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XXL Magazine: Selling points &research. By Samuel Newell

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XXL Magazine: Selling points


By Samuel Newell

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The selling points….• There are multiple selling points which are found

within this magazine cover, for example the masthead is a selling point as this is the name of the magazine in this case it is “XXL”. The reason why it is a selling point is because of how short it is and easy to remember , also xxl has connotations of being vast in size , therefore implying that this is the biggest rap genre magazine on the market. Also the red and white colours scheme of the masthead adds to the selling point as this also catches the eye of the reader as the two colours contrast positively.

• Another selling point is the overall colour scheme , it is not to busy, in this case less is more. The red, white and black colour scheme is simple and effective in catching the eyes of the readers as they all positively contrast , in a very similar way to the masthead.

• Another selling point is large image of a celebrity who is heavily involved in the rap genre , this is a good selling point because it allows the reader to know that the magazine is associated with the same rap genre as the person on the front.

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Who exactly is targeted?• XXL magazine is a music magazine

targeted at people who are interested in the genre of rap, however it is aimed more at young adults rather then anyone else, as young adults are more likely to be listening to the genre of rap. In terms of demographics the magazine appeals to D’s and E’s (unemployed, students, semiskilled people) who are aspiring to be A’s (management, earning large amounts of money). This is very apt as the rap genre is strongly linked with people achieving there aspirations of financially bettering themselves.

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How are they targeted?

• XXL magazine targets there audience by displaying different celebrities who are heavily involved in the rap genre on the cover, this would be appealing to the consumer as the target audience are heavily interested in the rap genre themselves. Also the contents of the magazine are briefly titled on the cover , this targets the audience by enticing them with information they would like to consume.