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Xtreme Home Makeover

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Day 1: “The team of home xtreme”

•Ryan Fatis

•Shannon Champion

•Nicholas Paxton

•Samuel Arnold

•Asher Barret

•David Kolb

•Pierce Braakshma

•Emily Dini

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Day 1: “Feels like school”

Since our service project involved building, creative planning, and teamwork, we decided to visit and learn from executives who use these ideals everyday.

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Day1: “Everybody smile”

We were able to meet and converse with the architects who are working on our new school building. Talking with them was inspirational. They pushed and challenged us to work hard in school to become something great.

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Day2: “Clean-up time”

Our first service project involved stripping ivy off the side of a house. The lesson for this task was thoroughness. We had to be extra careful and make sure that we cleared the house fully and to the best of our ability.

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Day3: “Lavish lawn care”

This by far was my favorite project. I love landscaping. You would not believe what this yard looked like before we started! The grass seemed non-existent.

I call this the perseverance project because it seemed impossible for three guys to accomplish the yard, yet we were able to push forward and get it done.

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Day4: “If you can think it we can do it….. Together”.

This by far was the most difficult project of the whole week. Our task was to build a terraced garden. Precision and accuracy were key, and being off was frustrating.

If you think perseverance was my lesson, you would be wrong. Teamwork was a monumental factor in this project. Each person had a specific task to complete and once it was completed, the entire product came together.

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Day4: “I am Thor”

The trip did have a fun aspect. Looking at this picture, some might believe that I was a serious worker...well, yes and no. We made work on our garden fun by seeing who could nail the stake down with the least amount of hits.

David = 2 hits

Romain =3 hits

Asher = 7 hits

Work must be done and done well, but having fun and bonding with team members was just as important.

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Final Day: “Good times”

Our team was extremely unique. We had a variety of different personalities and an array of age groups. When it came down to it we all had fun and enjoyed seeing the fruit of our labor.

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Final Lesson

Xtreme Home Makeover was indeed a mission trip. Through our actions, we were able to show people the love of Christ.

“ God really uses crooked sticks to make straight lines.”-Romain

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