) 251 3508Scala: (02) 251 2861

Century – The Movie Plaza(02) 247 9940

House(02) 641 5913-4

Major Cineplex/EGVBangkok: (02) 515 5555Pattaya: (038) 052 227

Major HollywoodBangkok: (02) 718 7999

Paragon CineplexBangkok: (02) 129 4635IMAX: (02) 129 4631

SF CinemasBangkok: (02) 268 8888

VistaChiang Mai: (053) 894 415

don’t miss!

Rule Number One A couple of cops (Shawn Yue and Ekin Chen) are assigned to a little-known police unit that handles callsinvolving the supernatural. Thai dubbed.

WaterIndian-Canadian directorDeepa Mehta struggled tomake this controversial dramaabout widowed child brides foryears, first trying in 2000 butabandoning the project afterenraged locals burned the setin India’s holy city of Varanasi.She moved the production toSri Lanka and “Water” went onto win the Oscar for best for-eign-language film in 2006and other awards, includingthe Golden Kinaree for bestfilm at Bangkok InternationalFilm Festival. It’s screening at 8tonight at the ForeignCorrespondents Club ofThailand. Admission is Bt150for non-members and Bt100more for anyone wanting tosample the wine beinguncorked by the Canadianembassy. Call (02) 652 0580-1 or visit www.FCCThai.com.

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hursday, May 21, 2009 D





Close to HomeBy John McPherson

AdamBy Bryan Basset

Calvin and HobbesBy Bill Watterson

The BucketsBy Scott Stantis

Pooch CafeBy Paul Gilligan

Red and RoverBy Brian Basset





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Thursday, May 21, 2009 DAILY XPRESS LEISURE 13




Yesterday’s Puzzle Answer

Complete the grid so that every row,column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

The last word in

By Eugenia Last

Today’s Birthday: You have decisions to make that will alteryour life. Be perfectly clear about what you want or someonewill misinterpret you. Stand alone, if you must, but do not giveup your goals. It’s up to you to stick it out to the end and toquestion whoever doubts you.

ARIES *** March 21-April 19A challenge will be exhilarating and will boostyour ego. Your hard work will pay off, allowing youto call the shots. You have someone awesome inyour corner.

TAURUS *** April 20-May 20Do things because you want to not becausesomeone else is pushing you. Keep your moneytightly locked up. A longing to be with someonemay cause you to do something foolish.

GEMINI **** May 21-June 20An opportunity is heading your way that shouldallow you to get ahead in an area of your life thathas been suffering. Once you establish your posi-tion, it will be difficult to remove you.

CANCER ** June 21-July 22Don’t expect to get help and you won’t be letdown when someone has other plans. Be quick tolet everyone know what you are not willing to do.Don’t get upset over something you cannotchange.

LEO ***** July 23-Aug. 22Give in to what your heart tells you. A romanticencounter will crystallise your feelings, giving youa much better idea of how to satisfy your needs inthe future. A choice may cause some controversy.

VIRGO *** Aug. 23-Sept. 22You can put personal matters behind you by ad-dressing whoever or whatever has caused prob-lems for you. Your ability to take responsibility willallow you to move on quickly.

LIBRA *** Sept. 23-Oct. 22Network with groups that can offer a unique spinto what you do. Your relationships will grow if youget involved in activities your loved ones enjoy.Show more of an interest in others.

SCORPIO *** Oct. 23-Nov. 21Don’t take chances. You will formulate the bestpossible situation to move into a lead positionand take over a genre that fits your skills and per-sonality perfectly. Working quickly will speak vol-umes.

SAGITTARIUS ***** Nov. 22-Dec. 21Interact with people in your community to buildthe support you need for an important task. Themore help you have, the better your chances forfunding. A relationship will grow.

CAPRICORN ** Dec. 22-Jan. 19You have to hold your ground. If you give in tosomeone who is giving you an ultimatum,you will be taken advantage of over and overagain. Do not let fear cause you to dig a deeper hole.

AQUARIUS **** Jan. 20-Feb. 18Educational pursuits or honing your skills will helpyou land a better position or keep the one you al-ready have. A love connection can be madethrough the company you keep.

PISCES *** Feb. 19-March 20Don’t give out too much information or you mayface opposition. You have to complete a projectbefore you can feel secure that everything willturn out well. Beware of being overly sensitive.


Singer Ron Isley of the Isley Brothers is 68.Guitarist Hilton Valentine of The Animals is 66.Actor Richard Hatch is 64.Keyboardist Bill Champlin of Chicago is 62.Singer Leo Sayer is 61.Actor Mr. T is 57.Actress Lisa Edelstein is 41.Rapper Havoc of Mobb Deep is 35.Actor Ray MacDonald is 32Actress Ashlie Brillault is 22.Actress Sarah Ramos is 18.

Ray MacDonald

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Sumitomo Corporation Thailand Ltd. and Sumi-Thai International Ltd., the affiliatedcompanies of Sumitomo Corporation, a Japanese leading international trading and investmentcompany with 179 offices worldwide. We and our affiliated group companies are expanding ourbusiness and require more highly qualified and dynamic manpower for the position of:

Project ManagerScope of Work: To support the implementation of the North Bangkok Power Plant Project, as the Project Coordinatorof the Consortium member (Completion is scheduled on March 2010). Qualifications: Male, age 30-45 years old. Master's/Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Excellent in English both speaking and writing. 5-15 years in engineering & construction of the power plant.* Please apply in person or send resume in English by email with expected salary and recent photo to

Sumitomo Corporation Thailand Limited20th & 21st Floor, M. Thai Tower, All Seasons Place, 87 Wireless Rd., Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Ms. Pornpimol Tanpanichakul, Human Resources Development DepartmentE-mail: tanpanich[email protected] Tel. (02) 654-0002-29 ext. 403

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WWW.INTERHOME.CO.TH 02-946-6206Ω“°¢“¬‚¶…≥“ø√’

»Ÿπ¬å ◊ÈÕ-¢“¬-‡™à“-®”πÕß-Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å∫.Õ‘‘π‡µÕ√å‚Œ¡ ‡√’¬≈µ’È ‡Õ ‡µ∑ ®”°—¥


´. ÿ¢ÿ¡«‘∑ 67 ¡.· π ‘√‘∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 93.8 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ 5 πÈ”·µàß «¬ À≈—ß√‘¡ æ◊Èπ∑’Ë„™â Õ¬ 440 µ√.¡.„°≈â BTS44.9 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-808-0633

∂. ÿ¢ÿ¡«‘∑( ”‚√ß) ªŸÉ‡®â“ ¡‘ßæ√“¬§ƒÀ“ πå 2 ™—Èπ 426 µ√.«. 5 πÕπ 4 πÈ”2 √—∫·¢° √–«à“¬πÈ” „°≈â«ß·À«π ∫‘≈∑åÕ‘π «¬¡“°35 ≈â“π∫“∑ 086-028-2215

∂. ÿ¢ÿ¡«‘∑ 71 ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 3 ™—Èπ 102 µ√.«. 8 πÕπ 8 πÈ”·µàßÀ√Ÿ ¡.æ—≤π‡«»πå ¡’ √–«à“¬πÈ”„°≈â BTS27.3 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-669-0709

∂.°—≈ªæƒ°…å µ‘¥∂ππ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 132 µ√.«. 5 πÕπ 6 πÈ”·µàß «¬ ¡.‡πÕ«“π“ ·∂¡‡øÕ√圄°≈â«ß·À«π15 ≈â“π∫“∑ 086-310-0409

∂.√—µπ“∏‘‡∫»πå Q-House∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 170.2 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ5 πÈ” ·µàß «¬ ¡.≈—¥¥“√¡¬å µ‘¥∂ππ√—µπ“∏‘‡∫»πå12.9 ≈â“π∫“∑ 085-909-2478

´. ’À∫Ÿ√≥°‘® µ≈“¥¡’π∫ÿ√’∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 90 µ√.«. 5 πÕπ 3 πÈ”·µàß «¬ „°≈âµ≈“¥®µÿ®—°√ Àâ“ßœ‡¥‘π∑“ß –¥«°√“§“摇»… 085-909-2129

∂.«‘¿“«¥’-√—ß ‘µ ´.«‘¿“«¥’ 35∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 60 µ√.«. 2 πÕπ 3 πÈ”·µàß «¬ ¡.∏π‘π∑√ „°≈â π“¡∫‘π¥Õπ‡¡◊Õß3.8 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-337-6500

´.π«¡‘π∑√å 163Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 4 ™—Èπ 142 µ√.«. 39 πÕπ39 πÈ” ·µàß «¬ µ÷°„À¡à √“¬‰¥â 130,000∫“∑/‡¥◊Õπ15 ≈â“π∫“∑ 089-133-1189

∂.Õ‘ √¿“æ ´.Õ‘ √¿“æ 11Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 4 ™—Èπ 2 §ŸÀ“26 µ√.«. 5 πÕπ 5 πÈ” „°≈₧√ß°“√√∂‰øøÑ“„µâ¥‘π16 ≈â“π∫“∑ 089-795-5766

∂.√“™«‘∂’ „°≈âÕπÿ “«√’¬å™—¬Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 4 ™—Èπ 28 µ√.«. 8 πÕπ6 πÈ” ∑”‡≈∑Õß „°≈â√∂‰øøÑ“ BTS‡À¡“–∑”ÕÕøøî»15 ≈â“π∫“∑ 085-481-6988

∂.π«¡‘π∑√å ª“° ´.π«¡‘π∑√å 90Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 3.5 ™—Èπ 2 §ŸÀ“42 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ 3 πÈ” µ‘¥∂ππ„À≠à„°≈â∑“ߥà«π5.9 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-311-6454

´.≈“¥æ√â“« 48Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 3 ™—Èπ 2 §ŸÀ“ 121 µ√.«.6 πÕπ 6 πÈ” µ‘¥∂ππ 2 ¥â“π ∑”‡≈¥’„®°≈“߇¡◊Õß15 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-374-1546

´.≈”≈Ÿ°°“ 13 Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 3 ™—Èπ 39.5 µ√.« 3 πÕπ2 πÈ” „À¡à ∑”‡≈¥’ ‡À¡“–§â“¢“¬∑”ÕÕøøîµ √“§“∂Ÿ°¡“°2.6 ≈â“π∫“∑ 086-323-0645

∂.√—ß ‘µ-π§√𓬰 ‡≈’¬∫§≈Õß Õß∑’Ë¥‘π‡ª≈à“ 4 ‰√à 60 µ√.«. ∂ππ‡¡π‡¢â“´Õ¬∫ß°™ 39 ª√–¡“≥ 300 ‡¡µ√·∫àߢ“¬‰¥â „°≈âµ≈“¥11.6 ≈â“π∫“∑ 089-925-3653

∂. ÿ¢ «— ¥‘Ï ª“° ´Õ¬°”π—π‡®‘¡∑’Ë¥‘π 788 µ√.«.∂¡·≈⫵‘¥∂ππ ÿ¢ «— ¥‘Ï „°≈â«ß·À«πÕÿµ “À°√√¡30 ≈â“π∫“∑ 086-053-6269

BUY SELL1.Bangpra International - 150,0002.Muang Kaew - 260,0003.Muang Ake 1 360,000 -4.Muang Ake 2 270,000 -5.Tanya Thanee 140,000 150,0006.Spring Field - 380,000


THE FIRST IN THAILANDTel: 081-5555888, 081-5555999

02-259-0980-5 www.thaigolfcentre.com

My Condo Sukhumvit 52, brand new, BTS Onnuch, 34.75sqm., 1B1B fully furnished sale 2.45 MB.Sampoom Garden Condo Sathorn 14,BTS Surasak, 203sqm. Duplex fls., nice décor,fully furnished

sale 15 MB./rent 70,000/mSiri On8, brand new 55sqm. 1B1B

sale 5.5 MB./rent 40,000/mContact : 081-6335958

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WWW.INTERHOME.CO.TH 02-946-6206Ω“°¢“¬‚¶…≥“ø√’

»Ÿπ¬å ◊ÈÕ-¢“¬-‡™à“-®”πÕß-Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å∫.Õ‘‘π‡µÕ√å‚Œ¡ ‡√’¬≈µ’È ‡Õ ‡µ∑ ®”°—¥


∂.µ≈‘Ëß™—π- ÿæ√√≥œ Q HOUSE∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 256 µ√.«. 5 πÕπ 5 πÈ”·µàß «¬ ¡.§≈Õ≈‘µ’È-惰…å√¡¬å√’‡®âπ∑å„°≈â ‚¡ √18.5 ≈â“π∫“∑ 086-053-6269

∂.π«¡‘π∑√å ª“° ´Õ¬π«¡‘π∑√å 119∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 118 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ 3 πÈ”∑”‡≈¥’ µ‘¥∂ππ„À≠à Àπâ“°«â“ß 17x42‡¡µ√17.5 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-808-0633

∂.°“≠®π“¿‘‡…° ¡.π“√“ ‘√‘∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 106.4 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ4 πÈ” ·µàß «¬ ª√–µŸ√’‚¡∑ ¡’√–∫∫°—π¢‚¡¬∑—ÈßÀ≈—ß §√—«∫‘≈∑å11.8 ≈â“π∫“∑ 086-310-0409

∂.√“¡Õ‘π∑√“ ´. ÿ¢“¿‘∫“≈ 5 (ÕՇߑπ)∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 151.8 µ√.«. 6 πÕπ6 πÈ” ·µàß «¬ ¡.∏“√“√¡¬å „°≈âµ≈“¥«ß»°√8 ≈â“π∫“∑ 086-028-2215

∂.≈“¥æ√â“« ´.≈“¥æ√â“« 91∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 82 µ√.«. 3 πÕπ3 πÈ” ·µàß «¬ ¡. ‘µ’È «‘≈≈å À≈—ß√‘¡„°≈â∑“ߥà«π6.5 ≈â“π∫“∑ 086-326-3539

∂.®√—≠ π‘∑«ß»å ´.®√—≠œ 75 ·¬° 13∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 80 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ 2 πÈ”·µàß «¬ ¡. .¿“πÿ√—ß…’ „°≈â π.∫“ßæ≈—¥√“§“∂Ÿ°4.9 ≈â“π∫“∑ 085-909-2478

´.√“¡§”·Àß 190/1 µ‘¥∂ππ„À≠à∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 55.5 µ√.«. 3 πÕπ 3 πÈ”À≈—ß√‘¡ æ“√姇«¬å™“‡≈µ ‚§√ß°“√¥’„°≈â ¡.‡°…¡∫—≥±‘µ4.3 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-342-9090

´.π«¡‘π∑√å 163Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 4 ™—Èπ 142 µ√.«. 39 πÕπ39 πÈ” ·µàß «¬ µ÷°„À¡à √“¬‰¥â 130,000∫“∑/‡¥◊Õπ15 ≈â“π∫“∑ 089-133-1189

∂.‡®√‘≠°√ÿß ª“° ´.‡®√‘ß°√ÿß 103Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 4.5 ™—Èπ 42 µ√.«.18 πÕπ 18 πÈ” ∑”‡≈¥’ „°≈â‚√∫‘π —π‡®√‘≠°√ÿß13 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-567-2717

∂.‡®√‘≠π§√ ´.‡®√‘≠π§√ 50Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 4 ™—Èπ 2 §ŸÀ“ 26 µ√.«.2 πÕπ 2 πÈ” ∑”‡≈¥’ ¬à“π∏ÿ√°‘® ‡¥‘π∑“ß –¥«°4.2 ≈â“π∫“∑ 089-795-5766

∂.√“¡Õ‘π∑√“ ´.«—™√æ≈Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 4.5 ™—Èπ 2 §ŸÀ“50 µ√.«. µ‘¥∂ππ´Õ¬ ‡À¡“–∑”∏ÿ√°‘®„°≈â∑“ߥà«π7.3 ≈â“π∫“∑ 086-323-0645

∂.«‘¿“«¥’-√—ß ‘µ ´.√à«¡ ‘√‘¡‘µ√Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 3 ™—Èπ 14 µ√.«. 3 πÕπ2 πÈ” µ‘¥∂ππ ‡À¡“–§â“¢“¬ ª√–°Õ∫°‘®°“√4.2 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-337-6500

∂.ß“¡«ß»å«“π ´.· ߇æ™√∑“«πå‚Œ¡ 3 ™—Èπ 33.2 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ 3 πÈ”À≈—ß¡ÿ¡ µ‘¥∑“ߥà«πß“¡«ß»å«“π „°≈⇥Ֆ¡Õ≈≈å3.5 ≈â“π∫“∑ 085-065-4267

∂.‡™’¬ß„À¡à-·¡à‚®â ®.‡™’¬ß„À¡à∑’Ë¥‘π 206 µ√.«. ·ª≈ß®—¥ √√ ∂¡·≈⫇À¡“– √â“ß∫â“π ¡.‡≈§«‘≈≈剴¥å 2„°≈â‚≈µ— 15,000 ∫“∑/µ√.«. 081-603-0687

∂.∫√¡√“™™ππ’∑’Ë¥‘π 193 µ√.«. ∂¡·≈â« ·ª≈ß «¬∑”‡≈¥’ ¡.°ƒ…¥“π§√ 20 ‡À¡“– √â“ß∫â“π36,000 ∫“∑/µ√.«. 089-126-2200

∂.≈”≈Ÿ°°“ ´.≈”≈Ÿ°°“ 67Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 5 ™—Èπ 200 µ√.«. 61 πÕπ61 πÈ” µ÷°„À¡à √â“ß 1 ªï Àà“ß∂ππ≈”≈Ÿ°°“ 150 ‡¡µ√19.5 ≈â“π∫“∑ 085-481-6988

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24 GAMES Thursday, May 21, 2009 DAILY XPRESS

By Lerpong Amsa-ngiamDAILY XPRESS, Chiang Mai

Diminutive Chinese LuYuntao rewrote three

world records for a cleansweep of the boy’s 50kg on theopening day of the EGATYouth World Championshipsyesterday.

The 17-year-old set marks of93kg to win the snatch (previ-ous record 92kg by Vietnam’sNguyen Ngoc Trung), 120kg totriumph in the clean and jerk(beating Columbian Jhon

Osorio’s 116kg), and capturedthe overall title with a com-bined 213kg (bettering 206kgby Ismet Algul of Turkey).Thailand’s PhongsathonDaengsanan rebounded from adismal performance in thesnatch (85kg) to produce twobronze medals in the clean andjerk (113kg) and the Olympictotal (198kg).

A lack of communicationwith his coach meant the inex-perienced Phongsathon, wholifted 85kg in his first attempt,ran out of time preparing forthe second. He then failed athis final 91kg lift. “I really hadno idea that time was runningout. But I knew I could come

back in the clean and jerkwhich is my favourite catego-ry,’’ said the 16-year-old 11thgrade student from NakhonRatchasima School.

The Thailand AmateurWeightlifting Associationpresident BussabaYodbangteoy reasoned thatboth the coach andPhongsathon had no experi-ence on an international stage.

Turkey’s Saziye Okurscooped all three gold medalsin the girl’s 44kg by lifting 76kgin the snatch, 86kg in the cleanand jerk and 162kg for theOlympic total. WipadaSirimongkhon won the bronzein the clean and jerk.

LU LIFTS 3 RECORDSPhongsathontakes two bronzesas world bests fall

13 YEARSFormer England cricketerChris Lewis was jailed for13 years after being foundguilty of smugglingcocaine into Britain in acricket bag.









Arsenal fans planmarch for manager

Hundreds of Arsenal fans areexpected to take part in a marchthis weekend in a bid to per-suade manager Arsene Wengernot to leave the club afterreports linked him to RealMadrid.The march is being organised byREDaction. “The consensusamong fans is not only that heshould stay but also that he’sone of the few managers in thefootball league that’s earnedthe right to walk away,” it said. –AP

Tevez stronglylinked to LiverpoolLiverpool are the frontrunners tosign Manchester United’s CarlosTevez with a three-year offerworth about £50 million, includ-ing salary and transfer fee, theSun said.Tottenham was prepared tooffer about 18 million for thestriker, who will leave the leaguechampion at the end of a two-season spell, the newspapersaid. Spurs are backing awayafter Liverpool was willing topay £-160,000-a-week to theplayer.While United want to keepTevez, the club isn’t willing topay the £26-million demandedby his agent, the newspapersaid. – Bloomberg

City to go forSanta Cruz again

Manchester City are ready tosign Blackburns Roque SantaCruz, the Sun said. While City’searlier offer of £17-million wasrejected, the club may include19-year-old striker DanielSturridge, who has refused anew deal.Although Santa Cruz has scoredonly six times this seasonbecause ofinjuries,RoversmanagerSamAllardycebelieves theplayershouldbring bigoffers, thenewspapersaid. – Bloomberg

Wenger handed£13m war chestArsenal manager ArseneWenger, who has spurned offersto join Real Madrid, will haveabout £13-million to spend onnew players at the north Londonclub, the Daily Mail reported.Wenger will have to sell playersto increase his budget, thenewspaper said. He met clubchief executive officer IvanGazidis for lunch yesterday todiscuss the plans. – Bloomberg

brieflyBarcelona and ManCity warm to ColeChelsea defender Ashley Cole may be lured toBarcelona, which is prepared to pay £20 mil-lion for the former Arsenal player, the DailyExpress said.The Spanish champions have inquired aboutthe 28-year-old and may make an offer atthe end of the season, the newspaper said.Manchester City are also interested, and areready to make a five-year offer that wouldpay Cole £130,000 a week. – BloombergAshley Cole

Phongsathon Daengsanan takes the strain in Chiang Mai yesterday.

Santa Cruz

An FIA lawyer stands firm atthe court in Paris.

Ferrari budget appeal rejectedA French court yesterday rejected Ferrari’s bid to block controversialproposed changes to Formula One imposed by the InternationalAutomobile Federation (FIA).The Italian team, as well as Toyota, Red Bull and Renault, were tryingthrough the French legal system to seek an injunction against the newregulations of the Paris-based FIA which runs Formula One racing.They have threatened to quit F1 unless the 2010 rules, which include a£40-million budget cap on each team, are shelved fearing the changescould usher in a two-tier championship. The French court, however,refused to grant the injunction to Ferrari with Judge Jacques Gondrande Robert ruling that Ferrari had failed to use a veto against the newrules at meetings of the FIA World Motor Sport Council in March.


Page 25: Xpress-qTODAY PAGE-1011.XPRESS.21May09

AFP, Manchester

Alex Ferguson admitted yes-terday that Rio Ferdinand

is likely to have to prove his fit-ness against Hull to stand achance of featuring in nextweek’s Champions League final.

England defender Ferdinand,30, has missed the last threeUnited matches with a calfproblem.

United travel to the KCStadium on Sunday for their fi-nal Premier League fixture withthe title already won.

Ferguson was hoping to fielda reserve team to keep his keymen fresh for the game againstBarcelona in Rome onWednesday.

The United manager main-tains that he would be happy foryoungster Jonny Evans, 21, whohas regularly stood in forFerdinand and Nemanja Vidicthis season, to play in the final.

And he acknowledges therewould be a risk of playingFerdinand against the Spanishchampions after a three-weeklay-off.

United are optimistic thatFerdinand will return to train-ing today but Ferguson is stillunsure about his chances ofplaying against Barcelona.

He said: “I’m hoping that he’llbe fit for Sunday and if he’s notthen he’s doubtful forWednesday.

“To go into the ChampionsLeague without playing forthree weeks is too much sohopefully he’ll be fit for Sunday.

“We hope he can start train-ing with us on Thursday and af-

ter the transfer to football train-ing we’ll have a better ideaabout his availability forSunday.

“I think he will probably be fitbefore Wednesday but whetherI’d start him without a game isanother matter.

“I’m close to knowing theteam. Obviously you have to as-sess the performance, our ownstrengths and the form players.

“It would be no problem at allto start with Jonny Evansagainst Barcelona.

“He’s had a fantastic seasonand he grew up with GerardPique and it would be fitting ifthey’re both playing in the final.

“I’m sure Gerard Pique willbe playing. It’d be a nice touch. Iwouldn’t worry one bit abouthim playing in the final.”

The match has been billed as

a potential classic with two ofthe most attack-minded teamspitting their wits against eachother.

Ferguson accepts thatChampions League finals rarelylive up to their hype but is con-fident it will be an attractivematch against Pep Guardiola’sside.

He added: “The profile of thefinal is very good and I hope itlives up to that profile.

“The players that Barcelonahave got and ManchesterUnited have got, it suggests agood final and I hope it lives upto that.

“European finals can be dis-appointing and if you look atthe results over the years therewere some really disappointinggames and results, penaltykicks.”

Thursday, May 21, 2009 DAILY XPRESS THE SPORT 25


RIO A BIG DOUBTEvans on hold to fillhole in Utd’s defencefor C-League final


Man United manager Alex Ferguson shows concern as Rio Ferdinand walks off injured.,,

Ranieri at loggerheads with JuveClaudio Ranieri and SerieA side Juventus seem tobe heading for a show-down over payments andRanieri’s freedom to finda new club.

Italian media reportedyesterday that afterbeing fired this week,Ranieri expected theTurin club to pay him aseverance fee and allowhim to find a new job.

It appears, however,that Juve consider thecoach’s firing a mere lay-off and intend paying hissalary until his contractexpires in June 2010. Thiswould mean that Ranierineeds to receiveJuventus’ approval beforehe is allowed to joinanother club.

“When we signed thatcontract [in 2007], I and[Juve director generalJean-Claude] Blanc had aclear talk, face to face,”La Repubblica quotedRanieri as saying.

“He gave me his gen-tleman’s word that ifJuve were not satisfiedthey would apply a sever-ance clause [in the con-tract]. He didn’t do so. Hedidn’t keep his word.Really, I didn’t expectthis. I thought certainthings didn’t happen atJuve.”

As Juve have notreplied Ranieri, his lawyersaid he “hopes that fairplay and the moral com-mitment taken by theclub can prevail in theend.”

Ranieri, 57, was firedon Monday in the wake ofa dismal 2-2 home drawwith Atalanta.


Page 26: Xpress-qTODAY PAGE-1011.XPRESS.21May09

REPORT OF THE INDEPENDENT CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTSTo The Shareholders and Board of Directors of SMC Motors Public Company Limited

I have audited the consolidated balance sheet of SMC Motors Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries as of December 31, 2008, and the related consolidated statements of changes in shareholder-sí equity, income and cash flows for the year then ended. I have also audited the financial statements forthe same year of SMC Motors Public Company Limited. These financial statements are the responsibili-ty of the Companyís management as to their correctness and completeness of the presentation. My respon-sibility is to report on these financial statements based on my audit. The financial statements of the Consolidated and the Separate financial statements of SMC Motors Public Company Limited and itssubsidiaries for the year ended December 31, 2007, presented herein for comparison, were audited andreported by another auditor, in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and expressed anunqualified opinion in her report dated February 29, 2008 but has drawn attention to the uncertainty of thesuccessful in the negotiation with holders of the Companyís unsecured debentures which the Company didnot redeem on redemption date. Later on March 28, 2008, resolutions of the meeting of holders ofthe debentures agreed the Company to redeem part of the debentures and pay interest for the periodNovember 29, 2006 to November 28, 2007 on April 11, 2008, and redeem the remaining debentures andpay interest according to the conditions stipulated in the resolutions, thus the uncertainty to be ended asmentioned in the notes to financial statements no. 15.

I conducted my audits in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. Those standardsrequire that I plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial state-ments are free of material misstatement. An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supportingthe amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. An audit also includes assessing the accountingprinciples used and significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financialstatements presentation. I believe that my audit provides a reasonable basis for my opinion.

In my opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, thefinancial position of SMC Motors Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries and of SMC Motors PublicCompany Limited as of December 31, 2008, the results of their operations, and cash flows for the yearthen ended in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

Without qualify opinion to the above financial statements, I draw attention to note 1.2 to financial state-ments that the Company and its subsidiaries have capital deficiency in consolidated and separate financialstatements amounting to Baht 2,091.58 million and Baht 2,074.08 million respectively, which recurringoperating losses over several years. As of 31 December 2008 there are current liabilities over current assetsin consolidated and separate financial statement amounting to Baht 13.55 million and 23.55 million.During quarter 4 of year 2008 the board of directors has a resolution to ceased its operations in distribu-tion and after-sales services of Volvo passenger cars, which is the main operation of the Company. In addi-tion, the Companyís business of motor-cycle distributor and the trading of communication equipment busi-ness of a subsidiary have been terminated. Therefore the Company remaining business is the distributionand after-sales services of Mazda passenger car in Chonburi province. However the Company is lookingfor new businesses to generate profit from operation to cover the deficit. The factors are significant uncer-tainty may cause continuity of operations of the Company. There for, the going concern of the Companyand its subsidiaries are depend on the financing ability and profitability of its operation to cover the deficit.The financial statements have been prepared on a going concern basis. The Financial statement do notinclude any adjustment relating to the recoverability and classification of the recorded assets amounts andclassification of liabilities that might be necessary should the Company be unable to continue as going concern.

A.M.T. & ASSOCIATESBangkok, ThailandMarch 16, 2009



Consolidated financial statements Separate financial statementsNote 2008 2007 2008 2007

RevenuesSales and services income 1,126,770,831 1,658,995,689 1,126,665,194 1,654,180,302Rental income 4,319,266 4,261,685 4,319,266 6,061,685Commission income 5,803,654 9,034,015 5,803,654 9,034,015Interest income 1,038,021 1,597,950 8,181,501 8,521,662Gain on sales of property, plant and equipment 325,448 1,513,021 329,327 1,540,010Dividend Income 3.3 - - 7,485,001 44,910,003Reversal of Assets impairment - 173,767 - 68,767Reveraal of Allowance for doubtful accounts 10,046,812 234,552 5,911,105 -Reversal of impairment of investment in associated company - - - 34,131,602Other income 4,334,640 7,484,555 4,310,390 7,398,301Share of income from investment in associated company- equity method 3.3 - 91,781,145 - -

Total revenues 1,152,638,672 1,775,076,379 1,163,005,438 1,765,846,347

ExpensesCost of sales and services 1,016,109,444 1,503,194,115 1,016,029,226 1,498,314,052Selling and administrative expenses 195,667,230 248,510,130 190,848,945 233,825,926Employees termination 20,289,729 - 20,184,729 -Allowance for doubtful accounts 1,563,682 - 1,563,682 715,448Allowance for doubtful accounts - amounts due from and loans to subsidiaries - - 6,196,468 8,858,416Loss on unuse assets written off 3,572,271 - 3,572,271 -Allowance for diminution in value of inventories 22,550,978 - 19,746,395 -Loss on impairment of investments in subsidiary companies 3.2 - - 9,999,930 9,000,000Loss on impairment of investments in associated companies - 12,739,540 - -Loss on exchange rate 754,267 - 754,267 -Share of loss from investment in associated company - equity method 3.3 24,533,073 - - -

Total expenses 1,285,040,674 1,764,443,785 1,268,895,912 1,750,713,842Profit (loss) before interest and financial cost (132,402,002) 10,632,594 (105,890,475) 15,132,505Interest expense (20,014,986) (19,829,136) (20,495,950) (20,718,439)Net profit (loss) for the years (152,416,988) (9,196,542) (126,386,425) (5,585,934)

Attributable to :Equity holders of the parent (152,416,988) (9,196,542) (126,386,425) (5,585,934)Minority interest - - - -

(152,416,988) (9,196,542) (126,386,425) (5,585,934)Basic earnings per share

¢“¥∑ÿπ ÿ∑∏‘ (µàÕÀÿâπ) ”À√—∫ß«¥ Equity holders of the parent (Baht) (0.65) (0.04) (0.54) (0.02)Number of weighted average shares (shares) 235,556,388 235,556,388 235,556,388 235,556,388



Consolidated financial statements Separate financial statementsNote 2008 2007 2008 2007

Current assetsCash and cash equivalents 4 13,368,782 47,712,447 12,675,518 46,610,273

Temporary investments 5 377,352 23,129,840 377,352 23,029,424Trade and other accounts receivable - net 6 26,660,440 111,693,687 26,660,440 111,693,687Amounts due from and loans to susidiary companies - net 3.1 - - 3,647 12,515Inventories - net 7 46,035,851 94,756,961 45,300,278 91,140,942Other current assets 8 5,963,758 18,465,432 5,258,294 17,260,982

Total current assets 92,406,184 295,758,367 90,275,529 289,747,823

Non-current assetsRestricted fixed deposits 9 2,991,700 1,914,400 2,851,100 1,773,800Investments in subsidiaries - net 3.2 - - 11,999,400 21,999,330Investment in associated company - net 3.3 112,891,537 144,909,610 144,909,610 144,909,610Property, plants and equipment - net 10 455,917,773 474,758,131 454,077,685 471,626,567Refundable deposit 11 20,823,144 44,581,389 20,821,644 44,548,989Other non-current assets 12 23,444,171 25,750,170 22,634,870 24,547,142

Total non-current assets 616,068,324 691,913,700 657,294,309 709,405,438TOTAL ASSETS 708,474,508 987,672,067 747,569,838 999,153,261The accompanying notes to financial statements are an integral part of these statements.


Trade accounts payable 30,069,983 141,340,196 30,069,983 141,340,196Short-term loans and accrued interest - subsidiary companies 3.4 - - 13,304,054 11,868,650Short-term loans and accrued interest - related companies 3.5 22,482,697 39,894,396 18,482,697 35,894,396Current portion of long-term loan 14 12,000,000 30,250,000 12,000,000 30,250,000Other current liabilities 13 41,400,403 26,991,679 39,971,912 25,415,019

Total current liabilities 105,953,083 238,476,271 113,828,646 244,768,261Non-current liability

Rental received in advance and deposits 10 10,692,617 - 10,692,617 -Long-term loans - net of current portion 14 175,640,000 163,390,000 175,640,000 163,390,000Debentures 15 71,648,000 88,848,000 71,648,000 88,848,000

Total non-current liability 257,980,617 252,238,000 257,980,617 252,238,000Total liabilities 363,933,700 490,714,271 371,809,263 497,006,261Shareholders' equity

Share capitalRegistered

500,000,000 ordinary shares of Baht 10 each 5,000,000,000 5,000,000,000 5,000,000,000 5,000,000,000Issued and fully paid-up 235,556,388 ordinary shares of Baht 10 each 16 2,355,563,880 2,355,563,880 2,355,563,880 2,355,563,880Paid-in capital

Share premium 18,910,600 18,910,600 18,910,600 18,910,600Revaluation surplus on assets 17 32,167,355 32,167,355 32,167,355 32,167,355

The Company's shares held by its subsidiary (13,722,700) (13,722,700) - -Retained earnings (Deficit)Appropriated - legal reserve 18 43,200,000 43,200,000 43,200,000 43,200,000Unappropriated (Deficit) (2,091,578,327) (1,939,161,339) (2,074,081,260) (1,947,694,835)Total shareholders' equity 344,540,808 496,957,796 375,760,575 502,147,000TOTAL LIABILITIES AND SHAREHOLDERS' EQUITY 708,474,508 987,672,067 747,569,838 999,153,261

(Phannivat Srikrivin)Managing Director

(Vannivat Srikrivin)Director

ª√–°“»∫√‘…—∑ ‡ÕÁπ.∑’.‡®. Õ‘¡ªÕ√åµ ®”°—¥

90/1042 À¡Ÿà∑’Ë 6 ´Õ¬ªî¬–«√“√¡¬å 16 ∂ππ∫“ß°√«¬-‰∑√πâÕ¬ µ”∫≈∫“ß∫—«∑Õß Õ”‡¿Õ∫“ß∫—«∑Õß ππ∑∫ÿ√’

«—π∑’Ë 18 情¿“§¡ 2552‡√◊ËÕß ¢Õ‡™‘≠ª√–™ÿ¡ “¡—≠ºŸâ∂◊ÕÀÿâπ §√—Èß∑’Ë 1/2552‡√’¬π ºŸâ∂◊ÕÀÿâπ ∫√‘…—∑ ‡ÕÁπ.∑’.‡®. Õ‘¡ªÕ√åµ ®”°—¥

¥â«¬§≥–°√√¡°“√¢Õß∫√‘…—∑œ‰¥â¡’¡µ‘„Àâ‡√’¬°ª√–™ÿ¡ “¡—≠ºŸâ∂◊ÕÀÿâπ §√—Èß∑’Ë 1/2552 „π«—π∑’Ë25 情¿“§¡ 2552 ‡«≈“ 10.00 π. ≥ ”π—°ß“π¢Õß∫√‘…—∑ ‡≈¢∑’Ë 90/1042 À¡Ÿà∑’Ë 6 ´Õ¬ªî¬–«√“√¡¬å 16 ∂ππ∫“ß°√«¬-‰∑√πâÕ¬ µ”∫≈∫“ß∫—«∑Õß Õ”‡¿Õ∫“ß∫—«∑Õß ππ∑∫ÿ√’ ‡æ◊ËÕæ‘®“√≥“‡√◊ËÕßµà“ßÊ µ“¡√–‡∫’¬∫«“√–¥—ßµàÕ‰ªπ’È

«“√–∑’Ë 1 æ‘®“√≥“‡√◊ËÕß√—∫√Õß√“¬ß“π°“√ª√–™ÿ¡ “¡—≠ºŸâ∂◊ÕÀÿâπ §√—Èß∑’Ë 1/2552«“√–∑’Ë 2 æ‘®“√≥“Õπÿ¡—µ‘ß∫¥ÿ≈·≈–∫—≠™’°”‰√¢“¥∑ÿπ √Õ∫ªï∫—≠™’ ‘Èπ ÿ¥ ≥ «—π∑’Ë 31 ∏—𫓧¡ 2551«“√–∑’Ë 3 æ‘®“√≥“‡ª≈’ˬπ·ª≈ß°√√¡°“√ ºŸâ¡’Õ”π“®≈ßπ“¡∑à“π„À¡à«“√–∑’Ë 4 æ‘®“√≥“‡√◊ËÕßÕ◊ËπÊ (∂â“¡’)

¥—ßπ—Èπ®÷ߢՇ√’¬π‡™‘≠∑à“π‡¢â“√à«¡ª√–™ÿ¡µ“¡«—π‡«≈“ ·≈– ∂“π∑’Ë¥—ß°≈à“«¢â“ßµâπ À“°∑à“π‰¡à “¡“√∂‰ªª√–™ÿ¡¥â«¬µπ‡Õ߉¥â ‚ª√¥∑”Àπ—ß ◊Õ¡Õ∫©—π∑–„À⺟âÕ◊Ëπ‰ªª√–™ÿ¡·∑π¥â«¬ ®—°¢Õ∫§ÿ≥¬‘Ëß

¢Õ· ¥ß§«“¡π—∫∂◊Õæ√™—¬ ‡ ’¬ß ◊∫ß“¡

(π“¬æ√™—¬ ‡ ’¬ß ◊∫ß“¡)°√√¡°“√

Page 27: Xpress-qTODAY PAGE-1011.XPRESS.21May09

Thursday, May 21, 2009 DAILY XPRESS THE SPORT 27

By Werapol TemchotikosolDAILY XPRESS

Over 4,000 runners, includ-ing 1,500 visitors from 40countries, have confirmedtheir participation in thefourth Laguna PhuketInternational Marathon,which will be held on June14.

The steep increase inentries – from 2,038 runnersin 2006’s inauguralmarathon to 4,450 this year

– has delighted organisersGo Adventure Asia.

Race director RaimundWellenhofer said he’s con-vinced the event will attractmore and more runners overthe coming years.

“When we envisioned amarathon in Phuket as earlyas 2004 we knew that suc-cess would not happenovernight. We have workedcontinuously over the pastfive years to bring the event

to the world’s attention.We’re excited to see this hardwork pay off,” he said.

Meanwhile, PinnaratanaDasanabyaggha, marketingmanager of Nike (Thailand),said her organisation wouldgo the full distance to sup-port the race.

“Nike is proud and hon-oured to be the sponsor ofLaguna Phuket InternationalMarathon, which is one ofthe biggest marathons in

Southeast Asia,” she said.A series of events will kick

off on Friday, June 12 with atwo-day expo featuringsponsor booths and a num-ber of activities including awelcome pasta party at theLaguna Beach Resort. Therace day on June 14 will bedivided into a 42.195km fullmarathon, a 21.10km half-marathon, a 10.5kmquarter-marathon, a 2kmkids run and a 5km walk and

run for health.Elsewhere in the athletics

world, after a car crash andinjury scare, Jamaican sprintstar Usain Bolt is all set tolower his 100-metres worldrecord again at the Berlinworld championships inAugust.

“Bolt is a fantastic youngathlete. The people reallyappreciate him,” the head ofthe ruling athletics bodyIAAF, Lamine Diack, said.

Over 4,000 runners for the Laguna Phuket International Marathon next month

DPA, Los Angeles

When it mattered most,Kobe Bryant took charge.

Bryant scored 18 of his 40points in the final quarter, andthe Los Angeles Lakers ralliedpast the visiting DenverNuggets for a 105-103 victoryyesterday (Bangkok time) totake the opener of the WesternConference play-off finals.

“We were down virtually thewhole game,” Bryant said. “Wehad to dig a little bit deeper tosee if we could pull it out.

“Once I sensed we didn’t havethe energy, I had to take it uponmyself to lead by example. It’sjust part of my responsibilitiesto this team.”

Bryant’s brilliance is some-thing team-mate Lamar Odomsays he never gets tired of see-ing. “It’s crazy, but you start toget used to his greatness,” hesaid. “Kobe is always going tobe able to make plays to bail youout. That’s why he’s the best.”

Spaniard Pau Gasol had 13points with 14 rebounds, DerekFisher scored 13 as well for theLakers.

Carmelo Anthony scored 39points, Chauncey Billups had 18while Kenyon Martin finishedwith 15 for the well-restedNuggets, who led virtually theentire game, but failed to stealthe opener. “They’re a greatteam, they were great at the endof the game and they have thegame’s best closer,” said Denvercoach George Karl referring to

Bryant. “We didn’t do enough towin the game.”

“There are no moral victoriesin play-off basketball,” headded. “The next 48 hours aregoing to be difficult.”

The emotionally fatiguedLakers fell behind by 13 in thefirst half, and 89-82, when, atthe 7:27 mark, Bryant began tolead the comeback. Gasol’s twofree throws knotted the game at99, and two more by Bryant putthe Lakers ahead for good with30.5 seconds remaining. Thenext play proved to be biggestof the night.

Denver’s Anthony Carterlooked to get the ball inboundfollowing a timeout, but TrevorAriza jumped in front of Billupsto intercept the lazy pass atmid-court. The Lakers ran

down the clock before Bryantmade another pair of free

throws with 10 seconds left,pushing the lead to 103-99.

“He threw the ball and gaveme just enough air to go get it,”Ariza said. “That’s all it took.”

The Nuggets wouldn’t quit,though. Billups buried a three-pointer from the left cornerwith 6.1 seconds to go, making ita one-point game. Bryant an-swered with two more from thestripe, boosting it to 105-102.

Trying to avoid a game-tyingthree-pointer, the Lakers fouledsharpshooter J R Smith with 3.2ticks remaining. He made thefirst toss, but purposely missedthe second, hoping his team-mates could get a play on theball. However, Bryant grabbedthe rebound in traffic, andthrew the ball high in the air astime expired.


LA SLAP DENVERBryant’s 40 liftsthe Lakers overthe Nuggets in WCopening match


Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant fends off Denver Nuggets’ Chauncey Billups .,,

AP, Detroit

The Detroit Red Wingsare two wins away

from getting back to theNHL finals, and a chance todefend their Stanley Cup ti-tle, after a 3-2 win over theChicago Blackhawks yes-terday.

Mikael Samuelssonscored 5:14 into overtimeand Chris Osgood made 37saves, helping Detroit to a2-0 lead in the WesternConference finals series.

Red Wings coach MikeBabcock was relieved towin a game in which histeam was often outplayed.They played for the fourthtime in a week, includingtwo hard-fought gamesagainst Anaheim.

“I don’t think we had anylegs or any pop whatsoev-er,” Babcock said. “We hadgood will and good deter-mination, but no legs.”

The Blackhawks hadnothing to show for theirgritty effort and now havethe daunting task of beat-ing the defending champi-on in four of five games ifthey are to advance. “It’s abrutal loss,” Chicago coachJoel Quenneville said.

“We want to beat themone game, the next one, andthat’s our concern. Weshould be excited about be-ing back in the UnitedCenter to recapture someexcitement.”

Game 3 is Friday inChicago. Detroit are tryingto become the first defend-ing champions to get backto the finals since NewJersey in 2001.

Detroittake 2-0lead overChicago

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Shape up or just sitout, Ferdinand toldMan United defender Rio Ferdinand has beentold to prove his fitness in Sunday’s leaguegame against Hull or risk missing out on astarting place against Barcelona in nextweek’s Champions League final in Rome. Thecentre-back has missed the last three match-es since sustaining a calf injury in theChampions League semis.

PEDJA SHOWN THE DOORSporting director Pedja Mijatovic, who madehimself an unpopular figure at the EstadioBernabeu, has been sacked by Real Madrid.THE SPORT

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Kobe Bryant scored 40 points to lift theLos Angeles Lakers to a 105-103 victoryover Denver in game 1 of the NBA WesternConference finals. Bryant’s tally includedsix free throws in the last 30 seconds,helping the Lakers to triumph despitehaving been behind for much of the contest. >PAGE 27

28 BANGKOK Thursday, May 21, 2009 DAILY XPRESS

Barcelona’s Argentine star LionelMessi has rejected a multimillion-eurooffer to move to big-spending EnglishPremiership club Manchester City, aSpanish sports newspaper reportedyesterday.

Representatives from the Englishclub, owned by the Abu Dhabi UnitedGroup, offered to buy out the striker’scontract for ¤150 million and pay him¤10 million per season over four years,the Marca newspaper said.

It said Messi, 21, who has alwaysinsisted he wants to stay at Barca,immediately rejected the offer.

The paper said Real Madrid’sSpanish striker Raul had also recentlyrejected a similar offer fromManchester City. Another Spanishsports newspaper, AS, said yesterdaythat City are also interested in twoAtletico Madrid strikers – Argentina’sSergio Aguero and Uruguay’s DiegoForlan – as well as Valencia’s Spanishinternational David Villa.

City’s takeover by the Abu DhabiUnited Group last year left them asone of the world’s wealthiest clubs – apoint they proved with the Britishrecord ¤36 million capture of Brazilstar Robinho in September.

Meanwhile, Messi insists that theChampions League final is much morethan a personal battle with CristianoRonaldo. Barcelona go head-to-headwith Manchester United in Rome onMay 27, with their respective attacksspearheaded by two of the best play-ers on the planet.

The United winger pippedArgentina playmaker Messi to the FifaWorld Player of the Year award, butthe Barca star insists he is more inter-ested in seeing his team lift theChampions League trophy.

He said: “Nobody plays to be thebest player in the world. This is a teamgame. I don’t see it as a tusslebetween Cristiano and me. It will be aBarca-Manchester battle.”


Bryant clinches itfor the Lakers